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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 44 - 1678

Box 1.   Roll 44  Easter Leet April 6th 1678

Peter Forth founder, though bound over to be of good
behaviour, had several times broken the windows of Laurence
Ormerod and Margaret his wife and "hath put the family into
a great terrour" - guilty.

Peter Belcher, Ralph Langshawe pewterer, James Letherbarrow
pewterer and Edward Buckley pewterer - assault and affray
on the Lord's day.

Ralph Denton for "pretending that hee had a writt against
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a woman and had none and takinge money by vertue of the
same" and Robert Wetherby for the like

Peter Forth and Laurence Ormerod - assault

Gilbert Baron for being the reputed father of a bastard child
by Elizabeth Baron.  child called Roger

Gerard Forde for harbouring Seth Bibby a foreigner and
William Standish Esq for harbouring Thomas Browne.

Richard Ashton for allowing his bitch to go unmuzzled

William Linney for throwing "stincking water" from his
cellar down the channel to the prejudice of his neighbours.

That Thomas Mortt or William Catterall allow the pale
between their tenement and Gilbert Green's to fall down.

William Bamber and --- Coupe for allowing their swine to

Tobie Cobler and Henry Fleetwood - assault

Robert Scott for not removing a fallen tree near the highway.

Ralph Astley and James Gerard - assault

Charles Scott for taking clay from the lane leading down
to the Brookhouse, and selling the same

Mr Gerard Banckes for not filling up several holes near
the footpath in Great Water Hey.
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April 18th
Gilbert Langshawe "for abusefull words against Robert
Markland and some of the Jury" - fined 40s.

Thomas Pilkington miller for a litigation on Richard Batersbie.

The late bailiffs Robert Banckes and Richard Brocke to pay
£5. 12s. 0d to the overseers of the poor, Gerard Ford
and Ralph Langshawe for the use of the poor.

Robert Suxsmith for taking several cart loads of earth
from Whalley Lane?<

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