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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 43 - 1677

Box 1.  Roll 43  Michaelmas Leet October 6th  1677.

Mayor                  Ralph Holme

Benchers               Robert Langshawe
                       William Laithwaite

Recorder               Thomas Mort

Town Clerk             John Anderton

Bailiffs               John Baldwin
                       Robert Mason

Attornies              Edward Baron
                       William Browne

Serjeants              John Markland
                       John Boulton

Market Street          James Laithwaite
                       Maurice Hanson

Wallgate               Ralph Wood
                       Lionel Ormishaw

Hallgate               Thomas Bibbie
                       Roger Wood hatter

Scoles                 John Parre
                       Charles Scott

Standishgate           Thomas Letherbarrow
                       Robert Hollinhead
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Millgate               Roger Bullock
                       Edward Prescott

Woodhouses             James Letherbarrow
                       Henry Scott

Surveyors of           Oliver Whalley
Bread and Beer         Roger Bibby

Surveyors of           Thomas Bullock
Flesh and Fish         Thomas Burgesse

Treasurers             Robert Bancks
                       Richard Brock

Church Clerk           James Banckes

Bellman                John Laithwaite

Searchers and Sealers  Edward Farclough
of Leather             Edward Markland shoemaker ?

Box 1.  Roll 43  Michael Leet  October 6th  1677
Thomas Bathursby William Deane junior, John Townlowe and
Robert son of William Watson "for playing att a certaine
gamme called Tennis uppon the Lord's day" - fined 20d.
each or 3 hours in the stocks.

Alexander Leigh for a litigation on Elizabeth Ashurst widow.

Richard Hulme "did advise abett and incourage" Myles Lether-
barrow to steal timber from Haigh Park.
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James Taylor and Anne the wife of Thomas Raineford assaulted
Margaret the wife of William Green

John Marsh made a litigation on Anne the wife of Thomas
Raineford "threatening to kill her" - fined 12d. or two hours
in the stocks.

Anne Watterhouse a foreigner for dwelling in the town.

Katherine Leigh for allowing her sow to stray

Ellen Houghton for abusing Henry Fleetwood

Thomas Whalley for harbouring Henry Walmesley and Elizabeth
his wife in Wallgate

Thomas Ireland and Ralph Deane for allowing their swine to

Richard Ashton and Ralph Deane for allowing their mastiffs
to go unmuzzled

Alice the wife of William Bridge and Katherine the wife of
James Taylor - litigation

Ishmael Bibbie for assaulting Edward Gregson and his wife-

Ralph Pemberton for stealing a cock from Roger Scott - and
William Greene junior and William Harvey junior for helping
him - not guilty and guilty?

And Alice Bridge for receiving the said cock - guilty? and the
same Alice assaulted Charles Hey.
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George Shawe for threatening Margaret Laithwaite.

William Ashton and John Up Richard for breaking the orchard
of Anne Barker

George Shawe for a litigation on Margaret Laithwait

William Houghton for allowing his swine to stray.

William Forth dyer for an assault on Robert Forth his

William Houghton collier for stopping the watercourse of
Elizabeth Ashton widow.

Thomas Catterall and Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Parrin
for harbouring Ralph Woodward and Bevlernen? and Ellen
his wife foreigners

James Taylor for not allowing John Fegg to use a right of
way in Scoles

William Green dyer for not mending the wall of Thomas
Burgesse's kitchen, nor removing the wall at the end of
James Hodson's house &c. as ordered.

Robert Ford of Standishgate for abusing Kathering the wife
of William Ford dyer.

Katherine Langshawe widow for abusing Robert Baron

William Green bound over to be of good behaviour.

William Harvey smith and Ralph Pemberton for assaulting
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Elizabeth Burwicke spinster

Humphrey Wetherby for assaulting Anne the wife of William

Gilbert son of Roger Baron and Robert Critchlowe - assault

Robert Suxsmith for harbouring Miles Seddon, foreigner

Thomas Ford the elder ordered to rail off the pit "against
Bavington" from which he took marl.

John Thorneton ordered not to trade in the town as he was
not a freeman, and Ralph Sale and Johnathon Standish the

Anne the wife of Richard Cross presented for a litigation on
Humphrey Wetherby.

John Taylor for harbouring Richard Costem a foreigner.

Mr Gerard Banckes for turning a watercourse through Penington

Peter Belcher for not pulling down the building he erected
on the highway.

Ellen Browne widow for harbouring Richard Drury? and his

"And that John Townlowe hath been severall times druncke on
the Sunday and did Sweare Severall oaths" - 6 hours in the
stocks at the Cross on Markey day "at high Markett"
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John Harvy gentleman, Mary Pilkington and Ralph Lee for not
scouring their ditches from Edward Hollinhead's gate to the
main ditch between Whittackers and Banister's Meadows.

Gilbert Greene for erecting a tenement on the waste,

Hugh Rothwell for allowing the fence to fall down between
his tenement and Thomas Ford the elder's.

Ralp Wood, Margaret Laithwaite widow and Edward Smolt for
harbouring Richard Shakeshaft, Laurence Ormerod and Richard
Aspinall foreigners.

Laurence Anderton the elder and William Foster brazier elected
overseers of the mill.

Petitions &c.      Michaelmas Leet 1677
Petition of John Whalley of Standishgate concerning a wall which
he and Richard Houlme agreed to build between their tenements.

Complaint of James Pilkington clerk that James Tempest
gentleman allowed the eves of his house in Market Street to
drip into the said Pilkington's gutter.

Complaint of James Tempest about the above.

Petition of Peter Whittle miller to be made a freeman - allowed.

Petition of Richard Battersby miller to be made a freeman -

Complaint of James Taylor that a stone wall had been built
in the little passage between his and John Fogge's house in
Scoles &c.
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Petition of Myles Seddon tanner to be made a freeman.

Petition of John Whalley apothocary "a single Person un-
Married Hath a great desire to sett up" an an apothocary in
Wigan "there being a want of one of that Profesion there as
he is Informed and he beinge A Neighbor borne" a certificate
as to his ability signed by Edward, William and Alexander

Petition of Mathew Rothwell to be made a freeman

Petition of George Shawe for £2. 10. 0 which he had paid
to Myles Mitton's wife and Arthur Garnett for the material
to repair the stone well in Wallgate.

Complaint of William Ford dyer concerning half his house in
Standishgate which he let to his brother Robert in 1673

Petition of Oliver Ashurst blacksmith to be made a freeman.

Petition of Henry Walmsley tailor who had for several months
lived with John Houghton, John Taylor and Richard Prescott
and followed his trade. He had recently married the
daughter of Thomas Whalley who had given him the house in
which he now lived. He asked to be made a freeman.

Petition of Edward Baron and William Browne attornies
"the your Peticioner takes great Care and paines for
such chintes as comes to them upon any assert" &c, that
they might have some fee for pleading &c. To be allowed
to take 7d. a piece from each client, not being an inhabitant
of the town, in every cause filed.

Orders for the supervisors of the highways to see to the
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ditches on both sides of the highways in Scoles between
Alderman Glover's and a gate in Whalley leading into Whalley
lands in the possession of Katherine Banckes &c. And for
the other supervisors also

Usual petition of Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor - granted

Petition of John Laithwaite who had been made bellman on
the death of Myles Mitton that he might be elected and con-
firmed in that office.

Petition of William Higham and Johnathon Walton tanners
that Myles Seddon, who had not served any apprenticeship in
the town, might not be made free of the tanners - granted.

Complaint of James Delroy an infant by Laurence Anderton
his guardian, that he was seized of a messuage and burgage in
the town in the possession of his stepfather Robert Barrowe
and that John Foster of Scoles allowed drips to fall on it
which were rotting it &c.

Complaint of William Greene dyer of Scoles, who in 1670
had bough a tenement from Thomas Burgesse of Scoles tailor
who "minding and intending to bee quarrelsom and vexacious"
stopped his right of way &c.

Complaint of William Houghton that Elizabeth Ashton widow
had stopped his watercourse.

Complaint of Ellen Nightgale that James Astley and Gilbert
Greene fullers had made a "grippyerd" on the Mill Common
near the "Walke Milne" and had turned the river Dowglas on
to the petitioners tenement, the freehold of Mr John Harvey,
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Hermitage Croft.

Complaint of Robert Suxsmith dyer, that Johnathon Walton tanner
had presented him for sheltering Myles Seddon tanner for one
or two nights "out of malice which he bore to the said Myles
Seddon beinge hee was of the same trade and Calleinge"

Petition of Robert Forth pewterer concerning the house
shared with his brother William.

Sacrament certificate of Alexander Rigby Esq High Sheriff
of Lancashire 24 Dec 1677. Witnesses Peter Marsh gentleman
and James Banckes clerke.

The same of Peter Marsh 23 Dec witnesses Alexander Rigby
and James Banckes.

Tha same of John Baldwin one of the bailiffs 23 Dec 1677
Witnesses James Banckes clerk and Peter Whittle miller.

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