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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 42 - 1677

Box 1.  Roll 42   Easter Leet April 21st  1677.
John Whalley Junior brazier for hindering John Lowe gate-
waiter in the execution of his duty.

Edmund Smoulte for harbouring Richard Aspinall and Bridget
his wife foreigners.

Hugh Johnson and Ralph Deane for allowing their swine to

James Rigby for allowing copps of earth to lie in the street

The inhabitants of the town allowed stones and rubbish to
lie in the street, near the stone well in Wallgate

Mr Thomas Totty for allowing his swine to stray.

Margaret Laithwaite for harbouring Laurence Ormerod, a

John Whalley for allowing his stable wall to fall down, to the
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great prejudice of Edmund Moyineux

William Scott, William Houghton and Elizabeth Ashton widow,
for allowing dunghills to lie in the lane near the Millgate.

Sarah Baron for harbouring Ellen Gerard, a foreigner

William Bamber for allowing his swine to stray.

Margaret the wife of William Laithwaite sadler and William
Parrin and Margaret his wife - litigation

Thomas Laithwaite tailor for assaulting Ralph Laithwaite.

Margaret the wife of Thomas Ascrofte assaulted and drew blood
from Elizabeth Ashurst widow -

Alexander Leigh made a litigation on the said Elizabeth and
Peter Deane abused her "and Broke open the doore"

Gerard Bancks for stopping a watercourse in Watter Hey and
Penington Meadow to the great prejudice of Christopher

Mr Thomas Catterall and Robert Penington brazier for not
ditching &c. in Gidlow Lane.

Ralph Prescott for an assault on William Tildsley

William Molyneux "for abuseinge Isabell his Mother and
breakinge her goods" - fined 3s. 4d. or 6 hours in the stocks
at the Market Cross.

Mathew Molyneux for the like to his mother Isabell
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Andrew Lathome and Gilbert Orrell shoemaker assault and

Mat 17th  1677
Richard Hulme "did Advise Abett and Incourige Myles Lether-
barrowe to steale timber out of Haigh Parke"

William Greene for allowing his swine to stray

James Rigby for abusing the Serjeants and rescuing William
Topping from them. - fined 10s.

Ishmael Bibby for assaulting Edward Gregson and his wife.

Humphrey Wetherby for assaulting the said Edward and his
wife and "forcebly Entreinge into there howse in the Night
tyme" - fined 20d. or 3 hours in the stocks.

John Mathews for an assault on Adam Hindley.

Edward Gregson for an assault on Ishmael Bibby.

List of persons in arrears with their leys.

Gilbert Langshaw for taking marle and clay from Whalley

Thomas Forde senior for taking marl and clay from the highway
and Gerard Bancks for making a pit.

William Greene for not mending the wall between his house and
Thomas Burges' kitchen, for not taking away the wall near
James Hodgson's house and not making the bench at his dye house.
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Box 1.   Roll 42   Easter Leet   1677
Petitions &c.
A bill for the repair of the well in Wallgate from George

Petition of Thomas Burges concerning his wall which had
been broken down by William Greene.

Petition of Gilbert Langshaw of Scoles to be allowed to
remove the rubbish under the causeway in Whalley and her
"will make the Cawsay as firm and sound as ever was this
hundred yeares before"

Complaint of Robert Mason sadler that Oliver Whalley had
stopped his watercourse in "Myrylane Croft"

Complaint of Gerard Bancks that Christopher Sumner had
turned the watercourse from Great Water Hey into Penington

Complaint of John Fogge that James Taylor of Scoles weaver
had obstructed his entrance by building &c.

Complaint of Henry Feilden about a building erected by
Isabel Worthington

Complaint of Richard H---- that John Whalley allowed water
to run through his bake house.

List of "venire facias" for William Greene dyer &c. and
inquisition concerning his stone wall.

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