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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 41 - 1676

Box 1.  Roll 41  Michaelmas Leet  September 30th 1676

Mayor                  Alexander Rigby

Benchers               William Leathwaite
                       Ralph Hulme

Recorder               Thomas Bispham

Town Clerk             John Anderton

Bailiffs               Robert Banckes
                       Richard Brocke

Serjeants              John Markland
                       John Boulton

Attornies              Edward Baron
                       William Browne

Market Street          John Seddon
                       James Mollineux

Wallgate               Thomas Ranson
                       Thomas Mort

Hallgate               James Mitton
                       Thomas Lowe

Scoles                 James Barne
                       Henry Hodgson

Standishgate           John Lowe alias Rothwell
                       John Unsworth
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Millgate               Thomas Lowe
                       John Lowe

Woodhouses             James Tyrer
                       James Seddon

Surveyors of           John Winstanley
Bread and Beer         Hamlet Greene

Surveyors of Flesh     William Brock
and Fish               Gilbert Orrell

Searchers and Sealers  Johnathon Walton
of Leather             Richard Smith

Treasurers             William Higham
                       Ralph Wackfeild

Church Clerk           James Banckes

Bellman                Myles Mitton

Box 1.  Roll 41   Michaelmas Leet  September 30th 1676

James Langshaw for a litigation on James Ford

James Mortt for an assault on Elizabeth the wife of William
Catterall "And both their fould demeanours" - she was to
be ducked
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And the same Elizabeth for a litigation on Margaret Deane

Arthur Winstanley for harbouring Alexander Foster, an inamte

Ralph Ashton and James Glasebrooke - assault

Richard Clough and John Deane - the like

William Houghton and Elizabeth Ford for allowing their
swine to stray

Peter Belcher and Richard France - assault

Hugh Platt for not removing his dunghill from the street

John Thornton for shovelling Thomas Ireland's gutter &c.

The stone well to be repaired at the public cost.

The Serjeants ordered that "from tyme to tyme they keepe
the new hall cleane swept and the glasse free and cleare from

They were also ordered at their "owne proper cost from
tyme to tyme shall the markett swept and made Cleane"

Henry Topeinge for receiving Anne the wife of Richard Grundy.

Oliver Worthington for assaulting Richard Unsworth.

21st October 1676
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Oliver Worthington and Richard Unsworth - assault with the
drawing of blood

Oliver Worthington for assaulting Hugh Scott, Ellen Mercer
and Adam Turner.

Margery Scott, Anne Browne and Dorothy Browne - litigation

Mr Thomas Tottie for harbouring Richard Shakeshaft.

The occupiers of the land on either side of the little
lane near Scoles Bridge - for not cutting their hedges.

William Green for not moving his hedge as ordered nor the
stone wall

Humphrey Wetherby, Richard Crosse and John Laithwaite - assault

Mr William Pilkington for allowing heaps of earth and
rubbish to lie in the Wint.

William Laithwait for harbouring Laurence Ormerald

Peter Belcher for erecting a brick building adjoining his
house which encroached upon the highway.

Elizabeth the wife of William Catterall for an assault on
Elizabeth Deane spinster.

Oct 26th
William Green for not having made up the window into Thomas
Burges' kitchen
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The Mayor and his brethren asked "to supprest" William
Laithwaite sadler and Margaret his wife for keeping "a Comon
Victwaleing house"

John Mathews and William Moorecrofte - assault

Hugh Scott and William Sale for harbouring William Seddon
and his wife and Henry Taylor.

Note concerning arrears of the Highways

Bailiff Charles Leigh "for Curseing Mr Deputy Maior with
many foule words" - fined £5.

William Foster brazier and Laurence Anderton pewterer elected
overseers of the town mill.

The bailiffs to repair the new Hall and "to Seile"? out the
little room in the chamber above

The bailiffs ordered to refund certain money to Bailiffs
Deane and Thomas Forde.

James Ford pewterer -- Laithwaite gentleman Robert Langshaw
gentleman --- Astley panner and William Glover gentleman
ordered to cut their hedges and scour their ditches in
"le Plott Lane"

Margaret the wife of William Laithwait sadler presented
for buying and reselling stolen goods

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Box 1.    Roll 41   Michaelmas Leet 1676
Petitions &c.
Petition of Henry Kerkly cobbler who had maintained "his Mother
Brothers and sisters by hard Labor but if he be supressed"
were likely to be chargeable to the town - asked to be allowed
to exercise his trade - allowed

Petition of the Master and Wardens of the Shoemakers Company
that the said Henry might be "supressed"

Complaint of John Lowe tanner that William Higham tanner
did forestall the market by buying hides on Thursdays

Complaint of John Markland and John Boulton serjeants who
had been ordered to "dresse" the New Hall at their own expense,
having always been allowed 16s. for the cleaning of Market

Complaint of Robert Forth of Standishgate pewterer that he
had paid taxes for the whole house though his brother William
Forth of Scoles dyer owned half of it.

Petition of William Forth dyer concerning the same

Complaint of Thomas Burges that William Green dyer had
encroached on part of the highway at the end of his dye
house "soe that when thier is any Flood or inundation of
water people can naither come to Church nor market by
reason hehath erected a wall upon that Foundation which was
mad purposly agaynst a Flood For people to pass over which
now they are Forced by leave to come through any house"

Sacrament Certificate of Richard Brook - witnesses James Ford
and Robert Leatherbarrow 8 Oct.  1676.
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Usual petition of Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor - granted

Sacrament certificate of Robert Banckes - witnesses as
above  22 Dec 1676.

Box 1   Roll 41  Christmas Leet  28th December  1676
Edward Farbrother founder assaulted Charles Banckes coverlet

Tobias Kally and Ishmael Bibbie - assault

Edward Farbrother "doth shoot in A gunn" - fined 6s. 8d.

Margery the wife of Charles Scott made a litigation on Mary
the wife of Roger Prickett.

Oliver Worthington and Humphrey Wetherby bound to be of
good behaviour

Charles Hughes and Tobias Kally - assault

Hugh Langshaw Junior, Thomas Risley and Edward Buckley for
assaulting Edward Gregson.

Thomas Lyon and James Mortt - assault

Seth Bibbie for assaulting Elizabeth the wife of Richard

Roger Scott, Sarah Baron, Alice Laithwait widow and William
Higham for harbouring Seth Bibbie, Ellen Gerard, Emmy the
wife of Adam Nixon and Elizabeth the wife of William Harsnipp.
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Hugh Scott and Katherine Lee widow for allowing their swine
to stray.

Margery the wife of Roger Higham and Elizabeth Higham spinster -

Hugh Platt and Ellen Penington for harbouring Anne Watterhouse -

Cecily Woodward for allowing her swine to stray.

Thomas Browne a foreigner

James Taylor for allowing a dunghill to lie in the street

Mr Johnathon Markland for not removing his stile.

John Baldwin pewterer for not mending his hedge.

Thomas Ford the elder for not cutting his hedges.

William Forth dyer, Ellen Browne widow and Thomas Ford the
elder ordered to make a passage down "Berket Bancke"

Johnathon Markland, Hugh Johnson and Robert Penington ordered
to cut their hedges and scour their ditches in Gidlow Lane,
also James and Richard Letherbarrow.

Roger Laithwaite to be repaid the 40s. he lent towards erecting
the New Hall and the Town Mill.

The Bayliffs to "sett up A Brasse plate made by Richard
Letherbarrow with Mr Turners name On the Out side of the Hall
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in the most Convenient place to warde the Market place"

Mr William Pilkington presented for not mending his hedge
in Wigan Lane.

"If Any suits or Contect hapen to Arrise between the now
present Bayliffes and Charles Legh Concerninge theire seate
in the Church to be deffrayed at the charge of the Towne"

Henry Hodgeson "doth Cary and shoote in A Gunne"

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