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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 40 - 1676

Box 1.  Roll 40   Easter Leet 1676  1st April
William Parren for allowing his swine to stray

James Mitton and Thomas Laithewaite - assault

James Barne and William Astley - the like

Hugh Scott and Sarah Barne widow for allowing their swine
to stray.

The inhabitants of the town ought to repair the stone well
in Wallgate

Richard Crofte for making a litigation on Barnaby Wood, an
assault on James Lealand gatewaiter and for keeping a
common gaming house. Fined 5s, 3s 4d, and 6s 8d.

Laurence Prescott, William Battersby and John Mathews for
playing cards in Richard Crofte's house - fined 12d. each.

Elys Grymm and John Mathews unior for playing "a game called
New page
chuck farthinge" - fined 12d. each. And for playing the
same game in the church porch - fined 2s each.

Robert son of Gilbert Lanckshawe and Edward Buckley - assault

William Bridge and Morris Hanson - the like

William Laithwait sadler for harbouring Laurence Almerod a

William Langshawe for allowing his "Mungrell curre" to go

Thomas son of Robert Layland for an assault on Ralph Orrell

Abraham Haworth for inhabiting the town contrary to the

Richard Aston for harbouring "Sarah Gray and a child and
a maid"

Hugh Scott for harbouring the 3 children of John Arowsmith
of Pemberton "whoe is Lately Left the said towne of Pemberton
and Left housekeepinge"

The repair of Hallgate to be done at the discretion of the
Mayor and Aldermen.

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