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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 39 - 1675

Box 1.   Roll 39   Easter Leet   10th April

Complaint of -- Molyneux gentleman, that Peter Marsh
gentleman had pulled down a stone wall in the petitioner's
house in Market Street and had erected in its place a
port of timber.

Sacrament Certificate of Richard Wroe gentleman witnesses -
Samuel Shawe minister of the parish church of Wigan, William
Higham churchwarden, Henry Rowe gentleman and James Banckes
yeoman dated 10th April 1675

Box 1.   Roll 39A   Michaelmas Leet 2nd October  1675

Mayor                  James Ford

Benchers               Robert Langshaw
                       William Laithwaite

Recorder               Thomas Bispham

Town Clerk             John Anderton

Bailiffs               William Higham
                       Ralph Wackfeld

Serjeants              John Markland
                       John Boulton

Attornies              Edward Baron
                       John Barrow

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Market Street          William Brocke
                       Thomas Martine

Wallgate               James Rigby
                       Thomas Ireland

Hallgate               James Leyland
                       Thomas Cricklow

Scoles                 Edward Farbrother
                       Robert Belcher

Standishgate           William Eckersall
                       William Parre

Millgate               William Harpur
                       William Bailey

Woodhouses             Richard Bavington
                       Richard Southworth

Treasurers             Gilbert Langshaw
                       Thomas Leyland

Searchers and Sealers  James Bancks
of Leather             Gilbert Farclough

Surveyors of           James Hollinhed
Bread and Beer         Thomas Jolly

Surveyors of           Charles Foster
Flesh and Fish         Henry Laithwaite
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Church Clarke          James Bancks

Bellman                Myles Mitton

Box 1.  Roll 39 A  Michaelmas Leet October 2nd 1675
Robert Markland mercer laid rubbish in the Wend - withdrawn

Richard Orrell for bastardy upon Jennett Lucas - "Condicion
to maintain the bastard till 14 yeares old"

William Orrell for allowing the yarding to fall between his
house and Thomas Parre's.

Henry Topping and Jane the wife of Adam Bolton - litigation

Edward Herle Esq for turning a watercourse in Standishgate

Stephen Platt, John Johnson and William Houghton for allowing
their swine to stray.

Charles Bancks of Millgate for allowing his cur bitch out

Thomas Lowe for not making the fence between his and Thomas
Marsden's house

Jane the wife of Robert Orrell for abusing Kathering Langshaw

Elizabeth Harsnipe for abusing the wife of James Langshaw

Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Ashton for assaulting Ellen the
wife of James Astley, and for abusing Grace the wife of Gerard
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Charles Hey "did Challenge Roger Letherbarrow to fight him."

Jane the wife of Richard France for abusing Grace the wife
of James Rigby.

John Johnson and John Hey for buying oats from Ralph Foster
and forestalling the market

Ralph Ashton for turning a watercourse through James
Astley's house.

Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Ashton and Ellen the wife of
James Forde cooper - abuse and litigation.

Isabel Lathom for a litigation on Elizabeth the wife of
Gilbert Cookson.

James Winstanley for a litigation on Rebecca the wife of
Edward Rigby.

A long list of persons who sold ale and beer contrary to
the statute.

Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Ashton for a litigation on the
wife of James Forde coverlet weaver

23rd October
Alice the wife of John Dean bought a quarter of lamb in the
market and sold it again.

Anne Barker widow and Thomas Tottie for laying timber in
Market Street and Peter Marsh the same.

Mr Johnathan Markland ordered to raise the bridge from
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Trumppers field over the brook.

Edward Herle Esq, William Nightgale and John Baldwine for
allowing their stiles in Cowhey to fall down.

Robert Higham "doth suffer his Servant to throw downe
the Suddes" in the street.

Christopher Sumpner for a litigation on Edmund Harvey.

William Green for building a stone wall and encroaching
on the little lane in Scoles

William Green and James Wood for not cutting their hedges.

That Thomas Parre and William Ireland should restore the
several measures they had seized.

That all sellers of ale and beer by retail should use the
measures according to the statute.

Gilbert Langshawe and Thomas Leland late bailiffs did not
mend the wall at the end of Millgate as ordered - fined
10s. each.

The present bailiffs ordered to repair the same

That William Higham bailiff should provide himself with a
cloak in which to attend the Mayor according to the custom
of the town - under a penalty of £5.

11 li 4s. 3d. to be refunded to William Deane and Thomas Forde
late bailiffs, 1 li 2s. 9d. to Gilbert Langshaw and Thomas
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William Foster and Laurence Anderton appointed overseers of
the new mill.

Box 1.  Roll 39a  Michaelmas Leet 1675
Petitions &c.
Petition of John Anderton that he might depute his son as
town clerk - allowed

Complaint of Robert Boore that John Dean shoemaker had
turned a watercourse on to his property &c.

Complaint of William Green dyer - who had bought "a certain
Bay of Buildinge within the Isle of Scoles" form Thomas
Burges, but the said Thomas would not let him have it in

Complaint of Henry Topeinge that Henry Molyneux glazier had
made a door in the back of the smithy in Millgate and had
laid dung on the said Henry's property.

Petition of John Farbrother to be made town miller

Complaint of Ellen Higham that Thomas Bullocke pewterer had
erected a feltmaker's furnace and a chimney with a shop
window for hats and "the stinck and smoake therof doth very
much Anoy" him  [Her]

Petition of Oliver Ashurst blacksmith to be made a freeman

Complaint of Thomas Burgesse against William Green dyer
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Complaint of Thomas Burgesse against William Green dyer.

Sacrament Certificate of Nicholas Penington gentleman -
witnesses Richard Wroe, John Leyland 5th Jan. 1675

The same of Ralph Wackfeild bailiff - witnesses William
Higham yeoman, James Banckes clerk 5 Jan 1675

The same of William Higham gentleman on of the bailiffs -
witnesses Ralph Wackfeild and James Banckes. 5 Jan 1675.

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