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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 38 - 1674

Box 1.   Roll 38   Michaelmas Leet October  3rd   1674

Mayor                 Nicholas Penington

Benchers              William Glover
                      William Laithwaite

Recorder              Thomas Bispham

Town Clerk            John Anderton
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Bailiffs              Gilbert Langshawe
                      Thomas Layland

Serjeants             John Markland
                      John Boulton

Attornies             Edward Baron
                      John Barrowe

Market Street         William Prescott
                      Thurstan Whalley

Wallgate              Hugh Johnson
                      Richard Winckley

Hallgate              William Armston
                      Thomas Wood

Scoles                Thomas Wood
                      Thomas Tyldesley

                      Roger Scott brazier
                      Richard Greene

Woodhouses            William Frith
                      John Cooper

Surveyors of          William Ireland
Bread and Beer        Thomas Parr
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Surveyors of          John Winstanley
Flesh and Fish        Richard Letherbarrow

Searchers and Sealers Richard Smith
of Leather            Edward Farclough

Treasurers            George Browne
                      Charles Lee

Church Clerk          James Bancks

Bellman               Myles Mitton

Box 1.   Roll 38  Michaelmas Leet  October 3rd  1674
Thomas Totty and James Hardman for harbouring -- Trott
gentleman and Thomas Flinte foreigners

Hugh Scott and Anne Scott widow for allowing their swine to

Richard Ashton and Gilbert Wood for harbouring Robert Boulton
and Thomas Lowe - foreigners

Alice Kerby widow for allowing her swine to stray

William Perron for harbouring Thomas Burrow

Thomas Blackhurst and Adam Bancks - assault

The said Thomas and Thomas Catterall the same.
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John Markland and James Smethurst - the same

The said John and Thomas Parr - the same

Grace Masson spinster for a litigation on William Holme.

Ralph Wood for abusing Roger Letherbarrow a gatewaiter
and Robert Baron the mayor.

Tobias Calley and Richard Taylor - assault

Thomas Almond for an assault on the said Tobias

Robert Denton for a litigation on Anne the wife of Edward

Jane the wife of John Prescott for a litigation on Jennett
the wife of John Lowe.

Richard Crosse for assaulting Thurstan Crosse.

Edmund Harvey for an assault on Hector Pilkington and the
said Hector for an assault and litigation on the said Edmund

Robert Letherbarrow for assaulting Henry Sclater Esq one
of the justices of the peace for the county

Ralph Ashton for allowing his swine to stray.

Hamlet Greene currier for harbouring Mrs Jackson - a foreigner.

Robert Marsden for allowing a dunghill to lie in the street

Henert Bridge should be repaired at the expense of the town.
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Robert Penington brazier and Richard Scott for harbouring
William Woodward and Robert Wilcox

William Pilkington for allowing timber to lie in the street

Anne Barker and William Laithwaite for allowing their swine
to stray

26th October
Margaret the wife of William Laithwaite sadler for abusing
Ralph Prescott.

Seth Foster and William Lathom - assault.

Robert Forth pewterer and Thomas Risley - the like

Anne Laithwaite spinster for abusing -- Wilson and his

William Deane and Thomas Cooper elected overseers of the
town mill.

Edward Smoult gardiner for saying that some of the Jury were
Knaves and Ralph Lee pewterer also abused the Jury

Emm Laithwaite for absenting herself from her Master's
(Mr Wilson's) service in the night time and for abusing
him "by foule and undecent speeches and Carriage not be-
comeing a servant"

Edward Hawett for abusing Robert Langshaw alderman
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William Nightgale for allowing 2 stiles in Cowhey at the
back of the Hall of Orrell to fall down.

William Lithgoe brazier for harbouring "Wandring persons"

Edmund Smoult fined £5 for calling the Jury knaves

The Bailiffs ordered to gather a toll for all kinds of
cattle sold on any "fortnight" fair or market day.

List of persons who had not paid leys for the highways.

A beadle appointed who should have a new coat a badge and
a staff at the "discreccion of Mr Maior"

That Thomas Wareing glover "doth buy and sell in other

William Forth dyer being one of the Jury at the Christmas
Meeting "did disclose and make knowne the secretts of the
said Jury to William Bate"

That the bailiffs had distrained a mare of Mr Roger Scott's
for a fine of 40s. the surplus of 10s. to be returned to him
if any action be brought against them it was to be maintained
at the charge of the burrough

£11. 15. 6d. paid by the late Bailiff's Browne and Legh to be
refunded from the next leys.

£5. 9. 1. spent on the repair of Wallgate to be raised in
the next leys.

£11. 9. 3. which was expended by Bailiffs Deane and Forde
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to be laid in the next leys.

20s. expended by Bailiffs Leyland and Winstanley to be
repaid out of the next leys.

Box 1.  Roll 38  Michaelmas Leet 1674
Petitions &c.
Petition of Nicholas Penington alderman, that his ancestors
had always had way for carts &c. through a close called
Carrowsuch mains parcel of the glebe land, to Barnely but
John Wakefield prevented him from using it - asked to be
allowed to use this way &c.

Usual petition of Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor

Petition of George Shawe concerning his several fines.

Complaint of John Langshaw who had been fined 6s. 8d. for
which he had been distrained as well as having been imprisoned.

Petition of Robert Boulton to be made freeman.
Although Richard Ashton had been presented for harbouring
him, he had been born in the town. - to be admitted.

Petition of Thomas Greenway of Warrington pin maker to be
made a freeman

Complaint of James Hollinhead of Standishgate, that Ralph
Armeston, innkeeper had taken loads of corn through the Mean-
field near Hooney? Lane and his cart and horses had trodden
the grass &c.
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Complaint of the Master and Wardens of the Butcher company
that Robert Crechlowe was trading as a butcher not having
served 7 years apprenticeship.

Complaint of Hamlet Greene that Henry Laithwaite of Standish-
gate was spoiling his hedge and stopping his watercourse

Complaint of James Astley fuller that Ralph Ashton of the
Scoles had stopped his watercourse &c.

Complaint of Henry Laithwaite brazier that Hamlet Greene of
Standishgate had stopped his watercourse

Complaint of William Ford dyer that by agreement made 1st April
1673 he had let his brother Robert Ford part of his dwelling
house in Standishgate adjoining James Hollinhead's house.
But now the said Robert "doth interrupt and hinder Thomas
Risley in his passage throwe the entrie at the end of the
said house"

Complaint of James Hollinhead tailor, tenant of Colonel
Daniell that John Anderton the towne clerk had a piece of
land called "Forackers" in Woodhouses and Ralph Armeston
a field called "Clay Crofts" belonging to Peter Marsh and
they had both carted their corn through the said James' land
called the Meanfield and damaged his grass &c.

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Robert Markland mercer for putting rubbish in the Weent

Anne Barker for allowing her swine to stray

William Langshaw for abusing Gilbert Langshaw one of the

James Coope "For a Basterd upon Ellen Houghton"

Edward Gregson for abusing John Markland and John Boulton

Richard Orrell for a bastard upon Jennet Lucas

Ralph Prescott for abusing and assaulting Katherine Catterall.

Robert Letherbarrow tailor for harbouring Margaret Blakey.

Edward Gregson "did take usuryous Fees of" Jane wife of
Adam Boulton - to be punished according to the statute.

The said Edward for abusing John Barrowe

Gerard Bancks gentleman for not making a stile &c between
Ley Hey and Watter Hey

Richard Orrell and Elizabeth Ford widow for not removing
earth &c. from the street.

James Patrick overseer of Woodhouses owed the town 4s.

Robert Mason overseer of Market Street had 10s. in hand.

The Bailiffs ordered to pay 4s. to Mr Peter Marsh and
7s. 5d. to Thomas Ford and Robert Banckes, 12s. to Ralph
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Leigh which he had spent on the repair of Standishgate.

The Bailiffs ordered to find Scales and weights according to
the statute for the surveyors of bread and beer.

Overseers of Highways 31st Dec. 1674
Market Street            William Foster
Wallgate                 Richard Brock and Richard Mortte
Hallgate                 Thomas Cooper
Standishgate             Ralph Moncke
Milngate                 Gerard Ford
Scoles                   Myles Seddon and Gilbert Farclough
Woodhouses               Robert Penington and Henry Fleetwood

Thomas Whitle licensed to be purveyor - board in 20 li
John Johnson, Robert Letherbarrow breadbaker the same.

Roll 38   Box 1.   Christmas Leet 1674
Petitons &c.
Sacrament Certificateof Thomas Leyland one of the bailiffs -
Richard Wroe minister of Wigan, William Higham churchwarden -
Witnesses Robert Baron gentleman and Gilbert Langshawe
pewterer dated 31st Dec. 1674

Petition of Oliver Platt watchmaker, who had been apprenticed
to Roger Darbyshire watchmaker, to be admitted freeman -

Sacrament Certificate of Robert Baron alderman and J.P. as
above - witnesses James Banckes and Thomas Leyland Haber-
dasher - 31 Dec. 1674

Sacrament Certificate of John Rowe as above - witnesses
Henry Rowe gentleman and James Banckes dated 10th April 1675

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