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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 37 - 1674

Box 1.   Roll 37  Michaelmas Leet October 5th  1674
(25 Chas II)
John Baldwin for allowing a heap of gravel to lie in Market
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Street and Ellen Blackborne for the same

John Deane butcher for not cleaning the street near his shop
and Robert Masson for the same

Henry Eckersall, Anne Scott widow, George Shawe, John Deane,
Robert Letherbarrow, Anne Barker, widow, William Bamber,
Francis Battersby, and James Farbrother, for allowing their
swine to stray

Edward Farbrother for pulling down Wars Bridge - fined £5
and to be kept in custody till he paid it.

Alice Martin widow for allowing a dunghill to lie in the street.

Henry Burgesse "for the unlawfull Recetinge of a turkey and
Harbouring Idle and Lewde persons in his house tipleing"

Roger Scott gentleman "for the unlawfull receivinge of a
Turkey Stolne from Mr Ralph Markland by Wm. Astley and for
his abettinge him herein"

Myles Letherbarrow, William Astley and John Naylor stole
4 ducks, 6 hens and 6 cocks from John, Lad Bishop of Chester -
to be whipped about the Market Cross at noon on the following

Thomas Worthington for assaulting Mary the wife of James Scott.

Thomas Burgesse and Margaret the wife of Edward Brighouse
for abusing the bailiffs.

Mary Cooper a foreigner received by Stephen Platt.

Christian Carter for abusing John Carter
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Thomas Ford the elder for allowing pieces of timber to lie
in the street

Anne the wife of Richard Crosse for abusing Edward Gregson

Ellen Rigby widow for a litigation on Margaret the wife of
William Laithwaite.

Robert Walls for assaulting Robert Dobson in fair time

Isabel the wife of Robert Walls for assaulting Margery Dobson

Henry Ramsden for selling wollen cloth openly at the fair
or market, not being a freeman

Humphrey Wetherby for assaulting Seth Foster and a stranger
with a sword and drew blood.

Roger Scott for receiving William Woodward

William Belcher and Thomas Ford of Yate for allowing cops of
earth to lie in the street near their houses Roger Wood
shoemaker, Thomas Ford coverlet weaver, William Ford dyer
and Roger Barrow for the same.

Hugh Cooper for harbouring Isabel Winnell widow.

That by digging sand under the stile at Birket Bank entering
into Thomas Ford's field, the said Thomas had damaged it,
he was ordered to repair it.

William Langshaw, Ellen Browne widow and John Harvey gentleman,
for not cutting their hedges in a lane at the back of Scoles.
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Dorothy Browne bound over to be of good behaviour

The bailiffs ordered to repair the stone well in Wallgate

Barnaby Wood for selling ale "not wholsome nor Seasonable for
mans body" - fined 3s. 4d.

William Glover late mayor for swearing Henry Fleetwood a

£17. 10s. paid to the foreman by the overseers of the mill.

William Deane and Thomas Cooper elected overseers of the
mill for the ensuing year.

The bailiffs ordered to pay for the statute seal out of
the next leys.

William Laithwaite sadler, Anne Acton, widow, Adam Boulton
gentleman, Thomas Worthington gentleman and Peter Mason
presented for allowing timber to lie on their hillocks.

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