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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 36 - 1673

Box 1.  Roll 36  Easter Leet April 5th 1673
Robert Markland shoemaker for assaulting James Langshaw

Margery the wife of William Langshaw and Margaret the wife
of Robert Markland - litigation

Roger Scott for abusing John Astley.
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Elizabeth Higham spinster for a litigation on Charles Scott.

Jennet Werram for a litigation on Alice Rydeinge.

Elinor the wife of John Taylor for abusing Margaret Atherton
and Henry Rowe.

Henry Hodson for abusing Elizabeth Brighouse spinster

Rachall the wife of John Prescott for abusing William Glover
now mayor - ro publicly acknowledge her offence or wear the

Henry Fleetwood for exercising the trade of gardiner.

John Houghton for abusing Richard Crosse and the said
Richard for assaulting John Prescott

William Rigby and Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth the wife
of John Farbrother - assault

Roger Scott gentleman for assaulting Thomas Whalley founder.

Anne Barker, James Whalley, and William Bamber for allowing
their swine to stray.

Charles Bancks of Millgate and Roger Bullock for allowing
their bitches to go unmuzzled.

John Whalley and Mr John Harvey - assault

Richard Holme and John Whalley - assault

Edward Buckley labourer for assaulting Oliver Worthington,
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gatewaiter - fined 3s. 4d. or 3 hours in the stocks at the

Anne Scott widow for allowing her swine to stray

Richard Lowe carpenter for leaving his wood in the street.

James Hardman for assaulting Richard Mortt gatewaiter -
fined 3s. 4d.

Thomas Burges for allowing his swine to stray

Charles Bancks the elder, Robert Cooper and William Belcher
for leaving dunghills in the street.

14th April
Judith Dewhurst for a litigation on Robert Marsden the

Richard Lowe, Richard Brocke, Mr Adam Boulton, Mary Pemberton,
George Shawe, John Charnocke, William Woodward, James Johnson,
Parson Bancks, Mr Henry Hodgkinson, Gilbert Letherbarrow,
Thomas Ryland's wife, Henry Scott, Roger Scott, Charles Banckes,
Christian Maudsley, and John Boulton for not working on the
highway in Wallgate - fined 6s. 8d. each

Richard Mortt for abusing and assaulting James Hardman.

Dorothy Browne, Robert Taylor, William Houghton and Ralph
Deane - encroachment on wastes and highways.

Gerard Bancks gentleman fined 20s. for not making the bridge
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into Great Waterhey, and for allowing a water hole to
remain near the foot-path there.

William Green for allowing his dunghill to lie in the little
lane near Mill Bridge.

That William Scott and Thomas Bullocke had removed their
stiles in the bottom of Millgate leading to the bridge.

The overseers of the mill to pay a salary of 3s. a week to
George Raw.

    That the King had granted the town a yearlr fair to be
held in July. The Mayor and Corporation now ordered that
it should be held in the street called Scoles.

Petitions &c.
List of persons who kept unlicenced alehouses?

Petition of Gerard Ford pewterer who 4 or 5 years before
had been bailiff with Gilbert Barrow apothocary deceased,
and had levied 50s. on the goods of Thomas Tottie - who was
about to sue the petitioner - he asked to be indemnified.

Complaint of John Anderton that James Hollinhead had obstructed
the footpath through Meanfield which lead to his close
called Farrances in Woodhouses

Complaint of John Whalley of Standishgate brazier concerning
his dispute with Mr John Harvey over a quickset hedge.

------------------ torn
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Petition of Robert Taylor pipemaker who about 13 years before
had built a cottage near Hallgate, and about 2 years after
had made a small garden "for to provide themselves for garden
herbes" and now he and "his wife being two aged persons and
not able to worke". The Jury had ordered their hedge to be
pulled down and they appealed against it. "We doe allow him
to sever ? the incroachment form the Corner of the little
buildinge towards the lane leading to Breare Ares as direct
as may bee Crosse to Robert Peningtons Hedge".

Petition of Ralph Deane labourer that about 6 years before
George Hall Bishop of Chester and the Mayor had given him
leave to build a cottage in a lane near Hallgate and now he
asked for a little land to make a garden - granted

Complaint of James Hollinhed tailor who was in possission of
Watt Holme to which a footpath through Watterhey lead which
was now obstructed by Mr Gerard Bancks.

Box 1.   Roll 36   Midsummer Leet 21st June 1673
25 Chas II
John Deane butcher, Francis Battersby, James Farbrother and
Anne Scott widow for allowing their swine to stray.

Anne Annice alias Molyneux for assaulting Thurstan son of
James Tarleton.

Edward Wood for not doing his duty as a gatewaiter

Christian Buckley for harbouring Dorothy the wife of James
Whittle a foreigner
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Thomas Hill for harbouring -- his daughter a foreigner

William Orrell ordered to remove the shop he had erected
in Market Street.

Richard Holme labourer for harbouring Thomas Standish and
his wife - foreigners.

William Scott and Thomas Bullocke for not setting their stiles
in "their ancient places".

That any freeman butcher might sell meat on any Saturday
in the town.

July 30th
Charles Hey for abusing Robert Langshaw alderman.

Edward Farbrother for abusing Thomas Wortley

Anne Browne spinster and Dorothy Browne widow and Harry
Burgesse - abuse and litigation

George Threlfall labourer for stealing a knife worth a
penny - "to be whipt from the poll in the Scoles to the
Stoops there"

John Houghton for a litigation on William Linney

James Wood for allowing his swine to stray.

Thomas Forde, Mr Robert Suxsmith dyer and Andrew Lathom for
allowing their hedges in Penington Meadow to fall down

Ralph Ashton for assaulting William Risley and for being
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drunk on the Lord's day, and Ralph Ashton assaulted the
same William

Peter Leigh joiner for allowing his swine to stray

Thomas Perrin and Anne Wildinge - abuse

Robert Winstanley "did refuse to deliver a Coppy of a Record
being sworne deputy Towne Clarke in the absence of John

John Deane butcher for abusing Mr Robert Markland and
swearing one oath. - fined 6s. 8d.

Mr John Bould for swearing one oath on the Lord's day - fined
3s. 4d.

Dorothy Browne widow for not cutting down her hedge on
Scole Common.

The Bailiffs to pay 5s. to the Overseers of the Highways
for Woodhouses.

Box 1.  Roll 36  Midsummer Leet  1673
Sacrament certificate of William Foster bailiff witnessed
20 July 1673 by John Rawlett minister of the parish Church,
Gilbert Langshaw churchwarden, Robert Langshaw and William
Laithwaite gentlemen.

Letter dated 10th July from Richard Penington resigning the
office of Recorder. Thomas Bispham of Bispham elected after
he had taken the oath of supremacy and allegiance 12th July 1673.
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Petition of Edward Rigby of Millgate yeoman a freeman that he
might be allowed to keep a bookshop.

Sacrament certificate of William Pilkington gentleman 20th July,
1673 - witnesses Robert Penington gentleman and Elizabeth
Breres widow.

Sacrament certificate of James Forde the younger 17th July 1673
- witnesses James Banckes yeoman and Thomas Gerard tailor.

Sacrament certificate of Myles Turner gentleman 20th July 1673
- witnesses John Boroker minister of Standish and John Jolly
churchwarden, Ralph Holme yeoman and Alexander Ford gentleman.

Sacrament certificate as above of John Anderton town clerk
20th July 1673 - sane witnesses

Sacrament certificate of John Rowlett curate, witnessed by
Joshua Barton minister of Wigan, Gilbert Langshaw, Robert
Forde pewterer and James Banckes parish clerk 6 July 1673

Box 1.   Roll 36   Michaelmas Leet    1673

Mayor                  Robert Baron

Benchers               William Laithwaite
                       Robert Langshaw

Recorder               Thomas Bispham

Town Clerk             John Anderton
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Bailiffs               George Browne
                       Charles Legh

Serjeants              John Boulton
                       Gilbert Farclough

Attornies              Edward Baron
                       John Barrow

Sword Bearer           James Astley

Market Street          Thomas Catterall
                       John Whalley

Wallgate               Ralph Jolly
                       Laurence Haslam

Hallgate               Robert Townley
                       James Farbrother

Scoles                 John Foster
                       Roger Letherbarrow

Standishgate           John Holt
                       John Wood

Millgate               Hugh Baron
                       John Carter

Woodhouses             Thomas Seddon
                       Gilbert Unsworth
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Surveyors of           William Prescott
Bread and Beer         Robert Leatherbarrow tailor

Surveyors of           James Banckes
Flesh and Fish         Robert Mason

Searchers and Sealers  Gilbert Fairclough
of Leather             James Baldwin

Treasurers             William Foster butcher
                       James Ford bailiff

Church Clerk           James Bancks

Bellman                Myles Mitton

Box 1.   Roll 36   Michaelmas Leet   1673
Alice Hawet widow for stealing timber worth 11d. from John

Humphrey Mather and Francis Battersbie - assault with the
drawing of blood

Edward Farbrother for pulling down Mr Robert Langshaw's peatice
and the gate of Margaret Laithwaite and had broken the peace
contrary to his recognizance

Henry Lyon and Richard Berry - assault and the former abused
Bailiff Leigh &c.

Robert Markland mercer for allowing a dunghill to lie in
the street.
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George Shawe for allowing his yarding to lie down to the
annoyance of Ralph Battersbie, and for placing his muck on
James Leyland's property.

Robert Orrell for placing a dunghill in the street

Roger Scott gentleman for harbouring William Woodward a

Order to the Serjeants to "keep the hall and the with
drawing Roome cleane"

Account of Overseers of the Highways
[Roll much decayed]

Box 1.    Roll 36    Michaelmas    1673
That Edward Farbrother, being bound over, did abuse James
and Gilbert Ford and his pledge became forfeit.

Charles Hey for assaulting Humphrey Farbrother and Jane his

Edward Farbrother bound by order of the Court to be of
good behaviour

Stephen Platt for allowing a dunghill to lie in the street
near the toll bar

Thomas Burges and Anne Scott widow for allowing their swine
to stray

Margaret the wife of Thomas Mather and Alice Nightingale -
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22 October   1673
James Hardman and John Winstanley - assault

James and William Lithgoe for receiving "Idle Wandreinge and
strange persons" - fined 5s. each

Ralph Moncke for "Exerciseing the trade of a Fustian Man"
and High Forth brazier for receiving him

Robert Carfoot - a foreigner and Stephen Platt for receiving
Anne Mather - and Ralph Wood for receiving a bastard child.

Box 1.   Roll 36   Michaelmas Leet   1673
Petitions &c.
Complaint of James Harvey of Scoles that James Wood coverlet
weaver had planted apple trees that overhung his roof and
damaged it.

Complaint of John Foster, that Thomas Ford the elder "doth
Caste downe Muddy and filthy watter" into a gutter which ran
through his "Buttery an is very Noysome"

Complaint of Mary Pilkington widow, that Hugh Moulding had
allowed the slates on his roof to become so ruinous that
they dripped on to her wall.

Complaint of Mr William Laithwaite, that William Browne dyer,
had let the Birkett to William Ford for a term of years who
neglected the lane leading to it which also led to the
petitioner's close - to his great damage

Complaint of Gilbert Orrell brazier that John Houghton tailor
had built a house in "the Weend" next his house and "hath
New page
nayled latts of his said house to your Peticioner's

Complaint of Gerard Jonson against Hamlet Greene carrier
concerning his "skewboard"    [torn]

Complaint of Mary Banckes that her husband Parson Banckes
had been sword bearer for some years, but the last year had
been "putt out of his place upon some discontent by the
Last Mayor he obleiged ?  himself as a soldier in his
Majesties service and Left your Petitioner with five Children
in a very poore Condicion" - she asked for his salary for
the last year - the bailiffs ordered to pay her 10s.

Complaint of Richard Halene labourer who had been fined
for receiving Thomas Standish and his wife into his house -
He was "like to have a great charge and family to maynteyne"

Complaint of Edward Hulme coverlet weaver who had been
fined for not presenting certain persons, but he had been
much abroad by reason of his trade and "hee became lesse
acquainted not only with his Neighbours but the affaires of
the Town."

Complaint of Andrew Lathom and Robert Suxsmith who had been
fined for not making their yardings in Penington Meadow,
whereas they really belonged to Joan Delroy and Ralph Higham.

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