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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 35 - 1672

           Box 1.    Roll 35   Michaelmas Leet
October 5th  1672

Mayor               William Glover

Bailiffs            William Foster
                    James Forde

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    John Barrow

Serjeants           John Foster
                    Gilbert Fairclough

Sword bearer        Parson Banckes

Market Street       William Finch
                    William Laithwait

Standishgate        Oliver Worthington
                    Edward Wood

Wallgate            Richard Mortte
                    John Taylor

Millgate            Robert Crouchlowe
                    Edward Wood junior

Scoles              Charles Scott
                    James Farbrother

Hallgate            Thomas Marsden
                    Thomas Townlow

Woodhouses          James Patricke
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Box 1.   Roll 35   Michaelmas Leet October 5th   1672
Oliver Worthington for assaulting George Elderson and Thomas
Worthington, his father - fined 3s. 4d.

Oliver Bibby "doth suffer tipleing in his house on the Lord's
day - fined 6s. 8d.

Tobias Cally for abusing Ralph Markland mercer - to "bee
whipt at the Rogues post as an Incourageable Rogue"

Edward Farbrother founder for throwing down the rails of
Ware Bridge &c.

Edward Buckley for breaking the windows of William Daniell Esq.

Singleton Gidlow for pulling down a stone --- in -- to
Boywell near the Scoles, and the same Gidlow and Edward Buckley
for throwing down two gates belonging to Margaret Laithwaite
leading from Wallcrofte Lane to the Scoles.

William son of Alexander Ecckersall for playing bowles.

William Holt, Nicholas Ranicars, Charles Holcroft, William
Lithgoe, Seth Bibbie, Thomas Wigan labourer, Robert Casson
bricklayer, William son of Robert Molyneux, Robert Markland,
tailor, Edward Bricklay bricklayer, Edward Gregson labourer,
Robert Wetherby, Henry Eckersall, Thomas Prescott, Ralph
Deane labourer, Thomas Ascroft, Robert Higham, John Haselden
of Pemberton, Adam Foster junior, William Pemberton, Myles
Letherbarrow and William Tildesley for tippling in Oliver
Bibbie's house on Sunday. - fined 12d. each

Tobias Kelley for abusing Robert Markland mercer - and
"Threatening to burne a Feild of Beans of his" - to be
whipped &c. as above.
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Thomas Mortt Junior currier and Thomas Burgesse tailor -
assault with drawing of blood

John Wood tailor and Robert Almond - assault and litigation

George Shawe for abusing the bailiffs and swearing 2 oaths.

Thomas Ascroft for assaulting Thomas Packingson and Thomas

Gilbert Holcroft and the said Parkinson and Atheron - assault

Edward Buckley labourer and William Rigby and Elizabeth his
wife - litigation

Grace Astley spinster for abusing Isabel Lathom.

James Winstanley for selling "Caske sope" - he not being
a burgess

Thomas Catterall for assault upon James Winstanley with the
drawing of blood

Margaret Deane widow for allowing her dog to go unmuzzled.

James Harvey junior smith for abusing James Marsden, one
of the bailiffs.

James Hardman and James Worthington cooper - assault

Elizabeth the wife of Gilbert Deane and William Finch - assault

The said William for abusing Thomas Cooper, one of the
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Evan Hilton watchmaker and Elizabeth his wife and Alice
the wife of William Deane, and Elizabeth Griffin - abuse.

Charles Hey for breaking into William Brigg's orchard and
taking pears, and Richard France did the like.

Edward Farbrother for abusing Charles Hey

John Deane butcher, Thomas Parre and Margery his wife - assault

Richard Crosse for abusing Robert Penington brazier

Charles Bancks Junior and Roger Scott founder for letting
dunghills lie in the street

Thomas Forde of Yate for not cleaning his ditch in Greate
Watter hey.

Grace Wood for harbouring Roger Higham and his wife.

Anne the wife of Gilbert Baldwin for forestalling the market.

Thomas Worthington and John Prescott for harbouring
Katherine the wife of John Lowe and Mrs Shawe.

Margaret Lathom widow for not ditching her field in Gidlowe

Gerard Banckes for not cutting the hedge between his land
and Stephen Platt's.

James Harvey for not making a fence between his tenement
and Thomas Bullock's.
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Alice Kirkly widow and Katherine Letherbarrow for allowing
their swine to stray.

Gilbert Holcrofte for driving away the ducks of William
Houghton gatewaiter

Order by the Mayor "that Noe person shall take any tobacco in
the Roome where the Jury assemble whilst the Jury are there"

Oliver Whalley and Ralph Langshaw fined 1s. each for the
above offence

Court October 24th  1672
Elizabeth the wife of William Hodson for harbouring William
Higham and his wife - foreigners.

Gilbert Langshawe pewterer for making a window in his house
to the prejudice of Thomas Forde the younger.

Edward Farbrother being bound to keep the peace in a
recognizance of £10 abused the overseers of the highways.

William Brown the younger for cutting down the rails near
Adam Bridge - fined 20s. or 2 hours in the stocks.

Margaret Deane for not scouring the ditch near Poole Bridge.

John Bold and William Scott - assault and litigation

Elizabeth the wife of James Winstanley and Grace the wife
of Thomas Catterall - assault.
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That Myles Turner treasurer of the town mill had £37. 2. 7.
in hand - the money to be paid to Mr Hugh Cooper owing on
the Alderman's securities &c.

Leys to be raised for the payment of the money due to
William Deane and Thomas Ford late bailiffs

William Deane and Thomas Cooper elected treasurer of the
town mill for the ensuing year.

The bailiffs ordered to repair the stone well

Petitions &c.
Complaint of Edward Smoot gardiner that at the Xmas Leet 1671
Henry Fleetwood was forbidden to work as a gardiner in the
town, but continued to do so.

Usual petition of Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor - granted

Complaint of John Carter ropemaker who had been a gatewaiter
during Mr Letherbarrow's mayoralty and had presented William
Totty who had been fined and afterwards sued the petitioner
in the Exchequer &c.

Petition of Gilbert Houghton for relief - referred to the
Overseers of the poor "whom wee desire to give him a Considerable

Petition of John Farbrother "having a great Charg of
Children upon my hands" asked for a place "where I might
buyld a little place For my wyffe and Children to Inhabit"

Complaint of William Lythgoe brazier who had been unjustly
distrained for leaving a dunghill in the street
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Complaint of John Charnock who had been distrained for
harbouring his daughter who had married a stranger. Whereas
about 5 years before he had given her a house to live in
"because I am a poore man and could not keep her"

Complaint of Thomas Tarleton and William Sale against Thomas
Seddon and John Low his apprentice concerning the path to
a barn in Wallgate &c.

Complaint of Roger Higham who had married a Wigan woman
with 2 children. Afterwards he wished to settle in Ince but
was not allowed to on account of the children, asked to
be allowed to settle in Wigan.

Further petition of John Baron pewterer &c.

Complaint of Thomas Scotte shoemaker who had been a serjeant
of the town and for four years Service had only received 20s.
"which is farr short of what is due" &c.

Complaint of William Aughey gentleman who had been fined
for not pairing his gutter &c.

Complaint of William Aughey that Thurstan Rogerson husbandman
had erected a wall and chimney on the petitioner's land in

Complaint of the said Thurstan concerning the same

Complaint of John Boulton and Gilbert Fairclough Serjeants
that one Oxley from Derbyshire and John Whithead of Stockport
and various freemen from Warrington did not pay toll for the
malt they brought into the town.
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Complaint of Oliver Whalley and Jeffrey Wood who had a close
called Stockemeadow adjoining Barmester Meadow belinging to
Ralph Deane butcher over which they had always had aright of
way, which he had lately obstructed.

Petition of Robert Higham butcher, to be made a freeman -

Complaint of the Master and Wardens [Gilbert Deane and Charles
Foster] of the Butchers Company, who by order of the Court
April 9th 1659 were made a Company - but for sometime the
Wardens have been omitted to be sworn and some persons had
pretended to be free who were not - namely one Robert Higham
who had not served his apprenticeship.

Petition of Ralph Marsh fustian weaver, who had married a
daughter of Hugh Ford, to be made a burgess

Sacrament Certificate of Ralph Hulme of Wigan yeoman signed
by John Bowker and John Jolly minister and churchwarden of
the parish church of Standish and witnessed by Alexander Ford
of Swindley gent and Gilbert Baldwin pewterer.  Sworn 20 July
25 Chas II   1673

Petition of William Glover of Ince blacksmith to be allowed
to settle and follow his trade in Wigan

Complaint of the Master and Warden of the Smiths Company
that William Glover and others pretended that there was a
want of smiths in the town, which was not true &c.

Petition of the Master and Wardens of the Weavers Company
against the admittance of Ralph Monke to be a burgess.
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Box 1.   Roll 35  Christmas Leet 21 Dec. 1672.
Hugh Wood for allowing his swine to stray

Barnet Johnson for "a Larg Curr Bitch" to go unmuzzled

John Townley for abusing and assaulting Ralph Marsh "when
he was goeing through the Towne in the morneing" - fined 1s.8d.
or 3 hours in the stocks.

Hugh Wood and Anne Scott widow for allowing their swine to
stray in the Churchyard

Humphrey Wetherby, Mathew Johnson and Richard Crosse bound
over to be of good behaviour

William Laithwait and Margaret his wife and Thomas Wortley -

Oliver Worthington for a litigation on Alice the wife of
Hugh Scott.

Elizabeth Higham spinster for a litigation on Charles Scott
and his wife

Humphrey Wetherbie for a litigation on James Banckes.

William Higham and Elizabeth his wife for not removing from
the town. and Elizabeth Hodson widow for receiving them.

Thomas Worthington cooper forbidden in future to harbour
John Rothwell alias Low and Katherine his wife

William Catterall for erecting buildings on the waste at
the end of his house.
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Ellen the wife of John Whalley for a litigation on Elizabeth
the wife of Adam Boulton - fined 2s. or to wear the bridle
in the Moot Hall

John Clayton for abusing James Banckes the Church clerk -
fined 1s. or to remain in the Moot Hall till he paid it.

Peter Ford for abusing Anne Barker

James Prescott and Katherine the wife of William Orrell -

Robert Boyes and William Ireland - the same

Gilbert Houghton for allowing a heap of dobe to lie in the

The Overseers of Highways who had not brought in their
accounts, were ordered to do so at the Easter Leet.

Petition of Henry Fleetwood gardiner, to be made a freeman -

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