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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 34 - 1671

Box 1.   Roll 34   Michaelmas Leet 30th September 1671

Mayor               Ralph Markland

Benchers            Robert Baron
                    James Ford
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Recorder            Richard Penington

Town Clerk          John Anderton

Bailiffs            James Marsden
                    Thomas Cooper

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    Edmund Mullyneux

Sword bearer        Parson Banckes

Serjeants           James Rigbie
                    Thomas Scott

Market Street       Barnit Johnson
                    Arthur Winstanley

Standishgate        John Whaley
                    Richard Hoolme

Wallgate            Laurence Taylor
                    Thomas Whaley

Millgate            William Haughton
                    William Hill junior

Scoles              James Ford coverlet weaver
                    William Wood

Hallgate            Thomas Locker
                    Thomas Jackson
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Woodhouses             Thomas Taylor
                       Thomas Letherbarrow

Treasurers             William Marsden
                       Gilbert Baldwin

Surveyors of           James Banckes
Flesh and Fish         Robert Mason

Surveyors of           Hugh Mathew
Bread and Beer         James Glaesbroocke

Church Clerk           James Banckes

Searchers and Sealers  James Baldwin
of Leather             Richard Smith

Bellman                Miles Mitton

Box 1.  Roll 34   Michaelmas Leet 30th September 1671

William Laithwait gentleman for allowing his "mungrill dog"
to go unmuzzled - fined 1s a time

Thomas Scott Serjeant for allowing his sowe and two pigs to

Edward Gregson and Thomas Houghton - assault and the same
Edward for abusing Thomas Scott one of the serjeants - six
hours in the stocks at the Market Cross for the said Edward
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Margaret the wife of Robert Mosse for abusing John Barrow

Richard Holme and Jennett the wife of George Atherton -

Christian the wife of Robert Carter and Ellen the wife of
John Carter the like.

William Greene dyer for not removing the dunghill near Mill

James Taylor for not removing the oven near the dwelling
house of Thomas Burgesse.

John Townlowe for allowing his swine to stray

Elizabeth the wife of William Rigby tailor for abusing Robert
Denton a gatewaiter.

Ralph Tarleton for entering the stable of Edward Herle Esq
with force and arms - a true bill

Ishmael Bibby, Thomas Bibby, Robert Marsh, Lionel Ormeshaw,
Thomas Browne and Jeremiah Rodas for playing "Scales"

Thomas Barker and Seth Foster - assault

Ralph Markland the Mayor ordered to appear on the following
Monday "to take uppon him the office of A maior, uppon
paine of one hundred pound"

Edward Hearle Esq, James Whitestone husbandman, and James
Winstanley husbandman for forcible entry into Ellen Paye's
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William Bamber and Peter Leigh for allowing their swine to

Thomas Blackhurst tallow chandler for assaulting Ellen the
wife of William Worthington and drawing blood, in fair time

William Rycroft of Hindley and Edward Jolly of the same -
assault in fair time

John Ford pewterer for abusing Myles Turner the then mayor
"in Relacion to his Office".

Thomas Seddon, Michael Browne and John Davis foreigners
received by Thomas Ford, Jenett Rirchall and Richard Rothwell.

Jenett the wife of John Lowe and Elizabeth the wife of
William Rigby - litigation

The Bailiffs ordered to repay the money spent for the town's
use by William Deyne? and Thomas Ford.

John Bold gentleman "did in a very Rude foule and beastly
Manner abuse the stone well in the Walgate by pisseing in
the same to the great Loss and detriment of the Neighborhood"

Ralph Deane labourer for enclosing a garden near the pinfold
to the "great prejudice of the Highway"

James Bancks for abusing Robert Letherbarrow tailor, saying
"that Edward Farbrother stole some cocks and hens from him
and that the said Robert Letherbarrow did Reserve them by
suffering them to be Eaten and dressed att his house"

The Bailiffs ordered to pay 6s. 8d. to the Serjeants "for
dressing and keeping cleane the hall, for the time part"
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John Deane and Robert Higham for allowing dung to lie in
the street &c. They were ordered to clean the street and
the channel before their shops.

William Marsden and Gilbert Baldwin late bailiffs ordered to
pay in the tolls and fines under a pain of £60. The money
owing to the said bailiffs to be paid out of the next leys.

Myles Turner elected treasurer of the town mill for the
present year.

Petitions &c.
Petition of Robert Crocklowe, who had served Ralph Deane
butcher for six years and Charles Foster butcher for 2 years,
to be made a freeman.

Petition of William Glover the elder of Ince, blacksmith, to
be admitted freeman

Complaint of James Nightgale that he had been fined 40s.
for forestalling the market - redeemed to 3s. 4d.

Petition of Edward Bancks husbandmand, to be made free. -
allowed on payment of 50s.

Complaint of John Layland that he was hindered by John Forth
in building a stone wall at the back of his house.

Complaint of Ralph Deane, William Foster, Gilbert Deane,
Charles Foster and John Deane butchers that Robert Higham
and Robert Crocklowe and others used the trade of butchers
with having served 7 years apprenticeship.
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The usual petition of Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor -

Petition of -- Smoult gardiner to be admitted freeman -
allowed on the payment of 40s.

Box 1.   Roll 34  Christmas Leet  22 December 1671

William Green dyer for not removing his dunghill - fined 20s.
- redeemed to 10s.

John Markland for allowing a heap of clay to lie in the street.

William Bamber for allowing his swine to stray.

--- Penington spinster for a litigation on Margaret the
wife of William Laithwaite.

Robert Penington for stopping a watercourse in Gidlowe Lane.

Mr Catterall for not cleaning a ditch in "Heary? Lane"

The late bailiffs Marsden and Baldwin again ordered to pay
in the fine and toll money by January 1st under a pain of £100.

Roger Scott for not cleaning his ditch in the Scolefield

The ports and rails on Mill Bridge to be taken up and the
bridge laid open for passage.

Roger Browne for cutting down thornes &c. in sickle Fields
belonging to Robert Markland mercer
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Katherine Letherbarrow and Alice Kerby for allowing their
swine to stray.

Alexander Ford of Swindley, William Almond and -- Markland
for placing dunghills in the street.

13 Jan 1671
William Baldwin fined in open Court for "wilfully Refuseing
to deliver the late Bayliffs Acompts in the summe of Cli"

Charles Banckes senior coverlet weaver, William Belcher
and Robert Cooper presented for laying dunghills in the street.

20th Jan
John Charnock presented for receiving Humphrey -- and his
children - foreigners.

Box 1.   Roll 34   Xmas Leet
Petitons &c.
Petition of Thomas Wareing who was apprenticed to Richard
Southwell, glover to be made free - allowed

Complaint of -- Smoult a freeman gardener, that Henry
Fleetwood and Peter Kearsley two gardiners had taken land
with the intention of following their trade in the town,
not being freemen.

Accounts of the Overseers of the Highways.

Information of William Deane yeoman, that several of his
young oak trees had been cut down in the Woodheyes, and
that he had found young oak trees in the possession of
George Shawe which he had reason to suspect were his.
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Box 1.   Roll 34   Court 23rd   Dec. 1671?
Richard Crosse and Thomas Fairclough blacksmith - assault

Robert Higham butcher for not allowing the surveyors of
flesh and fish "to view flesh then unwholsome in his shopp"
- fined 6s. 8d.

James Glover and John Wood - assault in the churchyard.

Thomas Browne for assaulting Katherine the wife of Henry

Margaret the wife of William Laithwaite for making an affray
on Mr Nicholas Penington

William Bavington and Thomas Bavington his father - assault

John Mathews "was druncke on the Sunday and did abuse
Baliff Deane in many foule and approbrious words" - fined
6s. 8d. or 6 hours in the stocks at the Market Cross

James Browne for refusing to take his oath when lawfully

Thomas Bancks for making a "sough" in the street to the
prejudice of the highway.

Gilbert Fairclough for allowing his swine to stray.

William Greene dyer for not removing his dunghill - fined 40s.

Katherine Letherbarrow for allowing her swine to stray.
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Gerard Bancks gentleman for not cutting the thornes overhanging
Stephen Platt's croft.

Anne Cason widow and Richard Asheton for laying dunghill in
the street.

The overseers to repair the highways in Whalley.


Another Court [undated]  1671?
Hamlet Green carrier, Richard Casson, William Lithgoe, Anne
Hill widow, and Gilbert Orrell shoemaker, for laying dunghills
in the street.

Roger Baron for allowing his swine to stray

Jenett wife of George Atherton for a litigation on Richard
the son of Hamlet Green.

Elizabeth Scott widow for litigations on Jane the wife of
Nicholas Penington gentleman and Robert Penington gentleman.

Richard Crosse and Thomas Fairclough blacksmith - assault

James Glover and John Wood - assault in the churchyard -
fined 3s. 4d. each

William Bavington fined 1s. 8d. for assaulting Thomas his

Thomas Bancks to remove the sough he had made in the street.
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Roger Bibby "doth still make a Common highway for himselfe
and family through a gutter belonging to Gilbert Leigh" -
fined 3s. 4d.

Robert Penington for an assault on Elizabeth Scott widow.

William Laithwait alderman for an encroachment on a lane
called Beckitt Bank

William Laithwait alderman ordered to cut his hedge equal to
the "ould quick woodrow", down to William Browne's hedge.

£9 to be paid to the bailiffs for the repair of Hennis Bridge.

Four lays to be levied for the building of the new hall &c.

Box 1.   Roll 34.   undated   1671

Petition of John Boulton brazier a freeman, to be made a
burgess - allowed

Complaint of Thomas Ford the elder and William Browne overseers
of the highways in Scoles, who without a great sum of money
could not repair the roads and were likely to be presented -
Lays to be raised for the payment - £8 at least.

Complaint of William Bamber who had been fined and distrained
for allowing his swine to stray - but in the meantime had
sold them.

Petition of Henry Fleetwood of Blackrod gardiner to be made
a freeman

Petition of Richard Roueson pewterer, who had been bound for
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7 years to Robert Ford of Wigan pewterer, which term was expired
and his master "now Inhabittinge in Ireland", to be made a

Petition of Henry Eccerron whiteliner to be made a freeman

Petition of John Billinge of Billinge watchmaker to be made
a freeman

Petition of Nicholas Walker of Manchester who had had one
Aleocks arrested for debt - He had been advised to non-suit
his action for the removing of his goods - He asked to have
his goods restored - Referred to the Mayor and Aldermen

Petition of Robert Crouchlowe butcher, to be made a freeman.

Petition of Robert Higham butcher to be made a freeman

Complaint of William Greene dyer that Thomas Burges had
unjustly tried to have him amerced for the use of a piece of
waste ground 3 yards square on the south side of the
little land leading from Mill Bridge towards Ince, of which
he had a leave for 21 years from John Bishop of Chester
and Rector of Wigan.

Petition of Hugh Cooper of Chorley mercer who had been
apprenticed to his brother Thomas Cooper of Wigan mercer,
to be made a freeman.

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