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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 33 - 1671

Box 1.  Roll 33  Easter Leet 29th April 1671
Adjourned to May 13th

Michael Browne for assaulting Robert Letherbarrow the youngest
in fair time.

Adam Boulton tanner, William Hickson joiner foreigners

William Houghton miner, Alice Kirkly widow, Katherine Lether-
barrow spinster and James Farbrother for allowing their swine
to stray.

William Rigby tailor for assaulting Edward Buckley in the
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Church - fined 6s, 8d.

Thomas Catterall for threatening Robert Denton and Gilbert
Holecroft and he "did run att them with a Pickforke"

And the said Thomas and Grace his wife and George Shawe for
abusing one another.

Margaret Mathew widow for laying a dunghill in the street

Richard Crosse labourer for assaulting James Whalley tailor

John Laithwait one of the gatewaiters for assaulting Edward

Jane Antavs spinster for washing fish at the stone well
in Wallgate - fined 1s.

Alice the wife of Gilbert Baldwin for a litigation on Isabel
Worthington spinster.

Robert Ford and James and Edward Hollinhead assault with the
drawing of blood

The said James Hollinhead "did give out threatening words
against the said Robert Ford and called for a hatchett
saying he would knocke out his brains" - fined 1s.

8 Leys to be gathered for the highways in Wallgate

List of persons fined for keeping ale houses without licence.

Ralph Deane butcher, for encroaching on the highway in Hallgate
Dorothy Browne for the same on Scole Common, and Robert Taylor
for the same in Hallgate, and William Houghton in --
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Accounts of the overseers of the Highways

Ellen Higham spinster for having pulled down the fence at
Poole Stock

James Almond, Elizabeth Almont, Isabel Hulme, James Layland
and Anne Laithwait spinster for "merchandizing in grossary"
not being freemen.

Easter Leet 1671     Box 1.    Roll 33.
Petitions &c.
Petition of Edward Banckes of Ince husbandman, who had
purchased a tenement in Wigan from from Francis Battersy cooper,
to be admitted freeman - allowed on the payment of 50s.

Complaint of Thomas Burgesse tailor, who had a parcel of
ground from William Browne dyer near a little lane leading from
the Mill Bridge towards Ince, a little above James Hodson's
house, and he could not enjoy the same because William Greene
dyer placed a dunghill on it.

The usual petition of Ralph Marsh and Lawrence Taylor.

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