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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 32 - 1670

Box 1.   Roll 32   Michaelmas Leet October 1st  1670

Mayor               Myles Turner

Benchers            Nicholas Penington
                    William Glover

Recorder            Richard Penington

Town Clerk          John Anderton

Bailiffs            William Marsden
                    Gilbert Baldwin

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    Edmund Mullineux

Sword Bearer        Parson Banckes

Serjeants           James Rigby
                    Thomas Scott

Market Street       Peter Mason
                    Robert Letherbarrow

Standishgate        John Laithwaite
                    Myles Letherbarrow

Wallgate            Hugh Platt
                    Thomas Seddon

Millgate            Thomas Catterall
                    Robert Travis

Scoles              James Brighouse
New page
                    James Banckes

Hallgate            John Lowe
                    Robert Denton

Woodhouses          John Cowper shoemaker
                    John Prescott

Treasurers          William Foster
                    Lawrence Anderton

Surveyors of        Charles Lee
Flesh and Fish      John Winstanley

Surveyors of        Adam Pemberton
Bread and Beer      Henry Lithgoe

Church Clerk        James Banckes

Searchers and       Edward Baron
Sealers of Leather  Edward Wood

Bellman             Myles Mitton

Box 1.   Roll 32   Michaelmas Leet 1670
Adjourned to October 22nd

John Harvy senior smith and Margaret his wife for abusing
and assaulting Mary Harvy his daughter-in-law

The same John and Margaret for abusing alderman Glover
New page
Richard Crosse bound to be of good behaviour towards William
Laithwait sadler.

Francis Sherrington, William Laithwait sadler, Anne Barker
widow and James Whalley, for allowing their swine to stray

Thomas Sumner for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled

Stephen Platt, Katherine Letherbarrow, William Houghton and
Alice Kirkby widow for allowing their swine to wander

George Ball and John Clayton - litigation and assault

Hugh Wood for allowing his swine to wander in the churchyard

Alice the wife of Mathew Johnson for abusing Serjeant Rigby
and James Barrow in the discharge of their office - fined
3s. 4d. or to wear the bridle from the Hall to the Cross and
back again.

Robert Townlow and Gilbert Holcroft - assault

Richard Ashton for placing a dunghill near the stone well in

Thomas Totty for allowing copps of earth to lie in Wallgate

Richard Ashton for allowing his swine to stray

Anne Barker for laying a dunghill below the Stone Well in

Anne Briggs for the same
New page
William Crosse for abusing James Mort gatewaiter

John Bold for abusing Katherine the wife of Robert Markland
mercer, to the said Robert

Elizabeth the wife of William Catterall for abusing Margaret
Deane widow

Alice Edge widow for abusing Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Myles
Turner and Thomas Byrom. - to wear the bridle from the Old
Hall to the White Cross and back

Richard Crosse for allowing his swine to stray

Margery wife of Robert Markland for throwing garbage into
Winkley Ditch to the "great danger of Cattle the Drincke

Laurence Finch junior for assaulting Robert Mosse

Edward Farbrother Junior for litigation on William Laithwait
genlteman, James Rigby Serjeant, Thomas Scott Serjeant, and
Thomas Mathew.

Edward Gregson for a litigation on James Banckes clerk.

John Townlow and Robert Murrey - assault and litigation

William Aughey gentleman did not keep the gutter clean
between his house and Mr Ford's

John Bold, being bound over to keep the peace, assaulted
Peter Leigh, swore ten oaths in the presence of the Mayor
and abused Robert Markland mercer and Katherine his wife.
New page
Elizabeth the wife of William Catterall tailor bound over to
keep the peace with Margaret Deane widow.

James Holinhead for ruining the quickset hedge of Ellen Ford

Robert Ford for cutting a tree growing inside James
Holinhead's fence.

Evan Hilton and William Wharton and Ralph Henshaw foreigners
who had not left the town

Adam Bridge needed a pavement at the end nearest the town

Anne Ford for a litigation on James Holinhead

Jane Edge spinster for abusing Alice the wife of Thomas
Byrom "Calleinge her Witch" - to wear the bridle from the
Old Hall to the Crosse and back.

Alice Edge widow for abusing the said Alice Byrom contrary
to her recognizance

Writ of Venire facias to the town and list of persons in Rex
v Gerrard Banckes

Gerrard Banckes for not repairing the foot bridge leading
into Water Hey

Ralph Deane for not removing the dunghill in Wallgate

Michael Browne for abusing and assaulting Robert Letherbarrow
New page
youngest in fair time

Henry Eckersall for not cleaning the gutters between Mr Fords
and Mr Aughey's houses in Standishgate

Peter Lee joiner for assaulting Mr John Bold who was bound
over "in provocacion of him to breake the same." And for
swearing "four score and nine prophane oaths"

Peter Sumpner swore "four score and fifteen prophane oaths"

Thomas Totty for scattering the copps of earth, he was ordered
to move, over Wallgate

John Bold for abusing Robert Markland mercer and Katherine
his wife, though he was bound over

William Bamber for allowing his swine to stray

Elizabeth wife of James Hollinhead and Robert Ford - litigation

John Bold for swearing 24 profane oaths

That there were several persons inhabiting the borough who
"in stricktnes of law" could not be removed. Therefore
the Mayor was at liberty to swear any of them freemen, within
the ensuing three months on the payment of a sum in composition

The Mayor elected overseer and treasurer of the Town Mill for
2 years. The foreman of the same to hand over the 11 li 9s,
remaining in his possession to the said Mayor

The bailiffs ordered to repair Hennage Bridge

William Ford of Swindley ordered to remove the dunghill by the
New page
Cross near Milne Bridge

Arrears to be paid to William Deane and Thomas Ford

Box 1.  Roll 32  Michaelmas Leet 1670
Petition &c.
Petition of Thomas Markland carpenter, to be admitted freeman.

Petition of Oliver Rigby labourer to be allowed to erect a
dwelling house near the "Hithen Bank" in the lane leading from
Wigan to Ince and adjoining the land of William Brown dyer,
or any other place in "Whelley Lane"

The petition of William Warton husbandman, who had married an
inhabitant who owned a brugage, to be admitted freeman, and
the 20s. which he had to pay as a fine for being a foreigner
might be used towards his admission

Petition of Ralph Henshawe and Margaret his wife who had been
fined as foreigners, to be allowed to live quietly in the town

The complaint of William Catterall, labourer, who had "sett
up ane little Seine Coate", which he had been ordered to take
down, but though he had done so the bailiff had distrained him.

Complaint of Ellen Forth widow that James Hollinhead tailor
had cut down her quickset hedge &c.

Petition of Richard and William Ashurst masons who "have
builded the new Bridge over the River of Douglas" for which
they had received £44. But after it was thought necessary
to make the stone wall towards William Green's house higher and
longer &c. which took at least 80 cart loads of stones and
New page
other materials, for which they asked £10

Petition of Evan Hulton watchmaker to be made free - allowed

Petition of Thomas Parr and John Winstanley late surveyors
of the highways in Wallgate and Thomas Leyland the same for
Market Street that they might be repaid the money they had
laid out - allowed

Order to the bailiffs to pay the above

Complaint of Gerard Banckes gentleman that he had been distrained
for the leys due on the Great Water Hey which was no longer
in his possession but in that of Adam Bancks.

Petition of Adam Boulton tanner, who had been apprenticed to
William Higham, to be admitted freeman. - allowed

Petitions &c.
Complaint of the shoemakers' Company that John Prescott cooper
allowed part of his messuage adjoining the Shoemakers' Hall in
Millgate to become ruinous &c.

Petition of Ralp Marsh and Laurence Talier to be allowed
"to call and cry" as usual - allowed

Box 1.  Roll 32  Christmas Leet 1670
Anne Backer widow for making a dunghill in the "Kiln Midding"
below the Stone Well in Wallgate - fined 3s. 4d.

Anne Briggs widow for making a dunghill in the street near her
New page
Michael Browne for abusing and assaulting Robert Letherbarrow
the youngest in fair time

James Marsh for assaulting Robert Walthew gentleman in the
Church. - fined 20d.

John Holt for making a dunghill in Millgate and for abusing
the gatewaiter who told him to remove it

Stephen Platt, Mr James Ford and John Ford for making
dunghills in the street

Thomas Allison and Henry Laithwaite - assault in fair time

Elizabeth the wife of William Rigby "did assault and abuse Joseph
Worthington" collector "of his Majesties duty arising
by hearths and stoves"

Ralph Henshaw and William Hixon - foreigners.

Richard Ashton and Thomas Scott serjeant for allowing their
swine to stray

Robert Fazakerley, Thomas Pilkington, Ralph Tyrer, Samuel
Marsh, John Guest, Thomas Holt and Henry Scott - foreigners

Anne Hill widow and Elizabeth Hoodin for harbouring William
Warton and William Hixon

Richard Ashton for laying a dunghill near the little stone
well in Wallgate

Thomas Allen and Richard Laithwait - assault
New page
Alice Lee widow for assaulting Jennette Norram and Mary
the wife of Charles Lee did the same

Stephen Platt, Katherine Letherbarrow, Alice Kirkly and
William Houghton for allowing their swine to stray

Thomas Sumpson for laying a dunghill in the street.

Elizabeth Pilkington spinster, Margaret the wife of Robert
Mosse and Ellen the wife of Robert Casson fined 1s. each
for forestalling the market.

William Aughey gentleman for not pairing the gutter between
his house and Katherine Ford's.

Robert Edge for not repairing his barn

--- Wharton a foreigner

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