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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 31 - 1670

Box 1.   Roll 31   Easter Leet 1670
[Very decayed]
William Mollineux alias Saddy for an assault on Robert Mollineux
his father and Elizabeth his sister. - 2 hours in the stocks
at the Cross on market day.

William Langshawe for beating a drum through the town without
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any legal warrant

James Harvey for assaulting George Trelfall

Richard Cason brazier and Grace the wife of Roger Kearsly -

Ralph Henshawe and William Wharton, foreigners

Andrew Laithwait for allowing his "Mastive dogge" to go

Elizabeth Lee for spoiling a drum.

Mr William Laithwait for not cleansing his ditch in Platt
Lane near the Scoles

Peter Higham for encroaching on the highway at the west
end of Milne Bridge

Edmund Molyneux for not stanceing the ditch --- at Poole

John Houghton for abusing Mary Parr

James Harvey senior smith and Margaret his wife for abusing
William Glover an alderman

Ralph Deand for diverting a watercourse on to the land of
Hugh Platt brazier.

John Anderton for letting his foot bridge in Barnley fall down

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