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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 30 - 1669

Box 1.    Roll 30   Easter Leet 17 April 1669
Thomas Catterall tailor for assaulting John Renshaw

James Hollinhed and Elizabeth his wife and Thurstan Rogerson -

Margaret Rogerson for a litigation on James Hollinshed

Thomas Blackhurst for assaulting William Houghton husbandman

Margaret the wife of James Harvey and Anne the wife of Myles
Holme - assault

Gilbert Langshaw for a litigation on Katherine Langshaw.

Anne the wife of James Hodson and Alice Wood - litigation
and assault

Margery Brighouse for a litigation of Anne the wife of James

Bridget Barrow "doth buy neever forth of the open markett"

Thomas Risley for assaulting Hugh Hollinhead and his son

Peter Whitle miller for assaulting Thurstan Crosse
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Thurstan Crosse and Elizabeth Almond spinster - assault

Katherine Finch for allowing her swine to stray

Richard Crosse for a litigation on Edward Buckley gatewaiter
and an assault on Tobett Cobler

Gilbert Holcroft for playing cards in Robert Murrey's house

Elizabeth Never for turning a watercourse on to Thomas
Wigan's house.

Parson Bancks and John Turst of Upholland - assault

Gilbert Baldwin junior, Robert Baldwin and Mary his wife
and Anne Cooke - assault

James Harvey junior smith "abusinge severall persons in this
town and being drunck.

Lydia wife of Gerard Bancks gentleman for receiving goods
taken by the bailiffs - fined 6s. 8d.

James Hodson bricklayer for digging coal on the Scoles
Common - fined 3s. 4d.

James Taylor, Laurence Forth, Henry Burgesse, Thomas Blackhurst,
Thomas Browne and John Hodson did the like.

James Sanders alias Johnson a foreigner and Katherine Topping
who was received by Thomas Worthington

Thurstan Crosse for assaulting Oliver Letherbarrow the younger
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John Penington for assaulting John Standish junior

Edmond Molyneux glazier abused Ralph Markland alderman in the
open market, saying "thou art a lyer and thou lyest and art
a base fellow and Ile stand to it and I am a better Man than
thou art" - fined 3s. 4d.

Humphrey Wetherby for assaulting Tobias Cobler

Nicholas Penington Alderman in January last employed tailors
in his own house who were not freemen of the town - therefore
he profited 10s a half of which was to go to the town's
box and the other half to the Society of Taylors of Wigan.

April 28th 1669
John Bold and Robert Casson - litigation

Alexander Ford founder for a litigation on Mrs Feilden

May 8th
Thomas Hoolme for a litigation on Isabelle Hoolme - bound over.

John Standish of Whitley for abusing Robert Baron the
deputy mayor

Ralph Dean butcher for breach of a former order concerning a

Robert Winstanley for not taking up the post and rails on his

Grace Hindley widow received by Laurence Forth
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William Browne and Roger Scott gentleman for taking sand from
the sand bed.

Richard France and James Farbrother for taking 7 oak
saplings out of Botleing Wood.

"Wee doe Order that if the pretended Company of Mersers doe
Commence Aney suits against aney Burges of this Corporaition
fo Margandising in aney Commoditie that it shall be defended
upon the Townes Cost."

Ralph Hoolme and Edmund Laythwat fined in £10 each for not
coming to the Leet Jury with the accounts of the highways

Ralph Hoolme an assistant to the overseers of the highways
was not to gather taxes.

Box 1.  Roll 30  Michaelmas 1669  (from Roll 32)

Mayor               Robert Letherbarrow

Recorder            Richard Penington

Bailiffs            William Foster
                    Lawrence Anderton

Serjeants           James Rigby
                    Thomas Scott

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    Edmund Molineux

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Swordbearer         Parson Banckes

Market Street       William Prescott
                    John Whalley

Standishgate        James Laithwaite
                    Alexander Ford founder

Wallgate            John Carter
                    James Mort

Millgate            John Lee
                    John Holt

Scoles              William Belcher
                    Ralph Ashton

Hallgate            Robert Higham
                    James Barrow

Woodhouses          Roger Foster
                    James Bavington

Box 1.   Roll 30   Easter Leet 1669
Petitions &c.
Complaint of Stephen Platt - "that their is two trees groweing
in your peticioner's Hedge betwixt his backside and the
backside of Thomas Greene Brazier, concerning which their
doth arise great discencion to whom they should belong"

Complaint of Thomas Turner gentleman that Thomas Tottie of
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Wallgate had erected a chimney pipe on his land

Petition of James Johnson, who had lately married Mary
Sutton of Wigan widow, to be made a freeman.

Complaint of William Ford of Swindley in Woodhouses gentleman
that Thomas Blackhurst tallow chandler had forciably detained
possession of a messuage in Millgate, formerly in the possession
of Alice Croucke widow deceased, which the petitioner had let
to him for a year

Complaint of George Atherton that Edward Boulton brazier had
taken earth &c. from his croft and a close called the Cow Hey

Petition of Henry son of William Boulton of Platt Bridge
deceased, that as he had been apprenticed to Christopher
Handy of Manchester sadler deceased and had served his time
and had a freehold in Wigan under Mr Thomas Catterall of the
Crooke, to be made a freeman

Petition of James Rigbie and Thomas Scott serjeants that they
used to have the toll on the hillock at the Fish bords and
the rent of the old meal house, "but nowe are deprived of
both" - asked that they might have them as formerly - granted

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