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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 29 - 1668

Box 1.    Roll 29  Michaelmas Leet 3rd October   1668

Mayor               William Laythwat

Benchers            Joseph Rigbie
                    Robert Letherbarrow

Recorder            Richard Penington

Town Clerk          John Anderton

Bailiffs            William Deane
                    Thomas Ford the elder

Serjeants           James Rigbie
                    Thomas Scott

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    Parson Bancks

Swordbearer         William Forth

Market Street       James Winstanley
                    Edward Hawet

Standishgate        Peter Sumner
                    Henry Eckerson
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Wallgate            Joseph Caddie
                    Laurence Taylor

Millgate            Thomas Blackhurst
                    Thomas Mort

Scoles              Humphrey France
                    William Rigbie

Hallgate            James Farbrother
                    Edward Buckley

Woodhouses          Richard Southworth
                    Thomas Taylor

Treasurers          Gilbert Barrow
                    Gerrard Ford

Surveyors of        Roger Bybbie
Flesh and Fish      Gilbert Leigh

Surveyors of Ale    Henry Lythgoe
and beer sic        Adam Pemberton

Searchers and       Gilbert Farclough
Sealers of Leather  James Rigby

Church Clerk        James Banckes

Bellman             Myles Mitton

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Box 1.   Roll 29  Michaelmas Leet adjourned to 24th
                    October 1668
Robert Baldwin pewterer and Mary his wife for abusing Alice
the wife of Gilbert Baldwin senior

Ellen the wife of James Lowe and Anne the wife of William
Manchester - litigation

Mr Nicholas Penington for not muzzling his dog.

Charles Foster, William Foster, William Almond, Roger Higham,
Ralph Deane and Gilbert Deane butchers, "doe fling there
garbage and hornes of sheep into the street."

William Linney and Peter Ford - assault

Peter Ford for playing bowles.

Anne Cassin, Mrs Grace Markland and Ralph Laythwat for
allowing their dogs to go about unmuzzled

William Aughey and Thomas Worthington cooper for receiving
James Johnson, alias Sanders and Katherine the wife of
Thomas Topping deceased and her child - foreigners

William Houghton of Scoles husbandman and William Bibbie
for allowing their swine to stray

Margaret the wife of James Harvey the elder for a litigation
on Mary her daughter-in-law

Edward Gregson for a litigation on William Laithwait sadler

Gilbert Harvey senior smith, Edward Farbrother, Alexander
Forth and Charles Hey for playing cards - fined 1s. each
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or 2 hours in the stocks at the Cross

Robert Forth pancaster for abusing the Mayor

Thomas Bullocke pewterer "did speake Contemptious Words
against his Majestie"

Henry Feilden for receiving Ralph Renshaw a foreigner

Thomas Actton, Anne his wife and Elizabeth Foster spinster -

Margaret the wife of James Laithwait and Elizabeth Ashton -

Christian the wife of Robert Carrter for a litigation on - Rigby

Alice the wife of Oliver Whalley and Bridget Barrow -

Anne Catterall and Anne the wife of William Manchester -

Peter Forth and Thomas Browne for playing bowles

Roger Scott Junior shoemaker and William Laithwait sadler -

John Markland "hath stopped a Foot stepp way" in Whalley
leading from Wigan to Haigh

Arthur Winstanley for harbouring several persons to play
unlawful games
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Thomas Tottie for speaking many scandalous words of Robert
Langshaw now the Mayor. - fined £5

Thomas Mort the younger and Thomas Seddon - litigation and

Mr John Anderton to make a good path out of his field called
Barnely into Gidlow Lane

Elizabeth Hodson widow as before

Roger Westhead of Prinschurch Lanes weaver for assaulting
William Deane bailiff in fair time - fined £10

Robert Mosse smith for abusing Mrs Grace Markland

William Daniell Esq for "spaking foule and aprobius against
Mr Maiors oth"  ?  Fined £5

The bailiffs ordered to take the timber of the old hall from
Mr Robert Barron and sell it if they could

Thomas Parr butcher, Richard Low carpenter, Robert Edge
husbandman, Robert Baron brazier, William Laythwat sadler and
John Naylor badger for selling ale and beer without licence.

Francis Battersbie carpenter, Henry Eckerson plaisterer and
Ralph Henshaw at Hermitage labourer for selling ale and
beer without licence

Orders concerning foreigners fine and the loan for the new
mill reportedm also suits against officials of the town.

Myles Turner alderman elected overseer of the new building,
i.e. Mealhouse
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Mr Penington to pay the £10 he owed to the feofees of the school

Mr Feilding fined for not removing Ralph Henshaw as ordered

William Daniell Esq presented for a litigation on William
Ireland in open court - fined 1s.

Katherine Finch and Hugh Scott for allowing their swine to

William Aughey for not removing James Sanders alias Johnson

Charles Foster and William Crosse and Thurstane Crosse -

The occupiers of the Parson Forth to make a foot bridge
from thence and High Lane

         Court 19th December 1668
Margaret the wife of James Laithwait brazier and Elizabeth
Ashton - assault - withdrawn by the Court

Edmund Fayrehurst a foreigner moved into a little house
in the bottom of Millgate

James Aspull and James Harvey - assault

James Whalley for allowing his swine to stray

Mrs Ellen Blackborne for turning a watercourse on to Robert
Markland's property.

Henry Maudsley and Elizabeth Booth - assault
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Ralph Tyrer and Thomas Browne - litigation

Robert Wetherbie "did abuse the Church"

Bryan Pilkington, Alexander and John Catterall, and Ishmael
Bibbie for playing cards in James Prescott's house

Robert Wetherby and William Houghton for playing cards in
Edward Gregson's house

Elizabeth Crosse spinster for an assault in Elizabeth the
wife of John Mathews.

Richard Crosse and Thomas Ascroft - assault

Robert Forth for cutting a ditch back belonging to James

Hugh Scott for allowing his swine to stray

James Sanders a foreigner and Thomas Worthington for receiving
Katherine Topping and her children

Robert Wetherby and Edward Gregson for foul words against
William Rigby gatewaiter

Margaret Lighthouler for harbouring James Sanders

The overseers of the highways of Woodhouses for not mending
the way in Wigan Lane near the old Cuckstool

Edward Buckley gatewaiter for not presenting several offenders.
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Box 1.   Roll 29   Michaelmas Leet  1668
Petitions &c.
Complaint of James Tempest gentleman that Mr William Pilkington
had pulled down a stone wall at the end of the petitioner's
gutter and stopped up a door which led from his long parlour
into the gutter "and hath hindred your Petitioner from his
quiate Injoyment of the said Gutter."

Complaint of James Baldwin who had a house and garden in
Hallgate and Robert Bullocke and Richard Dolphin "very much
wrong me in a hedge (?) which they doe detayne me From"

Complaint of Ralph Deane butcher that Hugh Platt brazier had
planted a hedge on his land

Complaint of Ralph Deane and the rest of the butchers that
Thomas Harison of Goulborne exercised the trade of butcher
in the town, not being a freeman

Petition of Cuthrun - to be a freeman - allowed

Complaint of Gilbert Leigh that John Haye had stopped a
watercourse between their houses in Hallgate. John Haye
made the same complaint

Complaint of Hugh Platt that Ralph Deane butcher had turned a
watercourse on to his land

Petition of Ralph Marsh plasterer and Laurence Taylor to
"call and cry" &c - allowed

Petition of Richard Casson the elder that he might be repaid
the money which his father had spent on a suit concerning
the town 40 years before

Complaint of William Pilkington gentleman that James Tempest
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gentleman and William Tempest his father had erected a building
in Market Street and had put out new windows and lights on to
the petitioner's land &c.

List of persons in the suit Rex v John Markland - not guilty

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