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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 28 - 1668

Box 1.  Roll 28   Easter Leet  March 28th  1668
Thomas Ford of Scoles coverlet weaver for forcibly entering
the premises of Alice Lathom and "breakeing her glasse windows"

John Wetherby for abusing Ralph Urmston whilst he was Bailiff

Thomas Renshaw labourer for abusing Elizabeth Aspinall spinster

Margaret Holme spinster for stealing linen worth 1d. from
John Mathews.

James Prescott weaver for abusing William Harrison

Margaret Wigan spinster and Jane Wright - litigation

Alice the wife of George Elderson and Margaret the wife of
William Houghton - abuse and assault

Mary the wife of Parson Bancks, Judith Bancks widow, Charles
and Margery Bancks - litigation

Margaret the wife of William Laithwait sadler for abusing
and assaulting Elizabeth the wife of Mathew Flitcroft in
the open market - fined 6s. 8d.

Robert son of John Boulton, Ferrard son of Peter Lee and
Edward son of William Markland for playing bowls

Gilbert Holecroft and Gerrard Lee - assault

John Markland innkeeper for allowing his swine to stray.

William Pilkington for allowing great heaps of stones to lie
in the street near his new shop.
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Elizabeth widow of William Hodson for still diverting her
watercourse on to the property of Thomas Ireland

Thomas Maykin for assaulting Gilbert Baron

Hugh Scott and Robert Baron brazier for allowing their swine
to stray

John Naylor senior badger and Elinor his wife for a litigation
on Edmond Harvey

Jane the daughter of William Crosse and Alice Winstanley
spinster - assault.

William Prescott tailor for abusing Robert Markland mercer

Gilbert Orrell shoemaker and Mary Laithwait spinster - abuse

John Townlowe for abusing Abrose Jolly gentleman and Robert
Baron alderman.

Hugh Scott for abusing Thomas Scott one of the Serjeants
whilst in the execution of his office

Thomas Tottie for assaulting James Bordman

Gilbert Orrell for a litigation on James Laythwat

Thomas Mort Junior and Thomas Mort Senior "did not sufficiently
curry Lether brought unto him but did use Insufficient oyles
and Liquors"

Elizabeth Hodson widow had lately built a cellar, and in so
doing had turned water into the houses of Alice Naylor widow
and Thomas Ireland
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Alexander Forth pancaster "did keepe a beagle dog and did
therwith distroy hares and worry and distroy sheep". Robert
Casson, John Whalley, James Harvey senior blacksmith, Adam
Pemberton, Edward Farclough, Edward Farbrother and James Hey
for the like offence.

Margaret the wife of William Laithwait bound over

Elizabeth Aspinall spinster for abusing Thomas Renshaw

"And that Gilbert Harvey senior James Hardman did by false
token come to the House of Robert Billys and there obtained
the Keys of the Church doors at about two of Clock in the
Morneing whoe did Ring the bells to the Great disturbance of
the People of this towne"
    "We Fine Roger Bullock son of Hugh John Jolly Richard
Battersbie miller, William Rigbie James Hardman.  Gilbert
Harvie elder Rober Mason sadler in 1s. apeece"

Roger Barron and Elinor the wife of Gilbert Orrell - abuse

"We doe order that noe Maior shall sware any burgesse under
the degree of a squire under the payne of xxxli without
consent of a leet Jury"

"We likewyse order that noe Maior shall sware any man a
Freeman upon payne of xx li without consent of a leet Jury"

List of persons who had not paid their taxes.

Money remaining in the hands of the overseers of the highways
Thomas Butler and William Saile                  1s. 1d.
Thomas Bullock and Thomas Jolly                  2.  0.
James Scott and Ralph Lee, Standishgate          1,  2.
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William Deane butcher and Richard Southworth fined 6s. 8d.
each for not bringing in their accounts as overseers of
highways for Woodhouses

Seth Masson, William Browne and Edward Laithwait for not
attending as jurors - fined 1s each

Richard Lowe and Alice his wife bound over

Long list of persons who did not send their malt to be
ground at the town mill and who were to be fined 2s 6d. a
load by default

List of persons who brewed and sold ale without a licence

Taxes to be raised towards the purchase of a mill, meal
house and court house [torn]

That all the fines paid by foreigners were to be given to
Mr Myles Turner towards the same buildings

Richard Hawer, Henry Whitte and Roger Bryars fined 40s.
each for trading in town being neither burgesses or freemen.

Every load of malt brought into the town not belonging to
a burgess was to be charged 2d. tole. James Banckes clerk
and Gilbert Farclough appointed to collect the tolls and
have one half of them for their salaries

Any bailiffs or other official of the town who might be
sued for performing an order of the Court - their charges
were to be depayed by the town

All the persons who promised to lend money for a mill and
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meal house to be built and who had not paid the same were
ordered to do so before the 18th of April, to Mr Myles Turner,
otherwise they would be sued for the same

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