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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 27 - 1667

Box 1.  Roll 27  Easter Leet adjourned to May 8th  1667
John Harvey the younger blacksmith for abusing Mr Earle

John Deane butcher for abusing the Jury at the last Leet

Thomas Greenhaugh and William Orrell foreigners

Thomas Browne for playing unlawful games on the Lord's day
in the time of service

Robert Forth and Ralph Ashton - assault

Alice Lathom for not making the yarding between her house
and Philip Delroy's

William Langshaw, William Laithwaite, James Nightgale and
Laurence Forth for allowing their dogs to stray.

James Whalley for allowing his swine to stray.
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Gerard Bancks for not repairing the yarding between his house
and James Ashton's

Thomas Ashton for abusing Mr Nicholas Penington

James Scott the younger brazier for stealing pieces of brass

Thomas Worthington and the same James Scott - litigation

Thomas Battersbie the younger labourer for stealing a
sliver spoon worth 10d. from William Aughey gentleman -
Guilty - to be whipped from the Hall down Standishgate

Margaret Holme spinster for stealing a pewter flagon
from Anne Barker - not guilty

Thomas Kerby, Katherine Letherbarrow, Stephen Platt, William
Houghton and James Whalley for allowing their swine to stray

Peter Forth and Edward Wood - assault

George Bradshaw and Edward Wood - litigation

John Lee a foreigner received by -- Ashton

Thomas Browne labourer for playing bowls and Elizabeth
Hollinshed for allowing him to do so.

Thomas Bancks servant of John Markland for playing bowls
and Elizabeth Hodson widow for allowing him to do so.

Laurence Haslom a foreigner received by Robert Markland

Thomas Worthington and James Scott - assault
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Margaret Holme spinster for stealing certain parcels of
linen from Grace Baron widow - guilty "Judgment to be
striped to midle and whipped from Hall to Milgate"

List of persons who had not paid their taxes for the upkeep
of the highways. - [torn]

Robert Murrey for setting a sign post up in Wallgate
without licence.

Stephen Platt for allowing his swine to stray

Edward Farbrother gatewaiter for not presenting Roger Baron
for laying dung in the street

John Anderton fined 20s. for not making a bridge over Barnely


Box 1   Roll 27   Easter Leet 1667
Petitions &c.
Petition of William Harrison to be allowed to sell corn &c.

Petition of William Farbrother who was "Put to greate
charges by the sudden death of the woman that dyed att his
house" in Wigan Lane as he "did find the said woman a winding
sheete and did wash her cloathes and was att charges of fyer"
He asked that he might have the clothes or some compensation.
On the payment of 13s. 4d. he might have all the woman left.

Complaint of Mary Pilkington that Richard and William Casson
had built a house of office too near her house
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Complaint of William Green that Thomas Burgess tailor had
not mended his yarding &c.

Complaint of Edward Boulton that Anne Booth widow "doth
turne and Cart down filthy Matter" on the petitioner's premises
and that Roger Baron laid a dunghill in the street near
the petitioner's house.

Complaint of Philip Delroy that Alice Lathom of Scoles did
not repair her yarding &c.

Complaint of William Sale that Gilbert Barrowe apothocary
had planted a quickset hedge on his freehold in the "Weetackres"

Complaint of Richard Casson that Mary Pilkington widow
"letteth a stone wall ly downe and alsoe by the dripping
of her housing upon my barne wall to the great decay of my

Complaint of Richard Casson that Mr Anderton when he built
the house in Standishgate now occupied by Mr Aughey "did
pull downe parte of my housing For the better Erecting of his
new buylding which I did give him leave upon condicion he
would make it as good agayne which he did then promise but
yet never did"

Petiton of Laurence Talior to be allowed to sell pots in
the town - allowed

Complaint of Elizabeth Hodson widow, that her late husband had
been fined as a foreigner. though she had undertaken the care
of Roger Mathew and infant, and she was afterwards distrained
in 20s. - the 20s. was to be returned to her.

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