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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 25 - 1666. 1667

Box 1   Roll 25  Michaelmas Leet  October 6th 1666

Mayor               Edward Sompner

Benchers            Joseph Rigby
                    Ralph Markland

Recorder            Richard Penington

Town Clerk          John Anderton

Bailiffs            Robert Markland mercer
                    William Liney

Sword Bearer        William Foster brazier

Attornies           Roger Wood
                    Edward Baron

Serjeants           James Rigby
                    Thomas Scott
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Market Street       John Whalley
                    Thomas Garnett

Standishgate        Richard Casson brazier
                    William Wood feltmaker

Millgate            James Boulton
                    James Ashton

Scoles              James Belchar
                    Gilbert Hartliffe

Wallgate            Hugh Deane
                    Richard Ashton

Hallgate            John Jackson
                    Robert Mitton

Woodhouses          Thomas Prescott
                    Roger Bavington

Surveyors of        Gilbert Leigh
Flesh and Fish      James Watson

Surveyors of        Adam Pemberton
Bread and Beer      James Scott Junior brazier

Church Clerk        James Banckes

Bellman             Richard Dobson

Treasurers          Myles Turner
                    Thomas Houghton
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Box 1.   Roll 25   Michaelmas Leet  25 Oct  1666
Margaret the wife of James Taylor and John Mather for playing

Edward Prescott shoemaker for assaulting William Houghton

Elizabeth Hollinshed spinster for allowing her swine to stray.

Gilbert Letherbarrowe and Margery the wife of Robert Bore -

Peter Lee for assaulting Edmund Harvey

Margaret the wife of Thomas Markland for abusing Katherine

Thomas Ascroft and Humphrey Wetherby - assault

Henry Shuttleworth for speaking "Contemptuous words against
the peace of this Kingdome"

John Markland, John Whalley, Ralph Deane, Roger Higham,
Charles Foster, Rovert Masson, Nicholas Penington, Grace
Markland widow, and Peter Marsh for not muzzling their dogs.

James Bancks, Laurence Anderton, Colonel Daniell, Gilbert
Baron and Ralph Laithwaite for the same

Margaret the wife of Humphrey Farbrother for abusing the
Mayor - For that and other offences to be ducked 3 times in
the cuckstool

Robert Wetherby for abusing Robert Murrey.
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Thomas Burgesse and Jane his wife for abusing the bailiffs
in the execution of their duty and Margaret the wife of
Edward Brighouse and her daughter for assisting them.

George Shawe for assaulting Robert Penington brazier

Elizabeth the wife of William Catterall for receiving goods
from the servant of George Burdekin which he had stolen from
his master and "did Intice him to steale the same"

John Colyard servant of George Burdekin "did Imbesill his
Master's goods" - the bailiffs ordered "to whippe a Cause
the said Colyard to bee whipt at the Crosse and then send
him out of the Towne"

Elizabeth the wife of William Liney for abusing Ellen the
wife of Robert Murray

Anne the wife of Thomas Butler for a litigation on the said
Ellen and Ellen for a litigation on the said Elizabeth

John Houghton and Elizabeth the wife of William Catterall -

Thomas Catterall for a litigation on William Sale and Alice
his wife

Roger Wood and John Lee foreigners

Thomas Kerkly and Stephen Platt for allowing their swine to

Laurence Fairclough for brewing and selling ale without a
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Alice Townlowe and Margaret Holme - assault &c.

Robert Penington Junior for a litigation on Elizabeth the
wife of William Linney

Alice Townlowe and Elizabeth Almond - litigation

George Shawe for allowing his swine to stray

Grace the wife of James Almond and Anne the wife of
Richard Crosse - litigation

John Deane and Robert Penington for not muzzling their dogs

"Gilbert Holcroft was drunke since the Leet and did abuse
his Mother in Many foule words"  "the Bayliffes shall
soundly cause him to bee whippte at the Markett Crosse"

Sarah the wife of George Shawe for abusing Margaret Mather.

James Ford gentleman, Peter Higham and James Harvey for not
muzzling their dogs.

Margaret Mathers widow for allowing her swine to stray

Robert Wetherby bound over to be of good behaviour in £10

That Charles Banckes Junior did "shoote A gunne and therwith
did distroy Pigeons" - fined 40s.

Thomas Burgesse for not making up the yarding at the end of
William Green's croft

Thomas Houghton for abusing Ralph Markland alderman
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Dulcibell Langshawe and Margery Langshawe - assault

Thomas Blackhurst and Hugh Scott - assault

Thomas Blackhurst for abusing Elizabeth Scott widow

Peter Lee and Elizabeth the wife of William Fairbrother - assault

Richard Poole for assaulting Thomas Ashton

Order that no one might did clay from the highway at the
lane end called "Eyes"

John Anderton presented for the bridge at the bottom of his
field over Barneley Brook.

Ellen Forth, Robert and Anne Forth for diverting Colonel
Daniell's watercourse

A ley to be raised to repair Mason Holmes Lath

Box 1.   Roll 25   Michaelmas Leet  1666
Petitions &c.
Complaint of Ellen Laithwait that William Harison had cut
down her hedge

Petition of Shadrack Crew barber surgeon "a single man
unmarryed and (God bee praysed) well knowne to bee an
Experienced practicer in chirurgery" who "having all along
his life given a Signall Testimony of his Loyalty to his
Majestie both in warre and otherwise" to be allowed to
practice in the town.

A letter from the same
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Petition of George Livercy of Prescott watchmaker to be
allowed to live in the town as he had heard there were some
of his trade there

Usual petition of Ralph Marsh

Complaint of Emm Moulding widow that Roger Brown and Elizabeth
his wife, John Fisher and Margaret his wife, Jeffrey Boulton
and Dulcebell his wife and Jane Bowne widow made a path over
her close called "Hardiebutt".

Complaint of Robert Mosse blacksmith that Ralph Wackfield
had set up an oven in the gutter between their houses which
had turned the watercourse

Complaint of Colonel Daniell concerning his watercourse which
had been damned by Anne Forth and others she "declared
that whosoever came upon that ground to remove the sayd
bancke would bee stickt with a spitt with other approbrious
Languadge wherunto she is soe addicted that noe neighbours
can live quitely neare her"

Petition of William Houghton Junior a freeman of the borough
"having Evernore since his Capacity rendered him of any
Abillity both in Warre and in peace beene to the uttermost
of his power officious to this Corporacion" and "A souldier
Engaged his life and fortunes Exposed. And still persevering
undefatigated Remaines now listed in his Majesties service
As A souldier for the freehold band" to be allowed to build
a cottage for his family on Scoles Common. - Not allowed to
build it there but on a piece of waste ground near Sisse Croft
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Complaint of Robert Forde junior that James Holinhed placed a
dunghill close to the petitioner's kitchen in Standishgate

Complaint of Ralph Wackfield that Robert Mosse blacksmith
had pulled down a stone wall of the petitioner's

Petition of John Newall watchmaker to be allowed to follow
his trade in the town.

Petition of Robert and John Carter ropemakers to be made
freemen - granted

Complaint of Thomas Ireland and Alice Naylor that William
Hodson labourer had turned a watercourse and flooded their

Complaint of William Houghton who had been presented for
allowing his swine to stray "the truth is wee were drifeing
the swine home wardes by reason wee had no lodgeing where
wee lived"

Petiton of James Prescott wollen weaver who could not pay
his lays because he "hath Three small Children to maintain
whereof one of them is Lame and your petitioners wiffe
beinge at downe lyinge, and tradeing beinge gone to decaye"

Box 1.   Roll 25   Court held   22  December 1666
Gilbert Houlcroft for abusing Elizabeth the wife of William
Linney and "did make and disperse a libill" - 2 hours in
the stocks at the Market Cross

James Nightgale for not muzzling his dog
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Edmund Harvey and John Sherrington - litigation and assault

William Catterall for building a pigstye at the end of his

George Shaw, Robert Markland tailor and Elizabeth Browne
widow for allowing their swine to stray

Gilbert Leigh for allowing "a hobb of dawb" to lie in the street

Robert Penington for not muzzling his dog

Thomas Kerkly, Katherine Letherbarrowe and Stephen Platt for
allowing their swine to stray.

Richard Ashton for receiving John Lee, a foreigner

Laurence Anderton for not muzzling his dog

James Whalley for allowing his swine to stray

Margaret the wife of John Fisher for passing and repassing
over the close of Emm Moulding widow.

Peter Sumpner and Richard Holme foreigners received by Henry
Feilden and Elizabeth Scott widow

Edward Boulton and James Holinhed overseers of the highways
for Standish for laying heaps of stone and sand in the highway

Edward Holinhed for a litigation on Mary the wife of Robert

James Hollinhead fined 40s. for not removing a dunghill
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Box 1.   Roll 25   Easter Leet 21st April 1667
Edward Prescott shoemaker for assaulting William Houghton

Elizabeth Holinhed spinster for allowing her swine to stray

Robert Forth pewterer and Anne his sister for abusing William
Daniell Esq.

Gilbert and Myles Letherbarrow and Margery the wife of Robert
Bore - litigation and assault

Ellen the wife of Ralph Deane for taking goods of Richard
Lowe to the value of a penny - 3 hours in the stocks in the
Moot Hall

Richard Crosse, Roger Browne and Humphrey Mather - assault

Easther the wife of Thomas Alexander for washing clothes in
the stone well in Wallgate - fined 2s. or stay in prison till
she paid it.

Thomas Baylie and Thomas Markland for making a saw pit in
the upper end of Scoles "to the great danger of his Majesties
subjects passaing that way" - to be filled up or they were
to stay in prison till they paid 10s.

Robert Bullocke and Anne his wife and Elizabeth Buckley -
litigation and assault

Margaret Worthington, Alice Byrom and Katherine her daughter -

Ellen Foster and Anne Cooper assault and litigation

Roger Bibbie glazier made a way for himself and his family
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through a gutter belonging to Gilbert Leigh

Robert Banckes and others pulled down certain timber, trees
&c. in the streets and "did Laye them at severall persons
doores and Crosse the streets to the great danger of his
Majesties subjects" and that they "did pull down the White
Crosse" Robert Browne, Gilbert Cookson, Roger Wood, Hugh
Langshaw and Thomas son of Hugh Forth for the same

Elizabeth the wife of Henry Shutleworth and Margaret Mather
widow - litigation

Alice the wife of John Townlowe for a litigation on Thomas

Thomas Mortt the younger for an assault on Thomas Whalley

Thomas Burghous and John Houghton - assault

Rebecca the wife of Edward Rigbie for forestalling the market

Easther Smith alias Alexander for a litigation on Elizabeth
the wife of William Liney.

Thomas Worthington for making a sawpit near John Whalley's
house in Standishgate - ordered to fill it up.

Francis Battersbie discharged from his recognizance. James
Prescott to appear against him.

Margaret the wife of William Laithwait sadler for abusing
William Deane overseer of the poor and James Rigby Serjeant
in the execution of their office. - To wear the bridle from
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the Moot Hall round the Cross and back again.

Thomas Burgesse as at last leet

William Aughey for receiving Laurence Farclough a foreigner

Humphrey Mather and John Gaskell - assault

Anne Wood widow for not filling up the hole in her hadge

James Harvey junior and James Harison - assault

Katherine the wife of William Orrell for a litigation on
William Pilkington

Robert Forth pewterer and Hugh Wood - litigation

John Johnson alias Sanders and James Whalley - assault

James Harvey junior smith and John Johnson - assault

Order that from henceforth any person entering an of 3 li or
upwards should pay the Jury 4s. "and if the verdict pass for
the defendant then the defendant to pay it."

Petition of John Boulton of Goulborne glover to be made a

A case of perjury - nearly illegible

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