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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 24 - 1665, 1666

Box 1   Roll 24   Michaelmas Leet  Sept 30th    1665

Mayor              James Ford

Market Street      William Houghton
                   William Orrell

Standishgate       John Barrow
                   Hamlet Green

Millgate           Thomas Whalley
                   Robert Houghton

Scoles             Thomas Jolly
                   Oliver Rigby

Wallgate           James Hardman
                   Laurence Taylor

Hallgate           Roger Wood
                   Edward Farnworth

Woodhouses         Edward Tildesley
                   Robert Masson

Box 1.  Roll 24  Michaelmas Leet  Sept. 30th  1665
Thomas Greenhalgh, Seth Foster, John Winard, James Winard,
John Guest, Edward Rigby, Edward Prescott, Edward Woodward
and Henry Guest assaulted William Laithwait saddler "beinge A
sworne Watchman"

Katherine Houghton and Alice the wife of Edward Hawett -
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Gilbert Houghton for an assault on -- Hawett son of Edward

William Houghton husbandman for abusing the Mayor and other

Roger and James Browne for assaulting Thomas Farclough

George Threlfull for breaking into Michael Ford's orchard
and taking his apples - six hours in the stocks at the
Market Cross

Anne Dolphin for "Incourageinge John Dolphin Junior to Resist
the Bayliffs in Execucion of their office." Fined 3s. 4d.
or to be ducked three times in the Cuckstool

James Browne for the like - the same fine or to sit three
several Friday market days in the stocks at the Cross for
an hour each day.

Hugh Scott for assaulting Adam Bancks

Edmund Molyneux for assaulting Richard Scott, and Richard
for the like

Humphrey Wetherby and Thomas Alcroft - assault

Henry Risley husbandman, Katherine Molyneux widow and
Margery Pemberton for breaking the common pound and delivering
the goods legitimately impounded

William Orrell a foreigner received by Thomas Bullock

Katherine the wife of William Orrell and William Coe assault
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William Orrell for assaulting Edmund Hough

Thomas Farclough and Anne his wife and Ellen Wood for abusing
Alice the wife of John Deane

Gilbert Langshawe for assaulting Henry Mawdsley

William Orrell for abusing Peter Marsh one of the bailiffs

Henry Mawdsley and George Threlfull - assault

Elizabeth Bore widow for harbouring Henry Mawdsley alias
"all of a sweat" and Alice Bancks widow for giving him work.

Cicely Daniell widow for allowing her swine to stray.

Robert Forth joiner fined 3s. 4d. for allowing timber and
clay to lie in the street.

William Glover fined 12d. for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled

Robert Penington for allowing the yarding to fall between
his house and the Mayor's and for not mending the lane leading
to Bryer Acre

Edward Cappe for not making up the yarding between his house
and Edward Rigby's

Ellen Holcroft widow for abusing James Layland one of the
gatewaiters - fined 2s

Thomas Holme for abusing James Layland in his own house -
fined 6s.

George Shawe for allowing his swine to stray
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Gilbert Baron senior and William Ford pewterer - assault

Katherine Finch and William Houghton for allowing their swine
to stray.

Ellen the wife of Laurence Haslame foreigner received by Elizabeth
Orrell widow

Alice the wife of John Deane and Margaret the wife of William
Almond - litigation

Richard Holme a foreigner received by Elizabeth Scott widow

Thomas Blackhurst a gatewaiter for refusing to do his duty

The same Thomas, Hugh Scott, James Rigby and Edward Catterall
for allowing their swine to stray.

James Hardman for melting his brass so near the street
"that it is very Noysome to the Neighborhood" and especially
to Thomas Tothe

Thomas Blackhurst for assaulting John Wood

Robert Penington for leaving dung down Hallgate

Alice Deane and Margaret the wife of William Almond to be
of good behaviour and appear next sessions

The inhabitants who kept "any mastive, mungrell or great
Cur or bitch" to muzzle them in the streets under a pain
of 12d. for every time they went unmuzzled

The three styles belonging to the town on the lands of Mr
Catterall and Thomas Ford to be repaired at the Borough's
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The occupiers of the glebe lands to scour the ditch leading
from the Parsonage gate to the Cawsluck gate.

A new stone bridge to be built between Millgate and Scoles

Box 1.   Roll 24   Michaelmas Leet 1665
Petitions &c.
Complaint of John Deane and Roger Higham butchers that William
Taylor was trading in the town as a butcher never having been
apprenticed. - William to be fined according to the statute.

Dispute concerning watercourses in Standishgate between William
Daniell Esq and Ellen Forde widow and Robert and Anne her
son and daughter

Complaint of Gerard Johnson that about Candlemas last William
Waite leased some buildings from Thomas Hesketh of Rufford
Esq, which Robert Winstanley had rented and set up a throwing
wheel which shook down the petitioner's wall

Petition of William Houghton, a servant of the town, that he
might have a place on Scoles Common on which to build a cottage.

Complaint of -- Sumpner that Thomas Jolly tailor had set a
house of office near the complainant's land in Millgate to
his prejudice

Petition of William Pilkington gentleman that William Orrell
should repair the wall between their houses in the Wint

Complaint of Robert Ford joiner that Richard France would not
allow him to use his accustomed right of way
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Petition of Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Standish "haveinge
A considerable estate" to be allowed to live in the town

Petition of Ralph Jolly gunsmith to be made a freeman - allowed

Petition of Ralph Marsh plasterer to be allowed "to call and
cry &c" - Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor appointed

Complaint of Robert and John Carter ropemakers that William
Molyneux labourer and Richard Hanem were pretending to be

Petition of Katherine Wood widow "That when Mr Rauffe Markland
was chosen Maior, the Burgesses at the same night did at severall
at severall houses spend six shillinges at a house which the
burgesses are not ignorant of and a certayn number of burgesses,
which I believe some are of this present hury did come unto my
house and did spend vjs which I did never Receve payment which
I hop balie Lynny and balie Markland can remember" - to be paid.

William Orrell's petition concerning the fence between his
and Mr Pilkington's house

Complaint of William Finch that George Bordikin carrier made
a way over Baniser's Meadows with 10 or 12 horses at a time
to Penyhurst in the possession of Mary Pilkington - George
Bordikin was ordered not to do so any more.

Petition of Richard Casson whose father was bailiff about
40 years before with Mr Hugh Langshaw and they were sued by
the then parson of Wigan and had to go to London on the town's
business and spent about 33 li, he asked to have his share
refunded "he beinge att this tyme in great need"
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Petition of Wiliam Molyneux ropemaker, son of Robert Molyneux,
who had been an apprentice and was now a freeman, to be
admitted a freeman of the town so that he could practise his
trade. His "mother being sore afflicted with poverty over-
chardged with Five small children and both shee and they
consequently to partners and joint sufferers in misery" and
the petitioner was "capable only to become A fellowe mourner
and partaker with them in their affliction being sometimes
pinced himselfe with hungar and pined with Care But often-
times and most Commonly surchardyed with griefe for his said
tender parent and her said small infants indigency and
deplorable necessity."

Box 1   Roll 24  Easter Leet  24 March  1666
"James Mortt of Wigan Currier being sworne to watch att the
End of Walgat was dureing the tyme of his watch drunk and
did assault one Wetherby" - fined 5s or for five hours in the
stocks on Market day.

Robert Ford for the like, and for assaulting the same James,
James Lithgoe for the same.

Thomas Worthington Junior for assaulting and abusing John

John Ashton chapman and Roger Rigby cutler - assault

William Hodson for assaulting Roger Wood and the said Roger
for assaulting Elizabeth Hodson.

James Hardman and Charles Foster - assault
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Gerrard Foster for assaulting the said James

William Rigby for assaulting John Hardman

Richard Poole for assaulting Gerard Hoyle.

Ellen the wife of Ralph Deane labourer for "takeinge or
Resetteinge Clothes of Richard Lowe"

Robert Forth pewterer and Anne his sister for stopping a
watercourse belonging to Col. Daniell and abusing him with
many foul words.

George Atherton for pouring noisesome water down Edward
Boulton's watercourse

Margaret Tyrer widow for cursing Gilbert Houghton

Elizabeth Holinhed spinster for allowing her swine to wander

Robert Houghton for playing cards.

Edward Prescott shoemaker for assaulting William Houghton

Anne the wife of James Hodson for forstalling the market by
buying eggs in the lower end of Millgate, before they reached
the market

John Mathews for assaulting Ralph Holme a servant of Mr

William Hodson for assaulting Roger Wood

Richard Cross for allowing his swine to stray
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Edward Wood and Elizabeth his wife and Margaret Wood widow and
Elizabeth the wife of Samuel Marsh - litigation and assault

Gilbert and Myles Letherbarrow and Margery the wife of Robert
Bore - the same

William Curghey gentleman and Richard Asheton for receiving
Thomas Greenhalgh and John Lee foreigners

James Holinhead for "suffereinge his Curr or Mungerell dog to
goe att Large in the street unmuzzled to the great anoyence
of his Neighbors and to the particular prejudice of James
Letherbarrow in byteing his Cowe"

Ralph Browne for allowing a dunghill to lie in the street

George Threlfall for receiving - his mother, a foreigner

William Farbrother and George Threlfall - assault

James Wigan and Daniel Rigby - assault

Mary the wife of James Scott and Jenney the wife of George
Atherton - litigation

Robert Baron and Elizabeth Orrell widow ordered to remove
Peter Wittill and Larence Haslom, inmates

John Whalley pewterer for receiving Ellen the wife of David
Rigby, a foreigner and Seth Mason and William Deane overseers
of the poor for not obeying a warrant to remove the said Ellen
and her children
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Box 1.  No 24  Easter Leet  1666
Petitions &c.
Petition of William Hodson, who had married in the town and
lived there for five years to be allowed to remain there particularly
as they had kept the child of Robert Mathers who was now dead
and the said child was likly to be chargeable to the town, but
if they were allowed to stay they would continue to keep the
child - granted

Complaint of Thomas Tottie that James Hardman brazier had lately
erected a melting house near the petitioner's house "the
smoake wherof as alsoe the noysome stinch therof is soe

Complaint of Richard Brocke and Thomas Turner gentlemen that
Thomas Tottie of Wallgate gentleman had erected a chimney &c
on the petitioner's land

Complaint of Edmund Molyneux glazier that William Scott of
Woodhouses held some land called Smithy Croft from Richard
Boulton guardian of James Patricke, an infant, and he had
made a way over the petitioner's Long Ley to his prejudice

Complaint of James Ford that Miles Seddon was witholding some
land from him

Complaint of Thomas Ford Junior that James son of Gilbert
Ford laid a dunghill in Platt Lane so that to avoid it people
had to make a way over "Scolfield" the petitoner's land

Complaint of James Harvie of Scoles that Anne Wood widow had
not cut the hedge beside his smithy and had therefore turned
his watercourse

Petition of James Hollinhead tailor concerning the Meanfield
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in Woodhouses [very long, many place names mentioned] upon
which Peter Marsh gentleman had uprooted the hedges

Complaint of James Hollinhead concerning the hedges in the lane
near Meanfield neglected by Mrs Crook, Mathew Markland and
Peter Marsh.

Complaint of William Daniell Esq. and Ralph Roune gentleman
that James son of Gilbert Ford laid a dunghill in Platt Lane
and with William Glover, Robert Langshaw and Margery Ashley
widow had encroached on the lane and stopped the ditches.

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