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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 23 - 1665

Box 1.  Roll 23   Easter Leet   April 1st  1665

George Shawe for a litigation on Hugh Mather, Anne Barker,
for the same Elinor the wife of Robert Murrey, and Elinor
the like upon the said Anne

Gerard Foster and Peter Whittle for not obeying the orders of
Mr Bailiff Marsh, in the execution of his office

Richard Cross for assaulting John Wetherby

Katherine Byrom for litigation and assault on Katherine Topeinge,
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Jane Worthington and Margaret Worthington, Thomas Byrom for
the same on the same. Katherine Topeinge, Jane the wife of
Thomas Worthington and Margaret Worthington for the same on
Katherine and Thomas Byrom.

Elizabeth the wife of William Rigby for a litigation upon
Anne Lanshaw widow.

Katherine Topping and Jane the wife of Thomas Worthington
for assaulting Katherine Byrom

Anne the wife of Richard Casson for eavesdropping under the
windows of William Lithgoe and for a litigation on Alice

Thomas Greenhalgh, Thomas Pilkington, Robert Wrast, John Cooper
and William Cooper received by Ralph Holme, William Holt,
John Wackfield and John Markland

Mathew Johnson, Elias Gregson and Thomas Houghton for playing
quoits on the Lord's Day - Fined 10s. each or 6 hours in the
stocks at the cross.

Ellen Tyrer, John Hunt, and Thomas Boulton foreigners received
by James Prescott and John Charnock

Thomas Houghton feltmaker for assaulting Thomas Wigan "And
that James Yonge did Rescowe the said Thomas Houghton from
the gatewaiters as they were Careying him before Mr Mayor"

Thomas Wigan for assaulting Thomas Houghton and the said Thomas
Houghton for assaulting on James Layland gatewaiter in the
execution of his office - Thomas fined 6s. 8d.

William Orrell made a litigation on Arthur Winstanley.
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Alice wife of George Elderem and Margaret Wood widow, litigation
on one another

Nicholas Reynolds for foul and approbrious words against the
Mayor and Bailiffs

John Baron to appear to answer John Wackfield, his master

Sarah Shawe and Mary Prescott - litigation

Alice Johnson for assaulting Robert Markland

Richard Crosse and Peter Whittle - assault

Roger Bullocke and John Dolphin for playing bowles - fined
12d each or "to bee set in the hall till they pay there fine"

James Asheton for allowing his swine to stray

James Brown labourer for assaulting James Harvey.

John Houghton and Ellen his wife and William Mortt - assault

Thomas Blackhurst for allowing the yardings to fall between
his and Edward Boulton's house and for allowing his swine to
go into Hugh Scott's yard.

John Naylor Junior for allowing his "cur dog" to go about

Alice Lathom for not removing a dunghill

Thomas Burgess for not making the yarding between his and
William Green's house
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Elizabeth Bore widow for receiving Henry Mawdsley alias
"all of a Sweat"

Thomas Asheton and John Dolphin for playing cards - fined
10s each or 4 hours in the stocks at the Cross.

John Mathew for buying "sparleings" in the town, having come
there with the intent to sell the same

Alexander Ford brazier, Robert Forth brazier and Peter Forth
brazier - assault

Roger Wood a foreigner received by John Boulton

James Asheton for allowing his swine to stray

Alice the wife of John Townlowe and Hugh Mather - assault

Henry Mawdsley had entertained a strange woman to whom a
child was born about a week before

Alice Taylor spinster filiated Elinor a bastard child born
in November last upon Laurence Starky of Wigan labourer, in
open Court. The Court all judged the said Laurence to be
the father.

Margaret the wife of John Hunt for advising and assisting
the said Alice. - To be whipped on her bare back from the
Hall stairs to the Meale house and back again.

William Hodson a foreigner ordered to remove himself

Roger Bibbie glazier and Robert his son made a way through a
gutter in Haigh belonging to Gilbert Leigh without his leave
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William and Richard Crosse, Mathew Johnson, John Almond and
Thomas Holme for taking clay from the highway.

Robert Penington for turning a watercourse in Gidlow Lane

John Lee shoemaker for a litigation upon Edward Brighouse.

The Haigh Ways behind the Henhurst Bridge in great decay -
£3 to be taxed for the repairs.

Mary Penibeston widow for harbouring Mrs Watson a foreigner
and Thomas Worthington for receiving -- Topping a foreigner.

Hugh Hollinhed for assaulting Roger Scott the younger

Mr Robert Morris and Mr John Markland - litigation

Thomas Scott Serjeant for prosecuting an outlawry against
James Hollinhed, they both being burgesses.

"Wee doe order that a standart according to the Anchant
mesure at Winchester be provided by the present Balives of
Bras at the charg of the Burrow and that noe othar mesure
be used in the market hereafter"

Notice to be given to the Innkeepers and Ale sellers to
bring in their quarts and pints to be tried and sealed
before the 1st of May.

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Roll 23   Box 1.       Easter Leet   1665
Petitions &c.

Complaint of Isabel Holme that John Townlow placed a dunghill
next her wall and that either he or Robert Penington a
watercourse to her prejudice.

Complaint of Thomas Burgesse that he was damaged by William
Green dyer concerning a fence

Complaint of Joseph Caddy and Thomas Perrin, pedlars who had
paid for the privilege of selling their wares on week days
and market days, that unauthorized persons were selling from
door to door.

Petition of William Aughey who had been elected churchwarden,
as he was not long in the town and would have to be away
most of the summer, that someone else might be elected in
his stead.

Petition of William Glover the younger of Ince blacksmith
to be made a freeman.

Petition of Thomas Cooper mercer who had been elected
"A Township or sydesman for the Marketstid" for the year
"hee being A youngman unmarried and consequently unsetled
unfitted and unquallified to execute the said office"
asked that William Houghton might be elected in his place

Petition of Mathew Travers who had served 7 years apprentice-
ship to be made free of the gunsmiths

Bond of William Higham tanner and William Marsden brazier
in 40 li for the removal of -- Wood and family  [decayed]

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