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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 21 - 1664

Box 1.     Roll 21   Easter Leet   16 April  1664
Gilbert Green fuller abused Robert Baron alderman

Gilbert Orrell shoemaker for a litigation on William Forth

Thomas Blackhurst chandler and Mary the wife of James Scott
- assault

James Lowe and Oliver Platt - assault.  Peter Newall and
Roger Darbyshire - the like

"That Thomas Scott one of the Serjeants of this towne being
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made Acqanted with the assault and affray abovsaid did
Rfuse or Neglect to take the said partie bound to Cary them
before Mr Maior or Baylifes accordinge to his ofice"

Margaret the wife of William Laithwait sadler for a litigation
on Peter Marsh - to be ducked 3 times in the cuckstole

"And that Roger Heymour did shoote with a gunn att a dogge
of Mr Ralph Markland and killed the same to the great
prejudice of the said Mr Markland" Fined 10s. or 2 hours
in the stocks at the Cross "And wee doe order that hee shall
acknowledg his fault and ask Mr Markland forgivens"

Alexander Ford pancarter and Thomas Woolley - assault

William Laithwait with fire and arms took possession of the
house or half burgage of Alice Laithwait

Edward Hodgkinson and James Lowe foreigners received by
Andrew Laithwait and Mr Tompson

Roger Enur for trading in the town, not being a freeman

Edward Brighouse, John Cowper and William Cowper foreigners
received by Emm Bourgesse and Robert Man.

List of persons presented for selling beer

Mrs Houghton a foreigner received by -- Platt

The wife of Humphrey Farbrother for abusing the wife of James
Yonge "beeinge in drincke brooke her glasse and spilt her
serrope which should have Norisht her In her sickness againe
for abusinge the wyfe of Hugh Mather callinge her ould
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givean and such like abusive Language and for breakinge the
glass wyndowes againe for abusinge James Yonge callinge him
rege raskald and other approbrious Language" - to be ducked
3 times in the cuckstool

An order of Michaelmas Leet 1662, whereby several foreigners
were allowed to become freemen on the payment of 50s, repeated

William Houghton for allowing his swine to stray

William Laithwait sadler for abusing Jane the wife of Thomas

James Harvey blacksmith for entertaining Jane Houghton

James Leyland and Ellen his wife and Henry Eckesall - assault

Alice Catterall for a litigation on Elizabeth the wife of
William Catterall and Edward Capper

Anne Catterall widow for receiving Henry Winstanley a

Alice Laithwait spinster and Margaret the wife of William
Laithwait sadler - litigation

Gerard Bancks gentleman for allowing the withies to grow
at the end of his close in the Douglas to the prejudice of
Mathew Markland's close called "Plitough" ?

Alice Glover widow for laying a dunghill near Gilbert
Glover's door

The overseers of the highways ordered to bring in their
account and make up the 5s. 8d. spent by Gilbert Glover
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Box 1.   Roll 21   Easter Leet   1664
Petitions &c.
Complaint of Peter Belcher that James Ford pewterer had cut
down a quickset hedge &c. between their houses

Complaint of James Ford junior that he was fined for keeping
Robert Milnes supposed to be a foreigner "wheras in truth
the said Robert is hyred servant by the yeare with" the

Complaint of Robert and John Carter that Richard Harrison
was suffered to live in Robert Molyneux's house in Wood-
houses and follow the trade of a ropemaker, not being a
freeman, and to take Molyneux's son as an apprentice, he
was also about to marry. - Ordered to remove himself.

Complaint of Edward Het ? that he had lent a house to
Mr Forth the overseer of the poor for the use of John Ward's
children from Candlemas till May Day. He now wished to
live in it himself and asked to have them removed "further
more the wyf of John Ward doth give your pettioners wif
base landwig and saith shee will strik wond and kill" her.

Complaint of William Scott of Poolestock who had been fined
for allowing one Ashurst a native of the town to live in
Marsh's house - and though the said Ashurst had moved within
five days the petitioner was distrained

Petition of Henry Winstanley weaver, who had married an
inhabitant of the town who had an aged mother whom she wished
to look after, to be made a freeman

The petition of Richard Millner, who had married a wife who
owned a freehold in the town, to be made a freeman.
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Petition of Ralph Jolly gunsmith, "A Yonge Man wothout Charg"
who had "very much work and Imployment" and who lived out of
the town, to be made a freeman

Complaint of James Ford concerning Peter Belcher and the
hedge &c.

Box 1.   Roll 21   Leet held  18 June  1664
Presentments - Scoles
Elizabeth Bowe for keeping 2 inmates, Richard France and
Thomas Brugene for keeping Robert Bamber and John Wetherbie
and Edward Brighouse for keeping Wm. Bamber.

Peter Lathom a stranger living in the house in Scoles formerly
Mr John Brighouse's

Mr Gerard Banckes for encroaching on Whalley Lane

Alice Laithwait spinster and Margaret the wife of William
Laithwait sadler - litigation

James Wigan labourer and Alice the wife of John Townlowe -
the same

James Wigan and Margaret the wife of Hugh Mather - the same

Richard Poole and Anne the wife of Edward Rigby - the same

Ellen Caduricke widow and Robert Boys - the same

John Wood for abusing Thomas Worthington during fair time

Thomas Briggs pewterer and Thomas Willinson assault at the fair
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Richard Crosse labourer and John Mathews the same

William Laithwait sadler for assaulting Margaret his wife

Edmund Molyneux and Richard Scott - assault

Elizabeth the wife of William Catterall for taking a hat of
Robert Bullock's

Margaret the wife of William Laithwaite for taking money
"tyed in a bagg" belonging to Jane the wife of Mathew Markland
blacksmith, from the house of the said Jane - quit.

William Laithwait sadler for harbouring John Ward a foreigner.
and James Taylor a foreigner for remaining in the town.

Benjamin Barker a foreigner received by Mr William Pilkington

The stone well in Wallgate was in great decay and Richard
Ashton laid a dunghill near it.

Henry Spencer for abusing John Anderton ? and officer of
this Court

That Richard Boulton, Richard Scott and William Lowe at
Ormskirk Sessions for the Hundred of Westderby did prosecute
a bill of indictment for trespass against William Harison
husbandman and James Molyneux of Wigan contrary to the
liberties and customs of the town.

Gilbert Green for abusing Robert Baron alderman

Alice the wife of Edward Catterall and Bridget Barrowe
widow - litigation
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John Mathews a foreigner for remaining in the town with his
wife and children - quit

William Forth pewterer for assaulting Robert Forth.

Thomas Houghton, Mr Reade, John Rydeinge, Alexander Eckesall,
Ellen Denison, George Atherton, Hamlet Green and John Naylor
foreigners received by James Hollinhed. Mr James Molyneux and
John Wackfield brazier.

William Laithwait bound over to be of good behaviour

John Naylor presented for a litigation on Jeffrey Deane

Oliver Platt for assaulting Ralph Brownlowe

Robert Suxsmith dyer for saying "that Mr Maior and Jurye
were fooles and knaves that would stop his watercourse in
Penington meadowe for they should not doe it"

Katherine the wife of William Orrell for litigation and
assault on Edmund Molyneux.

Alexander Greene Mr Ambrose Jolly and Mr Mathew Markland
ordered to scour the ditches in their grounds from Poole
Bridge to Eye ? Lane

Receipt of William Briggs for £10

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