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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 20 - 1663

Box 1.  Roll 20  Michaelmas Leet
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Mayor               William Daniell

Benchers            Robert Baron
                    William Glover

Recorder            Richard Penington

Town Clerk          John Anderton

Bailiffs            John Leathwaite
                    James Scott

Attornies           Robert Winstanley
                    Edward Baron

Sword bearer        William Foster

Serjeants           James Rigby
                    Thomas Scott

Market Street       Peter Mason
                    James Young

Standishgate        Robert Mosse
                    Gerard Foster

Millgate            Thomas Rouson
                    John Hoult

Scoles              Robert Pemberton
                    William Ford pewterer

Wallgate            Edward Hough
                    John Carter
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Hallgate            William Waite
                    Henry Lithgoe

Woodhouses          Adam Catterall
                    William Scott

Surveyors of        Roger Bibbie
Flesh and Fish      Gilbert Leigh

Surveyors of        Richard Dolphin
Bread and Beer      James Glasebrook

Church Clerk        James Bancks

Bellman             Richard Dobson

Treasures           Robert Markland mercer
                    William Lynney

Searchers and       Edward Barow
Sealers of Leather  James Bancks

Box 1.    Roll 20  Michaelmas Leet 23rd October 1663
That Robert Casson labourer, Thomas Locker and Thomas
Richardson assaulted one another at Ascension Fair last

John Worthington husbandman assaulting Robert Markland
one of the bailiffs

Ralph Boulton and John Robinson for entering with force and
arms, a close belonging to Edmund Molyneux

The same Edmund for assaulting James Patricke
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Hugh Scott brazier, Robert and Alexander Ford - assault

Peter Leigh for assaulting John Aughey.

Alice Bancks and Margaret the wife of Thomas Tarleton - assault

Alice Laithwaite spinster for abusing Margaret the wife of
William Laithwaite

Anne the wife of Richard Casson brazier for abusing Robert
Markland one of the bailiffs

Ellen Lithgoe widow and Roger Wood feltmaker - abuse

The said Roger Wood for abusing Mathew Markland one of the

Elizabeth Seddon widow for assaulting Elizabeth the wife of
Thomas Lowe

Roger Browne dawber for abusing Robert Baron one of the

Gilbert Langshaw pewterer and Hugh Platt - assault

Peter Leigh joiner for abusing Richard Dobson plasterer and
William Linney.

William Lathom yeoman for abusing Robert Markland one of the

"That James Urmston gentleman on the 28th of September 1663
did Chalenge Peter Marsh gentleman to fight" and the said
Peter did the like - withdrawn
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James Urmston for breaking his recognizance "in not keepinge
his good behaviour"

John Houghton tailor and Robert Catten - assault

Ellen the wife of Hamlet Houlcroft for abusing Margaret Wood
and John Wood

Elizabeth Wood for abusing Ellen the wife of Hamlet Houlcroft
"wee order her to be Cuckstoold and to bee duckt three tymes"

Roger Browne dawber, James Brown dawber, Richard Crosse
labourer and Humphrey Mather skinner for assault

That the same Richard Crosse, James Browne and Roger Browne
abused William Liney one of the bailiffs "with many Blowes and
foule and aprobrious words"

Gilbert Green fuller and William Green dyer for abusing
Robert Baron alderman

Roger Stoughton Esq and Stephen Platt, for receiving Robert
France and Jane Houghton widow, foreigners.

Stephen Platt and Alice Rigby widow for allowing their swine
to stray.

Robert Mann and Margaret Forth widow for keeping William
Cooper and John Hurst foreigners

William Pilkington, William Deane, Ralph Langshaw, James
Bancks, Colonel Daniel, William Markland, and Harry Topeinge
had not cleaned their ditches leading from Poole Bridge to
the River Douglas
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James Patricke for assaulting Edmund Molyneux

The wife of Alexander Ford for assaulting the wife of William

Richard Crosse labourer and James Browne labourer - assault
in fair time

James Browne for felonously taking away a wooden bridge
belonging to James Browne "Wee find him Guiltye and request
Mr Maior that the said Browne may be sent to the house of

William Standley, Roger Wood feltmaker and Barnely Wood -
assault in fair time

Robert Houghton labourer for assaulting Roger Wood Anne
Johnson and Barnely Wood, in fair time.

Edmund Molyneux for presenting a bill of indictment at the
last Christmas Sessions held in Wigan for the hundred of
West Derby, against William Scott a freeman, for a pretended
offence in the borough, contrary to the custom of the

That Edmund Molyneux allowed several blocks and a great stone
to lie in High Lane near Henry Bullock's gate

William Green dyer for behaviour contrary to his oath as a

Elizabeth the wife of James Crichley for abusing James Young
and Margery Higham

Margaret the wife of William Almond for abusing James Yonge
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Mr Ralph Markland late mayor for swearing Thomas Butler a
burgess contrary to the custom of the burough - fined £10

Edward Hollinhed for allowing a great quantity of daub to lie
in the street near his house

George Baw and Peter Whitter - assault

That at Michaelmas Leet last several strangers were allowed to
be admitted freemen on the payment of 50s.   It was now
considered prejudicale to the town to have done so, and it
was ordered that the same should not be further put in execution.

William Catterall presented for erecting a wing to his house,
too far into the lane

Complaint had been made that several inn keepers &c. "doe sell
their Ale and beere in Black pottes which are not measure
according to the Statute in that case made"

William Scott presented for taking into his house Gilbert
Ashton, his wife and 2 children, strangers from another town.

Roger Browne presented for saying that William Cookson and
Edward Parson "weare Cheaters and Cheating knaves and said
he would be hanged For some of you"

William Higham presented for not coming to be sworn a burgess.

Box1   Roll 20  Michaelmas Leet   1663
Petitions &c.

Complaint of Henry Lythgoe that he had been fined for receiving
Ellen Tyrer, but that she had been in the town for 7 years and
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had had a child by William Suxsmith, and had never been a
burden on the town.

Complaint of Richard Ashton that he had been born in the town
and always lived there, but at the Michaelmas Leet had been
fined as a foreigner

Protests of Margery Astley widow, Matthew Johnson labourer,
Nicholas Sumpson a single man, Bridget Barrow widow and John
Scott against their fines

Petition of Richard Dobson bellman "a poore dying Creature"
That for 17 years he had been Sexton and bellman and now that
he was ill and not likely to recover he asked to have Edward
Catterall, a freeman, who knew the work and lived near the
church to be allowed to do his work for him - allowed

Petition of Robert Fazackerley that he, his wife and children
might be allowed to live quietly in the town

Petition of James Molyneux that at the time the town was a
garrison he had 33,000 bricks which were taken away by the
bailiffs and sold and the money converted to the town's use.
And that he "did upon the request of Mr William Glover then
bayliffe in the tyme of warrs lay downe the summe of forty
shillings for to gratifye the officers and souldiers att
Lathome house for there civill respects which they used to
Mr Glover, he beinge a little before taken prisoner with the
said souldiers".  And Mr Glover promised that the town would
pay him. He now asked for compensation

Complaint of Edward Sumner that William Ford dyer made a path
through Penington Meadow and diverted the petitioner's water
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Petition of Ralph Marsh plasterer that he might continue to
"Call and Crye upon the poeple" - allowed

Complaints of John Fazackerley and Henry Modesley against their
fines &c.

Petition of Peter Aspinall of Ashton in Makerfield a spurrier
who could make locks, "gunneworke" stone bows, Jacks clockwork
&c. to be admitted freeman

Petition of James Sixsmith of Millgate that the fine of Thomas
Scott of Wallgate might be remitted as he had been his surety
for his appearance and he had made default

Petition of Ralph Jolly gunsmith to be made a freeman

Account of the Overseers of the highways

Complaint of William Harrison that he had been fined as a
foreigner, though he had lived in the town for over 40 years
and married a free born woman of the town and "hath beene a
soldier for the said Burrowe for his said late Majestie's
service at Boulton Westhoughton and other places and other-
wise hath beene serviceable to the said Burrowe and the poore
people thereof as namely in the sicknes tyme in bring and
Causing to bee brought all the meale of the tyth corne of the
whole parish into the said Burrowe and sould to the towne"

Complaint of James Bradshawe and John Worthington that they
and their ancestors "have been acostomed to walke from shopp
to shopp withing this town Amongst the Shoemakers to sell
them Lether"  But now for his own ends Edward Boulton had
obtained an order of the Court to prevent them.
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Box 1.   Roll 20   Court held 19 March 1663

Gilbert Green fuller for abusing Robert Baron alderman

Richard Crosse and James Browne - assault

Grace Markland and Mrs Adlington - assault

Anne Catterall widow for receiving Henry Winstanley and his
wife foreigners

Alice Nightgaile the wife of James Nightgaile for abusing
Margaret the wife of William Houghton

Katherine Penington widow for receiving Anne the wife of
Joseph Watterhouse a foreigner

James Taylor - a foreigner

Edward Capper for assaulting Margery Higham spinster

John Ward a foreigner received by Edward Haywood

Thomas Winard and Ralph Deane labourer - assault

That Benjamin Barker late of Sowerby Yorks husbandman at
Wigan on 31st of January before the Mayor swore that John
Bates robbed him of 43 li on the highway, Since which the
said Barker on his oath denied it all "And therein did
comitt Wilfull perjury"
Fined 20 li and 6 months imprisonment and the pillory in default
of payment
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Mary the wife of William Prescott for assaulting Ellen Scott

Elizabeth wife of William Liney and Margery Boulton spinster
- assault

Robert Houghton for assaulting Edward Hough in his own house
and abusing John Billys.

William Laithwait senior, brazier for keeping "a Curr dogge
unmusled" and "to the great terror of his neighbours"

Peter Belcher for taking earth from a ditch back belonging
to James Ford

Gilbert Prescott a foreigner -- Bridge, Thomas Greene, and
Robert Milner foreigners received by William Glover alderman,
Humphrey Farbrother, William Laithwait senior and James Ford.

John Mathews - a foreigner

Edward Rigby and Thomas Jackson - assault. Also the said Edward
for assaulting Roger Wood

The said Edward for abusing Jane Jackson widow.

Box 1.   Roll 20   Easter Leet?  March 19th  1663
 Petitions &c.
Complaint of James Johnson alias Sanders that in February last
he had married Mary Sutton a farmer and innkeeper and according
to the statute was entitled to settle in the town, yet he had
been fined as a foreigner.
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Box 1.   Roll 20  Court Held  19th December  1663

That the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas might be moved
to alter his award in the case between the Mayor of the town
and the Bishop of Chester and the parson of Wigan

Gilbert Green for abusing Robert Baron alderman

John Coulsher alias Fairclough for saying "that he neither cared
for the king nor queen"

The same John and John Greenhalgh for assault

Roger and Thomas sons of Henry Risley for assaulting Humphrey
Farbrother and the said Henry for advising them to do so.

Richard Crosse and James Browne - assault

William Scott of Poolestocke for keeping Gilbert Ashoc and
his family.

William Catterall for not pulling down a building as he was

Stephen Platt for not removing Jane Houghton widow from his
house as he was ordered

Gilbert Orrell shoemaker for abusing William Forth - to sit
in the stocks in the Market for one hour.

Ellen the wife of James Letherbarrow fined 12d. for abusing
Roger Baron

Roger Baron fined 12d for abusing Gilbert Orrell shoemaker
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Elizabeth Bore widow fine 12d for abusing Thomas Worthington
the elder

Grace the wife of Mathew Markland alderman and Mrs Adlington -

Richard France and Katherine Penington widow for receiving
Elizabeth Arrowsmith widow and Anne the wife of Joseph

Richard France and Alexander Forth pewterer for allowing several
pieces of timber to lie in the street

James Harvie the elder, William Forth, Rober Baron brazier,
Thomas Casson, Gilbert Hartleigh, and William Morcroft for
keeping "dogs or bagles and Hunt and Kill Hares they not beinge
qualified According to the Actt of Parliment"  And "that
they doe Anoy there Neighbors in breakinge downe their yardings.
- One whole years imprisonment

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