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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 19 - 1662, 1663

Box 1.     Roll 19   1662 -1663

Mayor               Ralph Markland

Bailiffs            Robert Markland
                    William Linney

Attornies           Roger Wood
                    Edward Baron
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Market Street       John Whalley
                    Thomas Garnett

Standishgate        Richard Casson brazier
                    William Wood

Millgate            James Boulton  [dead]
                    James Ashton

Scoles              James Belcher
                    Gilbert Hartleigh

Wallgate            Hugh Deane
                    Richard Ashton

Hallgate            John Jackson   [dead]
                    Robert Mitton

Woodhouses          Thomas Prescott
                    Roger Barrington

Box 1.  Roll 19  Easter Leet  25 April  1663

Judith Molyneux spinster for abusing Mrs Hotham with many
foul and disgraceful words "wee doe order the above said
Judith to stand one hour upon the market Crosse with a paper
upon her brest mencioning her Fault done to Mrs Hotham the
first market day"

Margery Higham spinster and Sarah Winstanley - assault

James Browne labourer and James Wigan and Jane his wife -
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assault and abuse

Bridget Barrowe "harbored and Received Wanderers and Boyes"

Grace Wood widow for abusing Ruth Boulton spinster

Elizabeth the wife of Samuel Marsh for abusing Alice the wife
of Henry Risley.

James Browne pewterer and Robert Orrell coverlet weaver - assault

Edward Rigby joiner and George Shawe "did scandalously abuse
and speak many approbrious words against Col. William Daniell."

"Wee order George Shawe to ask Colonell Daniell forgivenes for
his abuse in the Muthall beefor hee depart and to bee sorie
for his ofence"

Roger Houghton and Mathew Taylor for assaulting Gilbert Orrell
and for abusing Robert Markland one of the bailiffs

John Prescott and Lawrence Taylor - assault

Ann Forth spinster, Jane the wife of Thomas Worthington and
Katherine Worthington spinster - abuse

Elizabeth the wife of Samuel Marsh for abusing Roger Risley

Adam Bancks for allowing his gate to lie open to "the wint"
and for receiving John Ward a foreigner

Edward Marsh for allowing a dung heap to lie in front of his
house in Market Street

Thomas Ascroft labourer for stealing a pewter flagon from the
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"Colepitt Browe" of William Ford of Swindley

Elizabeth the wife of Samuel Marsh and Agnes the wife of
John Needham - abuse

Thomas Fairclough of Haigh for assaulting Peter Leigh

Edmund Hollinshead for abusing Edward Markland

Gilbert Orrell shoemaker for assaulting Roger Scott the younger
and the said Roger for abusing the said Gilbert

Roger Wood for not cleaning his ditchm building a wall &c. as
he was ordered, to the great prejudice of Gilbert Bancks.

Jeffrey Scott for taking earth from Haigh Lane near the
"Poole Stocke" and from Cookson Meadow

Edward Marsh for damning a watercourse &c. in the Market Street

Jane the wife of Mathew Markland for allowing the fence between
her and Peter Masson's garden to fall down.

Mathew Johnson a foreigner, received by James Ford alderman
and William Ford butcher

James Mather and William Wattson for receiving Jane Houghton
widow and Mrs Boulton and Mrs Adlington

Thomas Langshawe, Margaret Morton widow, Grace Wood widow Robert
Mann, Thomas Letherbarrow for receiving William Morcroft, the
wife of Samuel Marsh, George Bradshawe, William Cooper and John
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John Blackhurst and John Naylor the younger for allowing
their swine to wander

James Holinhed, Mr Molyneux, John Eackfield and Katherine
Ford widow for receiving Mrs Reade, John Rydeing, Ellen
Denison, Mary Ashton and Mrs Page

Andrew Laithwaite for receiving Edward Hodgkinson a foreigner

William Pilkington gentleman for not cleaning out his ditch
in Banert Meadow.

List of persons who had not paid for the repair of the

Roger Browne for stealing several parcels of tinsel from
Ralph Holme

William Laithwait sadler and Margaret his wife and Elizabeth
the wife of Henry Shutleworth and Clare Penington spinster -

Ellen Croxton for assaulting Margaret the wife of William

Further list of persons who did not pay towards the repair
of the highways

Gilbert Deane, Edward Markland, James Farbrother, Henry
Lithgoe, Mrs Ellen Forth, Gilbert Unsworth, for keeping
William Bamber, Robert Wrast alias Fazackerley, John Clerk
Ellen Tyrer, Thomas Taylor, and Henry Maudsley foreigners.

Peter Marsh for erecting a style on a right of way in "Page
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James Molyneux and Margery Astley widow for receiving Henry
Risley and John Hunt

James Hodson a foreigner for not leaving the town

Ruth Boulton spinster for stealing a handkerchief of Grace Wood's

That an order made at the Last Leet restraining several
persons from trading in the town might prevent people from
coming to sell in the Market "which might in short tyme be
the utter overthrow of the Markett it therefore desired that
the said order may be Explayned and that the Comers to the
Markett may be Incouraged For the good of this Corporacion"

Oliver Baron for abusing Mrs Margaret Markland and Robert
Markland alderman her late husband

William Sale, Thomas Mortt the elder and John Taylor, foreigners

William Mort for abusing and assaulting Hugh Deane and his

Elizabeth Mortt spinster for abusing Hugh Deane.

Steven Platt for harbouring Jane Houghton a foreigner

Hugh Scott, Alexander Tompson, William Baldwin and James
Baldwin ordered to clean their gutters

A further list of persons who had not paid towards the repair
of the highways

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