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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 18 - 1662

Box 1   Roll 18   Michaelmas Leet held  October 4th 1662

Mayor                    Sir Roger Bradshaigh

Deputy Mayor             Nicholas Penington

Box 1    Roll 18   Michaelmas  1662
Toll takers at St Lukes Fair

                         William Ashton
Standishgate             Elys Guest
                         Hugh Wood

Wallgate                 Hugh Mouldinge
                         Robert Casson
                         Richard Lowe

                         Alexander Forth
Millgate                 Laurence Prescott
                         Laurence Moulding

Hallgate                 Francis Battersbie

Horse Fair               Richard Lowe
New page
                         Richard Casson

Amount of tolls &c.

Box 1.  Roll 18  Michaelmas Leet October 4th  1662
Margaret the wife of Harry Spencer on the 10th of June abused
Edmund Molyneux - withdrawn

James Harrison and Thomas Jackson, assault on the 10th of June
Alice the wife of Edward Hawet for abusing Jane the wife of
James Wigan

Robert Mitton and Grace Markland - for abuse on the 31st of May

John Naylor badger and Elinor his wife and Mr Henry Felding
for abusing one another on 17th of July

William Cookson, Stephen Platt, Myles Wood, Alice Crouche
widow for receiving Richard Dunell, Emma Hesketh, James Taylor
and Philip -- foreigners

James Leatherbarrow, John Sanders alias Johnson, Thomas
Kerklie, Stephen Platt and Henry Topinge, for allowing their
swine to stray.

Peter Greene and Oliver Platt for playing bowles on September 3rd

Scoles - John Joly, William Laithwaite senior Ralph Wood,
William Bancks, Stephen Higham, James Molyneux senior, Richard
France, Thomas Langshawe, Thomas Acton, Jane Browne widow,
Thomas Burgesse, Mt Glover, Grace Wood, James Ford, Margery
Banckes, for receiving Adam Libbet, Thomas Masherson, John
New page
Smith, Thomas Whitle, James Glaisbrook, George Greans, Henry
Risley, Samuel Marsh, William Morecroft ? William Manchester,
John Fishe, James Hodson, Mrs Sorocold, George Bradshaigh,
Robert Millner and John Ashton foreigners.

Scoles.  Thomas Jolly tailor and Margaret the wife of James
Harvy - abuse

Anne Catterall for receiving the wife of Mr Houghton of Kerkleys.

Jane the wife of James Wigan and John Higham assault on July 4th

Anne the wife of James Holme for abusing Thomas Risley on
31st of July. - fined 12d. and "she shall aske the said
Thomas Risley forgivenes at the Market Crosse upon the next
marcat day"

William Laithwaite saddler and Margaret the wife of Hugh Mather
- abuse on September 28th

Ellen the wife of Edmund Molyneux for abusing Anne the wife of
William Scott

James Harrison and Jane the wife of James Wigan - abuse

Roger Wood feltmaker and Thomas Wigan - assault

Oliver Platt and Peter Greene for playing bowles.

Jane the wife of James Wigan and Alice the wife of John
Townlowe - abuse.

Richard Crosse for abusing William Baron and assaulting
Elizabeth Almond spinster.
New page
Thomas Scott, Alice Naylor, Katherine Finch and John Townelowe
for allowing their swine to wander.

Anne Bancks for harbouring Edward Rigby, a foreigner

Alice Edge for abusing Jenett Baron widow

"Whereas his Majestie for the honour of this Corporacion hath
beene graciously pleased as a badge of their Loyalty to bee
stowe a sword to bee Carried before the Maiors of the Burrow.
Wee therefore order that an able fitt and sufficient man out
of the Burgesses within this Burrow shall bee yearly elected
and chosen sword bearer to carry and beare the said sword which
person soe elected for this present yeare shall have for his
sallary the some of five pounds to bee payed unto him out of
the townes Stocke."

Anne Tompson for abusing Robert Burgesse and Ellen his wife

Anne the wife of William Scott slandered Ellen the wife of
Edmund Molyneux saying "shee had killed or Murthred her
Late husband James Marsh"

Richard Crosse labourer and Lawrence Starky assault at the

Emma Hesketh widow for that she did "Indeavour plott and Con-
trive Certaine differences between William Green dyer and
Margarett his wiffe and alsoe did then and there 1st Oct
Indeavour to have parted them Contrary to the publique peace"
- acquitted

John Wetherbie for abusing Richard Dobson and his wife "And
Flyngeinge into the house of the said Richard severall
New page
Noysome and unclean things" - withdrawn by the Court

James Molyneux, Ellen Forth, William Boulton, Thomas Scott,
John Harvy gent, Mr Davis, Robert Main, Andrew Laithwait, William
Casson, Hugh Scott, John Leyland, James Hollinhed, and
Katherine Forth widow for receiving Henry Scott, William
Whittfield, Thomas Taylor, Robert Wrast, Roger Kersley, John
Fazackerley, William Cooper, Ellen Joly, Edward Hodgkinson,
John Hunt, Mrs Standish, Robert Rigby, Mrs Page and Mrs
Boulton foreigners.

Roger Browne for abusing James Wigan

Ellen the wife of Laurence Starkey for abusing Elizabeth
the wife of William Lynney.

Edmund Molyneux for abusing Anne the wife of William Scott

Ellinor the wife of John Naylor the elder, badger, for abusing
Sir Roger Bradshaigh formerly mayor on 22 Oct by saying
"hee did not doe him justice upon Malice in a busines heard
beffore him this Leet because he the said Naylor would not
keepe him a hound"

Roger Browne for abusing Roger Stoughton Esq and Thomas

John Naylor for abusing Margery Scott spinster "Calleinge her
whore" &c.

The said John Naylor had "severall tymes abused severall
gentlemens sonns tabled at the house of Mr Feildinge" and
also for abusing John the son of Mr Feilding

Henry Shuttleworth for following the trade of a weaver.
New page
Ellen Blckborne for not taking down the pale erected by her
husband Richard Blackborne deceased which took the light from
three windows in Mr Edward Dicconson's house, now in the
occupation of Robert Markland.

Elizabeth the wife of William Farbrother for slandering William

John Joly for not removing his daughter - foreigners

Anne Catterall for receiving Jane Houghton and her children -

John Lowe of Ashton blacksmith and John Molyneux - assault
at the fair - The latter fined £10.

Elizabeth the wife of Me Feilding for abusing Ellinor the
wife of John Naylor

Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Leigh for abusing John Naylor and
his wife.

James Wigan for abusing Ralph Browne "and threatening to
Faight with him"

John Naylor for abusing Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Leigh

Richard Crosse "for sweareing fower prophane oathes two
at one tyme and two another"

The Corporation decided to raise money by leys to pay what
was owing to Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Colonel Daniel and John
New page
Foreigners to be fined, William Harison, Harry Maudsley,
James Hodson, John Clerk, Thomas Fairclough and James Glasbrook

Box 1.  Roll 18  Michaelmas Leet 1662
Petitions &c.
Petition of Roger Darbyshire, watchmaker, that he might be
allowed to have a shop and work at his trade in Wigan, where
there was no other watchmakers. But he wished to live in
Pemberton - allowed until the following Michaelmas

Petition of Henry Spencer that he might be paid for 2 loads
of oatmeal which the bailiffs took from the house of James
Finch "when his Majesties Army Marched thorough the towne in
the Yeare of our Lord 1651" which they promised to pay for
"But in Regard of the Late tymes could not performe the same"

Petition of Edward Rigbie to be made a burgess.

Complaint of Gilbert Barrowe, that his ancestors had always
enjoyed "the libertye prospert and light" of the Butterye
Wind. But now Henry Shuttleworth weaver "hath out of a
maliciouse and evill will towards your said Petitioner erected"
a building over against his window.

Box 1  Roll 18  Session of the Saturday before 24th June 1662
Fines and amercements

James Yonge, John Naylor the younger, Gilbert Wood, Robert
Burgesse, William Carter, Thomas Whalley, husbandman,
James Almond, Thomas Battersbie, Edward Tildsley, and Peter
Lowe gatewaiters for not appearing to make presentments.

Peter Leigh, Hugh Wood and James Lowe for not bringing in the
New page
bodies of Ellen the wife of Hamlet Holcroft, Ellen the wife of
Hugh Wood, Ralph Crocklowe and Katherine the wife of James
Lowe according to their recognizances.

James Molyneux, William Bamber the younger, Mrs Ellen Forth,
William Boulton and Robert Molyneux for receiving foreigners

Ellen Forth for not removing a style in the "Page Feilds"
according to order

Thomas Battersbie labourer for not bringing in the body of
Alice his wife &c.

Thomas Langshawe, Richard France, and widow Browne for receiving
William Morecroft, James Taylor and John Fisher - foreigners

Laurence Taylor and James Browne for not bringing in the body
of Roger Browne &c.

Gilbert Harvy and John Dolphin for playing bowles

Stephen Platt for harbouring Emma Hesketh

James Taylor for using the trade of weaver

James Crocklowe for not bringing in the body of Alice the wife
of Mathew Johnson &c.

The same James for not bringing in the body of Elizabeth his
wife &c.

Alice the wife of Mathew Johnson for an assault on Thomas

Anne Casson widow for not bringing the body of Katherine the
New page
wife of Robert Markland shoemaker

Major Jeremiah Harison and Thomas Fairclough - assault

The Bailiff's ordered to have "sufficent Roynsport" made

Order that Henry Scott, William Whittfield, Thomas Taylor,
Robert Wrast, William Morcroft, James Taylor, John Fisher,
Emma Hesketh, Henry Shutleworth and Richard Dunnell "doe
Forthwith Remove themselves and Famillye Forth of this towne"

William Whitfield, Thomas Taylor, Edward Rigby, Emma Hesketh,
widow, James Taylor, Adam Hibett, William Morcroft, John
Fisher, George Bordekin, John Ward, Henry Scott, Robert
Fazackerley Robert Kersley, John Fazackerley, William Cowper,
John Hunt, Mrs Standish, Robert Rigby, Mrs Jane Houghton,
Henry Shutleworth, John Smith and Mathew Johnson foreigners,
received by Ellen Forth widow, William Boulton, Anne Bancks,
Stephen Platt, Miles Wood, John Jolly, Thomas Langshawe, Jane
Browne, William Winstanley, James Molyneux alderman, Thomas
Scott, Mathew Markland, James Ford, William Baldwin, Mr Davies
Robert Man, John Wigan clerk, Hugh Scott, John Leyland, Anne
Catterall, Ralph Penington, Ralph Wood, James Ford and William
Foster, ordered to leave the town.

Also Richard Dunnell, Philip Delaroy and his wife, Samuel
Marsh, George Bradshaw, Robert Milner, John Ashton, Edward
Hodgkinson, Oliver Bibby received by William Cookson, Alice
Crouck, Richard France, Grace Wood, James Ford, Margery Banck,
Andrew Laithwaite and Edward Boulton.

"And we order that one Henry who goes by the name of Henry all
of a Sweat, being a wandring parson to bee whipped out of the
Towne soe soone as hee Cann bee light on"
New page
Emma Hesketh presented for trading in the town.

A settlement concerning an action formerly brought by William
Briggs against Ambrose Jolly formerly mayor and William Markland
and Edmund Harvie the bailiffs.

Robert Markland tailor elected keeper of the Pinfold for this

William Kindsley presented for trading in the town

An order that the Pinfold Croft and the enclosure made by
Robert Taylor "be ladid open to the land" before November 1st

William Barne ordered to clean his gutter in the paddock in
Gidlow Lane

Arthur Winstanley and William Prescott presented for digging
and taking away marle from Gidlow Lane. Fined 4s. each.

An order that several strangers who applied to be made
freemen be admitted

William Higham, Ralph Wackfield, Ralph Langshaw, Gilbert
Langshaw, John Wackfield Bart? and John Ford fined 40s. each
for not taking the oaths of burgesses.

An order that no one not being a burgess, should trade as
mercers, drapers or grocers

The following foreigners presented for retailing beer, William
Sale, Thomas Houghton, John Naylor, Peter Rigby, Henry Toppinge,
Edward Hough, James Ashton, Richard Ashton and James Belcher.

Elizabeth Frith presented for harbouring the wife of Thomas
New page
Pilkington milner.

Roger Houghton Esq, and William Linney bailiff for receiving
Robert France and Anne the wife of Thomas Butler.

Robert Mosse and James Lowe presented as foreigners

That several burgesses who live in the town as well as the
others had neglected their duty of appearing at the Leets and
Sessions "And for that in theis late tymes of dessencion noe
amerceaments have beene estreated against them for their
said neglect which are Contrary to the Ancient Customes of
this Burrough, and which were used before their late trouble-
some tymes"  In future every burgess should be fined 3d. for
each time he failed to appear

That on 25 Oct it was agreed that Elinoe Anderton should
enjoy the 2 rooms in which she dwelt for the rest of her
natural life, without rent.

Box 1.   Roll 18  Midsummer Court  1662.
Petitions &c.
Petition of Thomas Butler to be made a burgess

Complaint of Robert Letherbarrow and Richard Boulton on
behalf of James Patrick an infant.  That Edmund Molyneux
and Ellen his wife will not allow the petitioner to pass
from a parcel of land in Long Hey and Smiths Croft over their
land called Parsons Close

Complaint of Myles Turner gentleman that James Ford clerk had
diverted a watercourse in a lane called Coppull Lane

Petition of Anne Blackburn widow concerning a watercourse
New page
Petition of Gilbert Bancks concerning a water course which
Roger Wood blacksmith had been ordered to clean

Complaint of John Anderton that William Pilkington had damned
a watercourse in Barnsters Meadow &c.

Petition of William Morecrofte, who had married Alice, daughter
of Thomas Langshaw of Scoles, that he might be allowed to
live there peacefully and follow his trade.

Petition of James Ford concerning Alice Cowsen and Thomas
Farclough foreigners whom he had harboured

Complaint of John Harvie gentleman who had been on of the
bailiffs in 1648 when "Duke Hamilton came to this towne with
his forces and dureing his stay here the dukes souldiers
Comanded your Petitioner to find them Corne for their horses,
which hee did as long as hee Could procure any; But when
your Petitioner could gett them noe Corne they struck and
threatened your Petitioner to kill him if hee would not goe a
long with them to seeke some Corne for their horses, which
your Petitioner did for the safety of his person and life for
ought he knew" They went to Thomas Ireland's house and took
some malt belonging to Mr Lea, who "heareing your Petitioner
stood by while his Mault was taken away sued your Petitoner
at London"  When he was forced to pay him £5. besides 20s. 3d.
costs.  He asked the town to compensate him &c.

Petition of William Whitfield of Woodhouses to be allowed to
live there peacefully till the 1st of May next

Complaint of William Scott and Anne his wife that Edmund Molyneux
glazier who occupied Parson's A ire adjoining the petitioner's
land called Longhey and Smithy Croft, to which parcel of land
New page
he ought to go by Worsley Lane, but he had made a path over
the petitioner's land instead.

Petition of Ralph Higham concerning a watercourse in Penington
Meadow &c.

Petition of William Forth dyer concerning the above

Petition of Ralph Marsh to continue "to crye and call upon the
people"  -  granted

Petition of William Boulton concerning his tenement in Woodhouses

Complaint of Robert Langshawe that John Laithwait claimed his
wall - Found that the wall belonged to Robert Langshawe

Complaint of Edmund Molyneux and Ellen his wife that James
Marsh deceased formerly husband of the said Ellen possessed
the Longhey and the Church Land and used a gate into the High
Lane but now the gate had been stopped up by William Scott
and Anne his wife &c.

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