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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 17 - 1661, 1662

    Box1.    Roll 17   Michaelmas Leet  October 5th  1661

Mayor                    James Molyneux

Benchers                 Sir Roger Bradshaigh
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                         William Browne

Recorder or Town Clerk   John Anderton

Bailiffs                 Myles Turner
                         Thomas Houghton

Attornies                Roger Wood
                         Edward Baron

Serjeants                James Rigbye
                         Thomas Scott


Standishgate             James Yong
                         John Naylor Junior

Market Street            William Prescott
                         Edward Catterall

Scoles                   Gilbert Wood waller
                         Robert Burges

Millgate                 Thomas Whalley
                         John Hay

Wallgate                 William Carter
                         Thomas Whalley sic

Hallgate                 James Almond
                         Thomas Battersbie

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Woodhouses               Edward Tildesley
                         Peter Lowe

Surveyors of             Roger Bibby
Flesh and Fish           Roger Winstanley

Surveyors of Ale         Henry Lithgoe
Beer and Bread           Adam Pemberton

Church Clerk             James Bancks

Ballman                  Richard Dobson

------                   William Burges
                         William Langshawe

Box 1   Roll 17  Michaelmas Leet  October 5th  1661

Elizabeth the wife of Roger Never, --- Never widow Alice and
Katherine Never spinsters - assault

Roger Baron and Gilber Orrell shoemaker - the same

Peter Marsh to be of good behaviour

William Harrison for an assault on --- Leigh in the churchyard
- referred to the Bishop's Court

Ellen the wife of David Rigbye and Margaret the wife of
William Laithwaite - assault

Alice Bibbie for abusing Margaret Masson spinster
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Ellen and Grace Wain for abusing the same Margaret

Ellen the wife of David Rigby and Margaret the wife of
William Greene - abuse

The same Ellen and Margaret the wife of William Laithwaite
- the same

Elizabeth the wife of Roger Never, Alice the wife of John
Deane and Mary Parr widow - abuse

James Holinhed tailor and James Hyton husbandman - abuse

Jane the wife of Thomas Worthington and Katherine her
daughter and Anne Penington spinster - abuse

Alice the wife of James Nightgaile and Mary the wife of
Peter Astley - abuse

Margery Astley widow for abusing the said Alice

Thomas Whitle for assaulting Edmund Laithwaite and abuse
in open court.

       ----------        --------      ------

Katherine the wife of James Lowe and Ellen the wife of
David Rigby - abuse

Elizabeth Chamerlyn spinster and Elizabeth the wife of
Roger Never - assault

Isabel Suxsmith for abusing "the Late Jury att Lancaster"
James Bancks &c.

Thomas Parr and Charles Foster - assault
New page
John Mathewes and Katherine the wife of William Winstanley -

Gilbert Harvy, John Dolphin, Thomas Burton, Peter Forth,
Edward Farnorth, Laurence Berry, Laurence Starky, William
Starky and Peter Whitle for playing bowls.

Peter Rigby for allowing the above persons to play in his alley.

Alice the wife of Matthew Johnson for allowing her swine to

Robert Rigby and Matthew Johnson as foreigners received by
John Mathews.

"Gilbert Harvy for playinge 4 tymes att boules John Dolphin
9 tymes Peter Forth For playing 2 tymes" Fined a shilling
for each time.

Ralph Marsh, John Riddings, John Hunt --- foreigners
received by Ann ---- Anne Molyneux and Ann Booth widow.

George Attheston a foreigner received by the said Ann Booth

William Bamber, senior, Robert Wrest, Mr Ralph Houghton,
William Bamber Junior, John Clerk, William Whitfeild, Ralph
Ashor, Katherine Darbyshire and Henry Scott - foreigners

Edward Rigby joiner and John Kelley - assault

John Johnson alias Sanders and James Harvy - the same

James the son of Roger Browne and Thomas Whalley brazier -
the same
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William Taylor of Aspull for abusing Giles Seddon

Margery Greenough for abusing the same William Taylor

Roger Baron for allowing his swine to stray

Richard France, Thomas Acton, James Browne and Thomas Langshaw
for keeping James Taylor, William Manchester, John Fisher,
and William Morecroft, inmates.

"James Ashton for keepeinge A doge att Large in the street
unmuselled to the danger of his neighbors and Contrary to
the Publick peace"

Steven Platt ordered to remove Emma Hesketh before 24th March

Alice Read "for Merchandizing with sope"

James Taylor for using the trade of an upholster for 2 months

The overseers of the highways "to Cause the well over
against Faireclough house in the Scoles to bee Railed out
for safeguard of people"

Box 1.   Roll 17  Michaelmas Leet 1661  Oct 5th
Petitions &c.

Petition of Thomas Blackhurst "having Naither Father not
Mother to help him in any way for his livly hood" and wishing
to be a chandler, asked to be made free - sworn 26 Oct 1661

Complaint of John Harvy gentleman that Hugh Forth brazier
had taken down a stone wall and laid open a gutter belonging
to the said John. Hugh Forth ordered to rebuild it before
New page

The complaint of Ellen Forth of Standishgate widow, that
James Hollinhead tailor "hath much wronged her by setting a
Wimber Crooke upon her estate and upon her very Crook stone:
whereby shee cannot repaire her owne wale: which is thereby
Just at hand to fale by reason your Complainant cannot for
that Crooke repaire her wale: but is lykely to soffer great
Damage shortly". Both parties ordered to take up their crookes
and put them where they were before.

Complaint of William Ford dyer that he had a watercourse
running at the side of a croft called "Scolehouse Croft" and
from thence into"Penington's Meadow" In the former place
the petitioner made use of it "for washing of Clooth" But
Ralph Higham "of his owne wrong and for his lucre and gaine"
had turned the said water out of its course - Higham was
ordered to restore it.

Complaint of the Master Wardens &c. of the taylor's Company
that Thomas Burges tailor about the 20th April 1655 obtained
an order from this Court to employ a journeyman who was not a
freeman of the borough

Petition of Ralph Marsh plasterer who "hath for manye yeares
last part, gone through this Towne and Burrowe of Wigan afore-
said (as to Crye and call upon the people) And hath in all
things thereunto apperteininge behaved himselffe verye
Civillye and orderly" He begs to be allowed to do so again
"haveinge an Intencion to have the last yeare to putt upp a
petition as formerly, but your petitioner failed in that hee
was loath to displace either partye, by reason of the unhappy
differance" - Allowed
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Petition of Richard Savage buttonmaker to be made a freeman

Petition of John Ward labourer who "(with his wife and their
six smale Children) are in most dolefull condition by reason
that no one will sett them house roome"  Asks to be allowed to
take a house

Petition of Emma Hesketh widow to be allowed to live peace-
fully in the town

Complaint of James Harvy the elder smith that Gilbert Woodwater
had allowed his hedge to take the light from the said James'
house in Scoles and in other ways "doth also destroye and drowne
there dwelling house"

Petition of Ellen Bancks wife of William Bancks that she might
be allowed to remain in Thomas Bullock's house in Whalley until
her turn, for which she had paid should end on All Saints day.

Petition of Henry Shutttleworth webster, who six years before
had married Elizabeth one of the daughters of Joseph Penington,
a burgers, to be made a freeman.

Petition of Roger Never, who had been fined 17 li in all at
the Easter Leet, that the pin might be remitted for "if hee
bee Forced to pay it will very much Impoverishe your said
peticioner his Wiffe and Children" but if it were remitted
"he will Reffoune himselde and Wiffe and Never Comitt the like

Petition of James Hodson, John Latham and William Green who
were presented for misdemeanour at the Easter Leet 1660 and
were again called at Easter Leet last, they asked for the
benefit of the Act of Oblivion
New page
John Andertons bill concerning the Dee Bridge at Chester

Accounts of monies paid to workmen &c.

Account of money received for the Highways

Account of the Overseers of Standishgate

Account of the Highways in Wallgate and Scoles

Box 1.   Roll 17   Easter Leet    April    1662
Peter Marsh fined 3s. 4d. for not cleaning the ditch between
his and Mrs Margaret Markland's meadow

And Mrs Markland fined for the same. The "Crabtree Meadow"

Ellen Bancks, John and William Cooper, Ellen the wife of Adam
Ibott, the wife of Thomas Cossens --- &c. foreigners were
received by Thomas Bullocke, Margaret Markland, John Jolly
James Ford and others.

Ellen Tyrer a foreigner received by James Prescott in Hallgate

The occupiers of "the Dige Latch" and "Worthington Meadow"
and Anne Paterick "For letting there ditches ly unslauced which
doth foyne browne medow belonging to the towne of Wigan"

Margaret the wife of Henry Spence for slandering Edmund Mullineux

Margaret the wife of James Mather and Alice the wife of Thomas
Battersbie - assault
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Margaret the wife of James Mather and Anne Lythgoe - abuse

Ellen the wife of Hamlet Houlcroft for slandering Thomas
Battersbie "being the gatewater"

Richard Ashton for allowing his swine to stray

John Ward, George Burdakin, carrier, Thomas Furnes, Thomas
Boulton and Anne Nickson foreigners received by Katherine
Ormishaw, Jeffrey Wood, John Platt, Joseph Caddie and Thomas

Edward Rigby and William Tyrer foreigners received by Anne
Banckes and Edward Hawet.

Richard Dobson the bellman fined 3s. 4d. for an assault on
Edward Catterall "and drawing blood"  He was also presented
for assaulting Alice the wife of Edward Catterall but was

James Harrison and Robert Barron labourer - abuse

Katherine Finch, Robert Rigbie, and Mathew Johnson foreigners
received by John Deane butcher, John Mathews and William
Foster butcher.

Ralph Higham fined 20d for abusing Mr Edward Sumner "saying
he naither cared For Mr Sumner nor the Jury a turd in the
teeth severall tymes and the towne made you maior but it was
For now witt that ye had and you wil never bee quiet till you
have your Mouth Full of moods"

Anne Grymshaw and John Hunt foreigners received by Francis
Battersbee and William Casson
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Eleanor Anderton widow and Thomas Low (who harboured the wife
and children of Ralph Houghton of Kirkleys) ordered to remove
their inmates

Mr Gerard Bancks ordered to repair his rails on the "Little

Mr Matthew Markland ordered to make a sufficient "rale in
the pillitought tenn yeards long From the style to Wardell"

Joseph Penington for harbouring Henry Shttleworth

Ralph Higham for encroachment on Penington Meadow

Box1   Roll 17   Easter Leet     April 1662
Petitions &c.
Complaint of Richard Blakeborne of Market Street that Robert
Markland mercer had "erected and put out severall lights
and windows" to the inconvenience of the petitioner and had
also stopped his watercourse.

Complaint of Jeffrey and Ralph Boulton for themselves and
other poor braziers, that some of the braziers company had
charged them too much for their wares

Complaint of William Casson linen weaver, that Henry Shuttle-
worth a foreigner, had married the daughter of Joseph Penington
and was following the trade of a linen weaver without being
a freeman.

The petition of Robert Mason, who had served 6 years as an
apprentice to a sadler in Manchester, to be allowed to
follow his trade [torn]
New page
Complaint of Stephen Platt who had given a lease of a house
for life to Mrs Emma Hesketh, he was ordered to produce it
in Court, but Mr Henry Row who held the deed had gone to the
Lancaster Sessions

Box 1  Roll 17  Sessions held on the Saturday before the
Feast of St John the Baptist  June 24th  1662
[Very torn]
Ellen the wife of Hamlet Holecroft for abusing Elizabeth the
wife of Hugh Wood

Robert Bore ? for abusing William Bancks and other officers
of the Court

Christian Wackfield for the like

Katherine the wife of James Lowe for assaulting Elizabeth
the wife of Hugh Wood

Henry Scott, William Whittfield, Thomas Tyrer, and Robert
Wrast foreigners received by James Molyneux, Ellen Forth,
William Boulton, Robert Molyneux and William Bamber the

Roger Dawber for assaulting Margaret the wife of James Mather.

Margaret the wife of William Houghton for slandering Henry
Topinge and Flertwood his wife.

James Suxsmith for slandering Ralph Laithwaite.

Peter Rigby for allowing Gilbert Harvy, John Dolphin, and
others to play bowles in his alley
New page
Stephen Platt for harbouring Emma Hesketh

James Taylor for exercising the trade of a weaver

Margaret the wife of Henry Spencer for abusing Edmund Molyneux

James Harison and Thomas Jackson - assault

Alice the wife of Mathew Johnson and Thomas Ascroft - assault

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