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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 16 - 1660, 1661

    Box 1.     Roll 16    Michaelmas Leet   October 6th  1660

Mayor                 Nicholas Penington

Recorder              Joseph Rigby

Town Clerk            John Anderton

Bailiffs              William Burges pewterer
                      William Langshaw

Attornies             Roger Wood
                      Edward Baron

Serjeants             James Rigby
                      Thomas Scott

Marketstreet          Richard Marsden
                      Edward Hawett

Scoles                Ralph Wood
                      Gilbert Heay

Millgate              William Finch
                      Gilbert Wood

Standishgate          Robert Barrow
                      Hugh Scott

Wallgate              John Buckley
                      William Winstanley

Hallgate              Roger Never
                      James Browne
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Woodhouses            John Prescott
                      Jeffrey Scott brazier

Surveyors of          James Waittson
Flesh and Fish        Gilbert Leigh

Surveyors of Ale      Adam Pemberton
and Beer              Myles Mitton

Church Clerk          James Banckes

Bellman               Richard Dobson

Treasurers            Edward Markland
                      Christopher Sumpson

Searchers             Roger Scott
Sealers and
Registrars of         James Rigby

Box 1.   Roll 16  Michaelmas Leet October 6th 1660

Elizabeth Heay spinster for abusing William Catterall tailor
and Elizabeth his wife

James Pilkington gentleman for abusing the Jury at the last
Easter Leet.

Peter Marsh for saying to Robert Barron alderman "you have
sent our townes Recordes to London"

William Pilkington alderman for abusing the Jury at the last
Easter Leet
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Mary the daughter of the said William Pilkington for abusing
Rebert Baldwin

Elizabeth Deane spinster and Margaret the wife of William
Winstanley for assault and affray

William Winstanley a foreigner

Ellen Green widow, Ellen Turner, for harbouring Banck Rigby
and George Bordikin

Richard Ashton, Thomas Scott, Elizabeth Rigby and William
Liney for allowing their swine to stray.

Margaret Markland, Thomas Bullock, Arthur Mann, and Robert Mann
for harbouring John Cowper, Robert Wrante, Edmund Jolly and
William Couper foreigners

Hugh Scott for assaulting John Clubbs

Richard France for keeping James Taylor an Inmate

Elizabeth the wife of William Liney for assaulting Jane the
wife of Edward Marsh.

The same Elizabeth for abusing Edward Marsh

Elizabeth and the said Jane for assault

John Nightgail for abusing Edward Markland

William Crosse and Gilbert Leigh for assault
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Ralph Marsh and his wife and Alexander Eckersale and his wife
for quarrelling

Richard Crosse and Roger Browne for assault

Peter Leigh for abusing William Glover the Mayor and Robert

James Browne for breaking into Humphrey Naylor's orchard and
stealing his apples

James Hodson for assaulting Henry Rowe and William Forth
and rescuing William Green dyer

John Lathom and the said William Green for imprisoning the
said bailiffs

Roger and John ap Richard for refusing to help the said bailiffs
to take the said William Green to prison

Jony the wife of Richard Dobson for abusing - Lithgoe spinster

Gilbert Glover for assaulting Alexander Woodward and drawing blood

Peter Forth, Gilbert Harvy, Laurence Bateson, John Dolphin and
Henry Kerkly for playing bowls.

Robert Markland tailor for assaulting Elizabeth the wife of
Hugh Wood and drawing blood

George Shawe for abusing Mr Penington an alderman and the burgesses
"calling them al knaves", and for assaulting David Rigby, and
David for assaulting George.
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Richard Crosse for assaulting Ralph Crockloue in fair time

 Box 1.   Roll 16 Easter Leet  20th April  1661
The presentments of Michaelmas with fairs &c.

Alice Edge widow for abusing Jennette Moulding

Peter Belchar and Margaret Forth spinster for assault

Robert Belchar for abusing the said Margaret

Alice Catterall spinster and Katherine the wife of James Lowe
for quarrelling

James Taylor a foreigner harboured by Richard France

William Browne for leaving a dunghill in the street

John Jenkin for abusing Gilbert Houghton

Thomas Holecroft and James and Roger Browne - assault

Jony Grange for abusing Adam Pemberton

Charles Never for abusing James Lowe and Katherine his wife

Myles Grimshawe of Haigh for assaulting Myles Wood

Jane the wife of Humphrey Farbrother and Mary the wife of
William Prescott - assault

Myles Wood for assaulting Myles Grimshawe

Adam Pemberton for profanely cursing
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Elizabeth, late the wife of Ralph Scott and Robert Boys - abuse

Robert Casson upon his good behaviour against -- Ward and others

Katherine the wife of William Winstanley and Margaret Orrell -

Ellen the wife of Henry Kerklie and Margaret Markland - abuse

Jony the wife of Richard Dobson for abusing Margaret Wood spinster

Thomas Astley, Thomas Forde of Yate, William Bancks the younger
and William Bancks the elder for abusing William Laithwaite
the elder brazier

Jane the wife of James Forth for assaulting Peter Belcher and
"calling him a Knave"

James Wigan and Robert Rigby - abuse

James Yonge for abusing Roger Stoughton Esq.

Roger Never and Elizabeth his wife for abusing the Mayor and
Bailiffs - Roger fined 40s. and Elizabeth to wear the bridle
"Round aboute crosse from the hall stares"

Alice the wife of John Harvy gait for abusing Elizabeth Scott

John Parrin and Katherine the wife of William Winstanley - assault

Peter Marsh and Gabriel Rigby, assault with the drawing of blood
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Peter Marsh as an evesdropper

Gilbert Haughton for abusing James Brown

Peter Marsh for summoning several of the Commomalty to make a

Roger Never for assaulting James Mortt with drawing of blood

Elizabeth the wife of the said Roger for abusing Henry Rowe.

Margery Leigh spinster and Anne Pilkington - abuse

Myles Grimshawe of Haigh for assaulting Ralph Deane

Henry Bullock for assaulting John Walthew

Alice Reade, widow, Emma Hesketh and William Sale and David
Rigby foreigners received by Elizabeth Barrow widow, Stephen
Platt, and Ellen Green widow

Gilbert Green and Ellen his mother for not making the fence
between their tenement and James Lowe's and the yarding between
their tenement and Anne Catterall's.

William Bancks of Scoles the elder for breaking into the barn
of William Laithwaite the elder brazier with the intent to
take his corn

James Laithwaite for breaking into the orchard of the said
William Bancks and stealing his apples

Elizabeth Bancks spinster and Margery Leigh and the same
Margery and Anne Bancks - abuse

Hamlet Green of Haigh for assaulting Ralph Deane
New page
William Bamber the elder, Roger Houghton, William Bamber the
younger, John Clerke, William Whitffeild, Thomas Winstanley
Ralph Arher, Katherine Darbyshire, Roger Foster and Thomas
Taylor foreigners

Thomas Mortt the younger "For Curying Lettres Insufficiantly
and usinge horse grasse For the dressinge of the same"

Elizabeth the wife of Roger Never and Alice Never widow - assault

Elizabeth and Katherine Never spinsters for assaulting the
said Elizabeth

Roger Baron with a hedging bill and Gilber Orrell shoemaker
with a hatchet - assault

Elizabeth the wife of James Holinshed and Ellen Forth widow-

The said Ellen for stopping the watercourse of the said James

Anne Forth spinster for threatening John Holinshed "to witt
shee would have his blood" and for abusing Ralph Battersbie

Jony Casson for harbouring "A Scotsh man and his wiffe"

Charles Bancks and Thomas Greene - assault, Anne Catterall
widow and Mabel Parrin the same.

That a footbridge between Wigan and Pemberton called Poolstock
Bridge is decayed.

Charles Foster, Ferard Foster and Alice Armston for assaulting
Charles Bancks.

Thomas Worthington and Roger Wood - assault
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Henry Kerklie, Thomas Ascroft, Oliver Platt, James Winstanley
and Peter Whitle for playing bowls and Gilbert Harvy "For
bettinge att boules"

Thomas Worthington the younger for assaulting Roger Browne.

Robert Rigby and John Ward foreigners received by John Mathews
and Harry Lithgoe

Robert Bullocke and Elizabeth Buckley for carrying earth away
from the highway

Thomas Worthington the younger for abusing John Prescott

John Charnock for not making the yardings between his tenement
and Robert Penington's

Roger Never for breaking his recognizance by assaulting James
Mort and drawing blood

Roger and James Browne for assaulting Thomas Worthington

Order to various persons to remove foreigners

The churchwardens to put John Ward's bond in suit

The Bailiffs ordered to take care that the writ of error
brought by William Green be defended

Nicholas Penington Mayor at the request of Charles, Earl of
Derby swore several gentlemen under the rank of Esquire, but
he acknowledged that he did it unwillingly

"That the money burrowed from the town stock for the king's
service in the expedition under the Earl of Derby [taxed] in
New page
the next leyes with the Burrowe and payed unto the treasurer of
the Borrowe"

June 17 1661
A general meeting held in the Moot Hall to consider the money
to be raised in the defence of a suit against William
Pilkington concerning the money raised for the King's service.

Other presentments
William Forth dyer who had not served 7 years apprenticeship
James Hollinshed tailor for not repairing his lane &c
severed from the "Meanefield" and leading from the "High Lane"
in Woodhouses to Ecclestone Crofte &c.

Seth Mason and William Browne dyer for having kept John
Brighouse at work from 24 Oct 1660 for four months at the
dyers trade, he never having been apprenticed.

Thomas Burges tailor for employing 2 journeymen, William
Morecroft for one year and a half and Thomas Jolly for 10 days.
neither being free of the trade or corporations - Thomas
Burges to apply to the Master of the Company for journeymen.

Box 1  Roll 16  Easter Leet   20 April  1661
Petitions &c.
Petition of Anne Casson widow who supported her four children
by dressing flax, that William Kindsley, who was not a freeman,
might be prevented from selling flax in the borough.

Complaint of the Wardens of the Blacksmiths' Company that Roger
Wood, burgers and freeman had taken Robert Mosse as a
partner - He was ordered to send Mosse away

Complaint of Thomas Grundie sadler, that he worked at his trade
by the day for many of the inhabitants but was threatened
New page
by William Laithwaite sadler, he asked to be allowed to continue
- granted

Complaint of James Heyes of Hindley cooper that the Bailiffs
had told him to pay lays in Wigan, though he only came there
to the market once a week - he ought not to pay such lays.

Petition of John Taylor, tailor to be made a freeman.

Petition of William Whitfield who had lived for 9 years in
Wigan and who the year before had paid £20 to be made a freeman
on condition that if he were not admitted it should be
returned and time should be given him to move - given until
May 1st.

Complaint of Margaret Forde spinster that Peter Belcher had
taken down her wall between their houses and had built a
brick wall on her freehold

Complaint of Gerrard Bancks that Mr John Harvie would not
allow him peacebly to repair his weir belonging to Banck's
mill in "Cowhey", but allowed his cattle to tread the land
near the water "and the scoule boyes pulinge the windinges
up hath and doth cause the watter to rune out of itt course"

Complaint of James Bancks that at the Michaelmas Leet 1654
Charles Bancks the petitioner's father complained that
Gerard Bancks gentleman had set certain willow stocks in the
water of Douglas at the end of his croft to the stopping of
the water and the prejudice of the complainant's close on
the other side of the river, - he was ordered to remove
them but had never done so - He was ordered to remove them
before the 24th of June

The petition of the Company of Drapers, Mercers and Grocers
that persons who had not served an apprenticeship of 7 years
New page
to their trades might be prevented from exercising them -
To be fined.

Complaint of James Forde that Peter and Robert Balcher had
ruined his quickest hedge by taking away the earth from its
roots. - They were ordered to put earth round the roots and
bank it up.

Complaint of Peter Balcher of Scoles that he was molested by
James Forde concerning the hadge which had stopped up his

Complaint of James Whalley and Elizabeth Browne widow that
they had been heavily fined for very small offences and
distrained by Henry Rowe and William Forth then bailiffs.

Complaint of James Hollinshed tailor, that Mathew Markland
and Peter Marsh had proffered several bills and petitions
against him concerning a certain land which they said he did
not keep in good repair, he stated that he cut the hedges
and mended the ditches but their carts went to and fro at
unreasonable times and they did not clean their own water-
courses &c.

Complaint of Roger Foster husbandman, that though he was
possessed of a freehold estate he was presented as a foreigner
- He was ordered to bring his brother Robert before the
24th of June next, to enter into security not to be burden-
some to the town.

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