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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 15 - 1659, 1660

               Box 1.    Roll 15    1659
View of Frankpledge   1st October   1659

Mayor               Mr Alexander Tompson

Benchers            Mr William Glover
                    Mr Gerard Banckes

Recorder and        John Anderton
Town Clerk

Bailiffs            Henry Rowe
                    William Forth

Attornies           Roger Wood
                    Edward Baron

Serjeants           James Rigbie
                    James Langshawe


Standishgate        William Lythgoe
                    Ralph Leigh

Scoles              Peter Belchor
                    Roger Up Richard

Milnegate           James Harvie
                    John Sanders

Marketstead         James Whalley
                    Arthur Winstanley

Walegate            Charles Foster
                    James Lowe
New page
Halegate                 William Almond
                         John Deyne

Woodhouses               Peter Leigh
                         Roger Bavington

Supervisors of           William Leithwaite
Flesh and Fish           Peter Mason

Supervisors of           Thomas Garnet
Beer and Bread           Roger Winstanley

Treasurers               Ralph Houlne
                         Robert Pinington

Sealers Searchers &c.    Roger Scotte
                         James Rigby

Church Clerk             James Banckes

Belman                   Richard Dobson

     Box 1.    Roll 15
Court Leet 1st October  1659

The gatewaters of Standishgate presented -
William Manchester - a foreigner

John Naylor for allowing his swine to stray

The gatewater of Walegate presented
Thomas Parr and Joseph Acdie as inmates

The gatewaters of Halegate presented
New page
The the footway in front of Richard Shepard's house in
Halegate was decayed.

Wit: William Harrison, John Haigh, Ellen Harrison. Katherine
the wife of Robert Atherton "for cominge to Ellin Harrison
with a falce token to gett money into her hands for Nayles"

Wit:  Jeffrey Deane, Katherine the wife of Edward Letherbarrow
Alice the wife of John Harvey gentleman for abusing Gerard
Bancks gentleman
Surety - Mr Harvey

Wit: Roger Wood
Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Deane and Elizabeth the wife of
Hugh Wood - abuse

Margaret the wife of William Houghton for assaulting Grace
Almond, spinster.

Grace the wife of James Almond for abusing Margaret the wife
of William Houghton

Alice the wife of Mathew Johnson for assaulting Elizabeth
the wife of Hugh Wood

Roger Wood, hatter "for disgracefull words spiken against
Robert Penington"
"Wee order him to sitt two hours in the stockes att the
Markettcrosse in the open day about noone on the Markettday"

Bridget Barrowe for abusing Roger Wood hatter

Ann Penington for assaulting Alice the wife of Edward Lyon

Katherine the wife of Edward Letherbarrowe for scandalous
New page
words against Ralph Boulton and Elizabeth Boulton, spinster

The same for abusing Alice the wife of Edward Boulton

Margaret the wife of James Harvey and Alice the wife of
Robert Cooper, assault with drawing of blood

Mary Baron and Mabel the wife of John Perrin - abuse

Ann Marsden widow for scandalous words about Ann the wife of
William Foster

Margaret the wife of James Harvey for abuse and assault on
Agnes the wife of John Needom

Ellen Scott widow for abuse of Mrs Ellen Ford widow and for
scandalous words against William Forth deceased

Presentments of Edward Caterall, gatewater of the Marketstead

James Finch for allowing his swine to stray in the churchyard

Edmond Mollineux for assaulting Ellen Lythgoe widow

Presentments of the gatewaters of Milnegate

James Whalley "for harbouringe mens sonnes and servants in his
house at unlawfull tymes and admitinge them to play there at
unlawfull games to witt the Cards"

William Suxsmiths, Thomas Kirkbie, Roger Bullocke, Gilbert
Harvy, John Doulphen, William Tyrer, Oliver Platt and
Lawrence Battersby for playing cards and bowls at the house
of James Whalley
New page
Mrs Markland, Arthur Man, and Thomas Bullocke for keeping
John Cooper, Edmund Jolly and Roger Rigby as inmates.

Presentments of Robert Mason gatewater of Woodhouses

Ellen Forth, Mr RalphMarkland, William Boulton, William Turner,
James Farbrother, Thomas Lowe, John Wakefield, Roger Laithwaite
and Margaret Rylands for harbouring Thomas Winstanley, William
Whitfield, Roger Foster, Edward Tildesley, Thomas Tylor,
William Bamber the younger, Katherine Darbishire, and Henry
Scott - Fined 10s. each.

Roger Browne dauber presented for abusing Mr Robert Baron the
Mayor with "many foule and disgracefull speeces"  Ordered to
sit 6 hours in the stocks in the Marketplace on Market day
with "the contentes of his offence written in Large Letters
upon a paper and Fixed upon his hedd"

Jeffrye Scott bellfounder for receiving of Fower Mares of
Geldings out of the Custody of Thomas Leyland feltmaker being
taken for doeing damag feazunt     Fined 6s.  8d.  each.

The gatewaters of Scoles presented

James Banckes and Edward Ormishawe, for receiving George
Threlsall and Gilbert Hartleigh

Ellen Scott widow for abuse of Mrs Ellen Forth widow, and
scandalous words against Mr William Forth deceased - She was
to wear the bridle and acknowledge her offence in open court

Roger Wood feltmaker and William Shawe, assault

Thomas Bullocke pewterer and Robert his son for forceably
New page
entering the yard of William Houghton, miner and taking a pig,
and assaulting Margaret the wife of the said William Houghton.

Thomas Mortt the younger for taking Roger Scott one of the
Searchers into his shop to search leather, contrary to the
statut, and afterwards for abusing the said Roger

Thomas Kerkbie and Gilbert Harvie for playing cards in
James Whalley's house

William Tempest presented by Mr Harvey for preventing him
for digging a grave for William Harvey blacksmith &c
- as before

Thomas Farclough of Haigh, blacksmith and James Henshawe -
assault in Fair time

The same Thomas and John Woodward for the same

John Harvy for taking up and defacing a grave stone from the
burial place of William Tempest &c.  "Wee doe Find that Mr
Tempests grave or Buriall place doth beginn att the Midle of
the Arch of the West doore of the parish churchyard and
from thence goeth Northward and that Mr Harvey's Buriall place
doth begin att the said Midle of the arch and goeth Southward"

A certain footpath between the two Page Fields in the possession
of Ellen Forth widow was decayed - to be repaired.

Roger Browne for swearing 8 profane oaths - fined 50s.

Peter Forth and William Suxsmith for playing bowles

Ralphe Holme and William Liney - assault
New page
Roger Wood feltmaker and Thomas North - assault

James Scott brazier for digging in the street for clay

Roger Browne for swearing a profane oath

The Bailiffs to sue William Greene dyer for 5 li payable by
him for the use of the town

James Mollineux alderman presented for causing William
Pilkington alderman to be indicted at the last Sessions at
Lancaster where Mr Pilkington "and any other Burgers of this
Burrough oweth any sute of Court"  Which was breaking his
oath not to do anything prejudicial to the town.

Jeffrey Scott the younger brazier for suinf Jeoffrey Scott
the elder brazier on 18 July  1659 at the Sessions at
Ormskirk contrary to his oaths as freeman

Petitions &c
The complaint of Ellen Johnson widow that after the death of
her husband she had been allowed 8s. a month for herself
and her children, then reduced to 4s. "And then tooke the
Church bread from her and allowed her 6s. per mensem"
Now the bread had gone and her allowance was 4s. a month
"In which sadd Condicion shee and they remayne, almost famished
Now worke nor sustenance being to be had".  Her late husband
William Johnson  "paid 5 li  10s. to Roger Forth for the
Clerkes place in Wigan Church,  She asked for repayment of
this and relief.  -  To be allowed 6s  a month

Petition of Thomas Perin chapman who had paid 20s. towards the
purchase of the freedom of the town with security for 40s.
and then "at the riseing was ready and willing to gaine and
obteine the favour of this towne when he was put on for a
New page
Souldier, denied not to serve for the towne"  Asked for the
delivery of his bill.

Petition of Steven Platt that his fine might be remitted for
not taking away his dunghill in the Milnegate, as he had not
been warned.

Petition of Ralph Marsh plasterer, as usual, that he might
"call and crye upon the people" - granted

Petition of Robert Penington that Alice Never widow and Roger
her son had broken down his gate leading into the "Dove house
Orchard" in Hallgate which he had on lease from Robert Mawdesley
Esq. They pretending they had a right of way. It was ordered
that they should repair the gate and they had no right of way.

Petition of Thomas Parr to be made a Burgess

Petition of William Deane butcher that he might not have to
remove his shop in the Marketplace - He was to remove it by
the 29th of September following.

A list of men ordered to take their oath as freemen before
the 25th of March next

Information of Edward Rigby that on Sunday 23rd Oct 1659 he had
found Francis Sherington, Ralph Deane, Lawrence Starkie, and
Francis Battersby playing cards in the latter's house.

Agreed 9th Nov 1659 that 6 lays should be assessed &c.

Information of Peter Adlington gentleman that 4 cwt. of lead
was stolen on 24th Nov 1659 from the Hall at Ince, the property
of Roger Stoghton Esq, and he suspected Thomas Gerard gentleman
Robert Mather brazier and John Dolphin of having taken it.
New page
Repositions of Robert Pemberton of Scoles, plumber, James
Marsden brazier, &c. concerning the same

Repositions of Jane Anderton widow, Roger Catterall pewterer,
Edmund Hay and Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Lee, that the latter
on 27 Nov 1659 "did pronounce utter and declare that the said
Jane Anderton had taken or stolen something of From the
backride of the halle of Orrell.  and Carriedd the same away in
a Whyte sheete"

Thomas Worthington the younger cooper, stated that he on
19th Nov by virtue of a warrant entered into the kitchen in
the Hall of Orrell in the Standishgate to take possession
of the same to the use of Hugh Dicconson Esq and Bartholomew
Holme but William Ireland pewterer, Robert Forth pewterer, Mary
Pilkington spinster, Mary the wife of William Prescott tailor,
Margaret Nightgaile spinster, Katherine Ireland, Peter Marsh
gentleman and Ellen Forth the elder widow armed with weapons
did wound and evilly eutuat him and carryed him out of the
said kitchen.

7 Jan.  1659  a tax to be assessed for the relief of the
important poor of the town.

Court held 24th December  1659
May the wife of William Prescott tailor and Alice Orrell spinster
- assault

Mary, the sister of William Prescott and Ellen Orrell spinster -

Thomas Gerard gentleman for feloniously taking several parcels
of lead from Roger Stoughton Esq. from Ince Hall, Robert Mather
and Thomas Rigby for the same.
New page
Thomas Kirkbie for persuading the said Thomas Gerard to
commit the felony

John Dolphin for the like.

Ralph Lee and Elizabeth his wife for abusing Edmund Harvy
and Jane Anderton

Katherine the wife of Edward Leatherbarrow for scandalous
words spoken of Ralph Boulton and Elizabeth Boulton spinster.
Also for a "litigation" upon Alice the wife of Edward Boulton.

Thomas Bullock and Roger his son for forcibly entring the
garden of William Stoughton and taking 2 swine and assaulting
Margaret the wife of the said William

Ann the wife of Ralph Laithwait for abusing James Hollinhead.

Ann the wife of Robert Bibbie for a litigation upon James
Hollinhead and Elizabeth his wife.

John Hollinhead and Elizabeth the wife of James Hollinhead for
assaulting the said Ann Bibbie

Elizabeth the wife of James Hollinhead for a litigation on
Margaret Rogerson widow.

William Rogerson for a litigation upon James Hollinhead

Margaret Hollinhead for a litigation on James Hollinhead and
his wife.

James Hollinhead for a litigation on Ann the wife of Ralph
New page
Robert Wetherbie Humphrey Wetherbie son of John Wetherbie,
Thorstan Crosse, son of William Cross and Robert the son of
Alice Crosse for playing upon the Lord's day.

James Aspull for a litigation on Elizabeth the wife of William

Elizabeth Liney for the like upon the said James

Lawrence Starkey for assaulting Roger Browne dawber

William Forthe brazier for abusing Mary the wife of James Scott

Jane the wife of the said William for the like upon Mary Scott

The said Jane also for "an bokin droper"

Ann the daughter of the said William Forthe for abuse of Mary
Scott and for an "Eavsing droper"  Peter Ford for the like
upon the said Mary.

Mary the wife of James Scott for abusing the said William
Forthe and Jane his wife as an "eavsing droper"

John Needam and James Harvy - assault

Anne the wife of Thomas Parr for abusing William Almond
butcher and William Almond for the same.

Ann Parr and William Almond for swearing 6 wicked oaths each

William Almond for abusing Thomas Parr.

John Naylor for allowing his swine to stray
New page
Grace the wife of Mathew Markland gentleman for abuse and
assault of Elizabeth Liney

William Ireland, Robert Forth, Mary Pilkington, spinster,
Mary the wife of William Prescott, Margaret Nightgail, Katherine
Ireland, Peter Marsh, and Ellen Forth the elder for assaulting
Thomas Worthington the younger, Robert Hough and Richard

Thomas Worthington, Richard Scolcroft and Robert Hough for
riotously entering the Kitchen in the Hall of Orrell now
in the possession of William Ireland and making an assault
with battery on the said William

William Suxsmith, John Dolphin, Gilbert Harvy, Laurence
Battersbie, Oliver Platt, Peter Forth and William Tyrer for
playing bowls.

Emm Hesketh a foreigner fined 36s. for buying and selling
wheat without a licence. One half a the fine to go to the
town, the other half to the informers.

Elizabeth Browne widow for harbouring dangerous, idle and
loose vagrant persons

Oliver Platt, Gilbert Harvy, John Dolphin, Henry Kirkly,
Laurence Battersbie amd William Suxsmith for playing bowles.
And Peter Rigby for entertaining them.

Mary the wife of William Prescott for abusing and assaulting
Margaret the wife of John Sanders.

The said Mary for swearing 3 prophane oaths.

William Ireland for breaking the peace contrary to the form
New page
of his recognizance, being bound in 20 li and his Sureties
Hugh Barrowe clerk and Ralph Bancks in 10 li each.

Ann the wife of Roger Browne for swearing 14 profane oaths

Gilbert Harvy, Oliver Platt, William Suxsmith, John Dolphin,
and Henry Kerklic for playing bowles

Anne the wife of Richard Casson and Isabel the wife of
William Lithgoe - abuse

Laurence Starkey for swearing twelve oaths

Mr William Rigby and John Houghton for fighting

Deodatus Paulett for abusing Edmund Mullineux

James Birchall of Ince husbandman, on June 10th 1659 drove
Ralph Browne's cattle from the Roughfield in to the Greenfield
in possession of Thomas Leyland

Edward Rigby husbandman, on the 25th November 1659 entered
Ralph Browne's field called Martenheyes and cut down several
young ashes and saplings.

Court held 28th April  1660
William son of Richard Scott for an assault to Richard Scott
his Master

William Liney for abusing Ellen Casson

Hugh Hollinhead, James Hollinhead and Elizabeth Browne widow,
for assault with bloodshed on Thomas Joly, tailor, and Thomas
Joly for the like
New page
Anne the wife of Thomas Parr for abusing Anne the wife of
William Foster butcher.

Alice Sale for abusing Adam Banckes.

Margaret Markland widow and Arthur Mann for keeping John Cooper
and Edmund Joly, inmates.

Elizabeth Heay spinster for abusing William Catterall tailor
and Elizabeth his wife.

Ralph Leigh and Elizabeth his wife for abusing Jane Anderton
and Edmund Harvy.

Anne the wife of Ralph Laithwaite and James Hollinhead abuse.

Robert and Humphrey sons of John Wetherbie, Thurstan son of
William Crosse and Robert son of Alice Crosse for playing on
the Sabbath

William Forth brazier and Jane his wife for abusing Mary the
wife of James Scott

The same Jane as an evesdropper

Anne the daughter of William Forth and Peter Forth for abusing
the said Mary.

Mary wife of James Scott for abusing the said William
Forth and Jane his wife

James Harvey and John Needham assault

James Naylor for allowing his swine to stray

Grace the wife of Mathew Markland gentleman for abusing
New page
and assaulting Elizabeth the wife of William Liney.

Ellen the wife of Robert Bullock and Alice the wife of Oliver
Whalley - abuse

Roger Never for a slander upon Margaret the wife of William Almond

Roger Browne, dauber, for a slander upon Isabel Suxsmith and
swearing 6 oaths.

Anne the wife of James Hodson for abusing Alice Rymer "with many
Foule and aprbrious carrages about her Butter in the Markett"

Elizabeth the wife of James Hollinhead and Ellen the wife of
James Leatherbarrow - abuse and assault

William Shawe for assault on Henry Rowe one of the Bailiffs
and obstructing him in the execution of his duty.
5 hours in the stocks in the Hall

George Shawe for abusing the said Henry Rowe and for swearing
2 oaths.

William Greene dyer for abusing William Forth one of the bailiffs.

Richard Casson brazier for assaulting Robert Casson.

Roger Bacon brazier for abusing Robert Forde brazier and for
assaulting Anne his wife and abusing her.

Mary the wife of Richard France for an assault on Margaret

Peter Rothwell for assaulting Thomas Barrington.
New page
Gilbert Harvey, Thomas Blackhurst, Peter Forth, Laurence
Battersbie, and John Dolphin for playing bowls.

William Catterall and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Mortt and
Jane his wife - assault and abuse

The said Elizabeth for a slander on Katherine Prescott spinster
and assault on her

Parson Bancks for assaulting Charles Bancks the younger

Thomas Willis for assaulting Thomas Garnell.

Ellen the wife of John Whalley for a slander upon William

Ralph Laithwaite "For Fleeinge A horse in the street and
Leaveinge the Intralles there"

Elizabeth the wife of Roger Never for swearinge one oath

William Manchester a foreigner and James Hodson for retaining

William Tyrer, Gilbert Harvey, John Dolphin, Henry Kerkbie
and Peter Whitle for playing bowls

Andrew Lathom and Humphrey France, assault

James Brighouse and Edward Rigby - the same

Alexander Rylands and John Clubbe - the same

Gilbert Harvey, John Dolphin, and Peter Forth for playing
and betting at bowls
New page
Gilbert Glover and Robert Orrell - assault

Peter Adlington and William Pilkington and Mary his wife - assault

John Mather for abusing Ralph Markland gentleman

Peter Whittle, Alexander Leigh, Peter Greene and John Dolphin
for playing bowls.

Myles Grimshawe of Haigh and John Deane butcher - assault

Jane Deane for allowing her swine to stray

Thomas Parr butcher for allowing a dunghill to lie in the street.

Hugh Hollinhead and Elizabeth Browne - assault

Ellen Casson spinster for felonously taking "one cloth
pinner of holand worth lyd"  the property of Margaret Charnocke

Thomas Kerklie for an assault on William Forth, one of the
bailiffs and "abusinge him in a very high and Contemptious

John son of Thomas Deane and John Tompson for assaulting
William Catterall.

Anne Catterall for a slander on Margery Higham and abusing
Elizabeth the wife of James Prescott

John Up Richard for abusing William Glover, now Mayor and for
swearing 2 oaths.

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