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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 14 - 1658

                  Box 1.  Roll 14   Court Leet Records

2 October 1658

Mayor                Robert Baron

Aldermen             William Glover
                     Gerrard Banckes

Recorder or          Robert Mawdesley Esq
Town Clerk           Henry Rowe, deputy

Bailiffs             Edward Markland
                     Christopher Sumner
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Attornies            Roger Wood
                     Edward Baron

Serjeants            James Finch
                     James Rigby

Standishgate         Ralph Boulton
                     John Whalley

Scoles               Andrew Lathom
                     Thomas Mathewson

Milnegate            Edward Boulton
                     Thomas Kirkby

------               John Hay
                     Edward Catterall

Walegate             Gerard Holis
                     Robert Carter

Halegate             Grefory Foster
                     John Buckley

Woodhouses           Robert Mason
                     Peter Lowe

Supervisors of       William Foster
                     Gilbert Leigh

Supervisors of       Richard Marsden
Ale and Beer         Ralph Marsh

Treasurers           Seth Mason
                     Thomas Bancks
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Sealers, searchers &c.      James Rigby
                            James Waitson

Church clerk for town.      Alexander Cason

Bellman                     Richard Dobson

     Court Leet 2nd October 1658

Lawrence Taylor gatewater for Walegate presented Peter Marsh
gentleman for allowing Joseph Caddy a stranger to inhabit a
house of his in Walegate and William Catterall for taking in
Thomas Leaver

John Boulton and William Lynney for assault

William Shawe for abusing the Mayor

William Lynney and James Banckes - assault

William Ireland and William Hall gatewaters for Standishgate
presented James Millineux gentleman and Anne Booth for taking
in Edward Rigby and John Hunt

Roger Browne and Roger Wood gatewaters for Halegate presented
Mathew Markland gentleman for throwing rubbish into the highway
between the parsonage and the end of Halegate.

Wit:  Jane Wigan
Alice Townloe and Anne Penington - abuse

William Shawe assaulted Roger Browne the gatewater, also Katherine
Shawe and Alice Townloe also assaulted him.
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Wit:  Charles Never and Katherine Shawe
Roger Browne abused William Shawe

Thomas Acton and Gilbert Wood gatewaters of Milnegate presented
John Sanders as a stranger and Joseph Penington for harbouring
Henry Shuttleworth.

Mathew Markland gentleman for allowing rubbish to lie in Milnegate.

John the son of Richard Dolphin, Gilbert the son of William
Harvy and Peter the son of William Ford of Standishgate for
playing bowls.

William Greene dyer, John Hollinhead of Ince and Thomas
Worthington cooper to be of good behaviour

Thomas Gage Esq. presented for making a rescue upon the bailiffs.

Alice the wife of Thomas Acton for assaulting Annd Foster.

Elizabeth Never and Anne Bancks - assault
Sureties Roger Never and Thomas Garnet

Ellin Townloc and Margaret Wood for abusing Margaret Mather
Sureties - Thomas Battersbie and Roger Wood hatter

Elizabeth Never for abusing Anne Bancks.

James Watson for scandalizing Mr Reade.

Hugh Scott and William Ashton - assault
Surety - Charles Hollinhead

Elizabeth the wife of James Hollinghead and Anne the wife of
Ralph Laithwaite - abuse.
Surety - James Hollinghead and Ralph Laithwaite
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James Browne and Charles Never for assaulting William Eyer

Edward Rigby for abusing James Mullineux

Henry Naylor for assaulting Robert Markland, tailor and drawing

Elizabeth and Anne Pilkington for abusing Elizabeth Lynney

Roger Bibby overseer of Highways for Halegate presented for
not repairing the road.

James Browne presented for assaulting his father Roger Browne.
He was ordered 4 hours in the stocks at the Cross "and a paper
written with his offence on it and pinned upon him"

James Aspull for abusing Katherine Mather and the same Katherine
for assaulting him.

Ordered by the Mayor and Aldermen that the "faire Eave called
the beast faire" be on Monday 18th of October.

Edward Prescott presented for assaulting Edmund Mollineux.

Bailiffs presentments
Thomas Actor and Roger Wood hatter, abuse and assault

Thomas Ashton "for playing att unlawful games (to witt) Cardinge

William Houghton for keeping a gaming house

Alice Orrell widow and Margaret Cowbone for persuading Thomas
Almond the younger to commit fornication with Elizabeth
Burges in the said Alice's house.       "Wee order that the
persons shall all Carted through the Towne"
Surety Seth Mason
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Thomas Almond for the above offence "Wee order that hee bee
Carted through the towne with the woman and bee banished the
Towne"  Surety Gilbert Langshawe.

Hugh Hollinhead and William Bancks and James Glasbrooke abuse

Hugh Hollinhead for swearing 6 oaths.  Fined 36s. 6d.

Margaret the wife of Thomas Almond presented for calling
Elizabeth Orrell widow "theefe and strip hedge."

Presented Mr Brighouse, James son of Gilbert Forth, James
Browne pewterer and John Foge for taking in Peter Lathom,
Robert Bomber, John Needome, John Fisher and George Threlforth

James Wigan for abusing James Alman.

Ellen Gerrard presented for entertaining John Bradshaw a stranger

Presented by Robert Carter and Gerrard Hollis gatewaters of
Ellen Lythgoe, Anne Finch, Margaret Wood, Katherine Shawe and
Alice Marsdeane "for prophaneing the Saboth day by carryinge of
water from the stone well in the Walegate for brueing"

James Finch for allowing his pigs to wander in the churchyard.

Jenett Lee, Peter Marsh gentleman, for taking in Thomas Parr,
Joseph Caddy and Thomas Parson strangers

Jenett Lee for obstinating the street by the Meale House with

Anne Catterall for taking in Anne Forshaw
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   Edward Mollyneux for letting his wood lie at the side of the
   Meade House

   John Whalley panner for abusing Ellen, the wife of John Whalley

   Peter Lowe gatewater presents John Cowper and Edward Jolly as
   foreigners in the Woodhouses.

1. Robert Mason gatewater presented Margaret Rylands, Christian
   Buckley, Mr James Mollyneux William Boulton, Mr William Turner,
   William Lawe, Jeffrey Bamber and Richard Southworth for
   entertaining Henry Scott, Oliver Farclough, Robert Fazerkerley,
   Thomas Taylor, Williame Baite, William Bamber the elder,
   "a farriner at Charnocks house and William Bamber the younger.

2. Thomas Scot, Thomas Rauson and Richard Dobson for allowing
   their swine to stray.

3. Joseph Keddy for trading in the town.

   A list of strangers fined 3s. 6d. a month.

   Peter Rigby, Richard Marsden, John Naylor, William Sayle,
   Humphrey Naylor, Alexander Woodward, William Bate and Jeffrey
   Bamber strangers fined 6s.  8d. a month for selling beer
   and ale in the town.

   Thomas Finch of Standish presented for fighting in fair time.

   "Wee order that Thomas Ireland have for carrying downe the
   Great Mace from London the sumnse of 20s.

   The Serjeants had been tolling meale and corn brought into
   the town, in their "Host Houses", in future it was to be
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done in the open market.

That persons bringing wheatm barley and c. into the town, had
been selling it in Ale houses and private houses, in future
all wheat &c. was to be sld in the open market under pain of
6s.  8d.

Petitions &c.

The petition "of the poore desolate" Ellen widow of William
Johnson clerk. That her son Gerrard, who was still at school
might have his fathers place, and in the mean time a friend
"will gratefully supply the Register Certificates and all
wryting belonging to it". She asked for relief for "her many
poore infants". It was referred to the discretion of the
overseers of the poor and churchwardens.

Petition of Hugh brother of William Johnson Clerk of the town
and Borough deceased, that he might at his own costs put a
clerk in his brother's place. And in the meantime he would
pay the education of his brother's eldest son for a year, when
he would be ready to take up his father's duties.

The complaint of John Catterall, John Prescott and Thomas
Worthington coopers that John Smith might be prevented from
working as a cooper in the town.   It was granted.

Bill of Myles Turner, lawyer for the suit of Marsh v Markland
and Harvy at the August Assizis  1657. It was to be paid
out of the fair and toll money.

A letter concerning the same dated 16.  April 1658 to "Mr
Bailiffe Holme" from "Your troblesome but Loving Freind
Myles Turner"
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Complaint of James Hollinhead, tailor, that Mr William Pilkington,
Mr Mathew Markland and John Anderton trespassed on his close
called "the Meanfield"

Petition of Ralph Marsh, plaster that he might, as usual
"call and Crye upon the people". It was granted from the 22nd
of October until the 10th of March.

Petition of Mathew Markland mercer and Peter Marsh that James
Hollinhead had planted a hedge which obstructed the lane leading
to their close. He was ordered to make it wide enough for a
horse and cart to pass.

Petition of John Deane butcher to be made a freeman as his
great grandfather James Deane was a burgers, whose eldest son
John Deane was the petitoner's grandfather whose son was
William Deane butcher father of the petitioner to whom he was
apprenticed. And after his father's death he served his mother
Anne Deane during her life.

Petition of William Deane and William Foster butchers and
freemen, whose ancestors had been burgesses and freemen before
them, to be admitted burgesses. It was allowed and they
were sworn 21 Oct 1658

The petition of Ralph Dean and the rest of the butchers that
no stranger might set up as a butcher in the town.

Petition of Gilbert Deane and William Almond butchers to be
admitted freemen.

Petition of Thomas Parr who had married the eldest daughter of
a burgess and by her he had a frehold in the town, that he might
be admitted freeman.
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Complaint of Thomas Taylor that he had taken a messuage in
Gidlowe Lane from William Boulton, for 6 years, and had lived
there for more than 2 years, but was presented as a stranger
at the last leet. He asked to be discharged and offered to
put in good security to save the town harmless &c.

The petition of Margaret Browne widow, "being a poore deaffe
Impotent woman would fayne live in peace", that Edmund Marsh
smith would leave her in peaceable possession of the house
which her husband had from Geoffrey Penington, lately deceased,
about 27 years before for turn of 3 lives.  It was allowed.

Petition of Edward Marsh that he might not be annoyed by
Margaret Browne widow, William Watson and Elizabeth his wife
in the messuage &c. which he had leased from Francis Sherrington.

Petition of John Smith cooper, that he came into the borough
with the consent of the late Mayor, to work at his trade and
wished to continue.

Complaint of Hugh Mather that he had been fined for trading
in the town whereas he had only been selling the goods of
his master Thomas Kid alias Ireland. The petitioner had been
born in the town and served his apprenticeship with Robert
Suxsmith coverlet weaver. He asked to be admitted freeman.

Petition of Henry Rowe that he might have the usual 10s. for
making the ertreat books &c.

That at the EasterLeet Thomas Perren had asked to be made a
freeman on the payment of 5 li. which was allowed but that
after he had not been able to pay it all at once. William
Baldwin,James Ford and others asked that he might be admitted
on good security.
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            Lukes Fair    1658

Toll takers

Walegate              Hugh Moulding
                      Thomas Worthington
                      Robert Casson

Milnegate             Alexander Ford
                      Richard Lowe
                      Thomas Whalley

Standishgate          William Ashton
                      Alexander Ford, pewterer
                      Laurence Moulding

Hallgate              James Almond

Toll takers for       Alexander Ford, barber
the Horse Fair        Richard Lowe

Box 1.  Roll 14.
Meeting Dat 18th December 1658

Presentments of John Whalley and Ralph Boulton, gatewaters of

Ralph Lee and Elizabeth his wife "for drinkeinge upon the
Lords day att eveninge prayre tyme" in Peter Lee's house, and
he for selling the ale.

Presentments of John Buckley and Gregory Foster gatewaters of

John Johnson, Mathew Johnson, Elizabeth Swift, Alice Reed and
Sir William Webb, strangers, taken in by William Tempest,
New page
William Deane of Milnegat, Margaret Mather, Anne Finch and
James Watson.

And John Charnock for taking in a stranger whose name was

Presentments of Edward Markland and Christopher Sumpson

Wit:  Elizabeth Sompson
Thomas Houghton of Standishgate and Ralph Holme, assault.
Sureties - Elizabeth Whittle and Thomas Houghton

Wit:  William Houghton husbandman and Charles Banckes the
Margaret Worthington spinster for "scandalous and disgracefull
words" against James Nightgale and Margaret the wife of
Nicholas Boulton.
Surety - Charles Banckes the younger

Jane the wife of William Bamber for calling Gerrard Banckes
gentleman a "cheater"

Francis Battersbie for assault and Bloodwype upon Robert
Burges the younger and Robert Burges the like

Robert Halsall for abuse of Edward Boulton gentleman

Roger Worthington for slander upon Anne the wife of James Hodson

Charles Leigh for assaulting James Harrison

George and William Shawe and Thomas Garnett and Arthur Winstanley
assault and affray.
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Thomas Mathewson and Andrew Lathom gatewaters presented William
Banckes for letting his dung lie in the Scoles, also James
Langshaw and Hugh Ford coverlet weaver for the same.

Thomas Kirkly and Edward Bolton gatewaters of Milnegate presented
Henry Shuttleworth, John Sanders, Mr Edmund Hesketh and
Margaret the wife of Adam Wood as "inmates"

Robert Carter and Gerrard Hollice gatewaters for Walgate
presented Jenet Lee, and Anne Catterall for entertaining.
Thomas Par and Anne Forshawe.

Thomas Leaver - a stranger presented

Robert Never for not making the yard between him and Ralph Deane

Jenet Lee and Elizabeth Deane the younger - abuse

"Margarett Worthington spinster presents James Nightball and
Margarett the wife of Nicho Boulton for beeing uncically
together in the field or hey of William Browne aboute hay

Elizabeth the wife of James Hollinhead and Anne the wife of
Ralph Laithwaite - abuse

Oliver Barne for swearing a profane oath

Nicholas Penington pewterer and Gilbert Cookeson - assault

Hugh Scott brazier and James ap Richard - assault

Thomas Parr formerly of Newton Lancs. presented for trading as
a butcher, not being a freeman of the borough
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Petitions &c.
Petitions for maintenance according to the Act of Parliament of
Mathew Johnson a soldier who had served the Commonwealth in
Englans, Ireland and Scottland.

Petition of Robert Lowe, who having served his apprenticeship as
a carpenter with Richard Lowe a freeman, desired to be sworn a
freeman -

Complaint of Peter Lathome, a miner, who had married Alice the
daughter of John Brighouse deceased who was an Alderman of the
town. He had lived in Wigan ever since his marriage and his
five children all born ther - yet he had been fined as an inmate
- The fine was remitted

23Dec.   1658   20 leyes to be collected &c.

Sessions Meeting day  19 March  1658

Presentments by the Bailiffs
Wit:  Leonard Coward and Mary Baron
Thomas and Laurence Fairclough - assault
and Thomas, Oliver and Ralph Fairclough and Thomas Acton and
Alice Wat for the like

Oliver Fairclough and Humphrey Mather - assault

William Ford the younger for purloining his Master, John Harvie's
goods and borrowing money in his name.

William Shawe for playing cards
Surety - William Laithwaite sadler

Humphrey Naylor for suffering unlawful games to be played in his
New page
Roger Browne labourer and Edward Rigby joiner - assault

Alice Ford widow for assaulting Margaret Markland widow.

Presentments made by the gatewaters of Walgate

Gilbert Deane and Alice Deane for allowing their Jenees to fall
down to the great prejudice of William Tempest gentleman and
the same Gilbert Deane

Presentments of the gatewaters of Milngate
John Anderton for allowing his dung to lie at Anne Harvy's door.

John Doulphen for playing bowles.

Laurence Anderton for assaulting William Ashton and the said
William for the like.

James Harrison on Sunday the 31st Oct. 1658 assaulted Ellen
Hey and Katherine Lee, in church during service as they were
sitting in a pew adjoining the "Parsons Chancell"

On the same day Charles and Humphrey Lee assaulted James
Harrison who was peaceably seated in church near the Parsons
chancell, during service.

Roger Cosner of Pemberton husbandman to keep the peace with
William Orrell and Robert Markland tailor with Ralph Firclough.

Presented by John Whalley and Ralph Boulton gatewaters
Peter Lee for selling beer in his house during evening Service
on the Lord's Day and Ralph Lee and his wife and Elizabeth Lee
for drinking there.

Jane the wife of William Bomber for calling Mr Gerrard Banckes
New page

Elizabeth the wife of James Hollinhead and Anne the wife of
Ralph Laithwaite - abuse

Steven Platt for laying his dung on the toll bars at Milngate.

Petitions &c.
Petition of Thomas Parr butcher, who was married in the
burough and had a freehold estate there, to be made a freeman.

March 19  1658        Eyes v Barrow
Elizabeth Barrow made oath that she required Mr Ralph Markland
as witness in the Caure, and she also wanted the letters of
administration granted to Oliver Leigh.

Complaint of Gerrard Banckes against John Harvy That he was
diverting the watercourse from the said Gerrard's mile.
Waterhey, Douglas and Cowhey Bottom mentioned.

Court held 9th April 1659    (contd)

Strangers fined - Peter Rigby, Richard Marshdeane, John Naylor,
William Sale, Humphrey Naylor, Geoffrey Bamber.

The Masters and Wardens of every trade to bring to the Mayor
the names of all those that were not sworn freemen of every
trade before the 31st of May upon pain of 5s. apiece.

Fined for not working on the highways, - Peter Marsh, Nicholas
Mather, Henry Maudsley, Anne Mulleneux spinster and Mrs
Katherine Mawdsley

William Laithwaite the elder, Thomas Forde the elder and
William Forth dyer to repair their ditch and on the lands
New page
adjoining the lane that went from Scoles to Ince at the
Birket Bank.

Robert Cartwright and Gerrard Hollis gatewaters of Walegate
presented - Joseph Caddy and Thomas Leaver as inmates

Mrs Ellen Ford widow for not repairing the fence between her
tenement and Mr Tempest's.

Mrs Markland widow for not opening her ditch at the bottom of

Anne Banckes widow for the same in "Whittacres"

William Deane for the same in "Slaters Acre"

Ralph Boulton gatewater of Standishgate presented John Baldwin
and Anne Mollineux for receiving John Hunt and Edward Rigby
- foreigners.

Thomas Houghton - a foreigner

John Naylor for allowing his swine to stray.

John Buckley and Gregory Foster, gatewaters of Halegate
presented James Watson, James Foster, and Ellen Lythgoe for
receiving Sir William Webb, John Johnson, and Mathew Johnson,

The footpath from Richard Shepard's house to the church was

The gatewaters of Scoles presented James Forth for receiving
Robert Bamber

John Needham a stranger
New page
Thomas Jolly, Mr Edward Sompner, James Browne and Edward Ormishawe
for receiving Adam Higgart, James Taylor, John Fisher and
Gilbert Faircliffe [Hartcliffe?]

Robert Mason and Peter Lowe gatewaters of Woodhouses presented
Roger Laithwaite, Mrs Ellen Forth, William Boulton, William
Lowe, Elizabeth Sedon widow and Thomas Scott shoemaker for
receiving Roger Foster, William Whittfield, Thomas Taylor,
William Bomber the elder, William Bomber the younger, and John
Clarke and his wife.

James Scott the younger, potter and William Hill collier assault.
And James Scott swore 2 prophane oaths. Surety Richard Marsdeane

James Belcher and Margaret Ford - abuse

Margaret Ford for abusing Robert Belcher

Miles Gerrard, Roger Wood, John Wood all of Aspull and Thomas
Rylands for playing cards.   fined 10s. each.

James Langshawe pewterer fined 10s. for allowing unlawful
games to be played in his house

Peter Lowe gatewater of Woodhouses presented Mrs Markland widow
amd Arthur Man for receiving John Cooper, Edmund Jolly and
Henry Benton.

Wit: for disturbing Richard Ashton, Peter Lee, and Richard
Dobson. Wit: for right of burial - Edmund Winstanley, Ellen
Scott widow and Ellen Lythgoe widow William Tempest gentleman
on the 23rdFeb. 1658 did assault John Harvye gentleman and
hindered him from making a grave in his own burial place for
William Harvye blacksmith.

That John Harvie gentleman did on the 23 of February 1658
New page
in the parish churchyard "a Certayne Asler stone there
lyinge upon the buriall place belonginge to William Tempest of
Wigan gentleman wrongfully and Injudiously did take up and
the letters in the said Stone did cut out deface and spoyle"
and dry up the earth there.

Ellen Ford widow and Margaret Markland widow for assault

Gilbert Greene presented for allowing his mill to work on
the Sabbath day.

Thomas Houghton for selling bread and ale - not being a freeman

Presented as strangers - Edward Rigby, Gilbert Hartcliffe,
William Whitfyld, John Clarke, Edward Bentam, John Fisher,
Roger Foster, William Bamber the younger, John Cooper,
Edmund Jolly and John Hunt.

Edward Markland and Christopher Sompner bailiffs presented
Margaret Markland widow for assaulting Ellen Ford widow.

Ellen Deane widoe for assaulting Christian the wife of
Robert Carter and for swearing one prophane oath

Petitions &c.
Petition of Ralph Deane and the other butchers of the town
that they might be incorporated as a distinct company.

Petition of Gilbert Hartley who had been presented as a

Petitioner of Thomas Houghton who had married Elizabeth Whittle
widow to be made a freeman.  He was to be admitted free to
sell Ale and beer on condition he paid 3 pounds.

Petition of Thomas Leaver who had married a widow whose
New page
husband was a burgess, and he himself had served the Parliament
in the war under Major Joseph Rigby, that he had been distrained
as a foreigner, he asked to be discharged and his goods
returned - it was allowed.

The petition of Peter Aspinwell of Standish spurrier who could
locks and "stocks for guns and for the makeinge of Clocks
and Jacks" that he might be allowed to trade in Wigan.

Petition of Thomas Parrin chapman, who had purchased his
freedom, for a better stall at fair time. He was to "have a
stall next unto the dyall port in the Market place at the
Fayre and Market day"

Petition of Joseph Keddy, chapman, who had lived in Wigan for
24 years and married a woman born in the town, to be made a

The petition of Robert Mamber miner who had worked in the coal
mine of Robert Langshawe for 12 years, pewterer, and had
married "a free borne woman within this Borrow" by whom he
had, in her right, a messuage in Whalley but who had been
presented as a stranger - he asked to be discharged &c.

Petition of John Needam linen weaver, who had married a
native of Wigan and purchased a freehold, that he might be
made a freeman. It was granted on condition that he paid
5 li.

Petition of Thomas Parr who "haith Lately married a burgesse
doughter" and had a freehold estate, that he might be
admitted burgess or freeman. Granted as above.

Petition of Alice Read widow to set up a school
New page
Petition of John Fisher of the Scoles feltmaker, who had
already given a bond to save the town harmless &c. for redress
because he had been fined as a stranger.

Petition of John Sanders to be made a freeman

William Laithwaite the elder and James Belcher sworned to give
evidence in the suit between Peter Belcher and Margaret Ford

William Bancke, Elizabeth Farbrother amd Ellen Farbrother
sworn to give evidence for Ralph Wood against Robert Belchar

Thomas Cowper and Gilbert Unsworth sworn to give evidence in
the suit between Ambrose Jolly and Peter Marsh.

Petition of Ambrose Jolly concerning the space between his
house and Peter Marsh's

Complain of James Belcher that Ralph Wood of the Scoles,
tailor had obstructed the watercourse

The petition of Roger Wood, blcksmith that John Anderton had
trespassed in his close called "Cowhey"

Complaint of Margaret Ford of the Scoles spinster, that
whilst she was away from home Peter Belchar pulled down her
wall &c.

Complaint of Ralph Wood tailor that Robert Belchall of the
Scoles had made a watercourse at the back of James Belchall's
tenement and flooded the petitioner's close

Articles and Orders agreed upon by the butchers, freemen of
the town, 24th Jan.  1658
New page
Complaint of Peter Belchar of the Scoles that Margaret Ford
disturbed the peaceful possession of his tenement.

Bond of William Whitfield husbandman to save the town harmless&c.

Bond of Harry Smith and Mary his wife as above.

Ascension Fair  12th May  1659

Toll takers.
Standishgate             William Ashton
                         James Baron
                         Laurence Moulding

Walgate                  Hugh Moulding
                         Thomas Worthington
                         Robert Cason

Milnegate                Alexander Ford
                         Richard Lowe
                         Hugh Wood

Halegate                 James Almond

Tolltakers for the       Robert Casson
Horse fair               Richard Lowe

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