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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 13 - 1657, 1658

   Box 1.   Roll 13
View of Frankpledge before Edward Sompner Mayor
3rd October 1657.

Mayor              William Tempest

Benchers           Robert Baron
                   William Glover

Recorder           Robert Mawdesley Esq
and Town Clerk

Bailiffs           Ralph Holme
                   Robert Pennington

Attornies          Roger Wood
                   John Anderton
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Serjeants          James Finch
                   James Rigby

Standishgate       William Hall
                   William Ireland

Scoles             Laurence Ford
                   James Belcher

Milnegate          Gilbert Wood
                   Thomas Acton

Marketsted         Gilbert Orrell
                   William Watson

Walgate            Gerrard Lee
                   Edward Taylor

Halgate            Roger Wood feltmaker
                   Roger Browne

Supervisor of      Edmund Molyneux
Flesh and Fish     Roger Bibby

Supervisors of     Miles Mitton
Ale and Beer       Edward Catterall

Treasurers         William Markland
                   Edmund Harvy

Sealers Searchers  James Rigby
and Registrars of  
Leather            Thomas Scott

Church Clerk for   William Johnson
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Bellman            Richard Dobson

Box 1.   Roll 13   Court Leet Records.

Court Leet 3 Oct 1657
Gatewaters James Baldwin and James Penington present
Peter Marsh, Mathew Markland smith, James Hollinhead tailor,
Ralph Anderton filler, Christian Wackfeild widow, and Gilbert
Baldwin, William Hill the younger for harbouring David Rigby,
William Manchester mason, Alexander Farbrother weaver, -
Hackerson plasterer and Richard Sands and John Hould foreigners.

John Hollinhead of Ince for swearing a profane oath.

James Finch serjeant and John Naylor for letting their swine stray.

Elizabeth Scott midwife for setting two stoups in the street.

Elizabeth Scott widow for not opening the watercourse between
her house and Alexander Tompson's

John Harvy alderman and Hugh Scott potter - assault

Mary Pilkington and Anne, Elizabeth and Easter her daughters
and John Nighell Grace his wife and Margaret and Alice their
daughters - abuse and assault

William Pilkington gentleman for saying at the Great Leet on
4th Oct 1656, "he that presented me was a Rascald and they that
found me guilty were Rnaves and Rascalds meaning the jury
aforesaid".   Fined 20s.

James Farbrother for harbouring John Black, his wife and child.
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Elizabeth Gibson for abusing Margaret the wife of William Greene.
Fined 2sl 6d. and if she did not pay to be put in the cuckstool
and ducked 3 times.

Hugh Scott for abusing John Wackfeild one of the bailiffs.

Gerrard Ford and Miles Seddon gatewaters for Scoles present
Margaret Markland widow, Arthur Man of Whalley James Ford the
younger, for harbouring John Cooper, Edmund Ielly and Henry
Benton and John Weedon.

Alice the wife of Mathew Johnson labourer, Edward Baron shoe-
maker and William Whalley shoemaker to be of good behaviour.

Robert Markland gentleman for opening a ditch lying between
Little Scottes Meadow and Round Meadow to the damage of
Cuthbert ? Scott.

Judith the wife of John Baldwin for abuse of Ellen the wife of
Robert Boyes and John Standish.  Fined 16s.  8d. for 3 oaths.

Ellen the wife of Robert Boyes for abusing Judith Baldwen.
Fined 3sl 4d.  for cursing. Surety Robt. Boyes.

Anne the wife of James Lythgoe for the like

Thomas Jolley and Cecilly his wife for abusing Elizabeth Wood
spinster and Alice Farbrother spinster. Surety Humphrey Farbrother.

Ellen the wife of Thomas Whitle and Elizabeth the wife of William
Lynney - abuse.

John Hollinhead brazier for abusing William Leathwaite saying
amongst other things "I will take thy life if I can"
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James Astley for abusing William Leathwaite saying "thou art a
dishonest man"

William Laithwaite for the like

Anne Hodgson and Margery Bullocke for abuse
Sureties Christopher Sompner and Thomas Bullocke.

Ellen Townlowe for stealing her Master's goods.

Margaret the wife of Thomas Almond and Ellen his daughter - abuse
Sureties - Thomas Almond and Ellen Houghton.

Gilbert Banckes and Gilbert Hertley - assault

John Naylor the elder and William Harrison - assault

           -----       -------     -------

Margaret Mather for cursing William Harrison

Gilbert Orrell for abusing John Anderton and Joan his mother.

Gerrard Banckes and Litiah? his wife for abusing Joan Anderton.

Emery the wife of Richard Sands and Joan Anderton - abuse
Sureties - Richard Sands and Edmund Harvy

Alice the wife of Edmund Harvy for abusing Emery Sands.

Margery the wife of James Marsden for abusing the said Emery

Jane Anderton and Ellen the wife of James Letherbarrowe - abuse

William Whalley for abuse of John Lee
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William Ashton brazier assault on Roger Baron

William Catterall and William Sale - assault

Anne the wife of Richard Crose abuse of Elizabeth the wife of
William Johnson

John Kelly for an assault on "two yong stru sons tinckers"

John Hollinhead brazier and Alexander Ford founder - assault.

John Hollinhead for "foule and disgrasfull" words against William
Laithet the elder calling him "aquinenig Rogue"

William Prescott presented for working as a tailor, not having
been a freeman for four months - fined 8 li.

William Greene for not muzzling his dog.

Thomas Ronson and William Deane gatewaters presented Mary
Pilkington for not making the hedge between her lands and those
of Robert Baron Alderman.

Judeth Bancks widow for not making the hedge between her ground
and that of John Harvey alderman.

James Finch serjeant presented for letting his sow wander in
the churchyard.

Christian Buckley for harbouring strangers "and gives out in
speeches she will doe it"

James Astley fular for abusing William Leathwaite the elder

John Hollinhead brazier for abusing William Leathwaite.
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John Whalley and Peter Mason gatewaters
James Finch, Edward Catterall and Thomas Garnett presented for
letting their swine wander in the market place.

Richard Ashton gatewater
presented James Letherbarrow, skinner for letting his 2 swine
wander in the street.

Peter Smith presented for harbouring John Kelly at Coalds House

John Harvy gentleman presented for disgraceful words and
gestures against Edward Hollinhead. And Anne the wife of
Ralph Hindley for the same.

The bailiffs ordered to set up a toll bar at Milngate before
the next fair in the accustomed place

John Naylor the younger, miller, presented for grinding corn
on the Lord's days the 11th and 18th of October 1657

Robert Boyes presented for an assault on John Naylor the elder,
miller, and for swearing 3 profane oaths

Hugh Hollinhead presented for using foul words against his
father John Hollinhead

Thomas Finch of Standish for assault and drawing of blood upon
Hugh Crosse of Dalton, in the fair time.

John Whittle for an assault on James Astley in fair time, and
James Astley for abusing John Whittle.

William Hill for swearing one profane oath and for abusing
Ralph Armston

The town mill to be sold------------------
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The town clerk to look up a bond of William Greene's

On the 22nd of October 1657 at the end of the Leet, Edward
Marsh blacksmith "Came into the pelice in the Moothall" and
said that he had been "too forward" in bringing a suit against
the town.

Gerard Leigh gatewater presented Peter son of William Ford
founder for playing bowles, and John the son of Richard
Dolphin for the same.

Anne Catterall of Walegate widow for harbouring strangers

Gilbert Deane for a cup of clay "or dawbe which lyes
noysomly in the street"

James the son of Roger Browne for playing shuffleboard.

William Seles for letting his swine wander

Thomas Hatton gatewater or Milnegate presented Peter Adlington
for putting rubbish in the street

Thomas Seddon stopped up a watercourse and flooded Margaret
Markland's (widow) barn

It was presented that John Harvy gentleman, one of the aldermen
"is a man of a very bad Carriag and most lewed and uncivil in
his behaviour and hath Committed many foule enormities in soe
much that he is altogether unfitt to exercise the place of an
alderman wee therefor the jury at the Leet doe hereby dis-
franchize and degrate him the said John Harvy from using or
exercising of the place of an Alderman within this Burrowe at
any time here after or to bee accoumpted taken or stiled Alderman
hereafter upon any occasion whatsoever".
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If any person should enter any traverse against any of the
presentments he would have to pay fees.

Petitions &c.
A bill for making the hedge at "Lickorth Cop" for 7 years
- 19s. 3d.

Goods belonging to the town mill

Toll takers at St Luke's fair Nov. 1657  (7th Oct)
Standishgate             Thomas Worthington webster
                         Laurence Moulding   "

Milnegate                Alexander Ford, barber
                         Richard Lowe, carpenter
                         Ralph Critchelowe labourer

Walegate                 Hugh Mouldinge
                         Robert Casson the younger
                         Laurence Prescott, shoemaker

Halegate                 John Kerklye potter

                         Receipt    6 -13 - 8

Toll takers for houses   Robert Casson
and sheep
                         Laurence Prescott

Petition of Ralph Marsh, plasterer, that he might "Call and
crye upon the people" for the coming year - allowed.

Hugh Mather coverlet weaver who had been apprenticed to Robert
Suxsmith asked to be made a freeman, but his indentures "were
lost when the Towne of Wigan was taken."
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The petition of John Harvy gentleman that William Browne
gentleman, alderman should be ordered to mend the hedge
between "Roundmeadowe" and "The Eyes".  It was done.

Petition of William Browne "a poore man" that he might build a
cottage on the Common "For his more Comffortable livelihood".
Allowed if he obtain the consent of the lord of the manor.

Petition of Alexander Casson and William Forth, freemen's sons,
that they might carry on the trades of buying, selling and
chessing flsx or otherwise be sworn Burgesses. Allowed to
carry on their trades.

Complaint of Cuthbert Scott that he had been fined 6s. 8d. for
a difference with Mr Ralph Markalnd concerning the ditch
between "Cowhey" and "Barnehey"

Petition of Roger Winstanley, that he had been ordered to pull
down the shop he had built adjoining his house, but the he had
done so because by working at his trade in the loft he had
shaken his neighbours' houses.  He asked that the order be
repealed.  It was granted.

Petition of Ralphe Browne gentleman that Gerrard Banckes had
pulled down his fence &c.  It was found that Gerrard Banckes
dug away earth from both ends of "Little Weare Bridge" leading
from Standishgate to the Scoles, he was ordered to repair it.

Petition of Ralph Deane that Gerrard Banckes had not mended
a gate leading to the land of Thomas Bullocke and William
Laithwaits panner and c.  He was ordered to do so.

Another Complaint of Cuthbert Scott against Ralph Markland.

Petition of Thomas Jolley of Haigh, tailor that as he had a
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burgaye in Wigan he might be made a freeman. To be sworn on
the payment of 40s. for the use of the town.

Complaint of John Harvie that Rober Baron alderman "Haith
ditched a ditch in the Whittakers" and turned the watercourse.
He was ordered to make a dam.

Petition of Robert Brigghouse and Thomas Borges to be made
burgesses.  It was granted and they were sworn.

The bond of Thomas Baxter of Lawton yeoman and Thomas Holden of
Livesay yeoman to James Astley of Wigan and Humphrey Platt of
Hindley churchwardens of Wigan and Gerrard Bancks mercer,
overseer of the same parish, in soli, that a female bastard
child lately born in Wigan of Anne Ouldam of Pleasington and
Richard son of the said Thomas Baxter should not be charged
on the town of Wigan.    20th Nov.   1657

        Box1   Roll 13.     Court Leet Records.

Saturday 19th December  1657

Alice Higham widow presented for abusing Elizabeth the wife of
Gilbert Deane

Elizabeth Deane for assault on Alice Higham.

Ellen the wife of John Whalley and Anne Banckes widow - abuse
Sureties John Whalley and James Finch

Ellen the wife of John Whalley and Anne the wife of Edward Rigbie.

Peter Adlington gentleman and William Brigs pewterer - assault

James Banckes shoemaker for being drunk within 6 months past.
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John Whittle for abusing James Almond

Peter Lee joiner and Ellen Ascroft widow - abuse

Nicholas Penington plasterer for an assault on George Boydale.
Surety - Ralph Armston

Nicholas Penington gentleman for an assault on Robert Mason
barber and Robert for the like

Alice the wife of Humphrey Leigh and Margery her daughter for
abusing William Harrison.

Margery the daughter of Humphrey Lee for abusing Jenett Moulding
Surety - Humphrey Lee.

Laurence Starke for abusing Leonard Coward and Elizabeth the
wife of John Furnis.

John Orrell for abusing the wife of Thomas Almon

Thomas Worthington for assaulting Hamlet Holecroft

Ellen the wife of Hamlet Holecroft for abusing Thomas Worthington
Surety - Hamlet Holecroft

Katherine Byron, Anne Booth widow, Dousabell the wife of John
Scott, Anne the wife of Abraham Midgley, Alice Yonge and George
Browne for abusing Margaret Heyes.

Elizabeth Scott widow presented for not opening a watercourse
between her land and that of Alexander Tompson.

Thomas Worthington for being drunk.  "Wee fine him for
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drawinge his kniffe and abusinge Mr Browne and the Rest of the

William Watson gatewater presented Edmund Molyneux for abusing
William Lynney

George Boydale presented for an asault on Nicholas Pennington.

Everyone who ducks or geese should go into the stone well in the
Walegate would be fined 12d. for each offence.

Laurence Taylor of Walegate presented Thomas Parrine "a Farriner"

Presentments by the gatewaters of Halegate
Mathew Jonson, John Johnson, Alice Reade, strangers.

James Penington and Ellen Farbrother for not mending their gates.

The wife of James Wigan for assaulting Oliver Baron.

Presentments by Ralph Couper - Christian Bancks widow for
"keeping of her sister and her husband, and for harbouring a
widow and 3 of her sons
James Farbrother for keeping his son-in-law John Clark, a
Scotchman, and Willy Boulton for keeping Thomas Sabour a stranger.

10th Feb.  1657 it was agreed that 20 leyes to be taxed upon the

New page
               Churchwardens &c.   April  1658
Churchwardens for the parish        Richard Lowe of Ince
Overseers of the poor for the town  William Pilkington alderman
                                    Robert Langshawe

Overseers of the poor               William Lathom of Haigh
for the parish                      Robert Hindley of Pemberton

Townshipps for Market street        William Prescott, tailor

For Standishgate                    Alexander Casson

For Milgate                         Parson Bancks

For Scoles                          Thomas Layland

For Walegate                        William Linney

For Halegate                        Henry Lythgoe

For Woodhouses                      Peter Lee.

           Overseers of Highways.
For Marketstid        Robert Markland mercer and William Foster
"  Standishgate       Robert Letherbarrow pewterer and James
                      Hollinhead tailor
"  Milgate            Christopher --- and Roger ----
"  Scoles             John Laithwaite and Thomas Ford the elder
"  Walegate           Thomas Kid alias Ireland and Thomas Scott
"  Halegate           Roger Bibby and Roger Never
"  Woodhouses         Richard Scott and Ralph Cooper
                 Townships for parish
Haigh                 Miles Grimshawe
Aspull                Thomas Rouson
New page
Ince            William Glover
Pemberton       Laurence Farclough
Hindley         William Lowe
Abram           John Unesworth
Billing         John Doughtworth
Winstanley      Henry Cowley

            Overseers of Highways for parishs
Haye            James Partington and Gilbert Greene
Aspull          James Browne and Richard Hindley
Ince            Richard Whalley and Gilbert Lythgoe
Pemberton       Hugh Bullocke and James Greene
Abram           Roger Culcheth and Ralph Jameson
Billinge        John Robye
Winstanley      Peter Lyon and Alexander Rylands
Hindley         Thomas Lythgoe and Randle Greene

"Dorathy wife of Hugh Hollinhead of Scoles to be Churched
the 16 of Maii 1658

Court held   17 April    1658

Thomas Lawe and Peter Whittle assault

Robert Boare and James Browne servant to Gilbert Baldwin - assault

Alice the wife of John Harvy gentleman for abusing Ellen Bancks

Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Deane for abusing Edmund Molyneux

William Lynney and Elizabeth his wife and Richard Marsden and
Elizabeth his wife - abuse

Thomas Lowe for being drunk
New page
Thomas Acron gatewater for Milnegate presented Gerrard Banckes
for not muzzling his "mungerell Cur"

Humphrey Mather for allowing rubbish to lie in the street

Ellen Smith of the Wint and Alice the wife of Edward Hawett -

Gilbert Orrell gatewater for Marketsted presented Peter son of
William Ford, Peter Greene, Gilbert Harvy, John Dolphin and
Laurence the son of Anne Battersbie "for playing att Bowles in
the bouleinge alley and alsoe for bettinge"

Alice Howett for abusing the children of Gilbert Houghton

Thomas Molyneux of Pemberton gentleman and Thomas Houghton -

James Arme of Warington and Ralph Wood tailor - assault

Thomas Houghton of Kirkleyes and James Aspull of Hindley -
assault and battery

James Molyneux and Richard Bradley of Aspull - abuse

Francis Battersby and Margaret the wife of James Mather - abuse

Laurence Taylor gatewater for Walegate presented Thomas Person,
William Seale and Humphrey Naylor - strangers

William Watson gatewater of Marketsted presented Peter Rigby,
John Standish, Richard Marshden, strangers.

Richard Seddon and William Eycer? for assault
New page
Roger Wood and Roger Browne gatewaters of Halegate presented
Mathew Johnson a stranger

Thomas Acton gatewater of Milnegate presented Joseph Penington
for harbouring Henry Shuttleworth his son-in-law, a stranger

James Belcher and Laurence Ford gatewaters of the Scoles presented
Jane Browne widow for taking in John Fisher, hatter, a stranger.

William Hall and William Ireland gatewaters of Standishgate
presented David Rigby and Richard Sands as strangers

Thomas Letherbarrow gatewater for Woodhouses presented Mr
Gerard Banckes digging a pit near Babington's house in Hye
Lane Whalley

John Townley, Francis Battersbie and Ralph Battersbie - assault

Katherine the wife of Gilbert Houghton and Alice the wife of
Edward Hawet - abuse

Ellen the wife of Henry Kirkly for abusing Charles Hotham
rector of Wigan

William Leyland of Haigh, fuller for assaulting James Belchar

James the son of Gilbert Ford and Robert Baldwin - assault

Ralph Battersbie for abusing Margaret the wife of Hugh Mather.

William Banckes gentleman and John Leatherwaite - assault

William Whalley for abusing Ellen the wife of John Whalley

Johny Wood widow and Alice Anderton widow - abuse
Surety - Robert Bibby and Richard Ashton
New page
William Ashton, Robert Baron, Adam Bancks, Humphrey Farbrother,
James Heyes, James Wood, "for keeping of hounds not haveing
worth 40s. in Lands by the Yeares."

William Ireland and William Hall gatewaters of Standishgate
presented William Hill for harbouring John Hantos a stranger.

James Belchar and Laurence Ford gatewaters for Scoles presented
James Browne, pewterer, John Fog? and Ellen Gerard widow for
taking in John Fisher, George Trelfall and John Bradshawe his
wife and children - strangers.

Thomas Prescott for abusing the Mayor. Surety Parson Bancks

Jane the wife of Edward Prescott for abusing Elinor Anderton

Thomas Worthington the elder "for abusing the stone well"

Mr James Rigley for spoiling the stone well in the Walegate by
washing a barrel in it.

William Harrison and Thomas Heyes - abuse

John Charnock and Alice his wife and John Wetherbie and his
wife - abuse

James Crichlow for abusing Hugh Moulding
Surety - Thomas Greene.

James Belchall for assaulting William Leyland.

Edmund Molyneux presented for assaulting John Mathews.
Anne Finch, Katherine Shaw and Easter Leigh for abusing Edmund
New page
Robert Greenough of Herrish for abusing William Cookeson and
James Langshawe and the Mayor.

William Browne presented for taking John Lathom, a stranger as
apprentice.  To be put away by the end of the month under
pain of 40s.

The following persons fined 10li(?) apiece for not "removeing
theie inmates" - James Farbrother, Mrs Margaret Markland,
Arthur Man, James Ford and Anne Catterall widow, - Fines respited

Gerard Banck fined 5l for not repairing the "Little Ware Bridge"
- respited.

The overseers of the highways to Milnegate to fill up the well
next Thomas Heyes shop before the 16th of the month.

The following to remove their inmates under pain of 40s. William
Deyne, William Winstanley, Roger Leathwaite, Christian Buckley,
William Boulton, Mrs Markland, Arthur Man and James Browne.
Inmates - Mathew Johnson, Joseph Reddy, Roger Foster, a widow
and 3 sons, Thomas Tealar, John Coupar, Edmund Jolly and John

Richard Sands presented for "marchandizing" not being a freeman
of the borough.

Alexander Greene, William Ford of Swinley, Robert Pinington and
John Ford for keeping apprentices contrary to a former order.

Peter Rigbie, Richard Marshdeyne, David Rigbie, Jeffrey Bournbar?
John Nealer, William Seale, Humphrey Neabar, Alexander Woodward
and Elizabeth the wife of John Rigbie for selling ale, not being

Ralph Deyne, William Foster, William Deyne, Gilbert Deyne, Roger
New page
Nevar, William Almond and Alice Higham widow presented for
Killing calves contrary to the statute.

Mr Gerard Banckes presented for throwing down earth on the Litt-le
Common near the Pillitough streete.

Gilbert Wood in Milnegate for putting up a rail in the street
"that hinders the Inhabitants of the Burrow for passing to
the Water"

Mr Robert Maidshey presented for not repairing the footway in
"Bonevars Croft Lane"

The Jury of the Leets to raise a revenue for the town decided
to purchase or erect a town mill. And in the meantime a mill
should be hired and two good horses bought, and three men should
be kept to work it. And it should be paid for out of the
revenue of the town and if there were not enough money the
Burgesses should be taxed.

Wit: Ellen Holecroft
William Whalley for abusing Ellen the wife of John Whalley

Wit: John Leathwaite
William Harrison and Thomas Heyes of Ashton - abuse

Thomas Worthington the younger and Laurence Cowper to be of
good behaviour.

Thomas Hatton and Gilbert Wood presented Richard Woodhouse
servant to James Terleton and William Foster, butcher for assault.

Roger Never for assaulting Richard Woodhouse

Wit: Alice Townlowe, Katherine Worthington and George Harrison.
New page
Christian Buckley widow and Sarah the wife of Roger Baron,
assault and abuse
Surety - John Buckley
Wit: John Rigby.
William Daniell of Upholland and William Laithwaite for abuse
and "Cjallinging him the feild"
Sureties - William Salte and John Anderton

Wit: Mary the wife of William Pilkington
Elizabeth and Anne Pilkington for abusing Elizabeth Linney
Surety - James Mullineux alderman

Thomas Worthington threatening words to Robert Boyd

Wit: Robert Mason and his servant, Hugh Ford brazier and
Margaret Patterick
Thomas Worthington the younger and Robert Boyes - assault
Sureties - Alexander Farbrother and Thomas Worthington the elder

Wit: James Wigan and Edward Barrow.
Roger Bibby presented for abusing Thomas Garnett. and Thomas
Garnett for the same.

Wit: James Baron and Lawrence Rogerson
Elizabeth Browne widow and Ellen the wife of Thomas Garnett -
Surety - Edward Hollinhead.

Jane Leigh and Elizabeth Browne - assault
Surety - Thomas Garnett

Anne the daughter of William Pilkington gentleman being warned
to appear to give evidence "made answer in uncivell words
saying by her troath she would Come none".   Fined 10s.
New page
Wit: Elizabeth Gibson and Elizabeth Lideate
Robert Suxsmith coverlet weaver for abusing Margaret the wife of
William Greene dyer.

Mr Willy Turner for keeping Willy Bayte at his house in Wigan Lane.

Mr William Rigby for assaulting Leonard Coward

Edward Standish Esq, Ellen Garrat, John Worthington the wife of
Gerard Patterick, Mr Ralph Scott, John Rigbye the younger, Mr
Catterall, Mr Sherrington's lands, occupiers of 2 fields in
Welly Lat Woods, the occupiers of William Catterall's tenement,
Mr Lathom for the rectory and Christopher Banckes to repair
the highways, [others named] presented for not doing this.

A further tax to be levied on the burrough, for the poor &c.

William Greene dyer presented for taking - Latham a stranger
as apprentice

Presented by --- and Gilbert Wood gatewater of Milnegate,
Joseph Penington for taking in Henry Shuttleworth, his son-in-law
a stranger and John Sanders for taking an inmate.

The examination of Marerie Wall who states that since the death
of her husband a fortnight before Christmas she had wandered
about the country selling "Coves and Tobacco and such smale wares"
dated 6 Sept  165---[7?]

Petitions &c.
Ralph Markland asked that a gate might be erected in Hose Lane
in the Woodhouses.

Petition of Mathew Markland gentleman that Robert Penington and
one of the two bailiffs allowed his hedge between their lands
New page
"ly downe".

Petition of Robert Baron, that he was ordered at the last leet
to place a dam in the watercourse in "wheatacres", but where
he was ordered to place it was not on his land but on the land
of Gilbert Barrowe in the occupation of Robert Markland &c.

The petition of Mathew Markland gentleman, Ralph Scott, gentleman,
John Anderton and James Hollinhead that Hore Lane near the
"Mean Field" and "Payn Feilds" the closes of Ralph Markland
gentleman and Peter Marsh gentleman and which lead to the
petitioners closes called "Hore Lands" ought to be repaired by
Ralph Markland and Peter Marsh.  They were ordered to do so

Complaint of the Company of Coverlet Weavers that Lawrence
Ford of the Scoles had taken a stranger as an apprentice.
He was ordered to put him away.

The complaint of Lawrence Ford of the Scoles, coverlet weaver.
That he was wronged by the aforesaid order "where others have
done the Lyke. To witt Mr William Glover who tooke one out of
Croston and Keept him his Apprentice fyve years: atwhich tyme
his said apprentice (whose name was George Parke) was slaine:
And had hee not beene slaine: hee might have Keept him his
tyme out, without apposicion of any: though such poore inferiours
as your Complainant must not: but still be trampled under when
others have beene the Ringleaders, who have no more justfreedom
nor the Complainant: And your Complainant doth thinke that
tho Coverlet weavers are sure noe trade: By reason of the great
ones soe Hawking in that profession in all parts to utter
undoeing and still houlding under the weaker.

The petition of Gerard Banckes that there ought to be two entry
gates in Whalley, one into a slose called "Barnchey" in the
possession of Thomas Bullocke, and the other into a close out of
New page
out of Bainhey called "Indfeild" in the possession of William
Leathwaite so leading into a close called "Beckheyes" in the
possession of Ralph Deane and so through the petitioner's close
called "Hollinhey"   And the owners of Beckley and Hollinhey
from time out of mind had always made and repaired the tow gates
but Ralph Deane refused to do so and would not allow the
petitioner right of way. He was ordered to allow the petitioner
his right of way.

William Leland of Haigh, fuller complained that Robert Belcher
had encroached on his land in Scoles.

James Belchar of the Scoles complained that William Leland of
Haigh, fuller had built a chimney on his lands.

Complaint of John Wakefield the elder pewterer that Nicholas
Mather, skinner, had planted withiers in a watercourse and
flooded his land. Nicholas Mather was ordered to remove them.

A counter complaint by Nicholas Mather.

Complaint of Ralph Deane against Gerard Banckes concerning the
erection of a gate.

Further petition of Ralph Deane concerning the same.

Complaint of Elizabeth Scott widow that Alexander Tompson,
alderman had turned water into her premises.

Petition of William Leyland that Mr William Pilkington should
not take the stones at a place in the river called Douglas in the
petitioners close called "Walkmilne."

2 Petitions - mutilated.
New page
Petition of William Kid alias Ireland pewterer, that the records
of the Pewterers and Braziers might be read in the Court Leet,
showing the distinction between the different sorts of workers
of Pewter and brass. This was in order to prevent disputes.
It was allowed.

Petition of John Smith of Haigh, Cooper to be allowed to work in

Petition of Hugh Mather coverlet weaver, who had been an apprentice
of Robert Suxsmith, to be made a freeman of that trade.

Petition of John Fisher, feltmaker, that he had been a journey-
man for eight years and wished to continue as such.

The petition of John son of William Farbrother, miller, whose
predecessors were all born in the borough, that he might serve
out his apprenticeship to John Ford pewterer

The petition of John Needam who had about a year before married
Agnes the widow of James Cooke of the Scoles. He took a home
there from James Ford the younger but was ordered to leave at
the last leet. He asked to be allowed to return to his house
every night as he did not work within the liberties of the

The petition of Robert Markland mercer that Hugh Mather might
be ordered not to sell tobacco as he was not a freeman of the

Account of the toll taken at Assencion Fair
Standishgate      Thomas Worthington the elder           7s, 11d
                  Laurence Moulding

Walegate          Hugh Moulding
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                  Laurence Prescott          1l. 8s.  7d.
                  Thomas Worthington

Milnegate         Alexander Ford, barber
                  Richard Lawe              1l 4s.  7d.
                  Ralph Crichlowe

Halegate          Hugh Wood                    2s.  5d.
                  Toll for sheep               2s.  6d.

Horse fair        Larence Moulding             2s.  4d.
                  Laurence Prescott

Petition of Thomas Parin, chapman, a discharges soldier who had
served under the Command of Major General Worsley in the
Protector's own regiment to be made a freeman.

Petition of Richard Southworth, glover, to be made a freeman.

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