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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 12 - 1656, 1654

          Box 1   Roll 12   Court Leet Records.

Edward Hollinhead assaulted Geoffrey Chamberlane

Laurence Taylor forestalled the market

Ellen the wife of Richard Dolphin for profanely cursing
Robert Bullocke, his wife and child.

Thomas son of John Townley, Thomas son of James Wigan and
Barnaby son of Hugh Wood for throwing snowballs on the Lords Day.

Elizabeth the wife of Henry Shuttleworth and Jane the wife of
John Mathew, abuse

Margaret Wood servant to Edward Catterall and Alice Saile
servant to William Barne for carrying water on the Lords day.
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Robert Barne and Jennette the wife of William Harrison, abuse
Surety - John Nightgale.

James Booth for abusing Alice the wife of Edward Catterall
Surety - Anne Banckes

      Box 1      Roll 12    12 Court Leet Records
1656  (4th Oct)

Mayor               Edward Sumpson

Aldermen            Richard Worsley
                    Alexander Tompson

Recorder            Robert Mawdesley
and Town Clerk

Bailiffs            William Ford of Swindley
                    John Wakefield, pewterer

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    Roger Wood

Sergeants           James Finch
                    Thomas Scott

Standishgate        James Pennington
                    James Baldwin

Scoles              Miles Seddon
                    Gerrard Ford
New page
                    James Scott dead

Marketsted          Peter Mason
                    John Whalley

Walegate            Thomas Rawson
                    Gilbert Deane

Halegate            James Whalley
                    Robert Bullocke

Supervisors of      James Rigby
Flesh and Fish?     William Laithwaite

Supervisors of      John Heys
Bread &c.?          Miles Mitton

Treasurers          Mathew Markland
                    Robert Leatherbarrow

Sealers, searchers  Peter Higham
and Registrars of
Leather             Gilbert Fastlough

------Clerk         William Johnson

Bellman             Richard Dobson.

    Box 1.   Court Leet Records.
4th Oct.   1656.

Robert Molyneux and Isabel his wife and Alice the wife of
Mathew Johnson - assault
Sureties Gilbert Leigh and Francis Rigbie

Jenett Blackhurst and Jenett Hey, abusing one another on the
New page
Lord's day.
Sureties Jane Anderton and William Markland bailiff

Jenett the wife of Henry Blackhurst and Ellen Burges spinster -
Sureties Jane Anderton widow    -eene widoe

Anne the wife of Abraham Midgley for abusing Anne Houghton
Surety Abraham Midgley

Margaret Thompson of Scoles and Anne Tompson - assault
Sureties - Robert Brighouse and Robert Susxmiths

Jane the wife of John Mathews and Margaret the wife of James
Mather - assault

Jane the wife of John Mathews presented as an Earing Dropper
"to the geat disturbance of her neighbors"

Anne the wife of William Foster butcher for selling flesh on
Sunday 15th June 1656, and Margery the wife of John Landers
for the same, also Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Deane - Each
fined 6s 8d

Margaret Orrell daughter of John Orrell to appear &c. and in
the meantime to be of good behaviour
John Orrell and Gilbert Orrell panner bound in li apiece.

Adam Aspull of Hindley to prosecute Alexander Woodward miller
for assault with the drawing of blood
Surety James Letherbarrow skinner

William Banckes of the Scoles to keep the peace with John Ford
William Laithwaite panner and John Deane Sureties

Edward Langshawe pewterer to keep the peace with Gilbert
New page
Langshaw and his family.
Surety William Brigs   pewterer

John Harvey gentleman to keep the peace with Gilbert Read
doctor of physic and Alice his wife.
Sureties - Thomas Bullocke pewterer Edmund Harvy and Roger Wood

William Laithwaite gatewater for Marketsted presented
John Whalley and Edward Catterall for allowing their swine to

Edward Marsh and Ellen Smith for keeping -- Prescott and John
Hunt "foreigners" as inmates in their houses.

For selling flesh on the Lord's day - William Foster, Margery
Landers, Ralph Deane, Gilbert Deane, Roger Never

Anne Catterall widow and Anne Brigs widow for taking in
Richard Deakeforth and Gilbert Sutton foreiners

William Dale?  for letting his swine stray, William Catterall,
Ellen Deane widow, Thomas Scott, Thomas Rawson, Ralph Deane
butcher, and Alice Leigh widow for the same.

Margaret the wife of Thomas Tarleton for forestalling the market.

Margaret the wife of Henry Broadbanck and Elizabeth Seddon
widow - abuse.

James Almon gatewater of Halegate presented:-

Jane the wife of James Wigan and Elizabeth the wife of William
Catterall for abuse

William Suxsmith "for following unlawful games" - bowles.
New page
Thomas ----- and William Ford gatewaters of Scoles present:-
James Wood, Grace Wood widow, and John Laithwaite, for their
swine spoiling the garden of William Ford dyer, and Thomas
Langshawe "five severall tymes"

Peter Lathom "for a farriner and stranger"

Jane Browne, Mrs Markland and Richard France for harbouring
Thomas Mather, John Cowper husbandman, and Robert Bomber.

William Cookson for allowing his "Mastive dog or Munggrell"
to go unmuzzled.

Anne Ford the younger for an assault on Oliver the son of
James Letherbarrow "and for setting dogs upon him."

Ellen the wife of James Letherbarrowe for abusing the said Anne.

Elizabeth the wife of Charles Hollinhead and Elizabeth Ford
spinster - assault

Ellen the wife of Robert Bullock and Margaret the wife of
James Mather - assault

Nicholas Penington plasterer for assaulting Edmund Harvy one
of the bailiffs in the execution of his duty.

Ellen the wife of Richard Dolphin and Margaret the wife of
James Mather for assault

James Critchloc and George Boe - assault

Adam Aspull and Alexander Wood assault with the drawing of blood.

Edmund Molyneux and Margaret the wife of John Lander - abuse
New page
Thomas Mort the elder and Thomas Sedon present.
Ellen Greene of the Walegate and Anne the wife of Edward
Rigbie for abuse.

Alexander Casson and James Scott gatewaters present
Andrew Leatherwaite, Richard Casson and Alexander Casson for
allowing their dunghills to lie in the street

Anne Booth, Robert Harvy, Alexander Tompson, and Christian
Wackfield for harbouring William Manchester, William Hall,
Richard Sands and Alexander Accerson.

Roger Wood of Aspull and John Wood of the same for assaulting
Robert Casson. They "him did beat strick and evill intreat"
during fair time in the execution of his office.

Elizabeth the wife of William Laithwaite of the Scoles and
Elizabeth the wife of John Ford - assault

Robert Casson for an assault on Roger and John Wood.

The Bailiffs were ordered to buy a good beam and scales and
portable brass weights according to the standard to try all the
weights of all trades in the town from 28lbs to an ounce. It
was to be placed in the Moothall.

Anne the wife of Abraham Midgley and Ellen the daughter of
Thomas Almon - abuse.

Gerrard Banckes gentleman for abuse of Alice the wife of Edmund

Gerrard Banckes gentleman for assaulting Edmund Harvey one of
the bailiffs.
New page
Peter Adlington gentleman for rescuing the said Gerrard from
Edmund Harvy Bailiff

Peter Adlington for abusing the said Edmund "by baleing him
Knave three severall tymes"

Thomas Worthington weaver and Elizabeth Ashurst "for Comitting
the sin of Fornificacion together"

John Harvy gentleman for assaulting Alice the wife of Mr Gilbert
Read and "for pulling the thatch of the said doctors house" and
the said Alice for assaulting the said John

John Bibby for selling flesh on the Sabbath.

Oliver Baron for "swearing three severall wicked and prophane

Hugh Mather "For marchandiseinge in the Burrowe Contrary to the
orders thereof."

James Crochley and Alice the wife of Edward Catterall - abuse

Edward Marsh for "marchandiseinge" &c.

Ellen Almon for "prophainely curseing"

Wit: Elizabeth the wife of William Banckes and Alice the wife
of James Nightgale
Anne Foster for abusing Elizabeth the wife of William Laithwaite.

James Hollinhead for abusing Mr Ambrose Jolly formerly Mayor

Mathew Johnson for digging the highway. - 6 hours in the stocks
at the Market Cross.
New page
Mr William Pilkington for abusing Mr William Forth, Mr Ambrose
Jolly and Mr John Harvy.

John Ford pewterer for taking an apprentice, not being a freeman
born in the borough - ordered to remove him from his service
before the 23. November.

The Bailiffs ordered to sue Edmund Molyneux.

The same ordered to make rails for the "Poolebridge" and a new

Alexander Greene, William Ford of Swindley, Robert Pinington
and William Briggs ordered to put away their apprentices as
they were not freemen born in the borough.

Peter Lathom, Robert Bomber, William Manchester and Richard
Sands ordered to give security that neither they nor theirs
"shall bee burdenson" to the town.

The Bailiffs ordered to sell the town neill.

Paid in by the Bailiffs 4li . 14s.  2d.

11th Oct  1656
John Hollinhead of Ince in Makerfield to profer a bill against
William Leatherwaite the elder of the Scoles panmaker and
Edward Hollinhead brazier on 23 Oct.
         Sureties Robert Baron gentleman and Robert Leatherbarrowe
         gentleman and William Leatherwaite the elder panmaker.

That William Leatherwaite had been using counterfeit coins in

Street and Toll takers
Standishgate        Thomas Worthington
New page
                    Laurence Monedinge

Walgate             Hugh Mouldinge
                    Robert Casson
                    Edward Prescott

Milnegate           James Banckes
                    Hugh Wood
                    Andrew Laithwaite

Halegate            James Baron

Houe Fair           Richard Lowe
"toulers and
Regesterers"        Robert Casson

Gilbert Deyne sworn gatewater for Walgate 17th Oct  1656.

Petition of Richard Drakeford, feltmaker that he had been working
at his trade for three years with William Turner, but his goods
had been distrained because he had not left the town, asked for
time "for to Flitt away in."   Allowed.

Petition of William Greene, dyer, that Thomas Burgess would not
allow him to lay bad pipes in the earth in the Little Lane at
his home but claimed it as his freehold "which is nothing soe
but only his envy". He was allowed to lay the pipes.

Petition of William Hall, who with his wife had lived in Wigan
for 15 years, that he might be made a freeman of the Hosiers.

Petition of Richard Sands that he might be allowed to trade in
flax, as he had lived in the town for 8 years, and about 5 years
ago had married a freeman's daughter by whom he had 3 children

Petition of the Company of Tailors that William Prescott of Ince
New page
tailor might not be made a freeman of the company "which if hee
bee it wilbee to the great hindrance losse and disinabling"
of the company.

Petition of Ralph Marsh plasterer and Laurence Taltor, piper
that they might "call and crye upon the people" during the follow-
ing year as had been their custom.    Allowed.

Petition of William Prescott, tailor that his grandfather, grand-
mother and mother (daughter of William Foster of Scoles, panner)
were all free born in Wigan, and he was born in Ince. He also
had a freehold estate under William Pilkington alderman. He
wished to be admitted either burgers or freeman.
He was to be sworn a freeman of the TailorsCo:

Petition of Elis Burges that William Greene dyer had entered his
freehold and "spoyled the lane there called the little lane."
Asked the Greene might be ordered to cease.

Petition of the Weavers Company that Edward Bertelles, John
Farbrother, Alexander Farbrother and William Bamber worked as
weavers without being freemen of the company, prayed that they
might be ordered to cease.   Granted.

Offered to the jury to be elected Aldermen, Mathew Markland,
Ralph Markland, Robert Langshawe and James Forth - No vacancy.

The fine imposed on Edward Marsh for keeping Thomas Prescott
as his apprentice to continue

The costs of the suit brought by Edward Marshe blacksmith in
the Common Pleas at Lancaster against William Markland and
Edmund Harvy pewterer, Bailiffs of Wigan, should be depayed
by the town.
New page
15th Oct.  1656.  It was agreed "that twenty positar layes
shall be layed" in the town, for the following:- 46 li 3s. 1d
for the monthly tax by order of the Commissioners, 12 li for
the poor, 6s. 8d. for rent due to Newton, 40 s. for the clerks
wages and the rest for others necessary charges.

Easter Leet?

Jenett the wife of Thomas Broadbancke to keep the peace towards
Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Lowe
Surety - William Brigs.

Gerrard Ford and Miles Seddon presented
William Browne of the Scoles dyer for not making the fence
between the back of his house and the croft of William Browne

William Suxsmith for playing cards in Hugh Mather's house and
William Laithwaite for the same and the said Hugh for allowing

William Suxsmith for playing "Shyfell board" in the house of

-- servant of William Ford for buying eggs as they came to market.

John Lea and Isabel Hartley widow - abuse

George Browne and Robert Belcher - assault

Katherine Coockson for abusing the wife of Robert Casson the

New page
Elizabeth Lowe for assault on --- Bamber and Cicely his wife
and Jenett Broadbanck ----

Ellen Greene of Walgate widow and Edward Rigby - assault

William Ashton and Roger Barne - assault

 ----March 1656------
Hugh ----- for assaulting John Wackfield one of the Bailiffs
and drawing blood &c.

Anne Woodward and Cicely Ford abuse.

William Ford of Scoles for fornication with Anne Blundell

He was to be punished according to the statute.

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