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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 9 - 1652, 1653

     Box 1.  Roll 9  Court Leet Records.

View of Frankpledge held before Alexander Tompson Mayor
& c. 2nd October 1652.

Mayor               William Glover

Aldermen            Richard Worsley
                    William Browne

Recorder and        Robert Mawdesley
New page
Bailiffs            William Laithwaite
                    Alexander Greene

Attornies           Robert Brigs
                    Edward Barron

Serjeants           James Finch
                    James Langshawe, pewterer

Standishgate        John Nightgale
                    Robert Boyes

Milnegate           James Marsden
                    James Croytchloc

Scoles              James son of William Forde
                    James Hey

Marketstid          Myles Mitton
                    Edward Catterall

Walegate            William Catterall
                    Richard Sheppard

Halegate            John Jackson
                    Gilbert Unsworth

Supervisors of      Henry Rowe
Flesh and Fish      Thomas Banckes

Alefounders         Henry Lythgoe
                    Richard Dolphin

Treasurers          James Forde
                    Thomas Marsden
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Sealers, searchers  Edward Ormishawe
and registrars of   James Banckes

Church Clerk for    William Johnson
the town

Bellman             Richard Dobson

Anne Finch widow, Anne Finch spinster and Eline Ascrofte for
abuse on the Lordsday "in tyme of divine Service"

Peter Lee joiner and William Laithwaite sadler, assault

Eline the wife of William Laithwaite and Eline the wife of
Peter Catterall tailor assaulted Peter Lee, joiner.

Margaret the wife of Gilbert Leigh skinner and Alice the wife
of Thomas Prescott weaver for assault with drawing of blood

William Tempest, gentleman and John Standish of Wigan Woodhouse
gentleman, abuse and assault

George Shawe labourer and Peter Catterall tailor assault

Gilbert Orrell shoemaker abused Elizabeth Boulton widow. He was
to remain 3 hours in the Moot Hall and be bound over.

Gilbert Orrell shoemaker abusing Edward Boulton and breaking his
glass windows.

John Ormishawe glover for abusing Richard Southworth, glover.

Richard Orrell for carting goods on Sunday 1st August 1652.

Henry Wainwright plasterer for neglecting his duty as watchman.

Eline Greene widow and Elizabeth Catterall for abusing one anoth-her
New page
Anne Forth spinster and Grace Casson spinster, abuse

Edmund Winstanley, smith, for abusing John Standish gentleman,
"and swearing an Oath att the same tyme"  Fined 12d. for abuse
and 3s.  4d.  for the oath  Surety - Edward Baron.

Robert Markland, tailor and Eline Croytchloc widow, abuse

Eline the wife of Robert Markland for abusing Eline Croytchloc

Hugh Bullock, panner and Alice the wife of Edward Catterall, assault.

William Forster panner abused Robert Almond and Margery his wife.

Richard Fairclough of Worthington, nailor, for abusing the
watch and Alexander Thompson gentleman, now Mayor in his home
on Sunday July 11th and for swearing 3 sevral oaths.

John Ward and Elizabeth his wife, Eline Deane widow and Elizabeth
Deane spinster for assault.
Sureties, James Croytchloc, Ralph Leigh skinner and William
Carter, roper.

James Molyneux schoolmaster "For goeing into suspected place and
dangerous for the sickness contrary to Mr Maiors command"

William Boyes tailor for hay found in his custody suspected
"to bee evill Come by"  The hay was found to be a wait and to
belong to the town.

Elizabeth the wife of Roger Never for defiling the churchyard
"by empting a Cowes belly" "very undecently"

James the son of William Forth, James Croytchloc miller and
New page
William Houghton labourer for playing bowls.

Anne Anderton widow for allowing her swine to go unyoked.

Edward Farneworth, Laurence Starkey and Richard Crosse presented
for playing "Scales"

Gerrard Lee labourer assaulted Gilbert Houlecrofte, tailor

Eline Anderton spinster and Margaret the wife of Hugh Mather,

Eline Anderton for leaving the Moot Hall without leave from the
Mayor was to wear the bridle from the Moot Hall to the Market
Cross and back.

George Shawe labourer for swearing 3 oaths.

Alice the wife of John Townclowe assaulted Eline Anderton spinster

Anne Deane wife of William Dean butcher for saying Katherine the
wife of Edward Ormishawe "Thy wife is afforsworne woman" and
for calling the said Edward "a Rogue and a Rascale"

Gilbert Holcroft for assaulting Gerrard Lee.

Elizabeth Crosse widow for making a dunghill in the Highstreet
at Halegate near Gerard Lee's home, she was ordered to remove it.

Edmund Molyneux glazier and William Catterall tailor, assault.

William Catterall presented by Edmund Molyneux "for an Eves-
dropper under the dwellinge house" of the said Edmund at night on
the 11th Oct  1652

Elizabeth the wife of the said William Catterall for abusing
New page
the said Edmund.

William Catterall keeping a common alehouse contrary to the
laws of the town.

Robert Mawdesley Esq and William Forth gentleman ordered to make
a foot bridge over Burnley Brook in the ancient accustomed
footway from Wigan to Brimlowe in or near two clores called the
"Lower Maynes Hey" and "Entwisles Lower Field," before the
second of May.

Mr Bradshawe, minister, ordered to make a foot bridge in the
path between the Nearer and Carrowe Sluck Maynes before the
13th of November.

That the croft in the occupation of Edmund Tidesley near the
Pinfold should be opened to the High Lane as it formerly was,
before the 2nd of February, and that a pair of shooting buttes
should be erected there "according to the Statute for mayntayne-
ing the use of Artilary"

That the bailiffs should cause the town Mill to be moved from
where it was to some other convenient place.  "This is done"

It was ordered that all the chartres, evidences, punishments
& c. concerning the town, the lands belonging to it, the
school, poor & c. should be brought into the Moot Hall by the
next Law day. In the meantime the bailiffs should, at the
town's charge, provide a chest with three locks and "3 severall
keyes of severall fashiones" One to be kept by the Mayor for
the time being, another by the Recorder, a town clerk and the
third by the Bailiff. And the Records of the town were to be
placed therein.
And twice every year, at Michaelmas and Easter, the Recorder in
open Court Leet should "Reed the said Charters in the English
New page
tongue, to the end the Burgesses of this Burrowe may be enabled
to knowe there priviledges"

Box1.  Roll 9  Court Leet Records.
Aldermen 1653
Sir Thomas Stanley Bart.
Ralph Standish Esq
Richard   "     "
Robert Mawdesley"
Joseph Rigby    "
Robert Gardner  "
Oliver Markland Gen.
Hughe Forthe     "
Alexr. Hoult     "
Thos. Markland   "
Richard Worsley  "
Christopher BanckesGen.
William Forth       "
William Pilkington  "
James Molyneux      "
Nicholas Penington  "
Ambrose Jollie      "
Robert Baron        "
James Scott         "
William Browne      "
Gerrard Banckes     "
William Glover      "
John Harvie         "
William Tempest     "
Edmund Damper       "

Box 1   Roll 9  Inquisition taken 18th Dec. 1652

William Pagge gent and Hugh Barrowe gent, abuse
New page
Roger Leigh, labourer and Elizabeth the wife of Gabriel Markland

Alice the wife of William Higham butcher for abuse of William
Deane butcher
Surety - William Higham, butcher

William Almond butcher for abuse of William Deane butcher
Surety - Roger Never butcher

Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Deane the elder, butcher and Margery
Almond widow, abuse
Sureties - Ralph Deane and William Higham butchers

Alice the wife of William Deane the younger butcher and Margery
Almond widow, abuse
Sureties - as above

Margery Higham spinster for abusing Elizabeth the wife of
Ralph Deane.
Surety - William Higham, butcher.

Elizabeth the wife of John Ryding and Anne the wife of Ralph
Laithwaite skinner, assault

Katherine the wife of James Molyneux, schoolmaster abused
Alice Wood, widow.

Roger Bibbie, James Wigan, Roger Nevar, Robert Markland, tailor,
William Bamber, Richard Dobson, Nicholas Pennyngton, Hugh Mathew,
presented for allowing their swine to stray.

Richard Shepheard, John Jackson and Gilbert Unsworth gate-
waters for the Scoles presented for not coming to take the
New page
James Marshden gatewater of Milnegate and James Ford gatewater
for the Scoles presented for not coming to take the oath.

Edward Catterall gatewater at Marketstid for neglect of duty

Box 1.  Roll 9.   Court Leet Records.

View of Frankpledge held 16th April 1653.

Margaret Gardner spinster and John Ormishawe glover, abuse

William Forth, pewterer and Mary the wife of John Wetherbye, abuse.

Robert Boyes labourer for abuse of Alice the wife of John Harvey,

Anne Deane, widow, Jane Deane spinster, Eline Deane widow,
Alice Deane, spinster and Margery Almond widow presented for
abusing one another.

Elizabeth the wife of Gabriel Markland, smith and William
Laithwaite sadler and Ellen his wife, abuse
Sureties - Gabriel Markland smith and Peter Catterall, tailor.

John Haye weaver for abusing Eline the wife of William Johnson

William Tempest gentleman; Alexander Greene, panner; James
Finch, shoemaker, Thomas Scott, shoemaker, Peter Catterall,
tailor, Ralph Armerton and John Whalley for allowing their
swine to stray.

James Croytchloc miller and Laurence Wood, assault

Gerrard Lee presented for playing bowles.
New page
John Rigbye of Smithy Brooke in Pemberton "for Scandalizeing
the Court of Pleas" and the Mayor saying "the Court was nought
And the proceedings therein were nought And that the nowe Maior
tould him the same"   Fine 5 li.

John Farbrother the younger and Robert Mason, barber assault.

Anne the wife of William Hill and Isabell Worthington abuse.

Gerrard Lee, George Shawe, Laurence Sterky, James Bibbye, Ralph
Bullocke, William Whitle, Arthur Winstanley, Hugh Deane, Parson
Banckes, James Harvey the younger, William Suxsmith, Laurence
Anderton, William Farbrother, Gilbert Orrell, Barnett Lynney,
Robert Brown, and Thomas Kerkby fined 12d. each for playing bowles.

Edmund Harvey pewterer and Robert Harvey mercer assault with
drawing of blood.

Thomas Bavington husbandman, for having John Cowper "a forrigner"
as an inmate.

James Lynney of Ince miller and Peter Fisher of Standish, assault
with drawing of blood

Joney Wood, widow, Anne Wood, spinster and Isabell the wife of
Robert Molyneux fined for abusing one another.

Hugh Mather, James Wigan, Roger Nevar and Robert Markland tailor
fined for allowing their swine to stray.

Petitiion of James Ford Alderman that John Sanders alias Johnson
has spoiled the hedge between their homes in Milnegate

Ecpences of Nicholas Pennyngton's journey to London 8 li  10s.
Oct 4th  1652.
New page
Recognizance of Richard Fairclough of Worthington nailor -
2 October 1652.

Information of Thomas Scott of Wigan, shoemaker. That on the 17th
Oct. 1652 Roger Anderton of Bricheley gentleman, told him that
on the day before he met Henry Reynoldes of Wigan in Windle
at a place called Fox Bank who said he was going to Whiston
"to helpe the poore Infected disorded people there visited with
the plague or Infeccious Sickness."

The information of Mary the wife of John Hodgson of Whelley in
Wigan, bricklayer, taken 2nd Oct. 1652
   That Mary the wife of Thomas Bavington of Whelley had given
birth to a child about a week previously. And on the afternoon
of Oct 1st Ellen Bavington called the said Mary "a bitch and
a mare and many other reproachfull and disgracefull words which
for modesty this examinat cannot repeat" and the said Ellen
"prophanely and wickedly sweare ten oathes and many more" and
"Curse about sixe severalle tymes and oftener" and continued
"Cursing rayling chidding and swearing for the space of one
whole houre together," so that Mary Bavington "by greaveing and
weeping fell into much paine and anguish that this examinat
and others much feared her death"
Attested by Katherine the wife of John Cowper of Whelley
Ellen Bavington to wear the bridle from the Moot Hall to the
higher end of Scoles.

Petition of Oliver Bullocke, barber surgeon, who having been
born in Rivington "and hath for many yeares past beene forth
of this Nacion" desired to live in Wigan for one year and would
be willing to "doe the best Service for the said Burrough".
It was allowed upon good security.

Petitiion of Thomas Garnett butcher, who had been a householder
in Wigan for 18 years that he might be a freeman of the butchers
New page
Petition of Richard Marsden that he might be allowed to keep
"a Cupp (or quart) of ale to sell."

Petition of Ralph Marsh that he might go as a "waite" through
the town every morning in Winter.  Granted.

Petition of John Haigh weaver who had lived in Wigan for 12 years
and married an inhabitant to be free of the Weavers. To be

Petition of James Wattson that he might be paid for the work
he did on the roads in 1649.  To be paid.

Complaint of Alexander Ford pewterer that he was presented for
letting a cottage to Henry Riley who had lived in the town for
13 years.

Petition of John Harvie that the 6 li in which he paid Mrs Lea
"for Mault taken by Duke Hambletons men" when the petitioner
was Bailiff, should be returned to him.

Petition of Robert Mason "having nothing but trimeing and
barbing to live upon" and whose father had been a burgers of
the town. That Oliver Bullocke "a stranger borne" Gilbert
Galesworth and Thomas Whitle of the Scoles should be prevented
from practising as barbers.

Petition of Ralph Markland that as he was bailiff with Mr John
Standish of Whitley gentleman in 1648 "in which time 26 lias
were taxed and leyed upon this Burrowe for the dischardge of
the Auarters of Coll: Scroope and his souldiers att there being
in Towne" All the account had been paid to Mr Standish by him
so he asked to be indemnified if any complaints were made.
It was ordered that the accounts were to be produced on the next
meeting day.
New page
Petition of Alexander Winnard son of William Winnard of Brimley
in Wigan Woodhouses to be a freeman of the burrough and set up
as a tailor.

The petition of Gerard Banckes alderman, that he had been ordered
to pull down the enclosure he had made on the common at
Whelley within a certain time, which he had not been able to do,
so some of his goods had been distrained. He was given till
Christmas and his goods were to be returned

Bond of John Dillworth of Chorley Lancs. husbandman in 20 li
that if he were allowed to live in the home of Jane Allen
widow he would not become chargeable to the town. 18th Sept. 1652

Bond between George Bateman of Manchester, feltmaker George
Hurst of the same feltmaker and John Jolly of Wigan husbandman
to John Wackfield pewterer and Mathew Peterson of Ince in
Makerfield yeoman churchwardens of Wigan, in 20 li that neither
George Bateman, Anne his wife nor John their child should
become chargeable to the parish.  8th May  1652.

Bond between John Cowper husbandman, Thomas Bavington and
Peter Lowe to the Churchwardens in 20 li for the same purpose.

Names of "persons who have given security to save the Towne
parish harmelesse"    1652
William Wood, James Lowe, John Wetherby, Richard Marsden,
Alexander Eckersly, Mrs Margaret Heyes, Roger Kersley, Henry
Mawdesley, Margaret Rigbye widow, Mrs Margaret Knott, John
Crompton and John Ryding [bonds follow]

Bond of Robert Smyth, linenweaver
  "  of Richard Casson panmaker
New page
Recognizances of Alehouses taken 22 June 1652
Robert Briggs, yeoman, John Lee plasterer, Thomas Scott shoe-
maker, Roger Wood, blcksmith, James Finch shoemaker, William
Tempest gentleman, Ralph Armerton yeoman, William Pilkington
gent. William Lyneny skinner, Anne Anderton widow, Edmund
Molyneux glazier, Eline Forth widow, Charles Hollinhead brazier,
Grace Wood widow, John Boulton, panmaker, Gilbert Houlecrofte
tailor, Ralph Leigh skinner, Thomas Barrowe pewterer, Elizabeth
Scott widow, Richard Casson the elder, Alexander Greene pan-
maker Ralph Banckes pewterer, Robert Casson pewterer, James
Langshawe pewterer, Edward Fairclough shoemaker, Jane Gerrard
widow, Eline Greene widow, Henry Rowe gentleman, William Scott
brazier, James Leatherbarrow skinner, Thomas Banckes mercer,
Anne Ford widow, William Greene panner, Roger Bibbye glazier.

Receipt of Nicholas Penington and James Cronche for money
received by them for their expenses.

Petition of James Crouche late bailiff that when he was in
that office "(the warrs being then very great) the then
Comaunding power did yssue out a Warrant for your Peticioner
to furnish a a Drumme with a horse". So he went into the
"Mayne" then a common a nag whose owner was then unknown but
afterwards he "never since sawe or heard of what became of the
said Drumme and horse". But shortly after onw Roger Gorse of
Newton came to claim the nag and sued the petitioner in London
and he was arrested, but he compounded and paid 4 li which he
now asked to have refunded.  It was granted.

Bond of Thurstan Walmesley husbandman 10 April 1651
  "  "  Roger Wood blcksmith 7 Nov 1650

Receipt for 5 li of Thurstan Walmesley  3 July 1652

Costs in chancery Fynch and Thomas adversus Nicholson
New page
Security to keep larmless the town of Wigan by Robert Suxsmith
Coverlet weaver   10 Jan. 1651

William Greene dyer presented as a "Common Swearer"  23 Oct  1652

Petition of William Laithwaite panmaker that he had rented a
close called "Platt Hey" from Nicholas Penington alderman on
the understanding that he should pay no taxes. By some mistake
he had been taxed, he asked to be freed. It was not allowed.

Petition of John Standish of Whitley that whilst he was bailiff
he had disbursed four pounds "towards the quartering of the
quarters of Captin Water Bebhell under the Comand of Collonele
Lambbad"  He asked to be refunded, but it was found that
nothing was due.

The petition of Alexander Greene and Henry Rowe that they might
have the 9s. 2d. which they expended whilst they were supervisors
of the highways during the mayorlty of Alexander Tompson.
It was to be paid.

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