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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 8 - 1650, 1651

           Box 1.  Roll 8  Michaelmas Leet October 5th 1650

Mayor               Robert Baron

Benchers            Richard Worsley
                    George Rudall

Recorder            Robert Mawdesley
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Bailiffs            James Forde
                    Thomas Marsden

Attornies           Roger Baron
                    Robert Brigges

Serjeants           Roger Wood
                    James Fynch

Standishgate        Mathew Mouldinge in law John Anderton
                    Richard Casson panner

Millgate            Thomas Rauson
                    William Greene

Scoles              John Deane
                    Humphrey Farbrother

Market street       Peter Catterall
                    Oliver Browne

Walegate            Robert Almond
                    William Catterall

Halegate            Henry Farbrother
                    Henry Lythgoe

Surveyors of        William Foster
Flesh and Fish      Edmund Molyneux

Alefounders         Richard Dobson
                    Adam Pemberton

Treasurers          James Higham
                    William Baldwin
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Sealers and Searchers        Edward Baron
and Registers of
Leather                      Edward Ormishawe

General Clerk                William Johnson
for Towne

Bellman                      Richard Dobson

Box 1.   Roll 8  Michaelmas Leet 5th October  1650
Anne the wife of William Deane butcher for selling veale on
Sunday 28th April last.

William Lythgoe badger for selling meal & c

John Ormishawe and Richard Southworth - assault.

The wife of the said John for assaulting an unknown woman
in the market.

Thomas Jolliw and Cecilia his wife, Charles Banckes senior
and Charles Banckes junior - assault

Robert Lloyd hatter and Gilbert Orrell - assault

William Forster butcher and George Shaw - assault

John Charnocke and Edward Rigby - assault

Peter Leigh for assaulting William Shawe.

Ellen the wife of Thomas Whitle for prestalling the market,
also Anne Forde widow, Jane the wife of Edward Prescott,
Margaret Rogerson, widow, Elizabeth the wife of Richard Good-
husband and Margaret Fraunce servant of Richard Brocke for the
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James Ford pewterer for not repairing the gate between his
field and the field of William Laithwaite panner.

Elizabeth Scott widow of Ralph Scott for allowing her dunghill
to lie in the street

Ralph Dicconson of West Haughton husbandman and Adam Reeve
of the same husbandman

Agnes Gerard widow and Alice the wife of James Nightgale
for forestalling the market.

Agnes Gerard widow for making a litigation on Thomas Follie.

Henry Toppinge for abusing Richard Scott, a toll taker in
fair time.

Elizabeth Scott widow for making a litigation on Katherine
the wife of Thomas Baron.

Peter Lee for a litigation on William Johnson and Richard

John Pattricke and Thomas Berges for receiving John Heley
and the wife of George Hyndlye and her children.

Richard Hylton of Leigh for an assault on Gerard Leigh at
Leigh "upon the faire eve att night - fined £10

All the gatewaiters, except of Millgate, fined 20d. each
for not appearing at this leet.

Jane Browne of Scoles widow for keeping Samuel Nuller and
Anne his wife.
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The owners of Pillitough to repair the Bridge from Scoles
Common to the way leading towards Standishgate.

William Johnson clerk to ring a four o'clock bell this winter
and at eight o'clock bell and a nine o'clock bell in summer
"upon the benevolence of well dispossed people."

William Harrison and Roger Winstanley for taking carts out of
Millgate throught the "Went" to Mr Tempests back gates after
being told not to by the Master of the Highways.

The bailiffs to pay 4s. to Roger Baron for the writing done
by him concerning the Meal House.

Accounts of Robert Langshawe and Alexander Tompson late
bailiffs - the leys.

Petition & c.
Petition of Edward Lowe son of William Low Wigan Lane to
be made a freeman - admitted free of the nailors.

Petition of Richard Dobson that he "might have as att is in
other places every yeare a Coate for the office of his Bell-
manshipp" - to have a coat.

Complaint of Robert Markland, John Nightingale and Jeffrey
Scott Wardens of the Company of Braziers, that John Platt,
Stephen Platt and Robert Penington panmakers, William Forth,
pewterer, Robert Belche weaver, Humphrey Farbrother joiner and
Thomas Worthington cooper were all exercising the trade of
braziers by carting pewterers moulds, making morters and mill
steps. -fined

Complaint of Richard Casson, Robert Casson and Laurence
Moulding the Master and Wardens of the Linenweavers that Henry
Topping, James Taverner, William Hudson and Thomas Lee were
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retailing linen cloth -

Petition of Ralph Marshe to be a wait - allowed.

Complaint of Thomas Kidd alias Ireland and Seth Mason - maltsters
that James Finch of Market-Street sold in his house "as in
acommon shopp" the malt of William Keyley who was neither a
freeman nor burgers. - not to be continued under pain of a
fine of 40s.

Petition of John Harvye concerning the payment for the
quartering of soldiers - as before.

Letter of Robert Mawdesley 8 Oct 1650 concerning his petition
- not there.

Complaint of William Pilkington alderman that Robert Orrell of
the "Went" had encroached on his land.

Complaint of James Rigby weaver that "for the souldiers
troopers under the Comand of Coll. Bethell" John Standish then
bailiff to hay and wheaten straw from him for which he had
not been paid.

Complaint of Margaret widow of Robert Markland that her husband
when he was Mayor asked Mr Gerard Banckes for the loan of his
cart for the repair of the highways. The bailiffs were to pay
for the hire of the said cart but an account for 4s 10d. had
been sent to the petitioner.

Petition of James Molyneux of Woodhouses gentleman for 14 li
owing him for 28,000 bricks.

Names of those in arrears for the highways 165 0 & c.

Robert Winstanley account for the highways 1650
New page
Ordered that the money received for the goods of Roger Rogerson
deceased should be put into the treasurers hands as part of
the town stock

Orders concerning the horse mill& c.

£30 to be disturbed amongst the poor. Leit of persons to make
a return of the poor.

            Christmas Leet 21st December 1650
Thomas Pattricke, Thomas Berges and Jane Browne of Scoles widow
for keeping John Keley, George Hindley and his wife and Samuel
Milton and Anne his wife.

Order repeated to the owners of Pillitough.

Ellen the wife of Peter Catterall tailor and Mary Reynoldes
spinster - assault.

Ellen the wife of Thomas Lythgoe and Ellen the wife of Hamlet
Holecrofte - litigation

Ellen Deane widow for a litigation on Alice the wife of Edward

Ralph Cowper and Jeffrey Bamber for keeping Elizabeth Tyrer
and Isabel Bamber.

Peter Catterall for a litigation on Mary Reynoldes

Robert Smith for keeping Mrs Margaret Knotsforth an inmate

Jennett Barrowe spinster for forestalling the market.

Mathew Markland for keeping one Sutton and his wife and children
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Thomas Worthington Cooper and Anne the wife of Ralph Hindley -

           Easter Leet 5th April 1651
Petitions & c.
Complaint of William Johnson that the benevolence be gathered
for ringing the 9 o'clock bell last summer "of those that
would bestow Any thinge that way, and itt would scarse pay
the man his wages that runge itt" and that "I may have my
Wages which is 2 li for ringing eight of the Clocke and tend-
inge the Clocke and bells for I am very much nessesitated for
want of the same" - to be paid from the lays "And if he will
ring lett him take the gratuitu of the parishe."

Complaint of James Fynch and John Thomas that by doing their
duty in arresting John Robertson and taking a bullock of his
which was forfeit to the town, they had been sued in chancery
- Their charges in defending the suit to be borne by the town.

Complaint of the Master and Wardens of the Blacksmith's
Company that Edward Marshe of Ince smith who was sworn a
freeman without the consent of the body of the borough and now
has left of working in the town "but doth elswhere and sell
his wares to the great hindrance" &c.

2 complaints of Thomas Banckes of Scoles pewterer against
William Harrison who had encroached on his land & c.

                  Easter   Leet 5th April   1651
Winifred Johnson widow and Isabel the wife of Ralph Harrocks
- assault

Edward Baron and John Charnocke for keeping John Ward and
Richard Dobson.
New page
Thomas Burgesse tailor for "settinge on work"
John Preston a tailor not free of this borough.

George Shawe and Roger Maver - assault

Gerard Lee, James Harvy Junior and James Bibbie for playing

Roger Neaver, William Shawe and Ralph Boulton "have betted att

Ralph Wood and Ralph Deane junior butcher - assault

Oliver Baron, Edward Catterall, Elizabeth Barrowe widow, Grace
Baron widow and Alice Wakefield for keeping Thomas Leaver and
his wife, William Manchester and his wife, Winifred Johnson,
Richard Renshawe and his wife, Mary Walton widow, John Taylor
and his wife, and William Bamber and his wife.

George Shawe for a litigation on Elizabeth Pilkington spinster

John Laithwaite panner and James Letherbarrow skinner - assault

John Grange for an assault on James Hayle

John Nightgale and Edward Hollinhead - assault

Robert Beltchier for a litigation on Cecilia the wife of
Thomas Jollie.

Ellen Deane widow and Elizabeth Deane spinster and Alice the
wife of Ralph Wimiston - assault

Elizabeth the wife of William Lynney for an assault on Roger
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Mary Pilkington for not making the yarding between Penyhurst
and Lower Crabtree Meadow.

Cicilia the wife of Thomas Jollie and Richard Crosse labourer -

Mr Gerard Banckes for encroaching on Whalley Lane

William Haughton, Robert Harper and William Hill labourer for
making a coalpit on Scoles Common

Peter Lathom a foreigner for living in Scoles

Mr Alexander Tompson late bailiff has not accounted for 12 leys
"towards the use of the Malicia"

£5 to be lent to Thurstan Walmesley until Michaelmas next.

List of persons no longer to keep alehouses.

Owners of lands between Henhurst Bridge and Adam Bridge on the
river Douglas who had allowed their ditches to overflow the
said river.

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