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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 7 - 1649, 1650

                    Box 1.  Roll 7  Michaelmas Leet 6th October 1649

Mayor               Joseph Rigby

Benchers            Richard Worsley
                    George Rudall
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Recorder            Robert Mawdsley

Bailiffs            Robert Langshawe
                    Alexander Tompson

Attornies           Roger Baron
                    Robert Briggs.

Serjeants           Joseph Penington
                    James Fynch

Standishgate        Hamlet Greene
                    Jeffrey Scott brazier

Millgate            Hugh Forde
                    Thomas Haigh

Scoles              James Forde pewterer son of Gilbert
                    Hugh Hollinhead

Marketstreet        William Laithwaite
                    Thomas Garnett

Wallgate            John Catterall tailor
                    William Carter

Hallgate            Thomas Batersby
                    John Towneclowe

Surveyors of        Edward Baron
Flesh andFish       Edmund Molyneux

Alefounders         Richard Dobson
                    Adam Pemberton alias Higginson
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Treasurers          Edward Sumner
                    Robert Winstanley

Searchers and       James Crouche
Sealers of
Leather             Thomas Scott

Church Clerk        William Johnson
for towne

Bellman             Richard Dobson

Petitions & c     1649
Petition of William Johnson clerk "to give way for the ringinge
of fower A Clock Bell as formerly itt hath beene" and
whether it be expedient" for the ringinge of Nine A Clock all
the Summer longe" - allowed to ring both bell and have the

Complaint of James Molyneux gentleman that William Browne and
Robert Baron bailiffs when William Forth was mayor took bricks
from the petitioner for the use of town to the value of 14 li,
for which he had not been paid.

Complaint of Nicholas Penington gentleman that Mr Christopher
Banckes, Elizabeth Boore widow and others would not allow him
to use the "milking way" to the Platt hey.

                Michaelmas Leet  Oct 6th 1649
Humphrey Mather for assaulting Frances Gibbons widow

Humphrey Atherton and John Baxter - assault.

Peter Leigh for assaulting an unknown man.
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Mathew Moulding and Mary Pilkington widow assault

Katherine the wife of Henry Raynoldes, Mary and Elizabeth
Raynolds spinsters and Elizabeth the wife of William Lynney
- assault.

Thomas Worthington and Ellen the wife of Robert Casson
weaver - assault.

Edward Bordman of Pemberton and John Standish one of the
bailiffs - abuse

William Baron gentleman and William Laithwaite panner - assault.

Gerrard Banckes gentleman and James Bradshawe clerk - assault.

Edward Boulton panner and Gilbert Orrell - the like

Edward Ormishawe for abusing Gerrard Banckes alderman.

James Bradshawe clerk and William Bamber collier - assault

Henry Disby for abusing and assaulting Gerrard Banckes gentleman.

Ellen Greene widow and Ellen Leigh spinsters - assault.

Petitions & c.
Complaint of the Martin and Wardens of the Braziers Company
that as it was forbidden for any freeman of the company to
take a stranger, not born in the town, as apprentice, William
Laithwaite the younger, a freeman had contrary to the rules
taken as apprentice Andrew the son of Thomas Lathome a stranger
- to be put away.

Another petition of Nicholas Penington concerning his expences
on his journey to London when Mayor & c [details]
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Petition of William Wallell servant to Sir Edward Wrightington
for satisfaction for his master, for certain timber which lay in
the kiln at the back of the Hall of Orrell in Standishgate -
"and was burned by the Scottes prisoners which lay there during
there aboade."    27th October 1649

Complaint of Mathew Markland that Thomas Bibbie and Hugh Mathew
did not make the hedge between their tenements.

Petition of Ralph Marsh plasterer to be appointed cryer - allowed.

Complaint of John Hervie alderman that the town owed him
£6  19  7 from the time when he was bailiff. And he was
put in suit in London by Mr Lea for malt taken by the soldiers & c.

Petition of William Getenbie physician"andservante for yor toune
in theire late distressed tymes of sickness" That he had been
asked by the Mayor & c Mr Folly - 1648 "to visite the sicke
persons and minister them" at 30 s. a week & c. He had been
at great expense & c. Ordered to be given an extra 7 li.

Complain of John Catterall cooper who "lately before the
sickness called the plaage or pestilence fell amongst us" had
taken a cottage and garden in Gudlawe Lane from James Hollinhead
and Elizabeth his wife with the consent of their brother William
Casson. But he could not go in to it in the previous May because
it was used for the sick, some of whom pulled down his walls
and burnt his doors & c - to have 16s. 8d. towards his losses
"which hee sustayned by the makeinge his house a Cabin or pest-
house for the Inflicted of the plague"

Complaint of William Greene dyer who had not learned his trade
in the town and was ordered to pay £5 before he could follow
it in the town - some of which he asked to have remitted "in
regard of his great losse since the tyme of the visitacion."
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Complaint of Thomas Acton who had served 3 years apprenticeship
to James Harvie smith, but the said James would keep him no
longer for find him another master

Petition of James Finch one of the Serjeants of the town that
"in theire late distressed and disturbed tymes of the greate
Vizatacions of the Sicknes that was emongst us Called the plague
and pestalence" the petitioner had to attend the Mayor and had
to send his wife and children to the country at great cost
"untill such tymes the towne by Gods providence was sett Cleere"
- asked for some relief - referred to the Mayor.

Petition of Edward Marshe blacksmith, to be made a freeman -
allowed, with the consent of the Smiths' Company.

Petition of Jane Gerard widow, "That severall wounded souldiers
under the then Comand of Lieut. Generall Cromwell was quartered
upon" her for which she was promised payment especially by Mr
Jollie the Mayor & c. She had received all but 9li 15s.
which she now asked for.

Petition of Geoffrey Scott brazier for the £10 "upon Interest"
prmised him "in leiwe of a great Brasse Gunn which your
peticioner made for the use of the towne"

15 Feb 1649, layes to be raised for the Army and Service in
Ireland - adjourned until Mr Jolleye's return from London.

Orders & c.
That the bridge leading from Scoles Common to the Pillitough be
repaired by the owners of Pillitough.

The Bailiffs to repair the Milne, Hencourt and Were bridges.

Mr Bradshawe now minister to repair the Parson Meadowes Bridge
which was decayed and dangerous.
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Mr Mawdesley or Mr Forth to repair the bridge leading out of
Maynes heyes over Barnsby Brooke into Entwisle feildes.

Dunghills & c to be removed from the streets.

That Nicholas Penington or Richard Casson had 3 li. 10s.
in their hands belonging to the town. The Bailiffs were to
make it up to 5li and give it to Mr Gerrard of Ince for the
fine of the Meale House.

That the town's "house niylue is a burden", ground rent being
paid for it and no profit made. The bailiffs were ordered to
take it down and place it in the Meal House until it be sold
for the benefit of the town.

"Wee thinke fitt and doe order that the Counsell house in the
Moath hall, shalbe made secure for the keeping of Dangerous
prisoners in such manner as the now ballieffes shall thinke fitt."

That according to custom the 41 jurors should be paid 4d. each
out of the fines of this court and 5s. each to Roger Baron and
Robert Brigges "for there great paines this leet."

That as the highways were in such a state of decay the profits
of the fair (over and above 30s to be paid for the fine of the
meal house) to be handed over for them.

The pinfold to be repaired by the bailiffs. But in future any
person who broke it would have to repair it.

Nicholas Rannickers fined £10 for assaulting Mr William
Pilkington in fair time.

Ralph Wakefield and Thomas Bullocke paid 3s. 4d. each for
"makeinge a Tussell" in fair time.

Supervisors of the Highways
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Marketstreet      Ambrose Jolly and William Tempest
Standishgate      Robert Baron and John Wakefield pewterer
Millgate          Edward Sumpner and Robert Letherlanowe
Wallgate          Thomas Tarleton and Myles Turner
Hallgate          William Tarleton and Roger Bibbie
Scoles            William Glover and James Banckes coverlet-weaver
Woodhouses        Roger Laithwaite and Thomas Pattricke

Order to the bailiffs concerning the levying of 35 li 19s. 11d.
of the 936 li levied upon the Hundred of Derby & c.

           Christmas Leet 22nd December 1649
Humphrey Atherton and John Baxter - assault

Mathew Mouldinge and Mary Pilkington - the like.

Katherine wife of Henry Raynolds, Mary and Elizabeth Raynolds
spinsters and Elizabeth the wife of William Lynney - litigation.

Thomas Worthington and Ellen the wife of Robert Casson weaver -
the like

Edward Bordman of Pemberton and John Standish late bailiff of
the town - abuse.

Gerrard Banckes gentleman and James Bradshawe clerk - assault.

Edward Boulton panner and Gilbert Orrell - the like.

James Bradshawe clerk for assaulting William Bamber collier.

Henry Risley for assaulting Gerrard Banckes gentleman

Ellen Greene widow and Ellen Leigh spinster - litigation.
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Robert Markland tailor and Edward Hawett - assault

Roger Bibbie glazier, Robert Markland tailor and Edward Rigby
joiner - assault.

John Lee of Wallgate and Thomas Worthington for profanely
procuring an oath "By God"

John Naylor of Standishgate badger and Eleanore his wife for
breaking the Pinfold on 2 separate occasions. - paid 6s. 8d.

Robert Markland tailor and Edward Hawett tailor for being drunk
on Sunday Dec. 2nd - fined 5s. each or 5 hours in the stocks.

Ralph Deane Junior and Robert Greene of Millgate pewterer - assault.

William Whalley and John Whalley - the like.

William Higham butcher and Henry Spencer - the like.

Alice the wife of James Nightgale and Mary the wife of Richard
Fraunce - litigation.

Thomas Ireland and William Lynney - assault.

William Lythgoe of Hindley a badger intending to raise the
market "puffered to buy meale upon the markett day"

William Pilkington gentleman for abusing John Standish and
Ralph Markland late bailiff when gathering the lays.

Edward Baron for rescusing a bullock which had been distrained
for lays.

James Molyneux for accompanying Thomas Garnett "under pretence
of a Replevin to Rescew One love" which had been distrained
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for lays

Edward Boulton panner and John Nightgale brazier - assault

Anne Fynch widow for a litigation on Henry Shawe and an oath
"by Gods blood"

Lit. of Jeofees for Hell Meadowe and Rayneforth landes.

12 March  1649
Apprentices now Chosen
Guard Foster son of Ralph Foster deceased
Hugh Scott   "    " William Scott  "
William Ascrofte son of Richard Ashcrofte deceased
Peter Platt       "   " John Platt          "--
James Browne      "   " Roger Browne deceased
Robert Bore       "   " John Bore     "
James Whitle      "   " John Whitle   -----

             Easter Leet 9 May 1650
Petitions & c.
Petition of John Harvy gentleman, (late bailiff) that the agent
for the Army had threatened to distrain on his goods for money
which Thomas Banckes had converted to other uses by the towne's
consent" for pay of the quarters of Souldiers under Capt Harrison
not the regicide - asks for releif.

Complaint of James Langshawe of Scoles pewterer that Ellen widow
of Roger Letherlanowe of Whalley, Anne Partington widow and
Thomas Forth pewterer for stopping a watercourse which should
flow through the "Dazie Hillocke" "the Little Meadow" and "Lower
Brook Hey" in Whelley.

Complaint of Robert Orrell of "the Went" weaver that William
Pilkington alderman was damaging his freehold
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Complaint of Roger Baron that had sustained great wrongs "in
theese troblesome tymes" at the hands of James Rigby mercer, who
had spoilt his hedge in Halegate & c

            Easter Leet   9 May   1650
     As last time

Edward Allanson for not mending his platt.

Richard Brocke, Alexander Ellison, Mrs Heyes and Jane Lee -

Gilbert Orrell and Isabel Casson spinster - litigation

Thomas Belchier and Gerard Forester - the same

Jane Whalley spinster for a litigation of Elizabeth the wife of
William Lynney.

William Lynney for a litigation on Jennett the wife of John Lee.

John Charnocke, Joan Wood widow, and Elizabeth Greene widow
for receeving Richard Dobson.

Ralph Markland gentleman for a litigation on Ambrose Jollie

Anne the wife of William Deane butcher for selling veale at
11 o'clock on Sunday the 28th of April.

Lower [Laura]wife of Hamlet Greene, Agnes Jerrard widow, Anne
the wife of Gilbert Wood, Ellen wife of Thomas Whittale, John
Glazebrooke, Anne wife of Steven Platt and Alice the wife of
Ralph Lee for forestalling the market
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Thomas Pattricke, Robert Smith, John Charnocke, Mathias Markland
John Catterall cooper, William Boulton, Jamie(?) Farnworth,
and the wife of Alexander Catterall, for receiving John Relly
his wife and children, a stranger, Richard Dobson and his wife,
John Sutton his wife and children, William Bibbie his wife and
children, a stranger, Robert Brown, and Thomas Prescott and his

Johny Casson widow "For scandolizing the Jury saying they were
al Forsworne in laying her sonne Richard in ja a lea"

William Finch and Robert --- assault.

Ralph Hindley and Elizabeth Scott for allowing their swine to

John Nightgale for making a slay hole in the street.

Ralph Deane for putting a dunghill in Wallgate

The bridge between Burnley and Page Fields was enlarged.

The bridge between Scoles Common and Pillitough to be repaired.

Anyone to be allowed to sell meat any day in the week.

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