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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 6 - 1647

   Box 1.    Roll 6   Court   Leet Records.

View of Frankpledge held before Robert Markland Mayor & c on
Saturday 2nd Oct. 1647.

            Election of Officers.
Mayor               Nicholas Pennington

Aldermen            Richard Worsley
                    William Browne

Recorder and        Mr Mawdsley
Town Clerk

Bailiffs            John Harvie
                    Thomas Banckes, mercer

Attornies           Roger Baron
                    Geoffrey Sherrington

Serjeants           Joseph Pennington
                    James Fynch

Standishgate        John Wackfeild
                    Eugh Ford, brazier

Milnegate           John Anderton
                    William Foster
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Scoles        Gilbert Langshawe, pewterer
              Edward Gerrard

Marketstid    Pobert Pennyngton
              Peter Leigh

Walegate      Robert Forth
              Thomas Morte

Halegate      William Taleton
              Edward Leigh

Supervisors   Roger Wood
of Flesh and
Fish          Edward Baron

Alefounders   Myles Mitton
              Henry Lythgoe

Treasurers    William Glover
              William Tempest

Town's Clerk  William Johnson
for Church

Bellman       Richard Dobson

No list of Freemen of Burgusses, but a list of Jurors.

       Box 1     Roll 6.   Court Leet Records.

George Hindley of Ince nailor, abused the Mayor
Surety Gerrard Banckes.

Grace the wife of John Lowe of Haye husbandman abused and
assaulted Margaret the wife of William Boyles
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Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Scott abused and assaulted Mary the
wife of John Boulton.

Ralph Marsh plasterer, abused and assaulted Henry Wainwright.

Henry Wainwright did the like.
Margaret Croychloc spinster, presented for buying butter & c
before they came to the Market Cross

John Nayleur presented for speaking "evil and wicked speeches
against the poore people of this burrowe"
Surety, Bailiff Banckes.

Alexander Greene presented for allowing his swine to stray, also
Thomas Laithwaite and Edmund Molyneux for the same.

Ellis Guest and Thomas Follie of Haye for assault

Edward Hollinhead assaulted and abused James Rigbie, carrier.

Ralph Deane presented for not cleaning Fafferlane

Mr William Tempest presented for abusing William Pilkington,
alderman, also presented for assaulting the same William Pilkington.

William Pilkington alderman presented for abusing Mr Robert
Markland formerly Mayor

William Pilkington alderman presented for abusing the wife of Mr
Robert Markland "in the open streets both by uncivil words and

Mary the wife of William Pilkington alderman presented for abusing
Robert Markland the former Mayor and his Bailiff. She was also
presented for abuse of Margaret the wife of Robert Markland
New page
alderman and Alice the wife of Mr William Tempest "in foule and
uncivil language"

John Charnocke and Hamlet Holcrofte for assault with drawing of
Sureties, Francis Rigbie and Robert Markland, tailor.

Alice the wife of John Charnocke presented for abusing Francis

Isabella Suxsmith presented for assaulting Thomas Seddon of Ince
the elder and Thomas for the like
Surety Edward Boulton, tailor, Thomas Seddon the younger.

Oliver Worthington presented for assaulting Mistress Jane Lloyd.

Katherine the wife of John Orrell presented for abusing Elizabeth
the wife of Ralph Deane

Jony Wood presented for a slander upon Laurence Rogerson

Jane Gerrard widow for abusing William Farbrother exonerated
for lack of evidence
Surety James Croytchloc

Eleanor Ford widow, Laurence, Elizabeth, Katherine and Margaret
Ford her son and daughters and William Ford dyer and his wife,
for assault.

John the son of Thomas Scott presented for playing bowles, also
Thomas the son of Henry Kirkby and Humphrey the son of Geoffrey
Farbrother. They were fined 1 s. each.

Anne Houghton and Katherine the wife of Gilbert Houghton abused
one another.
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James Leyland and Katherine the wife of John Orrell abused one

Humphrey Farbrother and Katherine the wife of Gilbert Houghton
abused one another

Ralphe Crosse labourer presented for taking "Owler poles and
other Quickewood" from the grounds of Alexander Woodward of

Elizabeth the wife of William Lynney the younger for saying to
Eleanor the wife of Edmund Molyneux "thou art a drunken Queane"

Elizabeth the wife of William Leigh for eavesdropping

William Foster and Peter Catterall for assault.

The Petition of John Chadwicke "a practiser of phissique" to be
free of that profession as the inhabitants of Wigan had to
travel to Warrington for drugs.

Petition of the inhabitants of Walegate that the stone wall
might be repaired.      It was granted.

Petition of James Harvye smith for leave to build a cottage and
smithy on the Schoole Common "he beinge a poore man and having
noe house to live in"

Petition of Elizabeth Bowlton a poor, distressed impotent widow
"that formerly before the warrs began shee swept your Court
house and Pendice, and Rubd the tables against every Courte daye,
and shee had three shillinges foure pence yearly allowed her, for
her paines"
     "Shee is miserably poore, and to her power would doe any
worke, that shee is able to doe"
New page
It was ordered that she was to receive 10d a quarter for the work.

Petition of Thomas Haigh the younger, felt maker to be made a

Complaint of Peter Mason that Alexander Green's swine had eaten
his thatch. Alexander was ordered to pay 4d. towards the cost
of a new roof.

Petitiion of William Deyne, Robert Almond, William Foster and
Ralph Deyne to be made freemen.

Petition of Robert Greene pillar and Ellen his wife, that at the
last fair divers people became drunk in Henry Wainwright's
houseand fought in the street. The petitioners son Peter went
to separate them but was himself attacked. But when Henry
Wainwrightbacame gatewater he presented Ellen and Peter for
assault and she "thinkes itt stainge; that they showed bee fyned
for their good will, in separating men and their neighbours
from Murthering one another"

Petition of William Tempest that Ralph Deyne butcher should
mend the yard between their houses. It was ordered to be done.

Petition of Geoffrey Scott brazier. That when Wigan was made a
garrison by order of the Earl of Derby Geoffrey Scott "did
voluntrarilie make a Brasse Gun" which was used in the defence
of the town, but for which he had been paid nothing. It was
ordered that he was to be given it.

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