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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 5 - 1640, 1641

           Box 1.     Roll 5  Court Leet Records

View of Frankpledge held before James Molyneux Mayor on Saturday
Oct. 3rd 1640

              Election of Officers

Mayor                John Bullocke

Recorder             Mawdsley

Bailiffs             William Browne
                     Robert Markland

Attornies            Roger Baron
                     Geoffrey Sherrington

Serjeants            William Watson
                     Joseph Pennington

Standishgate         Thomas Laithwaite
                     William Hill

Milnegate            Hugh Mather
                     James Taylor

Scoles               Thomas Greene
                     William Laithwaite
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Markettstidd     Henry Mason
                 William Tempest

Walegate         Richard Ryecrofte
                 Edward Gregson

Halegate         Thomas Croytchloc
                 John Jackson

Supervisors      Ralph Forster
of Flesh and
Fish             Edward Baron

Alefounders      Robert Burgesse
                 Richard Dobson

Sealers of       Edward Fairclough
Leather          James Waitson

                 Robert Banckes
                 Robert Ford

George Rudall elected alderman

         Box 1    Roll 5.

Presentment by the Mayor and Bailiffs in answer to the warrant
addressed to them by the Lord Leecit of the County by virtue
of a communion of aucry.

The names of all the persons in the borough and liberties thereof
where lands were woerth 20 marks a year and all between the ages
of 16 and 60.

William Forth    of Wigan    gentleman         able bodied
Gilbert Banmore      "          "              infirm
Alexander Ford   of Swindley    "              able bodied
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John Standishe     of Whittley    gentleman     able bodied
Ralph Markland  of the Meadows in Wigan          "    "
John Harvie        of Wigan       gentleman      "    "

James Molyneux

          B. 1. Roll 5.
View of Frankpledge held on Saturday Oct 3rd 1640

Ellen the wife of Francis Rigby and Christian Leigh widow

Alice the wife of Richard Scott and Alice Hollinhead widow

Thomas Ireland presented for "nott makinge a gutter betwixt
James Ireland and him"

Thomas Garnett butcher assaulted Robert Scott

Henry Wakefield panner and Ellen Harvie widow, quarrelling.

Ellen Kidd alias Ireland, Katherine the wife of Alex. Forth
weaver and William Forth brazier, assault.

Geoffrey Moulding weaver and Mary his wife and Thomas Laith-
waite, assault.

Alice Mason, Katherine Burges, Elizabeth Pennington and Mary
Farbrother spinsters abused Ellen the wife of Robert Greene.
"wee doe order that Mary Farbrother for her scandelysinge
words against the wyffe of Robert Greene shall were the brydle
from the Moothall round about the Markett Crosse to the hall
New page
agayne and to aske her the said Ellen Greene forgiveness afore
her departure"
Remitted by an after verdict.

Gilbert Hoghton and Ralph Baron assault. Ralph Baron to sit
2 hours in the stocks.

Joan the wife of Thomas Wood abused James Molyneux the Mayor.
She was to wear the bridle from the Moot hall to her own house
and back again and to "aske Mr Mayor forgiveness or otherwyse
from thence to the brockstoole"

Peter Gerrard, Richard Orrell, John Dolphin and Henry Kirklie

John Hollinhead assaulted Robert Mason

Elizabeth Blackborne widow and Robert Leigh presented for allow-
ing their swine to stray.

Henry Mason and Robert Molyneux, assault. Robert Molyneux to
sit 2 hours in the stocks.

Ellen Houghton abused John Winstanley, his wife and daughters.
Ellen to wear the bridle & c.

Ralph Leigh and Alice the wife of Gilbert Hindley, assault

James Forth and Richard Scott assault.

"Wee present William Wood of Wigan Naylor for beatinge a drum
twixt twelve and one a Clock in the night tyme to the disturbance
and terror of his majesties Leige people" He was to sit 6
hours in the stocks in the Market place.

"Wee doe present Thomas Laithwaite Taylor for his abuse in
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filthie fowle words" against Geoffrey Moulding. He was to sit
2 hours in the stocks in the Hale.

John Rigby joiner, Jane his wife and Jane the wife of John Jackson
and William Burton, assault.

Gerrard Banckes abused George Vause

Francis Rigby labourer and Miles Catterall tailor, assault.

Thomas Breckell abused Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Grundie.

Gawther Scaresbrecke and Thurstan Crosse, assault.

Thomas Laithwaite sadler presented for allowing unlawful
gaming in his house.

Henry Farbrother, Ellen the wife of William Hollis and Isabel
the wife of William Nightgale abused Ellen the wife of Robert
Greene, pillar "wee order that Isabella Nighgall shall att or
before two of the Clocke bee brought to the backstoole and sitt
upon the same and have sixe good swinges therein and afterwardes
retorne her backe againe to the hall and their to were the brydle
downe from the hall all alonge the Walgate unto the towle Barres"

"And wee doe order Mary Farbrother, Henry Farbrother and Elen
Hollice for devulginge the slander abroade that everyone of them
shall afore theire departure aske Robert Wyffe Greene forgivenes
of theire knees and the said Mary to bee remitted from her
former punishment."

Thomas Pilkington fined 40 s. for slander and contempt of the

Court held 19th December 16 ChasI
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Henry Barmester Esq and James Anderton for assault
Sureties Rober Banckes brazier and William Forth gentleman

Henry Bannister and William Forth, assault.

John Hey and Thomas Breckell labourer, assault

Richard Casson the younger labourer and John Whitstones and
Hugh Whitstones assault.
Sureties: Alex. Casson tailor, Ralph Leigh, skinner, and Edw:

Thurban Crosse labourer assaulted and abused William Forth
alderman. He was to sit 4 hours in the stocks in the Market

Thurstan Crosse labourer assaulted James Molyneux

Thurstan Crosse labourer was assaulted by Roger Browne labourer

Robert Banckes brazier and John Forster butcher, assault

Thomas Shawe slandered John Bullocke, mayor of the town. He
was to sit for 6 hours in the stocks.

William Corles and Thomas Breckell, assault.

Gilbert Markland smith and John Marshe, smith, assault.

Edward Baldwin of Chorley and Hugh Wood miller, assault.

John Jackson of Leyland and Rosamund the wife of Edward Damm
assault Surety Nicholas Pennington and Arthur Gibbons.

Ralph Crosse labourer and Edward Standishe, assault.
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Edward Baron shoemaker presented "for shootinge Haile shoott in
a Gunn att Pidgeons and killinge them"

John Jackson of Leyland and John Mitton of Preston butcher assault.

Edward Dam assaulted John Jackson.

Anne the wife of James Lythgoe assaulted Joan the wife of William
Casson, tailor.

John Haughton of Haughton near Winwecke the tenant of Richard
Haughton of Blackbrooke and claimed a grey mare which Ellen
the wife of William Scott the elder of Wigan had found wander-
ing in the town.

Robert Crowther of Borstall Yorks. acknowledged his debt of 10 li
to the King and Anthony Brooke of the same also.

Henry Mawdesley of Parbold Lancs. and Gilbert Leigh of Wigan
the same.

John Molyneux of Wigan yeoman in               10li
Edward Barron     "    shoemaker                5li
Robert Winstanley  "   joiner                   5li
Robert Markland    "                            5li
Mary the wife of Thos Pilkington of Wigan       5li
All are bound to appear on 20th Dec 1640 to give evidence
concerning the selling of Flax by Crowther and Brooke.

Gilbert Houghton and Ralph Crosse for stealing from John Rigby
of the "Bricke howse"

                       13th March    1640

Robert Crowther to appear at the meeting day on the Saturday
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before the 25th March

Anne Boulton spinster for a litigation against Mistress Harvie.

Grace Scott spinster for abusing Mr Collingwood

Sarah Scott for abusing James Scott

[separate paper]
    28 January 1640
James Baldwin of Wigan linen weaver bound over to keep the peace
with John Scott brazier Mainpunor John Boulton of Wigan panner.

Court held on the Saturday before the 25th March 1640

James Baldwin linen weaver assaulted John Scott.

Robert Wakefielde of Goosnaigh husbandman and Maximillian
Leigh of Parbold husbandman, assault.

Gauther Breares of Wigan labourer and the same Maximillian

Robert Wakefield of Goosnaigh husbandman and John Harvey of
Wigan brazier, assault.

John Nayor of Parbold husbandman and Robert Wakefield of
Goosnaigh husbandman, assault.

Robert Shawe hatter and Roger Bibbie glazier, assault.

William Laithwaite labourer, William Browne labourer and
Alexander Frith labourer and Rober Markland tailor, assault.

Patrick Dublin, Hamlet Houlecrofte, Anne Rigby and Ellen
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Rigby spinsters assault and abuse.

George Glassbrooke of Whitston and James Wigan labourer assault.

William Baron smith and William Lynney, assault.

Robert Crowder and Anthony Brooks clothiers Borstal Co Yorks.
presenting for selling flax in Wigan without a licence.

Gilbert Houghton and Ralph Crosse presented for trespassing and
cutting thornes
Sureties Richard Orrell and William Deane butcher "Wee find
Ralph Crosse to be whipped at the Rogueport and Haughton quit"

Grace Scott, Sarah Scott, Isabel Wakefield spinsters and Elizabeth
Deane widow presented because "in many foule and scandalizinge
speeches" they had abused Richard Collingwood Clerk.

Anne Boulton spinster and Margery Harvey spinster assault and

William Corles and Thomas Breckell assault.

Roger Bibbie, Gilbert Leigh and William Watson presented for
allowing their swine to stray.

Roger Bibbie presented for riddling ashes in the street

Roger Wood and Peter Gerrard - assault

Mary Anderton and Jane Pilkington - abuse

Peter Anderton and Mary his wife, and Ellen the wife of Hamlet
Holcroft - assault
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James Fynch, labourer, Robert Penington, William Orrell, Robert
Laithwaite, John Mason, James Ford servant to Laurence Ford
presented for playing bowles.

James Deane labourer presented for abusing James Molyneux Alderman -
4 hours in the stocks at the Market Cross.

Cuthbert Scott and Barnaby Markland fined 6s. each for not repairing
the highway.

James Morte currier presented for defiling the streets

Alice Orrell spinster and Grace the wife of William Laithwaite
presented for abusing Jane the wife of William Whalley of Pemberton

Hugh Hindley, William Walton assaulted Thomas Casson.

Ellen the wife of Robert Leigh pewterer, presented for "rescewinge
a Swine which Thomas Hampson had taken and pinned"

Ellen Hampson spinster and Ellen the wife of Robert Leigh presented
for abuse.

John Moorefield presented for assaulting William Whalley.

Robert Leigh presented for not "makinge his Yeard"

William Never presented for taking thornes from the hedge between
the lands of Ralph Foster and William Marsh. 4 hours in the stocks
in the Moot hall.

Robert Towneley and Ralph Nevar presented for assault.

Robert Wood presented for not making his Yurd.
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Petition of Richard Gregson gunsmith and bowmaker being "Informed
that your towne of Wigan hath nede of a gunn smith" applied for
the part, he was taken.

Petition of Thomas Laithwaite sadler that William Johnson clerk
had taken "a farriner" as apprentice to the trade of sadler.
William Johnson to be fined.

Richard Morte apprenticed to Robert Brighouse dyer for 7 years
asks to be made a freeman.

Petition of Thomas Kidd alias Ireland that a jury might view
the property to be divided between him and James Kidd alias
Ireland. His mother Ellen Kidd alias Ireland and Katherine Kidd

Petition of Katherine Hunt of the Standishgate that Oliver
Worthington who lived next her should mend his hedge and not
trespass on her property.

Petition of Ralph Marsh and Laurence Taylor "that whereas your
peticioners for some yeres last past (according to ancient
Costome) have in the morneinge for the winter tyme onely, with
there Instrumentes of musicke gone through the said towne, by
permiccion of the said towne, to the great Comfort of divers
persons living therein." They asked to be allowed to continue
"desireing the Ancient Charitie if the Inhabitantes."
It was allowed provided "that they truly divyde the moneys by
them gotten"

Petition of James Kidd concerning a wall to be built between
the land of his master Ralph Standish Esq and that of Thomas Kidd.

Petition of William Wood that he was complained of for "beiting
of the drome" and was ordered to be punished but he only did it
"to call any fellow Soldiatrs together, being Warned to bee
New page
at Ormschurch bee eight of the Clock upon pene of cleth"

Petition of the Marten and Warden of the Society of Braziers or
Potters, that John Farr prctised as a brazier and had never been
apprenticed. He was fined.

All the Ale house in the town who did not sell ale according to
the statute to be fined 6d. each.

The Bailiffs to make burrs in a convenient place before the
25th of March next.

No one to sell wine or ale except in flagons, quarts or pints of

Roger Laithwaite presented for not collecting money for the
repair of the highways.

William Forth alderman, Elizabeth Leigh widow, William Laithwaite
and Alice Mackfield widow presented for not paying for a working
on the highways.

All the gatewaters of the last Year presented for reporting
"Inmakes and farriners"

Petition of William Harvie and Ralph Holland that they might make
"Bills with others warrlik weapons" for the "saffegard and
preservation of the towne in any tyme of danger"
Granted on condition "They doe make them as good and as Cheap
as others"

Petition of Thomas Carter roper to be made a freeman
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Petition of Thomas Brikhill, that he had suffered great wrong at
the hands of William Corleys, James Corleys, Robert Eastley and
John Heye and had been fined. He begged for a remittance of the
fine as "my wiffe lyeth lame on her Arme and hath donne nothing
a lonng tyme nor canne handell nothing and my selfe hath bine out
of worke all this winter" Left to the discretion of the Mayor.

Petition of Harry Mason gatewater of the Market Sted that William
Tempest also elected would not serve.

Receipt dated 19th Nov. 1639 by James Molyneux then Mayor of
5 li from Samuel Radcliffe Principal of Brasenore College to the
cue of Robert Leigh son of Charles Leigh of Wigan deceased one
of the Fellons of the College "(now distracted)". The money
was handed to the Mayor and Elizabeth Leigh widow mother of the
said Robert.

Court Leet Records     Box 1.   Roll 5.
Court held Saturday   May 8th   1641.

Mayor             John Bullocke

                  Robert Mawxlesley
                  Christopher Banckes
                  William Forth
Aldermen          William Pilkington
                  John Brighouse
                  James Molyneux
                  George Rudall

Bailiffs          William Browne
                  Robert Markland

Attornies         Roger Baron
                  Geoffrey Sherrington
New page
Serjeants     William Watson
              Joseph Penington

Court held 8th May 1641.

Robert Greene fuller presented diverting a watercourse at Walgate
into the highway which ought to flow in at "Taleres howsse end"

Geoffrey Bomber fined 40 s. for dwelling in Wigan contrary to
the Statute

The bailiffs ordered to repair the Moot Hall the "Mealehouse"
and to make butter before the 24th of June.

Petition of William Pilkington that the town should be at the
charges of a suit brought against him by Robert Baldwin

Petition of Alexander Forth and other Weavers that foreigners
should be prevented from practising their trades and being made
freemen. Mentioning John Farbrother of Haigh and his two sons
and John Hay.
        Ordered that no one be free of the town but with the
        consent of the Mayor and Burgers unless he had served
        7 years apprenticeship.

Petition of Ellen Foster widow that her ancestors had always
taken ladders & c on to the property of Gilbert Barrow gent for
the repair of their house, but the said Gilbert would not now
permit it.

Petition of John Harvie that the watercourses running from
Walegate to the water called "Douglas" had been turned out of its
course by the owners of land who had not cleaned their gutters
& c.namely. Grace Baron wid, Robert Mawdesley gent, Edward
Litherbarowe George Vause, Peter Catterall gent. James Atherton,
Gilbert Barowe, Robert Baron, Robert Markland Bayliffe, Henry
New page
Mason, and Roger Scott.

Chorsen and Thoughtfeit to be aldermen
          Alexander Ford
          Laurence Ford
          James Scott
          Edward Lloyd

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