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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 4 - 1637

                Box 1     Note 4   Court Leet Records.
Court held 30th Sept 1637.
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Mayor          Mr Pilkington

Bailiffs       Alexander Ford of Swindley
               Henry Marsheden

Attornies      Geoffrey Sherrington
               Thomas Pilkington

Serjeants      Thomas Scott
               Edward Boulton

Standishgate   Roger Wood
               Andrew Laithwaite

Mylnegate      John Foster
               Roger --- Ighinson?

Scoles         Richard France
               John Acton

Markettstidd   William Baron smith
               Thomas Almond

Walegate       Richard Seddon
               James Letherbarrow

Halegate       Ralph Anderton
               Robert Lowe.

Supervisors    Roger Scott the elder
of Flesh and
Fish           Peter Greene

Alefounders    Thomas Iginson
               Humphrey Orrell
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Sealers, searchers    Edward Baron
and Registers of
Leather               James Waitson

Treasurers            John Bullocke gentleman
                      James Molyneux  "

Bailiffs 1636?        Robert Banckes
                      George Vause

Attornies             Thomas Pilkington
                      Geoffrey Sherrington

Serjeants             Thomas Scott
                      Joseph Pennington

         Box 1   Roll 4
Court Held 30th Sept. 1637.

Addressed to Ralph Standishe mayor & c.
Petition of Gilbert Houlecrofte that his son Hamlet was
apprenticed to Laurence Anderton skinner since deceased, who
put him away without the consent of the Mayor "in soe
doinge his said apprentice went astrue and married himself"
without his father's consent. After this he was re-bound to
his master, but since the said master's death Jane Anderton
his widow will neither get the said Hamlet to work or deliver
his father's bond.

Petition of the Butchers Company to the same that interlopers
may be prevented from selling meat in the town.

Petition of John Standishe that Ralph Forth alderman might
clean the ditch between his land and the petitioners. It was
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ordered that he should do so all olong the "Little Langshawe
Field" adjoining the "Kile Field"

Petition of Robert Bricklowe nearly illegible except that had
"a great change of Chicken"

Complaint of James Prescott and other freemen of the town that
Edward Hawett being a "farriner" had set up as a tailor in the

John Leigh's petition to be a burgers or freeman. Granted

Petition of William Johnson, parish clerk, concerning the
ringing of the "day bell"

Ralph Anderton presented for not cleaning away his garbage

That the owners (represented by John Capper) of the house in-
habited by Nicholas Pennington, plasterer, had allowed him to
encroach on the highway.

Complaint of James Mattew that through wilful neglect there was
a guat fall of earth Robert Bancke's garden which "caused a
great part of my yard to fall in like manner, to the danger and
great Terror of my selfe and my whole familye"

Complaint of James Atherton that James Harvie alderman had re-
moved the "mears stones" in a parcel of land called "Whitacres"
between the land of the petitioner and the said James

Petition of Thomas Hoolne servant to John Rigby that he had
found one Robert Platt amongst his mistresses timber, the said
Robert "flew att" him and he defended himself for which he was
presented askes that his fine be mitigated.
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Complaint of Robert Banckes that James Mattew had turned water
courses on to his lands and that his "Holloware wheels" shook the
petitioner's house.

Petition of Thomas Garnett burcher, that having married a wife
who was born and brought up in the town he might be allowed to
follow his trade, which was permitted.

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