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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 3 - 1635

        Box 1 Roll 3. Court Leet Records
    View of [Frank pledge]
   Saturday 3rd [? T October 1635 llChas. I

Mayor            Mr Robert Markland [unanimous election]
                 Mr Cheoffer? Banckes
                 Sir Edward Stanley

Recorder & Clerk  Mr Robert Mawdsley

Bailiffs          John Bullocke
                 William Banckes

Serjeants        Thomas Scott
                Jospeh Pennington

Attornies       Hugh Challoner
                Geoffrey Sherrington


Standishgate   Hugh Mouldringe
               Humphrey Leigh

Mylnegate      Richard Wood
               Robert Burgesse

---------      James ----
               Gilbert Hollinhead

Marketstidd    Oliver Baron
               Henry Gormall

Walegate       Thomas Scott
               Robert Forth

Halegate       William Baron
               John Chernocke
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Supervisors of       Ralph Foster
Meat and Fish        Ralph Leigh

Ale founders        Myles Milton
                    Gilbert Mason

 --------           James Waitson
                    James Fynch

  ---------         Lawrence Fort
                    Robert Mason.

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              3rd Oct. 1635

Thos. Gerrard of Ince in Makerfield, and kinner annulled Nie
Dolphin and the same Richard did the like Sureties Robt. Forster and Wm.
Harvie Smith.

Ralph Bradley of Ince labourer and Richard Rawneson assault
Sureties Robt. Forster

Thomas Lee plasturer and Thos. Laithwaite assault

Francis Rigby labourer assualted Miles Catterall tailor
Robert Laithwaite  "    "        "       "         "

Ralph Neater, shoemaker and Roger Wood, smith assault

Edw. Boulton and Richard Greene assault

Margaret the wife of John Moreton and Katherine the wife of William
Deane, assault.

Thos. Greene and Peter Gerrard, assault

Robert Hasleden and Wm. Neaver assault

Elizabeth Leigh wife of Charles Leigh presented for buying butter
before it came to the market.

Hugh Hoult presented for "abusinge the furye att layeinge of the
twelve Leyes"

Gilbert Hindley, pewterer and William Ascrofte assault.

Thomas Kenion and Thomas Battersby, assault

William Berrne and Oliver Worthington assault
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[names of jurors]
Names of Jurors to enquirer for the King & c

Thos. Laithwaite tailor and John Lee assault

Francis Rigby labourer assaulted Miles Catterall tailor

Richard Laithwaite labourer and Miles Catterall tailor assault.

Wit. Wm. Farbrother Wm. Baron and Ellen Taylor.

William Neaver labourer and Robert Hasleden assault
Surety. Wm. Farbrother, smith.
Neaver 6 hours in the stocks. Haselden "for abusinge hymself
on the Sabboth to remayne sixe howersin the Hall"

Hugh Hoult called the fury "Roges." Stocks.

Thomas Lynton presented for selling corn to Jane Crossfield in
her house "before the Rininge of the Market Bell."

Alice Kidd alias Ireland, having been bound over to keep the
peace on 30th Sept. last, again abused Christian the wife of
William Wakefield, and also Elizabeth the wife of James Kidd
alias Ireland, and Joan the wife of William Carson. The same
Alice was the common scold and peace broken& c. Sentenced to
wear the bridle.

Richard Orrell and Margaret his wife and Edward Gregton and his
wife, assault.

Henry Waynewright, plasterer, had kept a disorderly house where
people drank and played unlawful games during the time of
divine service.

John Deane shoemaker assaulted Isaac Walmisley labourer.

Roger Wood, carpenter and Robert Kidd alias Ireland brazier,
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William Jardiner for "keepinge and sufferinge his maltise dogg
to goe unmusiled"

Alexander Buckley presented for leaving his garbage in the street

Elizabeth Browne widow presented for the like.
Ellen Cottrell            "      "     "  "

[various cases repeated]
   Wit. Sec. Pennington
Richard Dobson and Ralph Winstanley, assault.. Sureties
James Wigan and Ralph Leigh.

Richard Scott and Margaret his wife and Humphrey Leigh, assault.

James Kidd alias Ireland and Edward Pemberton assault

Gregory Platt tailor and Thos. Laithwaite tailor assault.

Thomas Haigh and John Kidd alias Ireland, assault.

James Kidd alias Ireland, and Robert Croytchloc. assault

Alexander Ford de la Poule and John Egleston, assault.

Henry Reynolds and Katherine his wife and Alice Langshawe, assault
during the fair time.

James Markland Alderman, Elizabeth Browne widow, Alice Hollin head
widow, Katherine Markland widow, Ralph Forster and Thomas
Laithwaite presented for letting their swine wander in the streets.

James Kidd alias Ireland assaulted Robert Butler.
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Peter Deane, butcher and John Chernock, assault.

Alice Kidd alias Ireland and Joan the wife of William Casson,

William P ilkington Alderman presented because at the house of
Ralph Banckes, he would not obey the Mayor, William Forth, who
commanded him to keep the peace "butt after did fight." And
again after being bound over "did afterwards breake" the peace.

William Pilkington presented for abusing the late Mayor, William

William Pilkington presented for abusing the late Mayor, Wm.
Forth, in the house of John Scott, accusing him of injustice.

The same presented for the same, in the house of Hugh Mason.

Thomas Pilkington presented for abusing the late Mayor, saying
that "William Forth hadd done injustice inswearinge Thomas
Hudson Clarke and Hugh Forth gentleman Burgesses of this Burrow"

That William Wakefield and Christian his wife abused Alice Kidd
alias Ireland widow.

Wit. Robert Prescott.

John Molyneux and Edward Winstanley of Pemberton for assault.

William Forth alderman presented "for makeinge divers and sundry
Burgesses Contrary to the orders of this towne"

The same for "not takeinge moneyes for swearinge after that he
hadd taken evidence upon the Statute and given money to the
poore" & c.
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Richard Dobson, James Wigan, and Wm. Higham assault.

Jas. Fynch and Thomas Laithwaite tailors for assault, the said
Thomas drew blood from James.

Thomas Laithwaite and Roger Scott the younger assault.

John Prescott, Thomas Prescott, Laurence Prescott and Geoffrey
Croytchloc assault.

James Molyneux and Robert Markland brazier, the same.

Robert Banckes brazier and Gilbert Hollinhead, the same.

James Langshaw assaulted William Harvis.

Wit. Jas. Astley, Gilbt. Hollinhead, gatewaters
Robert Banckes and Alice Wood abused one another

Gabriel Wood and James Astley for assault.

John Brighouse presented for not making a ditch in "Penningtons meadowe"

Thomas Langshawe ----Richard Fraunce, Ralph-----Langshawe widow and
James------ leaving their garbage in the street.


Peter Gerrard and James Kidd alias Ireland for assault.

William Banckes, John Farbrother, James Barker, Alexander Ormishawe,
Henry Houlcar and John Lowrie, assault

Gabriel Markland and Thomas Lytonm assault in which blood was drawn.

Elizabeth Browne, Ellen Cotterell, Edward Boulton, and Alex. Buckley
presented for allowing their garbage to lie in the street.
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Presented that the pinfold was in want of repair.

John Dolphin presented for fishing with a net in the water
of Douglas. He was fined 12d, forfeited his net and
"Corporall punishment at his Maiors leasure"

Thos. Wynckley ordered to clear his water course.

The alehouses fined 6d. each for breaking the assize of
beer & c.

William Browne of the Walegate presented for spoiling the
causeway in Walegate Street near the house late of James
Laughton and Nightgale

Court held on Saturday 19th December 11 Chas. 1.

Elizabeth Gardener assaulted Richard Cham---- labourer.

George Wall of Boulton assaulted Jas. Astley dyer and
James Astley did the like.

Mary Orrell widow for keeping a "Gameinge house"
Amerced in 3s. 4d.

William Harrison for the same.

Edward Prescott tailor and Edmund Molyneux for assault.

---- John Leigh plasterer and Richard Orrell for assault

---- Bullocke, Gilbt. Houlecrofte, Ellen Leigh --- Ellen
Kidd alias Ireland widow, Ralph Deane----- for allowing
their pigs to stray.

Robert Pennington, John Penningtonm Robert Sutton,
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William the son of Roger Scott, Hugh the son of Laurence Forth [or
Ford] and Thomas Pilkingon, servant to Mr James Markland, presented
for playing bowls.

Thomas Chaddocke of Winstanley husbandman, for abusing William Browne

John Capper, tailor and Henry Lythgoe, assault.


Robert Markland, brazier, abused Richard Molyneux gentleman and
James Molyneux.

Thomas Chaddoche of Winstanley husbandman, abused the Mayor and other
officers of the town. Punishment - 4 hours in the stocks.

John Acton to be fined -----------

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Court held on Saturday 19th March 1635.

Elizabeth Gardner widow assaulted Richard Chamberlayne labourer

Richard Orrell labourer assaulted Gilbert Hollinhead labourer
and abused Henry Asmerle being the gatewater. And Gilbert
Houghton did the same.

Edward Shakeshafte, glover, assaulted Thomas Blaike of Standishe,
petty chapman.

Christopher Gardner and Charles Hollinhead, assault Elizabeth
the wife of Charles Hollinhead and Christopher Gardner abused
one another.

Thomas Gerrard of Ince skinner assaulted Richard Orrell labourer
Surety Hugh Challynor.

John Forster butcher and John Lowrie labourer assault.

Hamlet Houlecrofte skinner and William Neaver labourer, assault

Gilbert Hollinhead brazier and gatewater and Charles Banckes
the younger brazier, assault.

George Platt of Abram tailor and James Kidd alias Ireland,
panner, assault

Gilbert Bookeson miller and James Browne tanner, assault.

James Kidd alias Ireland panner and William Boyes, tailor,
assault in which blood was drawn.

Wm. Lynney, skinner and Oliver Leigh, skinner assault.

William Crosse labourer and James Prescott, tailor assault.
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Gerrard Fynch, James Hollinhead and John Taylor assault.

John Harvie brazier and Adam Pemberton, brazier assault.

Ellen Leigh widow, Ellen Kidd alias Ireland, widow and John
Deyne for letting their pigs stray.

John Forster, butcher and Hamlet Houlecrofte skinner, assault.

Hamlet Houlecrofte, James Wigan, John Forster, James Kidd alias
Ireland, panner, and Humphrey Gregson, the same.

James Marsh, panner and John Kidd alias Ireland pewterer,

William Wakefield, panner, and Thomas Pilkington assault.

Elizabeth the wife of Charles Hollinhead and Margery the wife
of John Acton abused one another.

Peter Leigh joiner and Patrick Dublin, assault.

Anne the wife of Nicholas Pennington, plasterer abused Roger

Alice the wife of Ralph Crosse abused Roger Baron.

William Crosse labourer and Robert Molyneux labourer, assault.

Ralph Crosse labourer, and Roger Browne labourer, assault.

Jane the wife of William Forth, pewterer, presented for
riddling ashes in the street.

Grace Langshawe widow and Robert Langshawe pewterer for letting
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their garbage lie in the street "which is very noysom"

Edward Lloyd presented for letting his timber lie in the street

John Brighouse presented for not scouring his ditch.

William Baldwin----------

Gilbert Whalley brazier presented for taking into his house
George Hindley his wife and children "as Inmates being strangers"

Gilbert Barrowe gentleman, Robert Barrowe the elder, Robert Leigh
pewterer, John Wakefield panner, Alexander Ford the younger and
Elizabeth Leigh widow, for not removing manure from the streets

Thomas Langshawe, plumber, for taking in Myles Wardd and his wife
John Kearsly and others being "Farriners"

Robert Taylor and James Lythgoe for keeping "a man and his wyffe
guat with Child Farriners and Strangers"

Ralph Ford gentleman for keeping Ralph Hodgson and his wife,

Mary the wife of Peter Anderton and Cenne the wife of Laurence
Rogerson abused one another.

Wit: John Charnocke, gatewarden
Robert Molyneux, Geoffrey Crosse --- Robert Almond, Robert
Laithwaite --- Crosse, Roger Browne and Wm. Hig --- for playing
unlawful games and "horlinge the Boule" on Sundays.

James Kidd alias Ireland to remain 2 hours in the stocks at the
Market Cross for his "foule words and deedes upon the wyffe of
Ralph Anderton" He was also fined for assauts on Myles Turner
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of James Mather abused one another.

Henry Kirkby and Oliver Worthington, assault.

Ellen Burges spinster abused William Hill.
She was to wear the bridle at the Cross ----


Richard Scott, shoemaker, Edw. Wood shoemaker, Thomas Mort
currier and Ralph Brownelowe gentleman assault.

Anne the wife of Henry Marsden assaulted and abused Elizabeth
Baron spinster

Anne the wife of Henry Marsden assaulted and abused Margery
the daughter of Miles Baron.

Hamlet Houlecrofte skinner and Gerrard Finch tailor - assault.

Alice Hollinhead widow, James Hollinhead, tailor and Thomas Orrell
and Jenette Astley assault and abuse.

Miles Gerrard of Ince gentleman and William Baron, smiith assault.

William Scott the elder brazier and Richard Good husband; assault.

Thomas Winckley presented for taking grass from other men's

Gilbert Houlecrofte, Ellen Leigh widow, Ellen Kidd alias Ireland
widow, Richard Forth yeoman and Ralph Deane butcher for allow-
ing their pigs to stray

Myles Turner for taking Richard Goulbourne into his house.

James Markland alderman, Alis Hollinhead widow, Geoffrey
New page
and Robert Markland.

Court held on Saturday 18th June 1636.
12 Chas I

Richard Greene pewterer and Robert Traves, assault, during which
blood was drawn.

Ralph Browneclowe of Up--- and Roger Scott the elder abused one

Robert Gerrard, Robert Croytchloc, Ralph Neaver, Richard Dobson
James Baron and Robert Shawe hatter, assaulted one another and
drew blood.

John Haroy Brazier and Robert Markland brazier assault

Richard Forth yeoman and Ralph Neaver shoemaker assault.

Stephan Platt panner and Henry Blackhurst husbandman, assault.

Richard Forth yeoman and Jenette the wife of John Lee plasterer

John Lee plasterer and Thomas Morte currier, assault.

Robert Orrell the elder, weaver and Elizabeth the wife of
William Culshawe abused one another.

William Higham Labourer and Robert Almond labourer, assault.

Edward Hawett tailor and William Baron smith, assault.

Judith the wife of Robert Banckes brazier and Elizabeth the
New page
Sherrington, Katherine Markland, and Thomas Laithwaite for
allowing their pigs to stray.

Thomas Garnett and Edward Boulton presented for letting their
garbage lie in the street.

Thomas Pilkington, Oliver Houghton, and Robert Orrell glazier
for playing bowls.

Isabella the wife of --- Jane the daughter of William Nightgale
--- Hart, spinster for taking grass from other men's fields.


William Browne of the Milnegate complained against Robert
Crowchlow of the same.

That the same Robert had a stable on his land & c.

Ralph Forth alderman, who was a prisoner in the Moot Hall for
his debts, which on account of his age he found very cold, so
asked leave "to sett upp asmale Truckle Bed in the outeward
pendise, which wil be noewayes unseemely nor under the passage
betwixt the Moot hall and the inward Pendise"

Robert Lowe asked that Thomas Bibby should remove his midden
from next the well adjoining the petitioner's house, "the water
styncketh that no man maye abydde the smell thereof."

William Nightingale complained that he and his wife had been
wrongfully apprehended as felons, and asked for the return of his
goods on account of the "imbecillitie and weakness of his

Petitions of William Harvie, William Fairbrother and all the
Company of Smiths that Thurstan Marsh's petition to be a freeman
of Wigan might not be granted as he was not apprenticed in that
New page
Richard Forthe's petition for a barrell for the chimes

Petition of William Banckes and John Bullocke that Gerrard
Banckes and Geoffrey Holecrofte might be ordered to put locks
and keys on their gates.

Petition of Thurstan Marshe of Pemberton smith that he might
get up in Wigan.

Petition of Charles Hollinhead for return of goods.

Robert Baldwin, pewterer complained that James Harvey, alderman,
Robert Markland, John Scott, John Hindley, Richard Scott and
William Scott the younger all potters threw their waste earth
into the gutter in Standishgate Street to the great danger of
the petitioner's house & c.

Petition of John Nightingale, potter, a freeman, that Mr Barrow
late Mayor of Wigan deceased had caused his goods to be taken
because he went to sell his wares at Wrightsome Fair.
Asked for restoration of his goods.

Gilbert Pennyngton and Roger Baron overseers of the Highways
at Halegate for 1635 complained that Roger Laithwaite had allow-
ed his servants to drive his carts along the footpath "beneath
the parsonage to the barrowsluch" which damaged the pavement.
The same complaint made of Gerrard Banckes and Thomas Rylands.

James Fairbrother's (of Wallgate) petition for payment for his
work on the roads.

Complaint already noted against William Forth.

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