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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 2 - 1634

                    Court Leet Roll 2

    Names of the Jurors to enquire for the Lord the
    King, at the Meetingday held at Wigan before
    William Forth gentleman the Mayor of the same
    town on the Saturday before the feast of the
    Nativity of the Lord, namely on the 20th of
    December in the 10th year in the reign of King
    Charles, 1634.

    1 James Sco.....      1 Alexander Ford of Poule
    1 Robert Jollie         Robert Banckes
    ex Thurstan Whalley  1  Robert Markland bro
    William Leigh           Richard Scott
    1 Roger Scotte      1   James Mather
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    1 John Scotte             Henry Mather
      Gilbert Penington       Edward Sumner
    ex William Baldwin     1  Ralph Hindley
       William Marshe      1  William Cookeson
    ex John Baldwin           William Watson
    1  Robert Barrowe         Edward Ormishawe
       Gerrard Banckes    1 Edward Boulton
    1  James Atherton    ex  Robert Prescott
    1  Robert Baldwin   ex   Edward Mason
    1  William Gardner   1   Ralph Banckes
       Hugh Laithwaite   1   Alexander Forth
    1  John Hindley      ex  Roger Bibbie.

    James Molyneux gentleman bailiff
    Robert Gerrard

    Robert Forster gatewaiter
    Robert Langshaw

    William Banckes gatewaiter
    William Scott      "
    Thomas Laithwaite   "

    James Harvey Alderman
    Robert Markland  "

    James Lowe Bellman
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Roll 2 1634

Edward Prescott, tailor assaulted Robert Penington.
Edward Prescott fined 20d

Robert Penington took council with the same Edward
Robert Penington acquitted.

Henry Keikly shoemaker & Richard Woodward, miller
in Gawthern assaulted Brears Saltin.
Henry Keikly paid 20d, Ric. Woodward 33.4d
Gawthern Brears took council

Edward Prescott, tailor, assaulted James Molyneux,
gentleman, one of the bailiffs of this town and borough
"Wee Fynd Edward Prescott to continue in the sic hall
till eight of the clock in the morning for his offence
above expressed and to acknowledge him selfe sorye for
the same".

Robert Markland brazier, assaulted Alice Ireland
Surety John Scott.

Alice Kidd alias Ireland took council etc.
Surety James Baldwin.
Robert Orrell glazier, assaulted Robert Laithwaite etc.
Surety James Mason.

Robert Harpur abused Robert Gerrard one of the bailiffs
Robert Harpur to stay 24 hours in the Hall in the

James Kidd alias Ireland panner assaulted James
Baldwine, etc.

Joan wife of Thomas Wood assaulted Thomas Lythgoe and
Elizabeth His daughter.
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Margaret wife of Peter Whalley assaulted Alice the wife
of Edward Gregson

Alice the wife of Edward Gregson made a litigation?
Robert Gerrard one of the bailiffs re
"We Fynd Alice Gregson to weare the Brydile about the
Market crosse and to continue in the hall till shes
humblie acknowledge herself sorie for the abuse offered to
the Bailiffe"

Robert Orrell glazier assaulted Richard Greene & C

Ralph Marshe of Pen ..... ... assaulted John Laithwaite of
Pemberton husbandman.

John Naylor of Pemberton husbandman assaulted Adam Forster
in the jurisdiction of this court.

James Kidd alias Ireland assaulted William Bacon Smith, -

Margaret the wife of Robert Shawe abused Robert Forster

Robert Kidd alias Ireland assaulted John Forth

Geoffrey Sherrington assauled Edward Or -showe

"Et quod Jerrard Scot for defyling a well in the Scooles wee
fynd heim in zyd and to cause to bee [?re] dressed as soone
as is possible."

Court held-------
Grace Forth spinster abusted Jennetta the wife of Richard
Heye and Ellen the wife of John Pritchett - two hours
imprisonment in the Hall

Thomas Langshawe plumber assaulted Peter Deane
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    Michael Ford, John Wood, William ----d, William Banckes, Ralph
    Banckes, Alice Langshawe, William Asteley, Hugh Langshawe, William
Langshawe, Gilbert Ford, Roger Browne, Edward Faircloughe and
Thomas Langshawe fixed 12d. each for allowing their swine to wander
in the streets "unyoake and unringed"

Humphrey Leigh assaulted Hugh Wood.

Hugh Wood assaulted Humphrey Leigh

- the wife of William Bown, blacksmith ance Margaret the wife of
Gabriel Wood fined for steeping hemp in "the river Douglas"

Robert Orrell grazier and John Forth butcher for fined for
"playinge at Boules"

James Kidd alias Ireland panner assaulted Thomas Kidd alias Ireland

Cenne the wife of Alexander Ormishawe assaulted Isabella the wife of
Edward Ormishawe.

Richard Forth Scoles pewterer assaulted William Force pewterer

John Dobson and John Lee assaulted Richard Ryecrofte

Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Hampson abused Margaret Whalley

Henry Wareinge assaulted Hugh Marsden

Jane the wife of Gilbert Houlecrofte assaulted James Gard[ner]
in the time of the fair and carried away his hat

James Gardner assaulted the said Jane
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Robert Markland of Blackwode husbandman assaulted James Kidd alias
Ireland during the fair and Nobut did the like.

John Dolphin, smith assaulted John Tompson of Copull husbandman, during
the fair and the same John Tompson did the like

William Clarkson of Sherrington husbandman assaulted Gilbert Forth
brazier during the fair and the said Gilbert did the like

Alice the wife of Robert Catton pewterer, trustim Casson and Alexander
Casson assaulted Thomas Worthington and the said Thomas did the like

James Baldwin abused James Molyneux and Nobut Jerrard the bailiffs

James Baldwin abused James Haroy, alderman John Scott and William Gardner

James Shues smith abused the Mayor and burgesses. He was didcharged
by the Mayor

Gilbert Hindley assaulted Robert Forth joiner

That the foot bridge which ought to lie in the way between Ince and
Wigan Lane leading to Standishe over the Fleame ditch between the
Pilbitoughe and the Schole Common has fallen down, and the occupiers
of the Clore called Pillitough under Alexander Ford and Thomas Lang-
shawe ought to repair it

Edward Bacon shoemaker fined for "shootinge Naile Shott in a gun"

William Pilkington gentleman presented for saying Robut Mcewdesley
"was a dooble Tonged Fellowe"

Alehouse keepers licenced to keep alehouses and for the observance of
Lent and other Fish days, before William Forth Mayor and the aldermen
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on the 12th March 1634.

Alice Wood of Standishgate, widow
John Scott of     "         brazier
William Wattson of Haligate, yeoman
Cecilia Mason of Stanllidgate, widow
Roger Scott of Markettstidd, shoemaker
Robert Mason     "            ------
Anne Markland    "            widow
Ellen Markland of Walegate, widow
Anne Wood of Scoles           "
James Wood "              shoemaker
William Langshawe of Scoles panner
Charles Hollinhead of  "     brazier
Robat Hollinhead of Wint tailor
James Finch of Markettstidd, shoemaker
Gerrard Johnson    "            yeoman
Gilber Forth of Scoles     brazier
Alexander Bucjkey of Markettstidd, yoeman
Peter Greene of Milnegate,   yeoman
James Markaland of Markettstidd, gentleman
Anne Ireland of Standishgate widow
Thomas Laithwaite of Markettstidd, sadler
William Scott of Standishgate, brazier
Gilbert Houlecrofte of Walegate, tailor
Katherine Markland of Markettstidd, widow
Jane Crosfield of Standishgate,     "
Thomas Lythgoe of Walegate,     smith
Laurence Rogerson of  "        carpenter
Henry Waynewright of Walegate, plasterer
Anne Platt of Mylnegate,     widow
Edward Fairecloughe of Scoles, shoemaker
Anne Anderton of Standishgate, widow
James Atherton of Walegate,    yeoman
James Wood of Scoles          weaver
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Michael Ford of Scoles, girdler
Peter Whalley of Mylnegate, skinner
Richard Bullocke of Walegate, shoemaker
John Orrell of Markettstidd, weaver
Thristain Whalley  "         yeoman
Ellen Leigh of Walegate,    widow
Ellen Kidd alias Ireland of Walegate widow
Elizabeth Browne of Wint,   widow
Geoffrey Sherrington of Markettstidd, yeoman
Joseph Penington of Milnegate,         "
Thomas Scott of Standishgate,          "
William Baron of Halegate,           labourer
Roger Bibbie of Walegate,            glazier
Elizabeth Leighe of Standishgate,    widow
Richard Casson of      "            yeoman
Elizabeth Blackbourne  "            widow
Ralph Banckes of Scoles             pewterer
Francis Rigby of Halegate,          labourer

Petitions annexed to

Robert Orrell the younger had been apprentice and servant of Peter
Anderton for more than 9 years, descried to be made free [torn]

William Lea of Pemberton, that the bridge between Parsons Meadow and
Ch-- Mar---- was decayed.
     The Parson of Wigan to make a bridge.

William Ford of St        Dley
     That there had been a stile in the clore called--------- Croft, on
which there had been two inquisitions. Mentions his cousin Robert
Markand an Alderman.

John Rigbie and Robert Winstanley, joiners one a burgess the other a
freeman had their trade taken by Humphrey Fairbrother of the Scoles,
he not being free of the joiners but only a carpenter. And that Robert
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Forth keeps Roger Wood to work as a joiner not having been apprenticed.
      Humphret Fairbrother and Robert Forth fined.

William Locker had taken - Acton as his apprentice, he had dismissed
Acton after provocation and now was sued by Acton's father.

Robert Smythe, John Seddon, son of Richard Seddon, James Fairbrother,
Ralph Rigbie, and Laurence Prescott son of Edward Prescott, all
weavers were never apprenticed in Wigan. A warning to all weavers
from Geoffrey Mouldinge, Roger Boothe and Edward Wood weavers

Gerrard Johnson's account for wine supplied in the entertainment of
the Vice chancellor, Sir Gilbert Houghton and his lady, Sir Thomas P---
and his lady and Mr Standish of Duxburie

All the alehouses fined 6d. each for selling ale contrary to the
Statute. Neither ale nor beer to be sold for more than 2d. a quart
from November next coming.

The Butchers to be fined 12d. each for throwing their garbage into the

Roger Bradshaigh complained that his tenant Thurstan Whalley had allowed
his gutters to be stopped up so that the water could not flow into

John Nighall prayed that his offence against the town and the Company
of his trade [not named] might be pardoned.

Petition of Gerrard Banckes that the occupiers of the Hollinheye in
Whalley, the inheritance of Francis Sherrington Esq, should make the
gate which led from Whalley Lane into the petitioner's close called
"the further little Whalley."
     The petitioner and the occupiers to make half each.

Petition of Peter Anderton glazier that Robert Orrell son of John
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Orrell worked as a glazier without having been apprenticed. Ordered
not to work.

James Lowe, bellman, on account of his infirmities and the gout as the
Mayor and Co "bestow cewyntem gowne on hym to keepe him warme."

Richard Forth clerl complained "That the Barrell of the rhymes is soe
over worne and nought that I cannot keep the rhymes in noe good
Creler" said "whether it be your pleasures that I shall ringe the
Day Bell"
         The Churchwardens to have a new barrell made at the charge
of the parish.
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