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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 11 - 1653, 1654

Box 1   Roll 11  Michaelmas Leet  Oct1st  1653

Mayor               Gerard Banckes

Benchers            Richard Worsley
                    William Browne

Recorder and        Robert Mawdesley
Clerk               Robert Brigges

Bailiffs            Seth Mason
                    Thomas Banckes pewterer.

Attornies           Edward Baron
                    Roger Wood

Serjeants           James Finch
                    Thomas Scott

New page
Standishgate        John Baldwin
                    Gilbert Banckes

Millgate            Thomas Whalley
                    William Haughton

Scoles              James Belcher
                    Henry Gerard

Market Street       Thomas Garnett
                    John Whalley

Wallgate            William Turner
                    Robert Mathew

Hallgate            Peter Lee
                    Roger Never

Surveyors of        Ralph Armston
Flesh andFish       Gilbert Leigh

Alefounders         Richard Dobson
                    Adam Pemberton

Treasurers          James Forde
                    Thomas Marsden

Searchers and       Edward Ormishawe
Sealers of
Leather             James Rigbye

Church Clerk        William Johnson

Bellman             Richard Dobson

Box 1   Roll 11  Easter Leet 1st April 1654 [as bound]
New page
----------- for abusing William Pilkington.

Petition of the Master and Wardens of the Tailors Company that
strangers such as John Taylor and Thomas Raphford and others
should not be allowed to work as tailors in the town.

Thomas Jolleye of Scoles tailor presented James Harvie of Scoles
smith or bucklemaker who had erected a building which encroached
on the waste at Scoles

            Michaelmas Leet  1st October   1653

Ellen Deane widow and Ralph Deane the younger and Anne Deane
widow - assault

John Crochlow miller and John Warde of Exton miller - assault

John Catterall and Jennett the wife of William Laughton for
receiving John Booth, his daughter and her child and Jennett

The Mayor for laying a heap of earth in Market Street and
William Tempest for the like.

Oliver Baron hatter for retaining William Manchester in his house.

Mr William Passkell "doctor of Phisicke for unlawfully demeaneinge
himself with adrawne sword in his handes in the open street amongst
a great number of people to the disturbance of the Common weale"

John Davyes gentleman and Henry Bullocke   - assault
New page
Edward Hollinhead, Margery Banckes spinster, James Langshawe
and Margaret Forth spinster - assault and affray.

John Standish gentleman who "on the Market -day in the Markett
tyme on the Markett Crosse did Publiquely proclame with an
Audeable and High voice in the heareing of many people of this
Nation and died call and say theise words (vidzt) Mr Maior
is a knave" and for assaulting Adam Forster.

Robert Mitton for taking "a pale of Colleck" from Mr William
Ford of Swinley.

The Master, Wardens and Company of the Shoemakers who swore
the wardens themselves, haveing no charter. They were ordered
to come before the Mayor to be sworn.

Henry Farbrother husbandman who "did in the Church at prayer
tyme laye wiolent handes or otherwise did thrust crush or hurt
a child or gerle belonginge to Mrs Hindley widow late wife of
Roger Hindley deceased"

Edmund Molyneux and Katherine Finch [litigation?] 3rd May
List of persons who did not pay their leys.

The bailiffs ordered to pay 23s. to two overseers of the
highways for Wallgate, John Thorneton and James Rigby.

Ralphe Sale fined £10 for trading in the town.

Robert Boulton, Laurence Almond, James Coupe, Anne Wilding
and Seth Bibbie ordered to remove from the town.

May 14
Thomas Whaley for not removing Henry Warmsley and his wife.
New page
and Edward Smoote for not removing Richard Aspinall and
Bridget his wife.

John Wood tailor, Seth Bibbie, Hugh Langshawe, James Laland
whitetimer, James Almond, Edward Markland and Alexander
Pinington for trading in the town on weekdays, not being burgesses

Charles Banckes to remove his "steele" ten yards higher to-
wards "the Scoole"

John Harvey and John Jolly for receiving Richard Silcocke a
foreigner into the house of Roger Laithwait deceased, in

Sacrement certificate of Robert Mason bailiff 20th Dec. 1677
- Witness William Foster and John Baldwin mercer.

Arthur Man for taking timber from Roger Bradshawe Esq.

Ellen the wife of James Letherbarrow and John and Edward
Boulton - litigation.

George Shawe and Mary Baron spinster - litigation

Anne Haughton and Jane the wife of James Wigan - the like

William Higham butcher - for selling flesh contrary to the
statute, also Ralph Deane.

Richard son of Edmund Molyneux glazier and John Cowper -
assault with the drawing of blood

William Bamber, Katherine and Mary Wawne, Alexander Ackersall,
Mr Pascall, Mrs Gatembie, Mrs Hey, Ellen Denison, Roger
Chearsly, John Crompton Richard Law, Richard Sandes, John
New page
Rydinge, William Halle, John Nailor and Elizabeth Winstanley
widow foreigners.

Elizabeth Scott widow for not making the garden between her
house and Sir Edward Wright - ington's.

Mathew Markland for not making the fence between his and
Robert Mason's tenement.

William Bamber and John Naylor for allowing their swin to stray

Elizabeth Barrowe, Thomas Pattricke and James Higham for
harbouring Richard Renshawe, James Hodson and Henry Mawdesley

James Kidd alias Ireland for not clearing the ditch at the
lower end of Mawdesley.

Hamlet Houlecrofte and Robert Mitton - litigation

Thomas Mathew, Thomas Rauffson alias Johnson and John
Cowper foreigners.

John Anderton for assaulting Hugh Bell.

Robert Bibbie for assaulting George Shawe.

Katherine Cowill and her daughter, foreigners.

Mr Richard Mullineux for assaulting the Mayor and bailiffs.

Edward Hollinhead for abusing Thomas Forde pewterer.

Gilbert Orrell for making a litigation on Edward Boulton and
his mother.
New page
Andrew Laithwaite tanner for abusing Mr William Pilkington.

Richard Howton of Holland carrier and Elizabeth the wife of
William Liney - abuse and assault.

Edward Hollinhead for making a litigation on Margaret Forth

Arthur Man of Whalley for allowing Mr Bradshaigh of Haigh's
timber to be brought into his house by his son Robert and his
wife and his daughters Ellen and Anne.

George Browne, John Fairclough and Richard Scolecroft all of
Chorley husbandmen for an assault and affray and "Carryinge
by Force and Armes William Pilkington of Wigan Alderman into
the house of Thomas Scott Serjeant and arresting him - with an
utlary [u tlary] warrant and thereby restra gueing him of his

Mary and Richard Orrell ordered to remove Ellen Trevey their

William Houghton and James Hodson for laying a dunghill before
their doors in the High Lane.

Margaret the wife of William Houghton and Robert Baron brazier
- litigation.

Upon a presentment against Edward Ormishaw he might henceforth
be discharged and dismissed from ever serving on a jury in the

James Ford and Thomas Marsden late bailiffs were sued in Court
by Edward Holinhed for the hire of a horse - their expenses
were to be paid out of the lays.

William Baldwin the occupier of Barkers Croft ordered to cut
New page
witteres in Water Close.

The bailiffs ordered to make a "grip yard" in the little
common by the Ware Bridge.

Ellen Denezen presented for buying wool in the town and
selling it again by retail.

Mr William Tempest had taken earth from the highway in Hallgate
- he was ordered to repair the causeway that croned the highway
to the back of the church.

No one except burgesses and freemen might brew ale to sell,
and that not without a licence

The Bailiffs and Serjeants ordered to take no bail or pledge
unless they inhabit the town and pay lays.

Thomas Worthington presented for assaulting Alexander Greene

Accounts of the overseers of the highways.

Edward Ormishawe being a juror swore to keep the business
secret but disclosed it to James Higham, and James Banckes
and Ellen his wife, And being a searcher and sealer of leather
did seal unlawful leather.

Petitions &c.
Complaint of the Master, Wardens and Company of the Smiths,
that when Joseph Rigby was Mayor Edward Marshe of Ince black-
smith had been admitted a freeman of the company on condition
that he only did "Cuntry worke within the said Burrowe vidzt
Plowworke, Cartworke, and the like" But now he was to live in
Market Street and "followe shoeing of horses contrary to the
New page
said order"

The complaint of John Orrell who lived next "William Winstanley
the landlord and John Hay the tenant" who would not mend their

James Langshawe of Scoles presented Adam Pemberton, James
Gardiner, William Ashton, Jeffrey Scott bellfounder, Edward
Hollinhead, John Hollinhead and Roger Browne on April 1st  1654,
for making claypitts so that he could not pass to his ground
in Whalley.

Complaint of Richard Molyneux of Hawekley gutterman that
Nicholas Pennington alderman had not made up the yardings
between their burgages.

Recognizances taken before Gerard Banckes Mayor on 17th October
John Bayle of Adlington gentleman and Nicholas Penington.

Information of Thomas Banckes bailiff that Thomas Gillibrand
on 17th Oct "was drunke, and Did sweare one blasphemous oath,
and sayd that he the said Gillibrand (beinge put into the
towne hall in prison -) said, that he would pull downe the said
towne hall"
     And William Baldwin pewterer that the said Gillibrand
"With a staffe or Cudgell did strike the horse which was said to
bee Mr Richard Rigbies of Harrocke gentleman downe to the
grounde, the said Mr Rigbie falling with the horse" And "after-
wardes (None givinge offence to the said Gillibrand)" he "did
drawe his kniffe and swore many blasphmous oathes that is
to say Six oaths att the least.

John Harvye gentleman said that he heard John Balye of
Adlington say that the Mayor Aldermen and burgesses "were
New page
Rogues and Rascalles" and that he would justify the same.
And Richard Cason yeoman said he heard the same John say that
they "werare not honest men neither did he care for them, not
a louse for any of them"

Presentments in Market Street
Nicholas Penington alderman for allowing the fence to fall
between his and Richard Brooke's house.

"Thomas Scott for sufferinge his Son to come into the streets
and takeinge Fish from the Fishboards."

Mr William Tempest and Hugh Mathew for allowing their swine to

Hallgate - John Towneley and Hugh Mathew for allowing their
swine to stray.

Oct 24th 1653
"I am hartily sory for any badd language by me used against
the Maior aldermen and Burgesses or the Burrowe of Wigan att
the last Faire Neare Noulden
                      [signed] John Bailey

        Michaelmas Leet   October 1st  1653
Anne the wife of Nicholas Pennington plasterer and Margaret
the wife of Richard Sheppard "for usinge of Curseinge and
Approbrious lewed wordes" to one another.

William Shawe fined 40 s. for not coming to give evidence.

Anne the wife of James Lythgoe for abusing Mary Fayrebanck
"in open Markett."

James Needham on Hindley husbandman and Peter Catterall tailor
New page
- assault

Thomas Tarleton pewterer and Gabriel Markland smith - the like.

List of persons whose swine were allowed to go into the church-

Jane the wife of William Forth pewterer and Jennett the wife of
John Pricket coverlet weaver - litigation

John Bayly of Adlington gentleman and Robert Foster of Roscowe
Lowe yeoman - assault in fair time.

Roger Never butcher "did sell and utter in open Markett -
unwholesome mans meate (to witt) a dead calfe"

Hamlet Holecrofte skinner and Robert Mitton labourer - litigation

Thomas Broadbanke of Haigh smith and Edmund Molyneux glazier
- assault

John Charnock tailor for abusing Roger Winstanley husbandman
in fair time.

Gabriel Markland smith for assaulting and drawing blood from
Anne the wife of Hugh Forth brazier in the fair time.

James Holland of Bispam gentleman for calling William Pilkington
alderman "a swyne" in fair time.

The case of Edward Ormishawe repeated.

Roger Browne and John Mathew - assault  "the same day the now
Mr Maior was Chozen"
New page
Ordered that the Pinfold Croft be laid waste.

Charles Hotham ordered to repair the foot bridge between
"Midlemort meanes and the Car sluck meanes and the way at both
ends thereof"

Scoles Bridge and Henerst Bridge to be repaired

Any inhabitand to be allowed to take tailors "being strangers"
into their houses to make the cloths for their and their
families wear.

Robert Leatherbarrowe John Wackfeud, Jeffrey Scott, John
Laithwaite, James Browne, Thomas Ford the elder, James son of
Gilbert Ford, Hugh Ford, William Langshawe, fuller, Ralph
Langshawe, Gilbert son of Rober Baldwin, and Edmund Harvy who
had served 7 years apprenticeship to their various trades to
come before the Mayor and be sworn freemen.

The privilege formerly accorded to the burgesses of passing
over the Dee Bridge in Cheshire having been stopped. Mr Robert
Mawdesley the Recorder was to go to the Vice Chancellor of the
County to endeavour to have this privilege restored.

Complaint of William Forde of Scoles pewterer that he might have
redress against Rober Burgesse skinner who had taken his
"Dich Copp" &c.

Complaint of John Harvie that much of his corn had been lost in
the lasy harvest by being eaten and trodden down because Mr
William Browne would not mend the fence to Eies Close.

Petitiion of James Lowe whitesmith to be allowed to take an
apprentice - allowed
New page
Account of the lays raised 23 Jan   1648  for the quartering of
three troops of horses under Col. Scrope.

John Anderton thitawyer and Katherine his wife and Jane
Anderton widow for saying James Molyneux alderman"Was forsworne
and other foule and scandelous wordes"

Petition of James Molyneux gentleman Roger Laithwaite and
William Forde of Swinley for the money due to them for the soldiers
of Col. Scrope's troops of horse quartered on them.

Petitiion of James Waite for the money due to him for his work on
the highways "when the sicknes was in Wigan" - to be paid by
the Overseers.

Usual petition of Ralph Marshe plasterer - granted.

Petition of John Penington of Leigh tailor that he might be
allowed to work at his trade in the houses of inhabitants of
Wigan who wanted him - allowed.

Fees of Court taken for Freemen, and foreigners &c. Prisoners in
the prison had liberty to buy victuals beer &c. nothing was paid
for their rooms or to the bailiffs who were keepers of the prison
Nov 21st 1653

Lays to be raised for the maintenance of Parliamentary troops,
repair of the Church and relief of the poor  7th Oct  1653

Lays to be raised for the upkeep of the Army and Navy
the Church Clerk's wages (40s) &c.  20th Dec  1653

St Lukes Fair  1653
Toll takers
Standishgate   Thomas Worthington
New page
               Laurence Moulding
               Peter Anderton

Millgate       Richard Scott
               Richard Goodhusband
               Adam Pemberton
               Hugh Wood

Wallgate       Thomas Morte
               Edward Prescott
               Robert Cason

Hallgate       Thomas Battersby

Horse Fair     Thomas Worthington
               Lawrence Moulding

Raising of Layes for the Army and Navy, the repair of the
meal house &c.  28 March   1654.

Bond of John Cowper husbandman, William Laithwaite panner and
William Prescott chapman in £20 that the said John Cowper with
his family would remove themselves from Arthur Man's house in
Whalley and leave the town.&c.

Examination taken 4th Jun  1653  whereby Laurence Starky
conferred that the previous night he had paned over the moat
of Charles Hotham Rector of Wigan, into his Court and entered
the stable and from there "did felionsly steale and take one
horse Cloath of Canvan or heppen Cloath" and took it to John
Wetherby's house where he cut it in two but without the knowledge
of the said Wetherby  And he took it "to put about him in
the night tyme in his bedd to keepe him warme"
New page
          Christmas Leet  December 24th  1653
Ellen Deane widow, Ralph Deane the younger butcher and Anne
Deane widow - assault

James Crotchley and John Ward - assault

John Catterall tailor and Jennette the wife of William Houghton
for retaining John Booth, his daughter and their child and
Jennette Molyneux and two children.

----- April 1654
Testimony of Ellen wife of Robert Harper and Alice Bibbye alias
Glasbrooke as to the misconduct Richard son of Mary Orrell of
Millgate and Ellen Knitter. Also of Ellen Trevis of Manchester
widow and Richard Orrell husbandman.

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