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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 10 - 1658, 1653, 1655, 1654

 Box 1  Roll 10  1658  [in a bad state]
Robert Markland and Thomas Rothwell of Haigh - assault with
drawing of blood

William Laithwaite sadler for abusing Edmund Harvy bailiff.

Elizabeth the widow of Ralph Scott for a litigation on Ralph
and Elizabeth Boulton ----------

Thomas Worthington pin for rescuing goods distrained by the

Roger Kersley for rescuing cattle from Elizabeth the daughter of
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Edward Boulton, which she had found damaging her father's

John Houghton for an assault on Thomas Barrowe.

William Foster butcher and Charles Banckes the younger - assault.

Elizabeth the wife of John Ward and Gerrard Banckes gentleman
- abuse and threats.

William Catterall and William Turner haberdasher - assault.

Alexander Greene panmaker for taking an apprentice Johnson
of ---Foster of Standish -wood - a foreighner and John Laithwaite
panmaker for taking Andrew son of Thomas Lathome of Haigh, a

James Harvey for breaking Henry Rowe's glass windows.

William Briggs for keeping William Whitell and --- apprentices --

Thomas Sumpson for keeping Peter Peter Prescote an apprentice ----

Robert Mason barber, Humphrey Lee, Hugh Ford, Alexander Ford
weaver and Mary Pilkington widow for allowing their dunghills to
lie in the street.

Francis Rigby for allowing his horse into the churchyard.

Laurence Rogerson to remove his inmate Gilbert Barton.

The wife of Edward Hawett for scolding Gilbert Haughton

Edward Webster and Ellen Catterall for allowing their swine
to stray.
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    -------1655     Presentments
William Lynney and Edward Prescott - assault

William Foster and Thomas Prescott - the like

William Lynney for an assault on Thomas Prescott

Thomas Prescott for an assault on Hugh Scott

Alexander Casson and Laurence Prescott - assault and "Challeng-
ing him the feild"

Anne the wife of Alexander Casson and Anne Cooper for assault
on Lawrence Prescott.

Elizabeth Board widow for harbouring Nicholas Halsall.

Francis Sherrington and James Tarleton - assault

Thomas Worthington for an assault on Ralph Lee.

Hugh Mathew for having his swine trough in the street.

Mr Gerrard Banckes for allowing his mastiff dog to go unmuzzled

The bailiffs to repair Scoles Bridge.

Robert Ford and James Scott - assault

Henry Bullocke and William Farbrother labourer - the like

Gerrard Lee to be of good behaviour

John Standish for an assault on Hugh Scott.

Thomas Whalley founder for allowing his swine to go
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into James Higham's croft.

John Wetherby and Anne the wife of Richard Crofte - assault
with the drawing of blood.

Ralph Marsh plasterer for abusing John Deane in fair tyme.

Agnes Cooke and Margaret the wife of William Whalley - assault

William Haughton "for suffering tipling and drinking in his
house upon the lords day"

John up Richard, Robert Burges the elder, Henry Kerkly and
John Dolphin for drinking in the said Williams house on Sunday.

James Whalley, William Kidd alias Ireland, Alexander Casson
for allowing their swine to stray.

Gilbert Baldwin for making a sawpit in the street

Alice Higham widow and Margery the wife of John Saunders -

Ralph Armston for allowing his dunghill to lie in the street

Edward Molyneux for allowing the fence to fall between his
tenement and John Lees.

Anne Penington for a litigation on James Mather - gatewater

Anne Penington and Margaret the wife of ---Mather litigation.

Nicholas Penington plasterer, Robert Markland tailor and John
Townley for allowing their swine to stray.
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Robert Rycrofte for a litigation on William Harrison

Francis Battersby for swearing "two prophaine and wicked oathes"
fined 10s.

Elizabeth the wife of William Lynney and Ellen Mason widow of
James Mason - assault

John Hodgson and Thomas Bavington - assault

Robert Markland tailor for swearing two profane oaths

Margaret the wife of James Harvy the elder for abusing Cicely
the wife of Thomas Jolly on the Lord's day and for abusing
Alice the wife of Thomas Banckes of Scoles.

Richard Sands for trading in the town, not being a freeman.

Accounts for Laketyde fair.

[Many streets illegible and torn]
Complaint of Edward Pemberton against Grace Wood of Scoles
widow who said many disgraceful things of Peter Catterall
deceased calling him a murderer

William Farbrother stated that Henry Bullocke brat and wounded
him &c. [torn]

Statement of Margaret wife of George Wilion of ---- Yorkshire
hosier That she lived at Erly Yorks and came to Wigan to meet
her husband at the fair. And that she was born at Kirkby in

Reposition of Ralph Dunvavin [Dunavon?] of Warrington servant to
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Thomas ----- that on market day a strange woman with a child in
her arms came to the back of his stall and stole a pair of white
stockings which she put under her apron - dated 18th Oct. 1654.

Complaint of John Standish who was called on for the money
"Awarded by Mr Ambrose Jollie for Scroopes quarters and that
diverce persons are dea d and gon out of towne and others dis-
abled" he could not pay it.

Oct 5th 1654.    Receipt of Joseph Penington for goods and
money to the value of one pound late of Richard Renshaw, to
be used for the children of the said Renshaw.

[Most of this roll is useless]

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