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Wigan Court Leet Rolls

ROLL 1 - Miscellaneous Years 1626-1724

                       COURT LEET ROLL 1


                 MISCELLANEOUS YEARS 1626-1724


           Meeting day held in the Common Hall before Roger
1724       Bradshaigh Bart Mayor & John Baldwine Justice
           of the peace 19 Georg 11. 1724.
           Presentments I not the same date, earlier?
           Jane the wife of Robert Orrell for abusing
           Katherine Langshawe spinster.

           Robert Denton & Humphrey Wetherby - assault.

           William Orrell for allowing his yardings to
           fall down between his house & Thomas Panes.

           Humphery Fairbrother of Scoles for making a
           window to overlook James Forde's house.

           Alderman James Ford for allowing the yarding
           to fall down between his house & John Johnson's.

1677       Ishmael Bibbie [fl. 1677] for allowing a "Large
           Mungrell dogg" to go at large.

           Anne the wife of Gregory Foster for a litigation
           on Alice the wife of Thomas Wood.

           Robert Leatherbarrow for harbouring Margaret Blakey.

           23rd April.
           The Mayor to pay a fine of 40s imposed on -- Scott
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           from William Greene & Robert Ford unto George Browne
           & Charles Legh late bailiffs.

           John Renshaw for assauting Laurence Moulding.

           The bailiffs to take care that defence be made in
           behalf of Mr Maior & the rest in an Action against
           them by Margaret Blacowe.

           Robert Leatherbarrow for harbouring the said Margaret.

           Jane Greene spinster for abusing Elizabeth the
           wife of Henry Feilden clerk.

           Henry Topping & Jane & Adam Boulton - litigation.

           Mr Gerard Banckes for encroaching on Scoles Common

           Richard Holme for harbouring Thomas Standish a

           Edward Herle for turning a watercourse in Standishgate.

           Alexander Ford of Swindly & Thomas Par - assault.

           May 8th
           Gerard Banckes to be find 30s for the encroachment
           on Scoles Common & to set his hedge in a straight
           line between the "Kilne End" and the old Haigh
           Morne Stocke near unto two gates and thence to
           the quickwood stock at the end of the stone wall
           adjoyning the school

           Elizabeth the wife of Ralph Legh for abusing
           James Scott, one of the Jury.

           Gilbert Greene for swearing an oath in open
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           The repair of Henhurst Bridge refused to the dis-
           cretion of the Mayor & Aldermen.

           A stone wall to be made between the Mill Bridge
           & the Mill.

           Undated 1635-41? in latin
           Nicholas Mather spinner & Peter Leigh - assault

           William Whalley & Henry Reynoldes the younger -

           Robert Markland Brazier & John Scott & Elizabeth
           his wife & James Lythgoe - assault.

           Miles Gerard of Ince gentleman, John Parpoint
           Thomas Carton & Alexander Canon - assault &

           Bridget Allen & Elizabeth Leigh - assault.

           John Ford assaulted the wife of Gilbert Forth

           Gibert Forth & John Bibbie - assault

           Thomas Winckley for abusing Robert Wingfield Knt.

           John Molyneux & Roger Laithwaite for assaulting
           Gabriel Winstanley & Peter Anderton.

           Elizabeth Leigh for ridelling ashes in the street

           Margaret Edger widow & Katherine Markland - assault
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           Elizabeth Leigh widow & Mary the wife of Geoffrey
           Moulding - litigation.

           Hugh Johnson & James Almond - assault.

           William Heskin butcher & William Heskin? - assault

           Richard Dodson, John Lee & Jenette his wife &
           Philip Wood - assault.

           Gilbert Houlcroft & Henry Reynoldes - assault.

           Katherine the wife of Henry Reynolds & Gilbert
           Houlcrofte & Jane his wife.

           James Kidd alias Ireland & Thomas Langshaw -

           Richard Humphrey & Edmund Atherton of Pemberton
           yeomen & Gabriel Winstanley & Peter Anderton -

           William Puce & Robert Croytchloc - assault.

           William Burgesse & William Crone the younger
           alias Lenton - assault.

           Henry Lythgoe of Abraham? Leics yeoman & Robert
           Brighouse - assault.

           Miles Gerard of Ince gentleman & Thomas Laithwaite
           sadler - assault.

           William Heskin of Copple butcher & John Fairbrother
           smith - assault.
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           Elizabeth Leigh widow for prestalling the market
           & Joan the wife of Thomas Mathers the same.

           John Platt panner & Ralph Neaven shoemaker -

           Margaret widow of Alexander Nightgale & Isabel
           wife of William Nightgale - litigation.

           Gilbert Houlcroft & Jane his wife assaulted
           Katherine the wife of James Freland.

           Margaret Wiggan assaulted Grace the wife of
           Richard Dobson.

           "Wee Fyne Roger Baron for a troll a gaynes Ann

           John Molyneux of Pemberton yeoman, Richard
           Humphery & Edmund Atherton of the same yeomen
           & Gabriel Winstanley - assault with the drawing
           of blood.

           Surveyors for Scoles, Wearr & Hennis Bridge -
           William Browne gentlemen, Thurstan Whalley,
           Robert Jolley, John Bullocke & William Burkes.

           15-16-17, 18, 19 20-22 torn 1660 or 1661

           William Pilkington degraded from the office of
           Alderman because he did "Speake justifie and aver
           very many things thet ---- false and untrue against
           the Ancient Customes and pr---- of this Burrowe."

           William Glover during his Mayoralty in 1660 does
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           not appear to have followed the custom of the town.

                      Michaelmas Leet 3 Oct. 1724

           Ellen Grimshaw & William Brager -

           James Naylor, linenweaver, William Foley linen -
           weaver for practising their trade in towns.
           Thomas Ranson carpenter.

           Robert Lithgoe & Francise Browne -

           f32                       1642?
           Mayor                 William Forth

           Benchers              Robert Markland
                                 William Pilkington

           Clerk                 Mr Mawdsley

           Ballives              James Molyneux
                                 Robert Gerard

           Serjeants             Thomas Scott
                                 Joseph Penington

           Attornies             Hugh Challiner
                                 Geoffrey Sherrington


           Standishgate          William Scott the Elder
                                 William Scott the Younger

           Millgate              Robert Foster
                                 Robert Croynchlow

           Scoles                Robert Langshawe
                                 James Wood
           Surveryors of         Robert Banckes
           Flesh & Fish          Edward Baron

           Ale founders          William Deyne
                                 Thomas Wynckley
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           Sealers & Searchers           James Waitson
           & Registers of Leather        James Fynch

           Treasurers                    Thurstan Whalley
                                         John Scott


           Petitions undated

           Petition of John Thornton, who 3 years before married
           Alice widow of Thomas Martin & daughter of James
           Ireland deceased, & who lived in Wigan since, asked
           to be made a freeman or burgess - to be admitted burgess.

           f36 List of Burgesses for 27 Chas 11? Mayor
           Nicholus Pennington?

           f38 Inquisition taken 19th June 1652.

           John Maior for abusing the overseers of the highways
           for Standishgate.

           Jane the wife of Micholus Pennington for speaking of
           Contemptious words against the government of this
           Town and Burrowe of Wigan.

           James Kidd alias Ireland pewterer & Katherine Kidd
           alias Ireland widow, for a litigation on James
           Molyneux of Woodhouses gentleman.

           Mary the wife of the said James & Anne her daughter for
           a litigation on James Kidd alias Ireland pewterer.

           Hugh Wood Nulles & Elizabeth his wife & Margaret the
           wife of Hugh Mather - litigation. Jumphrey Mathew
           skinner & John Fearnshell labourer - assault.
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           James Sedgewick of Blackrod drapman & Selwaul
           Sedgewick of .......... litigation.

           Alexander Wood miller & Alice, the wife of
           Richard Scott, skinner - litigation.

           The same Alexander & Richard Pennington yeoman -

           Robert Haye cutter, for a litigation on John
           Lea shoemaker.

           Katherine the wife of Thomas Hugh Natter for
           a litigation on the said John Lea.

           Elizabeth Greenlaugh spinster servant to John Mason
           of Swindley, panner, for breaking the Pinfold &
           taking out impounded cattle.

           "John Hudson for sending his servant towards
           infected places, where the Plague was known to be.
           And not making the officers of this town, acquainted
           with his journey. And for havockeing about the
           Countye with panns containing to the Statute re" To
           be imprisoned in the Hall for 2 hours re.

           Henry Bullocke skinner, for abusing the watch.

           William Browne labourer & Dorothy his wife
           & the wife of John Wetherbye - assault.

           John Lee plasterer, for a litigation Haye Natter.

           Alexander Canon & Grace his sister & spinster, &
           Mary Pilkington widow & Mary & Anne Pilkington spinsters
           - litigation.
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           William Pilkington gentleman, Margaret Winstanley
           widow, Thomas Almond labourer & Olive Baron Natter,
           for harbouring Thomas Garnett butcher, Robert Smith
           & his 2 sons & William Manchester & his wife.

           Roger Never & Robert Almond for being drunk &
           going down to the house of Hugh Wood miller, &
           making a litigation on Elizabeth his wife.

           James Molyneux gentleman & James Pilkington dyer -

           William Pilkington gentleman for assaulting James

           Mary the wife of the said James, Anne her daughter
           & Thomas Winstanley, for assaulting William
           Pilkington gentleman.

           Gerrard Lee, Robert Bibbye, Thomas Kerkebye,
           George Baive, Gilbert Orrell, the youngest,
           Thomas Belcher for playing bowls.

                      Court Leet [undated]
           Margaret the wife of William Laithwaite sadler,
           for abusing Mt Nicholas Penington.

           William Rigby for abusing Margaret & Hester Bradshawe.

           William & Thomas Barongton - assault.

           Robert Crouchlowe for abusing Ralph Deane.

           Thomas Ascrofte for an assault on Richard Croke &
           William Orrell.
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           "Thomas Wood did shoote at a pigeon in the

           Richard Goolle for an assault on Henry Shutleworth
           & Elizabeth his wife.

           List of those who had not contributed to the repair
           of the highways.

           John Stables a foreigner.

           Robert Wethersby & Hugh Battersby - assault.

           James Kenyon & George Shawe for harbouring John
           Welsh & Richard Knight - foreigner.

           Laurence Anderton Junior gentleman for keeping
           a grayhound & John Thornton for keeping a "water dogg."

           Hugh Johnson for allowing his mastiff bitch to
           to unmuzzled.

           Ralph Langshawe for allowing his muck to be in
           the street.

           James Molineux "for keeping a grayhound not being
           qualified according to Lawe". Laurence Marsden
           & Christopher Simpson gentleman for the same.

           Barnaby Wood for allowing his dog to go unmuzzled.

           James Leland plasterer, for keeping two beagles.
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           Robert Baron, Roger Leatherbarrow & Alexander
           Rydeing for neglecting their office of gatewaiter.

           Gilbert Hollinhead for allowing his swine to stray,
           & John Hollinhead for letting his dog go unmuzzled.

           William Scott bellfounder, for not removing the
           root of a tree out of the Douglas.

           f 48         Court Leet [undated] clo 74


           Robert Markland mercer for laying rubbish in the

           Anne Barker for allowing her swine to stray.

           Richard Orrell for bastardy upon Jennett Lucas.

           Ralph Prescott for assaulting Katherine Catterall
           widow, & he "threatned to burne her hous"

           James Coope for bastardy upon Ellen Houghton.

           Anne the wife of Thomas Wilkinson, for abusing
           Elizabeth the wife of Adam Bouldton gentleman.

           f 49           Court Leet     1627    [in latin]


           James Kidd alias Ireland panner, & Philip Watson -
           assault [c 1652]
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              Bridget Browne widow, for assaulting Alice the
           wife of Edward Gregson.

           Henry Waynewright plaster & Jane Whalley
           spinster - assault.

           Richard & Alice Crone & Isabel the wife of William
           Nightgale, for taking turf [granuna] "out of the
           mens ground."

           Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Lampson, Margery Whalley
           widow & Jennett & Elizabeth Whalley spinsters, for
           abusing Alice Ford widow.

           John Lowe, Henry Pott, & Thomas Houlcroft -

           William Deane butcher & Peter Deane butcher.

           James Baldwin pewterer, for abusing James Harvie

           William Boyes tailor, for abusing Alice Kidd alias
           Ireland, widow.

           Robert Croytchloe weaver & Thomas Pilkington labourer -

           Margaret the wife of Richard Orrell, Alice Orrell
           spinster & Ellen Dobson spinster - assault

           James Harvie & John Nightgale brazier - assault

           Ellen the wife of Robert Greene fuller & Anne the wife
           of John Catterrall - litigation.
           John Boulton panner William Deane butcher - assault.
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           Ellen Orrell of Millgate, spinster, for prestal-
           ling the market.

           f51d            Court Leet  1637.


           John de Valencia & Anne his wife & Gilbert Forth
           brazir - assault.

           Thomas Worthington & Elizabeth his wife & Sel-
           ward Boulton, panner, -assault.

           James Baldwin pewterer, & Robert Markland braz-
           ier the like.

           James Brigges, & Robert Scott - the like.

           William Deane butcher for a litigation on Eliz-
           abeth Baron widow, saying "Thou art a bitch"-
           To remain 4 hours in the Hall & after, one hour
           in the stocks to ask her forgiveness.

           Robert Leigh's wife & Susan Lewis spinster -

           Alice Redforth for forestalling the market with

           John Lowe of Aspull & Gilbert Hindley - assault.

           Patrick Dublin labourer & Elizabeth the wife of
           Hugh Wood - assault & litigation.

           Thomas Lythgoe & his wife & the same Patrick and
           Margaret his wife - assault.
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           The wife of Patrick Dublin to ask Williams
           Lynney's wife's "forgiveness on her knees for
           her abuse towards her.

           James Rigby labourer & Francis Rigby labourer
           his father - assault.

           John Lowe Smith, Edward Mason & Robert Mason
           Junior - assault.

           Hugh Marsden & Roger Scott Junior - assault.

           Gabriel Markland Smith & William Forth gentle-
           man - assault.

           Diana Rotheram spinster wife of Thomas Rotheram,
           on the 1st of October 12 ChasI & on dious days
           before and since had practised certain diobol-
           ical art called "witchcraftes Inchantments
           Charmes & sorceries" with the intention of tak-
           ing a shirt of Thomas Greene Gentleman acquitted.

           Thomas Rigby Cooper, for allowing his bitch to
           go unmuzzled.

           James Mathers & Elizabeth his wife, for abusing
           Judith the wife of Robert Banckes.

           William Daxon, labourer, Alexander Ford of Stan-
           dish, gate weaver, William Lynney Junior, & Hugh
           Ford for playing bowles.

           Thomas Laithwaite tailor, Robert Laithwaite,
           Thomas Croytchlowe, Edward L---- & Robert
           Ireland for having "betted att Bowles".
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           Robert Almond labourer, for abusing Richard
           Ascroft late gatewaiter of Hallgate.

           Robert Molyneux labourer, & Hamlet Houlcroft
           Skinner - assault.

           James Mathers for "Jilthie apvobrious" words
           against Judith the wife of Robert Banckes.

           William Nightgale Junior for, stealing grass.

           All the ale houses in the borough for breach
           of assize.

           The bailiffs to cause "2 pare of buttes a longer
           pare & a shorter, in the accustomed place
           where buttes have formerly beene sett in Wigan Lane"
           to be made before the 25th of May next.

           In fair time.
           William Lowe of Ormskirk, petty chapman & Thur-
           ston Whalley - assault.

           Nicholas Broores of Lostocke, & Geoffrey Fair-
           brother - the like.

           James Lythgoe & Thomas Higginson - the like.

           William Cartwright, husbandman, William Platt,
           & Thomas Richardson - the like.

           John Lucas of Coppull husbandman, for assaulting
           William Kindesley.
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           Willian Crone, Richard Orrell & William Briers -

           Robert Banekes & George Vause late bailiffs for
           assaulting Margery the wife of Robert Astley.

           26 Oct 1637
           List of pres for one whole year for stallage.

           That Geoffrey Sherrington & Thomas Pilkington
           should have the money which they had paid for
           their offices repended to them, & be relieved of
           the same unless reelectet by the burgesses.

           "Wee doe allowe of Rauffe Standishe esquire,
           late maior, that hee hath very worthely dis-
           chardged his place & office this last yere".

           William Forth Alderman, fined 5li for swearing
           Thomas Burlington a burges.

           Robert Markland Alderman for swearing Lionel
           Farrington, & John Bretherton, fined £10.

           Ordered that the Mayor should not swear anyone
           a burgess, under the degree of esquire.

           Poole Bridge to be mended.

           f61              Court held 18th June 1653


           Gerrard Lee labourer & Roger Leigh labourer -

           Ralph Wood, & Anne the wife of James Orrell
           [coverlet] weaver - the like.
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Jeffrey Scott bellrounder & John Langshawe - litigation.

Anne the wife of Thomas Scott showmaker & Elizabeth Gobbons spinster
the like.

John Naylor badger, Adm, Robert and Hugh Rigby all of West Haughton
labourers - assault in fair time

Gabriel Markland Smith, and Elizabeth his wife & Peter Catterall
tailor, and Helen his wife - litigation.

Henry Farbrother panner, & William Crofte labourer - assault with
drawing of blood.

Gabriel Markland Smith, for abusing Alexander Greene bailiff in the
execution of his office.

Ellen the wife of Henry Farbrother panner & Bridget the wife of James
Barrowe - litigation.

Edmund Harvey pewterer & Robert Harvey mercer - assault

James Orrell coverlet weaver & Ralph Wood tailor the like.

Thomas Marsden panner & Elizabeth the wife of Gabriel Markland - the like

List of persons who neglected to work on the highways.

Ralph Deane Junior butcher & Jane Deane spinster, for a litigation
on Margery Allmond widow.
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              Elections of Offices undated

          Mayor               Mathew Markland

          Benchers            James Ford
                              Myles Turner

          Recorder            Richard Pennington

          Town Clerk          John Anderton

          Bailiffs            Peter Marsh
                              Robert Murrey

          Attornies           Robert Winstanly
                              Edward Baron

          Swordbearer         William Foster

          Sergeants           James Rigby
                              Thomas Scott


          Marketstreet        John Buckley
                              John Whalley

          Standishgate        Thomas Blackhurst
                              James .............

          Scoles              Richard Daniell
                              Roger Risley

          Wallgate            Thomas Mort Senior
                              Richard Winckley

          Hallgate            George Shawe
                              James Leyland

          Woodhouses          Thomas Taylor
                              William Hoult

          Surveyors of        Robert Mitton
          Flesh & Fish        Gregorie Foster

          Surveyors of Ale    Richard Dolphin
          & Beer & Bread      James Glasebrooke

          Church Clerk        James Banekes

          Bellman             Myles Mitton

          Treasurers          John Laithwaite
                              James Scott

          Searchers & Scalers Andrew Laithwaite
          of Leather          Gilbert Farclough

          f. 59

                    Undated list of Freemen
          ff 70 & sig       Election of officers undated
                                "     "     "      "

    f72   Petition of William Parsone, John Hodgson & Robert
          Parson, 2Oct 1698 to be reappointed as Waits -

    f73   Heading for a Meeting Day 29th Dec 12WmIII

    f74   Petition of Thomas Critchlow labourer [undated]
          to be appointed Cryer again for works being
          scarce, for this Winter Season, & grett want of
          money & provisions very deare. And hee being
          Anchient and haveing welfe & foure children to
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     75   Peter of Peter Hall sadler [undated] to be made

     76   Petition of Laurence Gaskill, late of Pemberton
          labourer to be allowed to remain in the town till
          he found a home. [undated]

     77   List of Persons [undated]

     78   Complaint of William Scott of Wigan, bellfounder
          who was possessed of a water corn mill called the
          "Pepper Milne" from which the watercourse had been
          turned by some person unknown.

          Notes on various burgess.

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