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I remember...

my best birthday present

Comment by: Debbie Roberts (Abergele, North Wales) on 5th May 2011

I remember having a kitchen set for - I think it was -my 6th or 7th birthday. I had a party in the house and I remember saying " everybody who wants to play with it line up behind me"!!!!! It had a little plastic cooked chicken in the oven and taps on the sink. Posh,eh?!!

Comment by: shez (golborne, england) on 8th October 2009

i remember opening my 10th birthday prezzie in a little cottage in Cornwall looking out at the sea, it was a bottle of Apple Blossom talc & perfume & I felt so grown up, it still gives me a warm feeling even today.

Comment by: amanda plant (loire, france) on 4th July 2008

My best present was a chopper bike, it was all the fashion then, i was really chuffed

Comment by: jimmy lomax (wigan, lancashirei) pre 2009.

my first two wheeler bike for xmas a red raliegh racer it was snowing but i stll went out on it i was so chuffed {thanx dad}jimmy lomax

Comment by: Patricia van Vliet (nee Johnson) (Zutphen, Netherlands) pre 2009.

My best birthday present was a poetry book - wonder what happened to it?

Comment by: FRED BRYAN (ashton in makerfield, lancashire) pre 2009.

being 10yrs in 1944 playing firemen sliding down a pole placed through a round hole on 1st floor of stables at STAR hotel wigan rd a-in-m pulling pole up and stepping back falling through the trap door in the floor of the loft thus breaking my arm very badly

Comment by: JOHN R HILTON. (BOB) (WIGAN, ENGLAND) pre 2009.

My best birthday memory was the birth of my daughter in 1963

Comment by: Jean J (Wigan, Lancs) pre 2009.

A proper typewriter, having had one that you turned a dial to a letter and thumped the bar on the bottom to get it to print. It was costly for my dad cause he rushed out of his dinner hour to buy it for me in his Morris Minor and got booked for speeding.