I remember

I remember...

the sound of clogs on paving stones

Comment by: michael ryan (wigan, england) pre 2009.

going to southport on the train on a sunday morning,seemed like a weeks holiday,open air baths.bag of chips you couldnt get it any better.

Comment by: Clay Jones. (Wigan., Lancashire.) pre 2009.

As far as I know I am the only British Airways Boeing Jet Captain educated at St. Mary's School, Lower Ince and Ashton Grammar School.My memories of deep snow, pea soup fogs and collecting train numbers on Westwood Bridge.Any contemporaries (I'm 66) please email snowbirdvoyager@yahoo.com

Comment by: fred foster (wigan, uk) pre 2009.

When I was about 2 years old, I would trash around in a pair of dad's clogs. He had 2 pairs, one for the pit and one for the hen pen.Iwas wearing his pen clogs and had left them near the doorstep. Dad always rode me on the bike seat when he came home from the pit. I heard his bike at the bottom of the back yard, ran to meet him, tripped over the clogs,and gashed my chin on the step.Mam took me to Doctor Oags surgery in Ormskirk Road, Newtown where he stitched it for me!

Comment by: vivien wilson neegrundy (wigan, england) pre 2009.

my grandad wore clogs to the day he died and was a knocker upper his name was tom grundy he had a long stick and would knock on their bedroom window till they answered he lived in worsley hall

Comment by: frank wilding (abbey village, uk) pre 2009.

i used to go school wi clogs on wi irons on so teacher wouldnt let mi on parka wood floor best way to get out of dancing lessons (only for girls dancin)

Comment by: john ashurst (Limassol, Cyprus) pre 2009.

My grandmother Margaret Leigh lived in Swan St,off Leeds St,Wallgate. I recall as a young lad in the seeing the pitmen going to work in clogs,you could hear them streets away especially in the early hours when everywhere was still and quiet. I later policed the same area as a young bobby, and came across the 'knocker upper' with his long stick. I later came to live in Abram and you could hear them every day at all hours going to Maypole pit. I had to catch the bus from Wigan to Abrom when finishing nights and it was full of pitmen going to Maypole..the top deck was always thick with smoke from Capstan full strength,and Pasha cigs,you could'nt breath on the old corpy bus.

Comment by: maureeno (wigan, england) pre 2009.

I didnt know Red Clogs was a ghost of the Alexandra Pit Whelley, but we used to say he haunted the toilets of the old St Patricks Infant School. Does any one know where this story originated?

Comment by: noreenhutchinson nee griffin (wigan, lancs) pre 2009.

i remember going to scool in clogs one girl was sparking and toook a slice off her calf she had to have stitches in her leg wood that stan aspey have a sister margreti remember going to there house at lunchtime /?

Comment by: H. Connelly (Wigan, UK) pre 2009.

I don't ever remember clogs being warmer when I wore them. I do remember lots of chilblanes on my toes in them days.

Comment by: frances edwards [nee] richardson (wigane, england) pre 2009.

anyone remember walter richardson the cloger lived in bolton st off manchester rd hr ince the street .is not ther anymore, but we moved to levens place up bell green lane were he still did repairs from his shed in the garden olso clogs evry one new him because he had two club feet and.went in the bellgreen pub for his nightly pint .he was well known for his clogs.sadly he died at the age of 93 in 1996

Comment by: Maureen (Wigan, England) pre 2009.

I loved the sound of thc clogs and really wanted some for myself so that I could make that noise but I never did get any!

Comment by: Mavis (Windermere Cumbria, England) pre 2009.

Both our daughters (now in their 30s) wore little red clogs from being 18 months old. They were recommended as they held the feet in the correct position as they "rolled" from heel to toe.

Comment by: sue brown (standish lower ground, england) pre 2009.

I remember when i was a small child, lying in bed in the early hours of the morning and listening to the sound of the clogs of the pitmen going to work and the wonderful, comforting sound they made. I also remember my first pair of clogs made by Walter Hurst in Hindley. They were red with straps across, and I learned to walk wearing them.

Comment by: pauline (Hindley, England) pre 2009.

I can remember my father Brian Hurst getting up at the crack of dawn to go and waken eveyone else up and I could hear his clogs for ages as he went around.

Comment by: Margaret Morris (as was) (Bath, U.K.) pre 2009.

I wore shoes only on Sunday until I was 9. I wore clogs the rest of the time. The trouble was, girls had leather on their clogs, the boys had irons and could spark them, I was most frustrated by not being able to do the same. Also, the sound of clogs on the bus - if you were downstairs, it was quite deafening.

Comment by: Alice Kneale (Perth, Western Australia) pre 2009.

Kicking my clogs on the paving stones so that they would make sparks. My posh friends had rubber on their clogs, not metal so I was one up on them. Miss Standishgate and the shopping.

Comment by: David Owen (Euxton (prevoiusly Orrell), UK) pre 2009.

I was born in 1946, I lived with my mum& dad as well as my nan & grandad,My grandad worked in the pits and always wore clogs,I had a pair when i was about six but mine had rubber irons so i could sneak up on my pals.I could her my grandad coming home before he turned the corner.

Comment by: stan aspey (wigan, lanc's) pre 2009.

I remember walking to school at st cuthbert's halfway house pemberton from goose green with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters we had to walk over the tips past blundell's pit 4 times a day.Sometimes itwas dark in the morning and also dark when we were coming home but we never had any fear at all you couldn't do that today.

Comment by: Ada Schofield (Goolwa, South Australia) pre 2009.

I remember when the gaslight man walked with a pole down Platt line

Comment by: Jack Green (Calgary, Canada) pre 2009.

My fondest memory is the factory girls walking up Wallgate after work, arm's linked together and stretched across the road and singing their heads off. I used to wear clogs, my dad used to make them for my 2 brothers & I, he used to give me heck for sparking & wearing out the irons

Comment by: sandra fagerlund (ronkonkoma new york, united states) pre 2009.

i remember as a little girl in hindley my grandad jeffries wearing clogs to go to the coal mines everytime i return to england i look to buy a small pair of clogs to remember my past i miss hindley and my family that used to live there

Comment by: Ged Gaskell (Manchester, England) pre 2009.

My brother wore clogs upon leaving school and going to work on a farm in Rainford. That would be around 1968 (so quite recent really). He said they were much better than boots and kept his feet warmer. I think they cost around £8.00 at the time.

Comment by: margrt brambill (wigan, unnited kingdim) pre 2009.


Comment by: fozzy (Wigan, England) pre 2009.

I can remeber the sound of my Dads clogs when he was walking home. I also remember his black face under his flat cap.

Comment by: kathleen naughton (Wigan, England) pre 2009.

my grandad thomas alva edison jackson was the lamplighter and the knocker up in 1925 in hindley they could always tell when i was coming home from school ionly had ne rubber on my clog kathleen naughton nee jackson

Comment by: jude (lincoln, uk) pre 2009.

does anyone remember a clogger called pomfret?

Comment by: David Hotchkiss (Whitby Ontario, Canada) pre 2009.

Jack Yates, I remember St Peter's School in Hindley. My parents were married in St Peter's church back in 1934. My clogs had irons on them until they wore out then it was the disappointing rubbers from there on. The LUT double decker buses had upholstered seats downstairs but wooden slat seats upstairs for the colliers who bathed at home in the 1940s. What a calamity for my mum when there was no room downstairs wearing our "best" clothes.

Comment by: Pip Cozens(nee Gallagher) (Chorley, United Kingdom) pre 2009.

I remember as a child the miners clogs on Chorley Road, Boars Head, they were going to work at Victoria Pit at 4.a.m. approx, they never seemed to speak. I lived at 'Briarcroft' a house featured on your web site.

Comment by: H. Connelly (Wigan, Lancs., England) pre 2009.

I remember clogs I used to wear them for school late fifties, my father used to have his own last to repair our clogs. I remember the headmaster sending a letter home asking my father to replace the irons with rubber as my clogs made too much noise on the wooden floors, so he used to give me a pair of black plimsoles to wear in school.

Comment by: Dave Richards (Uckfield, East Sussex) pre 2009.

I can't claim to remember the sound as such - but I do know that as a youngster I was equipped with clogs in order to go to school (and that it rather marked you out because the point was that they didn't easily wear out). But I also remember that clog irons were great for kicking sparks off the pavement...! Dave

Comment by: stan aspey (wigan, lanc's) pre 2009.

i remember the knocker up knocking on our window shouting to my dad it's 5oclock and time to get up for work

Comment by: John Burgess (Waterford, Ireland) pre 2009.

Hi Chrissie Hardman, are you the niece who rode through Wigan naked on a motor bike one night?

Comment by: John Burgess (Waterford, Ireland) pre 2009.

Hi Chrissie Hardiman, yes, I am your mother's cousin, If you are interested, Kath can give you my e-mail address. Not looked at Wiganworld for a good bit now, sorry about the delaY



Comment by: mot tom (wigan, lancs) pre 2009.

Does anyone remember the story of the ghost of the alexandra pit in whelley called red cloggs.

Comment by: doreen c (wigan, england) pre 2009.

we would hear the knocker upper and then it would begin one set of clogs and then another and so on till you could make out a tune and like so many say's you always knew your dad's

Comment by: Cordyline (Wigan, England) pre 2009.

I remember the sound of clogs in the terraced streets of Poolstock, especially Jack Donahue (in those days pronounced Dunoo) He had an allotment by the river douglas near where the dog track was. Re--Abraham Guest, I own some land in Pemberton, on the deeds it shows a previous owner as Abraham Guest occupation Clog sole manufacturer Dated in the 30s I think, will look it up if asked

Comment by: mrs cherylann Guest (Whitehaven, England) pre 2009.

Does any know about the wooden Clogs that Was make by Thomas and Abraham Guest. Would anyone know of the Healey where the wood came from.

Comment by: Jack Yates (Hindley, England) pre 2009.

Sitting at my desk in St Peter's School and hearing the scrape clop, scrape clop,of the miners as they left their bus and went their different ways home. We couldn't see them. The classroom windows were ten feet high, but the sound of the clogs meant it was home time and freedom 'till tomorrow. I remember the sound of my own clogs as we ran up and down the street striking sparks from the clog irons. My mother put a stop to that; she had the irons taken off and rubbers put on. A new set of irons every couple of weeks wasn't funny, but it was expensive.

Comment by: Chrissie Hardman (bolton, england) pre 2009.

John Burgess of Waterford, Ireland. Are you a relative of my Mum, Eileen Burgess, daughter of Gerry Burgess, of Kimberley St, Springfield?

Comment by: jean moss (doncaster, england) pre 2009.

I remember my great uncle Tom Mason the clog maker from Standish 1940s

Comment by: anita (wigan, england) pre 2009.

the clogs used to sound like a tune..or thats what I thought...it was a nice sound coz you would know everyone would be home for the night..

Comment by: Keith Guest (Hindley, England) pre 2009.

I remember the cloggers on Park Rd was Malleys, there was also one on Gidlow Lane near the Pagefield called Turtons. I can still hear my Dads clogs clattering down cobbles in our backs.

Comment by: John Burgess (Waterford, Ireland) pre 2009.

I remember the man lighting the gas street light just outside our house in Kimberley St. Trying to remember the names of the two cobblers shops who made clogs nearby, one was the very right hand shop in the row of shops on park road at the side of Moss St., the other was on Springfield Rd. just about opposite Mort St.

Comment by: veronica (westhoughton, Bolton) pre 2009.

Funny how I could make out the sound of my dad's clogs coming round the corner when he came home from work. It must be one of the earliest sounds remembered from childhood - even more than the birds singing!

Comment by: Alex Bolton (Wigan (Ince), Lancs.) pre 2009.

My Dad going out to work at 5am in the morning, waiting for his mates to collect him, and all their clogs clattering down the street as they walked the couple of miles to the colliery at Ince Moss. (1950's)