War Time Recipes

Various recipes issued by the Ministry of Food, London, during the war. With food rationing in place, these recipes were to help make the most out of what food was available.

Custard flan
"A new recipe with dried eggs, that will delight your family!"

Chocolate Cream
"Chocolate Cream for Afters! - and it's extra nourishing!"

Christmas Fancies
Gingerbread men, honeycomb toffee and icing.

Cottage Pudding
"Made with dried eggs, it's nourishing and tastes GOOD! No end of delicious egg dishes with dried eggs!"

Making your fats go further
"How to have enough fat for cooking as well as for the table is still a problem in most households."

Polperro Pasty
"Delicious for a no-meat day."

Savoury Supper Dishes
"The herring has been called the king of fish. Whether you agree with that or not, it certainly makes a dish fit for a king."

Let us help with Your Party
"Somebody's coming home on leave. It's somebody's birthday. Or just a little party for your children."

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