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Local Chronology, 1935-36.


Dec. 22.
lce fatality at New Springs, 7-year-old schoolboy being the victim.
Dec. 23.
Wigan Corporation General Purposes Committee passed resolution that Town Council was prepared to consider favourably an application for an advance in the price of coal supplied by contractors when the demands of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain had been considered. - Presentation to Mr. W. Leyland, first secretary and founder of Wigan Wellwishers' Christmas Fund.
Dec. 24.
Fog and Frost, after being severe for some days, began to disappear quickly.
Dec. 26.
Death of Mr. A. McCall, of Wigan, aged 66 years.
Dec. 28.
Article in "Wigan Observer" describing Wigan in 1837, based on an Old Plan of the Borough bearing this date. - Announcement of purchase of Ashfield House, Standish, and land held therewith, by Wigan and District Subsistence Production Society, the Wigan organisation of the Order of Friends, in connection with scheme of land colonies for the unemployed in the Wigan district. - Article in "Wigan Observer" on Wigan's Dog V.C. - Intimation that Rev. E. L. Marsden, vicar of St. Michael's, Wigan, had been appointed vicar of Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Dec. 29.
Death of Mr. Robert Young, formerly Wigan Tramways Inspector, aged 80 years.
Dec. 31.
Death of Mr. Robert Harrison, former chairman of Aspull District Council, aged 78 years.


Jan. 1.
Lieut.-Col. Norman Seddon-Brown, of Bank Hall, Tarleton, a former chairman of Wigan Constitutional Association, knighted in New Year's Honours List. - Death of Mr. Charles Watson Healy, J.P., of Wigan, aged 58 years. - Martland Mill Brickworks Chimney felled. - Death of Mr. Peter Taylor, a former Hindley Mill manager, aged 71 years. - Wigan Centre of Northern Anglers' Association entertained farmers and landowners of the district at Lathom.
Jan. 2.
Wigan Y.M.C.A.'s Annual Children's Treat.
Jan. 3.
5th Manchesters' Annual Christmas Party to children of serving members.
Jan. 5.
Mayor attends united service of prayer at Wigan Parish Church in connection with Peace Crusade.
Jan. 8.
Wigan Town Council Meeting: Confirmation of proposal to purchase mineral rights under Corporation's Worthington and Haigh reservoirs for £20,000, and of abolition of Wigan Horse Fair. - At Abram District Council Meeting reported that hares had done considerable damage in township's public park by eating wallflowers. - Rev. F. Luke Wiseman, of London, secretary of Methodist Home Missions, spoke at Queen's Hall Mission, Wigan. - Death of Mr. James Leyland, a former President of Wigan and District Boot Trades' Association, aged 68.
Jan. 9.
Wigan Watch Committee reported agreement with out-townships on fire brigade services. - Damage in Wigan district by gale.
Jan. 10.
Wigan Parish Church Clock set in motion after lengthy stoppage for synchronisation of four clock faces.
Jan. 11.
Publication in "Wigan Observer" of "Memories of Upholland Highwayman" in connection with exhibition of George Lyon's snuff-box at Wigan Central Library. - Death of Mr. W. S. Scott, one of Wigan's oldest volunteers, aged 77 years. - Jack Iddon and Len Hopwood, of Lancashire County Cricket Club, presented league awards to Mawdesley Cricket Club. - Mr. William Gorman, K.C., Recorder of Wigan, at Wigan Quarter Sessions welcomed Mr. Prys Jones, barrister, of Wigan, who was making his first appearance in court after being called to the Bar.
Jan. 13.
Paper on "Old Wigan Pewterers" read before Society of Pewter Collectors in London by Mr. R. J. A. Shelley.
Jan. 14.
Death of Mr. John Stone, J.P., colliery proprietor, aged 93 years. - Marriage of Rev. W. R. Searle, curate of St. James's, Poolstock at Llandaff Cathedral, South Wales. - Billinge and Winstanley District Council accepted tender for building 60 houses on Birchley site. - Portrait of late Sir James Openshaw, former Sessions Chairman, unveiled at Preston Sessions House.
Jan. 15.
Hindley's 63rd Annual Aged People's Treat. - Wigan Conservative Club's 64th Annual Ball. - Heavy Fall of Snow in Wigan district.
Jan. 16.
Wigan Town Council at special meeting confirmed acceptance of £20,000 tender for Gas Works improvements. - Sir Thomas Ainscough, Senior Trade Commissioner in India and Ceylon, addressed East India Association in London on British Trade in India.
Jan. 18.
Photograph of old Orrell Gardens Inn, former popular gardens rendezvous, in course of demolition, published in "Wigan 'Observer."
Jan. 19.
Dedication of a Bishops Chair and Prayer Desk at Billinge Parish Church in memory of late Canon F. B. A. Miller, vicar of Billinge from 1899 to 1934.
Jan. 20.
Death of His Majesty King George V. at Sandringham, shortly before midnight, aged 70 years, sad news being broadcast by wireless. - Death of Mr. W. W. Dewse, formerly accountant in Wigan Corporation Electricity Department, aged 71 years.
Jan. 21.
Mayor and Members of Town Council attended Memorial Service for King George V. at Wigan Parish Church; muffled peal of Wigan Church bells rung at night. - Death of Mr. Frederick Holmes, dentist, aged 42 years. - Death of Sir Arthur Dalrymple Fanshaw, Senior Admiral of the Fleet, and former owner of Ellerbeck Estates, aged 88 years. - Death of Mr. J. A. Blake, of Wigan, who was a chimney sweep for over half a century, aged 60 years.
Jan. 22.
Wigan Town Council at special meeting passed vote of condolence with King Edward VIII., the Queen Mother and Members of Royal Family in their bereavement by death of King George V.- King Edward VIII. Proclaimed as new King by Mayor (Councillor Tom Smith) from steps of Wigan Town Hall.
Jan. 23.
Wigan Chamber of Trade's 22nd annual general meeting.
Jan. 26.
Services in Memory of King George V. at places of worship in the Wigan district. - Death of Mr. Robert Blezzard, former Wigan Corporation official, aged 70 years. - Death of Mr. James Rylance, head of Pemberton house furnishing business, aged 71 years.
Jan. 28.
Civic Memorial Services at Wigan Parish Church and other churches in the Wigan district for King George V. who was buried in the Royal Vault of St. George's Chapel, Windsor. - Death of Mr. Harry Prescott, a former member of Wigan Town Council, aged 57 years.
Jan. 29.
Rev. T. Halliwell, formerly vicar of St. George's Church, Wigan, instituted vicar of St. Peter's Church, Chorley. - Mr. W. G. Atkinson, F.R.G.S., gave lantern lecture before Wigan and District Horticultural Society on "A Visit to Palestine and Syria."
Jan. 30.
Death of Mr. Thomas Ashton, a well-known Wigan business man aged 48 years. - Annual reunion dinner of Wigan Grammar School Old Boys' Association, Mr. H. C. Hickinbotham, formerly Science Master at the School, being chief guest.
Jan. 31.
Mrs. Mabel Stedeford, B.A., of Wenchow, China, chief guest at annual dinner and reunion of Wigan Girls' High School Old Girls' Association.
Feb. 1.
Announcement of closing down of cocoa factory at Golborne of Messrs. J. Rothwell Ltd., who since 1850 had manufactured "Welco" cocoa and "Red Cow" chocolates at Wigan and Golborne.
Feb. 2.
Canon T. A. E. Davey, of Liverpool Cathedral addressed unemployed members of Wigan Men's Occupational Centre. - Death of Mr. Jack Hesketh, former trainer of Wigan Rugby Football Club, at the age of 73 years.
Feb. 3.
Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society resumed their annual performances, after a lapse of three years by presenting "The Lilac Domino" for six nights at the Hippodrome. - Death of Mr. Thomas William Bromley, of Wigan, dentist aged 86 years. - Mr. A. J. Hawkes, F.S.A., Wigan Borough Librarian, guest of honour at annual dinner of Liverpool Literary and Philosophical Society.
Feb. 4.
Farewell presentations to Rev. T. Halliwell, B.A., former vicar of St. George's Church, Wigan, following his appointment to Chorley. - Annual meeting of Wigan and District Nursing Association; resolution passed instructing executive committee to investigate means for forming a Nursing Provident Scheme for Wigan district. - Wigan and District Free Church Council decided to issue an appeal for subscriptions for the contribution of a "Free Church Women's Gift" to the fund opened by the Rector of Wigan to defray the cost of recasting the bells of the Wigan Parish Church.
Feb. 5.
Annual Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions: Fewer cases of drunkenness reported. - Wigan Town Council meeting; estimates of proposed new Corporation Cleansing Depot scheme reduced by £8,000.
Feb. 6.
Dr. Burley, Bishop of Zanzibar, addressed missionary rally held at All Saints' Church Hall, Wigan. - Special meeting of Wigan Education Authority to decide policy in regard to raising school age.
Feb. 7.
Notification by Wigan Corporation that the Horse Fair preceding the Pleasure Fairs in May and October each year will be discontinued from this date.
Feb. 8.
Announcement of appointment of Rev. John Martin, curate of Upholland Parish Church, as vicar of St. George's Church, Wigan.
Feb. 9.
Broadcast of Wigan Parish Church new bells in B.B.C. Northern programme feature, "The Ringing Isle." - Death of Mr. Elijah Prescott, of Wigan, aged 94 years. - Death of Mr. William Rimmer, well-known brass-band coach and composer, of Southport, aged 74 years. - Dedication of standard of Haigh and Aspull Branch of British Legion at Haigh Parish Church.
Feb. 10.
Royal Commission on the Health and Safety of Miners, of which Mr. W. T. Miller, of Wigan, President of the General Federation of Colliery Firemen's, Examiners' and Deputies' Association, was a member, began sittings in London. - Miss Edna Taylor, Cotton Queen of Great Britain, attended St. Thomas's Parish Dance at Wigan.
Feb. 12.
Wigan County Annual Brewster Sessions: Objections to nine licences.
Feb. 13.
Wigan Watch Committee decided that police officers on patrol should be allowed the use of bicycles. - Mr. J. Hopwood Sayer, Wigan Borough Coroner, addressed Institute of Bankers at Wigan on "The Layman and the Law."
Feb. 14.
Death of Mr. Robert Hitchen, of Wigan, aged 67 years. - Announcement at Wigan Parish Church annual parochial meeting that owing to the death of King George V., Wigan Carnival would not be held this year.
Feb. 15.
Article in the "Wigan Observer" on "Passing of Wigan Horse Fair." - Announcement that a new super cinema to cost £60,000 was to be built in Station Road, Wigan. - Report of skating and ice hockey in Wigan district during past week, Leeds and Liverpool Canal being frozen first time for seven years. - Presentation to Rev. John Schofield, until recently vicar of Haigh, and Mrs. Schofield, on their leaving Haigh for Great Crosby.
Feb. 17.
Annual Meeting British and Foreign Bible Society (Wigan Auxiliary).
Feb. 18.
Mr. W. H. Tyrer, O.B.E., LL.B., Town Clerk of Wigan, addressed Wigan Round Table on "Public Service."
Feb. 19.
400 at Lower Ince Annual Old Folk's Treat. - Annual Dinner Wigan Chamber of Trade. - First Wigan Boys' Club opened by Lord Clanfield.
Feb. 20.
Commander John Irvine, R.N., addressed Wigan Rotary Club on "policing" of British Empire routes by the Navy.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. John Houghton, Wigan estate agent and Sessions Court crier, aged 63 years. - 1,200 at Wigan Ex-Servicemen's Reunion at Drill Hall; Mayor's Effort for Infirmary.
Feb. 22.
Funeral of Mr. John West, of Standish, former bell ringer at York Minister. - 110th Anniversary Earl of Surrey Oddfellows Lodge at Standish. - Article in "Wigan Observer" on career of Mr. Arthur Rainey, of Parbold, who shook hands with David Livingstone, the famous missionary-explorer, in Africa.
Feb. 23.
Mr. Escott North, ex-cowboy lectured at Queen's Hall.
Feb. 26.
Mr. W. A. Walker. A.M.I.C.E., Wigan Borough Engineer, recommended by Salford Finance Committee to Salford City Council for position of Borough Engineer. - Wigan S.S. Union Choir gave "Judas Maccabaeus" at Hope Congregational Church.
Feb. 27.
Annual Meeting Wigan Cricket Club, Retirement of Mr. Percy Glover (secretary) after 16 years in office. - First Annual Meeting Wigan and District Cycling Association.
Feb. 28.
Presentation to Mr. James Hindley, retiring headmaster, Abram Colliery School. - Induction of Rev. Arthur Stones as Minister of New Jerusalem Church.
Feb. 29.
Announcement that Richard Evans and Company's Pits at Golborne had re-opened. - Crowd stop Wigan Ath. v. Altrincham (Cheshire League) match, 11 minutes from end by entering field of play and chasing referee, C. Fletcher of Northwich. - Death of Mr. Alex. H. Robertson, of Wigan aged 71 years. - First Annual Old Folk's Treat at Standish.
Mar. 2.
Adjourned Wigan Brewster Sessions: Refusal of extra half-hour; offers of compensation for George Inn, Pemberton, and White Bear, Wellington Street. - Presentation of a Chairman's Chain of Office at Golborne Council Meeting by Councillor R. Allen.
Mar. 3.
Fraulein Marie Luise Mohl, of Vienna, lectured on "Europe-Crisis and Opportunity" under auspices of Wigan Christian Pacifist Group at Queen's Hall. - Golden Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Peck. - Bishop of Liverpool (Dr. David) presents Commissions to Couriers of Wigan Deanery at Wigan Parish Church.
Mar. 4.
Wigan Town Council decided to confer honorary Freedom of Borough on Alderman F. J. Pagett and Mr. Geo. A. Christopher. - Annual Meeting Wigan Bowling Green, Ltd.; appointment of Mr. Thomas McKnight as president. - J. Sullivan and J. Morley selected for Rugby League Australasian Tour. - Presentation of News Reel Film of King George's Funeral and Proclamation King Edward VIII. to Wigan Corporation. - Mayor received Deputation representing Territorial Association.
Mar. 5.
King Edward VIII. passed through Wigan to Glasgow to inspect the new giant liner "Queen Mary." - Mr. R. M. Chalmers, M.C., B.Sc. spoke before Wigan Round Table on "Military Mining during the Great War."
Mar. 6.
Joint Commission Lancashire and Cheshire F.A.'s sat in Manchester and decided close Springfield Park for 14 days from 9th inst. re scene 29th February. - Presentation of Safety Badges to Pit Boys at Wigan College.
Mar. 7.
Announcement of appointment of Canon C. C. Thicknesse, M.A., Rector of Wigan, as Dean of St. Albans. - Illustration and account in "Wigan Observer" of century and half old Upholland Orange Lodge Seal. - Announcernent that Rev. W. R. Rhys, vicar of All Saints', Hindley since 1923, had accepted living of Mordiford, Hereford. - Rev. A. D. Smart, vicar of St. Luke's, Orrell, appointed vicar of Glazebury. - Mr. Thos. Stone, of Roby, Liverpool appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire.
Mar. 9.
Upholland Council accepted offer by family of late Wm. and Alice Mack, of Holland Moor, of 3¼ acres site for public recreation ground as memorial to their parents. - Death of Mr. Fred Taylor, Park Crescent West, Wigan, Co-operative Dairy Manager, aged 58 years. - Nine licences "Referred" at adjourned Wigan County Brewster Sessions. - Wigan and District Amateur Dramatic Society opened week's performance of "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" and "Death Takes A Holiday" with one-act-play "Joint Owners In Spain" on alternate nights.
Mar. 10.
Presentation of John Masefield's "End of the Chapter" to Canon Thicknesse (Rector of Wigan) at All Saints' Evening Institute annual presentation of prizes.
Mar. 11.
First Public Concert (at Queen's Hall) by Wigan Piano Accordeon Band. - Lady Ernest Simon, M.A., of Manchester, presented Ince Evening Institutes prizes at Ince Public Hail. - Joint Conference of Wigan Corporation and Local Authorities re Pit Heaps and Flashes and other matters at Town Hall. - Sale by auction of John Rothwell Ltd., chocolate and cocoa works premises at Golborne, for £2,800.
Mar. 14.
Article in "Wigan Observer" on Mr. W. H. Hamlyn, a former Wiganer, architect for new Euston Station. - Rev. Wm. Chadwick, vicar of Dalton accepted living of Croft, Warrington. - Annual Conference Lancashire Association of National Union of Teachers at Hindley; Mr. J. Jackson, headmaster of St. Nathaniel's, Platt Bridge, elected president. - Sir Norman Angell addressed League of Nations Union Meeting at Wigan Girls' High School. - Announcement that Lancashire Associated Collieries had purchased Wigan Y.M.C.A. premises in King-street West as headquarters.
Mar. 16.
E T. Felton, Wigan Athletic forward for three seasons, transferred to Huddersfield Town.
Mar. 17.
Wigan Limbless Ex-Servicemen presented cheque for £122 7s. 3d. to Mayor for Infirmary as proceeds of Ex-Servicemen's Reunion.
Mar. 18.
5th annual three-days' Wigan and District Musical Festival opened. - Holcombe Hunt met at Parbold. - C.E.T.S. Police Court and Prison Gate Mission meeting in Wigan.
Mar. 19.
Death of Mr. James Unsworth, J.P., agent for Wigan Coal Corporation's Clock Face Colliery, aged 60 years.
Mar. 20.
Death of Mrs. Martha Emma Lowe, former Wigan Mayoress.
Mar. 21.
Review in "Wigan Observer" of Sir Henry Darlington's book "Letters From Helles" (Gallipoli). - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Jim Sullivan (Wigan R.F.C.) had decided not to take part in R.L. Australian Tour and that Gwyn Davies, Wigan R.F.C. had been selected for the tour. - Photo in "Wigan Observer" of Demolition of 120 feet chimney at Upholland Council's Tontine Pumping Station. - Resignation announced of Mr. F. V. Young as Parliamentary Labour candidate for Ormskirk Division. - Announcement that Rev. A. Hope Johnson had accepted living of All Saints', Hindley. - Central Park (Wigan) ground record when 41,538 spectators paid £2,796 11s. 4d. to see Warrington v. Salford in R.L. Cup semifinal.
Mar. 23.
Death at Marlow, Bucks. of Mr. Oscar Asche, husband of Miss Lily Brayton, aged 65 years.
Mar. 24.
Councilor Tom Smith, Mayor of Wigan, presided as President at Wigan and District Property Owners' Association annual meeting.
Mar. 25.
Mr. P. T. Eckersley, M.P., opened new Golborne Council Offices at "Lime House," Lowton. - Wigan Town Council Budget Meeting lays 15s. in £ rate, increase of 3d. - Drag Hunt at Arley. - Prof. Cecil Armstrong Gibbs addressed Wigan Education Society on "Music In England To-day."
Mar. 26.
Wigan and Haigh Curling Club presented with the Newall Trophy (League Championship Cup).
Mar. 28.
Publication of Wigan Coal and Iron Company's annual report declaring a 2 per cent. dividend for year 1935 (first for 11 years). - Death announced of Mr. Wm. Richard Percy, formerly of Hindley, aged 82 years. - Annual meeting Northern Anglers' Associaiion at Pemberton and Civic Reception by Mayor. - Death of Mr. Martin T. Gallagher, of Wigan and Bolton, aged 54 years. - Death of Rev. William Martin, formerly for 28 years vicar of St. John the Evangelist Church, Hindley Green, aged 72 years.
Mar. 31.
Broadcast from North Regional of selection of works of late Mr. William Rimmer, band conductor and composer. - Mr. J. Blackburn, of Wigan, related his war-time reminiscences as a photographer to members of Wigan Round Table.
April 1.
Monthly Meeting Wigan Town Council; rent rebates to Corporation house tenants and discussion on Air Raid Precautions. - "Lax of Poplar" and Rector of Wigan at 31st Anniversary Service at Queen's Hall. - East Lancashire Agricultural Society Joint Committee's Hedging and Ditching Competition at Haigh.
April 2.
Quarterly Conference No. 5 District Council of Rotarians in Wigan. - Last of "Top Place" Blast Furnaces of Wigan Coal and Iron Co. demolished.
April 3.
Councillor R. Lewis, J.P., addressed Wigan Education Society on "Municipal Finance." - Mr. Leonard T. Howells, A.R.C.A., addressed meeting of Wigan Branch of National Union of Teachers on "The Art Crafts In Schools." - Death of Mr. Joseph Huntington, of Wigan, cousin of the late Sir Charles P. Huntington M.P., aged 88 years.
April 4.
Retirement of Mr. Harry Grimshaw, chief booking clerk at Wigan L.M.S. Station, after 46 years' service.
April 5.
Announcements of appointment of Rev. A. M. Whitehead as vicar of St. Michael's, Wigan, and of Rev. E. Troup as vicar of St. John's, Pemberton.
April 6.
Urban District Council Annual Elections. - Death of Mr. Elias Calderbank, of Wigan, aged 60 years.
April 7.
Wigan Watch Committee hear objections by local exhibitors to proposed new £80,000 cinema for Wigan. - Wigan County Borough Quarter Sessions: One case for the jury.
April 8.
Mayor opened New £6,000 Bus Station on Market Square.
April 9.
Rev. John Martin instituted Vicar of St. George's, Wgan.
April 11.
Announcement of appointment of Mr. J. R. Bell, A.R.C.M., as bandmaster of 5th Btn. Manchester Regiment. - Harold Wood, Makerfield Harriers, recorded his fifth win in "Daily Dispatch" Marathon race.
April 12.
Farewell Sermon by and presentation to, Rev. E. Lisle Marsden, vicar of St. Michael's.
April 13.
Death of Mr. W. J. Fowles, of Wigan, aged 55 years.
April 15.
Death of Councillor E. Basnett, chairman Westhoughton Urban District Council. - Rev. E. Lisle Marsden (St. Michael's, Wigan) instituted Vicar of Grimsby Parish Church. - Mr. L. Hopwood, Lancashire County cricketer, addressed West Lancashire Cricket League umpires at Wigan.
April 17.
Mr. James Dove, of Wigan, appointed Borough Engineer of Wigan. - Miss Edna Taylor, Cotton Queen of Great Britain, opened Wigan branch in Standishgate of Mr. Robert Ellwood's silk business.
April 18.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that the Lancashire and Cheshire District Miners Welfare Committee recommended grant of £12,750 to Wigan Infirmary for capital expenditure.
April 19.
Mr. E. C. Hinrichsen, Australian evangelist, opened Evangelistic Mission at Church of Christ, Rodney-street, Wigan. - Rector of Wigan dedicated Standard of Upholland Branch, British, Legion.
April 20.
Alderman Francis James Pagett admitted an honorary Freeman of the Borough of Wigan. - Presentations to Rev. S. Bryson on completing 21 years as vicar of St. Mary's, Lower Ince.
April 21.
Mr. John Wood, barrister, Wigan adopted prospective Conservative candidate for Leigh (Lancashire). - Death of Mr. Benjamin Brown Hartley, dentist, of Upholland and Wigan, aged 73 years. - Presentations to Rev. A. D. Smart vicar of St. Luke's, Orrell, over 21 years, on leaving to be vicar of Glazebury. - Detachment from King's Own Royal Regiment visited Wigan Drill Hall. - Mrs. A. Bottomley. J.P. appointed chairman of Standish District Council for second time.
April 23.
Wigan Chamber of Commerce formed.
April 24.
Annual Meeting, Wigan and District Sunday School Union. - Mrs. Mary Jane Makinson, collier's wife, of Goose Green, heroically rescued her two children from burning house.
April 25.
Sixty-third annual meeting Lancashire and Cheshire Miners Permanent Relief Society. - Announcement of Appointment of Rev. C. H. Cox, rector of Glympton, Woodstock, Oxford and formerly headmaster of Upholland Grammar School, as vicar of Christ Church, Reading. - Announcement of appointment of Rev. H. V. Atkinson as vicar of St. Luke's, Orrell.
April 27.
Covent Garden debut of Miss Margery Booth, Wigan born opera star.
April 28.
Death of Mr. Richard Walsh former licensee and director Wigan Boro' A.F.C. aged 62 years.
April 30.
Retirement of Mr. Herbert Haselden, 31 years headmaster St. James's and Worsley Mesnes Senior Schools. - Annual meeting Wigan J.O.C.; Proposed Youth Community Centre at Beech Hill. - Major J. S. A. Walker presented club badges to 100 members of Wigan Boys' Club.
May 1.
Mr. T. Bryson, A.R.T.C., M.I.Min.E. head of Mining Department at Wigan College, elected president of Institute of Mine Surveyors. - Induction of Rev. A. D. Smart (late vicar St. Luke's, Orrell) at All Saints, Glazebury.
May 2.
Announcement that Mr. James Pollitt, of Wigan, had been awarded "Industrial V.C." (Edward Medal). - Hugh Redwood, author of "God In The Slums," etc., delivered address at Queen's Hall. - Annual Wigan May Day Horse Parade.
May 3.
Canon A. White dedicated Billinge British Legion Standard. - Wigan Trades Council and Labour Party Annual May Day Demonstration.
May 5.
Wigan Deanery Clergy's Farewell Presentation to Canon Thicknesse. - Death at Croston of Bishop of Whalley, Dr. A. G. Rawstorne, aged 80 years.
May 7.
Death at Blackpool of Mr. J. Scott-Rattray, former Wigan photographer, aged 74 years. - Mr. Thomas Horrocks, former Shevington licensee, died aged 65 years.
May 8.
Judgment delivered in important Workmen's Compensation Act test case, Ensor and Others v. Receiver and Liquidator of Messrs. Cross Tetley and Co. Ltd. after four days' hearing in Chancery Court, Liverpool.
May 9.
Special peal rung on Wigan Parish Church bells in commemoration of appointment of Canon Thicknesse, rector of Wigan, as Dean of St. Albans. - Annual Meeting, Ince Division Labour Party, Opposition to New Coal Mines Bill. - Wigan Coal Corporation Ltd., Biennial Ambulance Competition at Wigan Drill Hall. - Mr. A. E. Bradshaw, of Wigan, appointed President of North Western Group of Typographical Association.
May 10.
Fr. G. Pye, S.J., formerly 24 years at St. John's, Wigan, died aged 76 years.
May 11.
Death at Ryde, I.O. Wight, of Miss Margaret Emma ffarington, formerly of Worden Hall.
May 14.
Archdeacon C. F. Twitchett's first visitation to Wigan Parish Church for admission of wardens and sidesmen. - Presentation by Wigan Market Hall Tenants to Alderman F. J. Pagett who had been chairman of Corporation Markets Committee for 21 years.
May 15.
Annual visit of Arts League Players to Wigan.
May 16.
Announcement of election of Miss Molly Davis (16), of Springfield, as Wigan Cotton Queen. - Publication in "Wigan Observer" of musical memories of Mr. Frank Sheargold. - Announcement that George Estates Ltd., Wigan, had purchased Kenyon Estate (274 acres) of Sir Johnson Ferguson in Kenyon-on-CuIcheth.
May 17.
Canon C. C. Thicknesse preached his last sermon as Rector at Wigan Parish Church at night and Mayor's State Visit in morning. - Parochial presentations to Canon and Mrs. Thicknesse.
May 18.
Lawrence-Wiliiamson Repertory Company commenced summer season at Wigan Hippodrome.
May 19.
Death of Rev. Wm. Farrimond. M.A.. M.C., of Wigan (vicar of St. James's, Halifax), aged 45 years. - Mrs. J. Watson Cook gave a talk before Wigan Round Table on conditions of life in Malta.
May 21.
Canon Thicknesse conducted last service as Rector at Wigan Parish Church. - Presentation to Mr. Albert Unsworth, 50 years chorister at Bispham Methodist Church, Billinge.
May 23.
Installation of Canon C. C. Thicknesse, M.A. (late rector of Wigan), as Dean of St. Albans Cathedral and Rector of the Abbey Church of St. Albans. - Publication of sketch and description in "Wigan Observer" of proposed £20,000 Wigan Lane flats. - Photograph of Old Ince Hall being demolished published in "Wigan Observer." - Presentation at Wigan Infirmary to Sister M. Dunsford. - Rally of Girl Guides and Brownies at Haydock Park Racecourse.
May 24.
Standard of Wigan Branch, Old Contemptibles' Association dedicated at Wigan Parish Church. - Mr. Stephen Jack, Liverpool Playhouse actor, addressed men's service at St. Catharine's Church, Wigan.
May 25.
19th annual meeting Wigan Workshops for the Blind; resignation of Mr. E. Taylor, J.P. from chairmanship after 20 years' service.
May 26.
Presentation to Mr. Robt. Alstead, J.P., on retirement as chairman of Benevolent Committee of Wigan British Legion and United Services Fund. - Major J. W. Holmes, T.D., addressed Wigan Round Table on "The Territorial Army in general and the 5th Battalion The Manchester Regiment in particular."
May 29.
Death of Mr. James Pilkington, of New Springs, former Aspull R.F.C. full back, aged 73 years.
May 30.
Announcement of nomination of Rev. E. Gregory as presbyter-in-charge of Christ Church, Miligate, Wigan. - Publication in "Wigan Observer" of impressions of Bryn sailor of Abyssinian Emperor's departure for exile.
May 31.
Wigan Territorials left for annual camp, this year at Holyhead. - Rev. W. Chadwick preached last sermon as vicar of Dalton. - Canon William Ord Hunter Rodwell, rector of Walton, Liverpool, announced his acceptance of the Rectorship of Wigan.
June 1.
47th Annual Catholic Procession in Wigan. - Death of Mrs. Louisa Wood, former Mayoress of Wigan and widow of Alderman Sam Wood, J.P.
June 2.
Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John Counsell, of Wigan.
June 3.
Mr. Tom Stone, J.P., as High Sheriff of Lancashire, hung his shield in Lancaster Castle.
June 6.
Dedication of Standard of Whelley Branch of British Legion at St. Catharine's Church. - Induction of Rev. W. Chadwick, former vicar of Dalton, to living of Croft-with-Southworth.
June 7.
Rev. G. W. Clarkson, former curate at Wigan Parish Church, vicar of Fleetwood, announced his appointment as sub-dean of the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St. Albans. - Mr. Tom Stone, High Sheriff of Lancashire, attended annual Trinity Sunday service at Holy Trinity Church, Downall Green. - Dr. Percy W. de Courcy Smale, Wigan composer, conducted and broadcast programme of his own works.
June 8.
Rev. G. E. Pritchard Cox inducted vicar of Haigh and Aspull.
June 10.
Wigan Town Council Meeting: Mayor's proposal to inaugurate a local King George V. Memorial Fund approved. - Death of Mr. Richard Silcock, former Wigan R.F.C. forward, aged 58 years.
June 11.
Death of Mr. James Smith, motor coach proprietor, of Wigan and Southport, aged 67 years.
June 13.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of County Council's decision that public have right of passage along footpath through grounds of Gauger's House, Wrightington.
June 14.
Wigan Territorials returned from Camp at Holyhead. - Presentation to Fr. J. Murray, of St. Patrick's, Wigan, on celebrating his Silver Jubilee as priest. - Flight-Lieut. Robt. Todd, of Wigan, killed in R.A.F. plane crash in Sudan, aged 25 years.
June 15.
Death of Mr. George Hickson, of Wigan and Southport, aged 70 years. - Presentation to Mr. J. J. Fortune, J.P., on completing 42 years as secretary of King Street Methodist Church, Wigan.
June 17.
Lord Crawford's motion against reading of speeches carried in House of Lords. - Wigan Tradesmen's Annual General Holiday. - Opening of New Organ at Methodist Church, Heath Street, Golborne.
June 18.
Special meeting of Wigan Town Council approved building by Union Cinemas Ltd. of £80,000 super cinema in Station Road.
June 19.
Death of Mrs. Helen MacPherson Bankes, widow of Mr. W. Meyrick Bankes, formerly of Winstanley Hall.
June 20.
S.W. Lancashire St. John Ambulance Brigade review and inspection at Wigan to celebrate 50th anniversary of Wigan Corps.
June 21.
Lightning struck Harp Inn, Scholes, and a house at Beech Hill. - The Mayor (Councillor Tom Smith) paid State Visit to St. Thomas's Church, Wigan. - Death of Rev. John Grierson, of Wigan, at Newquay, Cornwall, aged 69 years.
June 22.
Death of Mr. Robert Ratcliffe, of Wigan, a former member of Wigan Town Council, aged 70 years.
June 23.
Annual Meeting Wigan Infirmary. - Death of Lord William Cecil, Bishop of Exeter, and a son-in-law of the first Lord Lathom, aged 73 years.
June 24.
Death at Aughton of Mr. Nathan Rimmer, formerly of Wigan, aged 72 years.
June 25.
Rev. H. V. Atkinson instituted vicar of St. Luke's, Orrell. - Decision to suspend Wigan Musical Festival for this year.
June 26.
2lst Anniversary of consecration and dedication of St. Paul's Church, Goose Green. - Mr. Cyril E. Marsden, director of Coop and Co. Ltd., Wigan, elected chairman of Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers' Federation of Great Britain.
June 27.
Alfred Taberner (4), of Newtown, fell from excursion train returning from Southport and died from injuries.
June 28.
2lst Anniversary celebration of consecration of St. Paul's Church, Goose Green.
June 29.
Mr. Alfred Peacock (former director) made life member of Wigan R.F.C. - Death at Burton, Westmorland, of Rev. George Blagden Hopkins, former vicar of Shevington for 28 years. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions.
June 30.
Retirement after 44 years' service of Mr. James Martlew, chief clerk to Wigan Education Authority. - Marriage of Lady Katharine Constance Lindsay fifth daughter of Earl of Crawford to Mr. Godfrey Nicholson. - Mr. Alfred Clarke, J.P., spoke before Wigan Round Table on "Some Experiences in West Africa."
July 1.
Wigan Town Council: Reduction announced in electricity charges.
July 2.
Death in London of Hon. Walter Patrick Lindsay, brother of Lord Crawford, aged 63 years. - Ordination and Induction of Rev. Wilson Bridge, native of Golborne, as pastor of Grimshaw Street Congregational Church, Preston.
July 5.
50th Anniversary Methodist Church, Worsley Mesnes. - Dedication of New Chapel and Baptistry in Children's Corner in St. Thomas's Church, Ashton-in-Makerfield. - Diarnond Jubilee of Castle Hill Church of England Day and Sunday Schools celebrated.
July 6.
Duke of Kent began his two-days' tour of Social Service Centres in Lancashire. - Bishop of Blackburn dedicated extension to Burial Ground at Standish Parish Church.
July 7.
Death of Mrs. Mary Rennick, of Parbold, widow of Mr. R. L. Rennick, proprietor and editor of "Wigan Examiner." - Death of Mr. Edwin Williams, for 30 years a member of Skelmersdale District Council, aged 77 years.
July 8.
Mons. Troome, a French pastor, addressed Wigan Christian Pacifist Group meeting at Queen's Hall.
July 9.
Rev. Arthur Milton Whitehead instituted vicar of SS. Michael and All Angels, Wigan.
July 10.
Death of Mr. Frank Pratt, jeweller, King Street, aged 53 years.
July 11.
Wigan Church Schools Association hold Flag Day instead of Annual Carnival. - Article in "Wigan Observer" on "When A Farmhouse Stood In Standishgate." - Announcement that a new industry, paint and varnish manufacture, was to be started at Prospect Mill, Hindley. - Death at Chirk, N. Wales, of Miss Ellen Jane Darlington, aged 80 years. - Miss Gwen Spencer, a native of Wigan, set up world shooting record for women at British Columbia Rifle Association's annual meet in British Columbia.
July 13.
Golborne Council discussed Diphtheria Epidemic.
July 15.
New Standish Water Works opened by Mr. Gordon Macdonald, M.P. - Presentation at Scholes Conservative Club to Mr. J. W. Holt, of Wigan, on completing 50 years as member, and visit to club of Canon Hulbert Powell and his son, Mr. Evelyn C. L. Hulbert Powell. - Presentation to Standish District Council by Leonard Fairclough Ltd., Adlington, of gold pendant and ribbon as insignia for use by council chairmen. - Mayor (Councillor Tom Smith) visited new dog and poultry food factory opened by Vigour Foods Ltd. in Orrell Street, Wigan.
July 16.
Death of Mr. William Jacques, of Boar's Head, aged 65 years. - Reconstructed Wrightington Fishpond Bridge thrown open to restricted traffic only pending completion of work. - Institution of Rev. A. Hope Johnson as vicar of Hindley Parish Church.
July 17.
Wigan Grammar School "breaking-up" day and last assembly in hall of old school; work of demolition of old school buildings began to-day preparatory to erection of new school on site. - Death of Mr. George Causey, of Wigan, aged 61 years. - Felling took place of "Top Place Big Chimney" at Kirkless (highest in England, 344 ft., weight 5,000 tons containing a million bricks).
July 19.
Peace Sunday celebrations in Wigan and district.
July 21.
Archdeacon Twitchett's first official visitation to Bickershaw Parish.
July 22.
Wigan Education Authority discussed position of Roman Catholic scholarship holders. - Mrs. Hunter Rodwell, wife of new Wigan Rector, made first public appearance and opened garden fete in Rectory grounds.
July 23.
Presentation at Ashton-in-Makerfleld Grammar School to Mr. C. A. E. Whish, assistant headmaster, on his retirement after 27 years' service. - Farewell meeting Rev. S. W. Floyd, of St. Michael's, Wigan, on his leaving for missionary work in Zanzibar.
July 25.
Photograph published in "Wigan Observer" of remains of 16th century farmhouse in Standishgate, showing old barn. - Ceremony of handing over Rufford Old Hall, Rufford, to National Trust. - Induction of Rev. David Jenkin Williams as Vicar of Dalton.
July 26.
Death at Southport of Mr. Harold Heywood Jackson, Wigan Solicitor, aged 51 years. - Death in Wigan of Canon Josiah Harold Boyd, M.A., L.Th., aged seventy-one years. - Rev. George Leonard Bolton, of Wigan (a New York, U.S.A., missioner), preached at Queen's Hall, Wigan. - Cyclists' birthday party in honour of 70th birthday of "Owd Tom Hughes," veteran Wigan cyclist.
July 28.
Standish District Council granted permission for development of Ashfield House estate.
July 29.
Wigan Town Council: Discussion re councillors who are Co-operative Society members and Co-operative tenders for milk. - Mr. J. Allen Parkinson, M.P., in House of Commons stated claims of Wigan district for special Government consideration. - Announcement at annual meeting of Threlfall's Brewery Co. that the company had sold its houses in Wigan area.
July 30.
Mr. J. F. Emery, M.P. for Salford (of Wigan) made maiden speech during all night sitting in House of Commons.
July 31.
Death at Cheltenham of Major Arthur Baldwin Woodcock, of Wigan, aged 83 years.
Aug. 1.
Wigan Annual Holiday Week began. - Sir Samuel Brighouse, County Coroner, celebrated 87th birthday. - Death of Mr. Sigismund Cathcart de Trafford, Lord of the Manor of Croston, at Croston Hall, Croston, aged 82 years.
Aug. 3.
Wigan County Police Annual Sports at Springfield Park.
Aug. 4.
Death of Mr. William Dunstan, former Wigan L. and Y. station master, aged 74 years.
Aug. 8.
Haigh Foal Show.
Aug. 9.
Death of Mr. James Worswick, of Bryn, aged 76 years.
Aug. 10.
Sudden collapse of Standishgate shop property.
Aug. 12.
Death of Mrs. Marie Kelly, of Wigan, aged 91 years. - Presentations at Shevington Vale Methodist School to Mr. and Mrs. George Fairhurst, of Appley Bridge, in celebration of their golden wedding.
Aug. 13.
Mrs. Sarah McLoughlan, 12, Ashton-street, Wigan, celebrated 98th birthday. - Retirement from L.M.S. Railway service after 40 years of Councillor David Pearson, of Ince. - Ormskirk Market's 650th Anniversary. - Death of Mr. John Hatton, of Chisnall Hall Farm, Wrightington, aged 75 years. - Peter Kane, Golborne boxer, defeated Enrico Urbinati, flyweight champion of Italy, at Liverpool.
Aug. 16.
Mr. Harry Ward, "Britain's Bird Man," gave demonstration of controlled human flights at Ashton-in-Makerfield.
Aug. 17.
Death of Mr. Joseph Johnson, a Wigan master engineer, aged 60 years.
Aug. 20.
Death of Miss Catherine Jermyn, of Stirling-street, Wigan, oldest woman weaver in Wigan district, aged 78 years.
Aug. 21.
Mayor of Wigan (Councillor Tom Smith) attended first annual meeting of Wigan Branch of Border Regiment Old Comrades' Association.
Aug. 22.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of presentation to Mr. Ernest Wadeson, of Wigan, by Blackpool Town Council of certificate for saving life from fire. - Record entry of 627 at seventh annual show of Orrell and District Horticultural and Allotment Association. - Death of Dowager Countess of Bradford, aged 87 years.
Aug. 23.
Mr. Harry Pollitt, secretary of Communist Party, spoke at Wigan Co-operative Hall. - Reopening of organ at St. Thomas's Church, Wigan.
Aug. 24.
Mr. Rhys Davies, M.P. for Westhoughton Division, addressed representatives Peace Conference at Preston.
Aug. 26.
Death at Ashton-in-Makerfield of Mr. William Aspinall, former clerk for 50 years to Abram District Council, aged 79 years. - Marriage at Southport of Miss Margery Booth, the Wigan born opera star, to Dr. Egon Strohm. - Death at Putney of Mr. Frederick Foy Smith, former Wigan journalist, aged 68 years. - Wigan Education Authority adopted scheme for feeding of school children.
Aug. 27.
Annual Meeting Wigan Athletic A.F.C. Ltd.
Aug. 28.
Death of Mr. John William Hindley, of Downall Green, former clerk and sexton at Holy Trinity Church and sub-postmaster at North Ashton, aged 70 years.
Aug. 29.
Article and group photograph in "Wigan Observer" of Lawrence-Williamson Repertory Company who finished sixteen weeks season at Wigan Hippodrome to-night. - Death of Mr. Hamlet Horace Mayor, of Wigan, aged 68 years. - Annual Summer Flower Show of Wigan and District Horticultural Society.
Aug. 31.
Presentations to Mr. J. H. Liptrot on retirement as headmaster of Rose Bridge School, Ince.
Sept. 2.
Abram public meeting decided on Public Clock in Tower of new Parish Church as memorial to King George V. - Wigan Town Council; Air Raid Precautions Resolution Passed; reference to £34,491 tender for new Cleansing Department. - Upholland and Skelmersdale Councillors played inter-council return bowling match at Upholland.
Sept. 5.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of installation of machine to do work of pit brow lasses at Pemberton Colliery, last pit in Wigan to employ pit brow girls.
Sept. 6.
Lancashire and Cheshire Cyclists Rally at Parbold.
Sept. 8.
Passenger Train Collision with light engine at Crow's Nest Siding, near Hindley; one man injured.
Sept. 9.
Street lighting by electricity first switched on at Blackrod. - Circuit welcome at Station Road Methodist Church to Rev. George Emmett, new superintendent minister. - Welcome at Standishgate Methodist Church to Rev. W. J. Shorland, circuit minister.
Sept. 13.
Liverpool and Manchester Ramblers' Federations held demonstration at Ashurst Beacon.
Sept. 14.
Farewell presentations at Walton to Canon Hunter Rodwell, new rector of Wigan. - British Association geologists visited Upholland.
Sept. 15.
Minister of Labour (Mr. Ernest Brown, M.P.) opened canteen, etc., at Stott's Pit, Westhoughton and announcement that new seam had been found at the colliery.
Sept. 17.
New Wigan Grammar School opened for its first term. - Loyal Brothers' Friend Lodge, Manchester Unity of Independent Order of Oddfellows, 100 years old this day; celebrations Saturday, 19th September.
Sept. 18.
Eclipse Works, Bradford Place, Wigan, used by W. R.Deakin Ltd. in jam production for fifty years, sold by auction for £3,000. - Institution of Rev. Edmund Troup as vicar of St. John's, Pemberton. - Lancashire Associated Collieries reported profit of £206,778 at first annual meeting.
Sept. 19.
Captain T. Campbell Black, famous civil aviator, killed at Speke Aerodrome, Liverpool. - Wigan Chamber of Trade 8th Annual Exhibition opened at Wigan Drill Hall. - Announcement that Mr. Leslie R. Missen, Director of Education, had been appointed Chief Education Officer and Secretary to Education Committee of County of East Suffolk. - Announcement that Mr. M. T. Audsley, manager Wigan Employment Exchange, had been appointed manager of Blackburn Employment Exchange. - Announcement of Appointment of Rev. Thomas M. Armour, a native of Aspull, as Dean of Newcastle. N.S.W., Australia. - Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society visited Wigan. - Death of Dr. Alfred Duckworth, J.P., of Croston, aged 73 years.
Sept. 20.
Rev. C. W. N. Hutton, Rector of Standish, celebrated 50 years as rector; special services and sermons. - Dedication of oak screen at St. Andrew's Church, Southport, to late Mr. Samuel Swire, of Parbold.
Sept. 21.
Wigan Mayoral Selection Committee recommended Councillor Peter Winstanley (Labour) for election as next Mayor of the Borough.
Sept. 22.
Institution of Canon William Ord Hunter Rodwell as Rector and Rural Dean of Wigan.
Sept. 23.
Demonstration with gas masks of anti-gas drill by Wigan County Police at Ashton-in-Makerfield.
Sept. 25.
Death at Glazebury of Mr. John Wright, former minister of Wigan Primitive Methodist Circuit, aged 83 years.
Sept. 26.
Dedication of new organ at St. Elizabeth's Church, Aspull. - Lancashire and District Conference of St. John Ambulance Brigade held in Wigan for first time. - Fatal collapse at Crystal Palace, London, of Mr. Joseph Henry Brooks, aged 45 years, while conducting Rivington and Adlington Public Band at National Band Festival.
Sept. 27.
Canon W. O. Hunter Rodwell preached his first sermon at Wigan Parish Church as Rector of Wigan.
Sept. 28.
Death of Rev. John Woods, M.A., vicar of St. Matthew's, Highfleld, aged 59 years.
Oct. 1.
Mr. Thomas Taberner, of Wigan, chief clerk St. Helens and Widnes County Court Circuit, commenced duties as County Court Auditor in North of England.
Oct. 2.
Death of Mr. William Pasquill, of Golborne, former official of Golborne District Council, aged 82 years. - Death of Mr. Edward Hughes, of Wigan, aged 87 years. - Mr. J. D. S. Pendlebury, M.A., archaeologist, lectured to Wigan Education Society on "Tellel-Amarna."
Oct. 3.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that original foundation building of Hindley and Abram Grammar School (now cottages) have been condemned for demolition.
Oct. 5.
Death of Mr. Thomas Ellis Bimson, master joiner and builder, of Shevington Vale, aged 72 years.
Oct. 6.
Death of Mr. William Benson, well-known Wigan musician and operatic and orchestral conductor, aged 65 years.
Oct. 8.
Death of Mr. Philip Alexander Kinley, aged 68 years.
Oct. 10.
Funeral of Mr. Richard ("Dicky") Seddon, former captain of Wigan R.F.C., at Darwen, aged 75 years. - Dedication of new organ at Preston Road Methodist Church, Standish. - First P.O. Letter Box in Lancashire bearing initials of King Edward VIII. ("E.R.") erected at Platt Bridge. - Announcement of the death of Rev. David Wilson, formerly minister of Presbyterian Church, Wigan, aged 87 years.
Oct. 11.
"Rooks' Parliament" seen at Wrightington. - Mr. George Lansbury M.P., addressed meeting in Pavilion, Wigan.
Oct. 12.
Wigan and Prescot Deaneries Members of Mothers' Union Branches numbering 1,200 addressed by Dame Beatrix Hudson Lyall, D.B.E., J.P., at Queen's Hall, Wigan. - Death of ex-Councillor Joseph Haseldon, of Billinge, former bandsman, aged 79 years.
Oct. 13.
Death of Mr. Thomas Glover. described as "Grand Old Man of Crawford Village" aged 82 years.
Oct. 14.
Mavor of Wigan's Infirmary Ball: Attended by Cotton Queen of Great Britain (Miss Doris Bower) and Cotton Queen of Wigan (Miss Molly Davis).
Oct. 16.
Presentation of Imperial Service Medal to Mr. James Morgans, of Wigan, on his retirement, after 46½ years' postal service.
Oct. 18.
Death of Mr. Samuel Melling, J.P., aged 90 years. - Archbishop Downey presided at 20th annual conference of Wigan Branches C.Y.M.S. at County Playhouse Cinema, Wigan.
Oct. 19.
Honorary Freedom of Wigan conferred on Mr. George A. Christopher, of Wigan.
Oct. 20.
Death of Mr. William Grundy, former Scholes grocer, aged 85 years. - Lancashire unemployed marchers to London housed at Public Assistance Institution, Frog Lane, Wigan, for the night.
Oct. 21.
Cote Basque R.F.C. (French touring team) played Wigan R.F.C. at Central Park, Wigan winning by 21 pts. to 15 pts.: Tom Parker, former Wigan R.F.C. player, was player-manager of French team. - Wigan contingent joined Unemployed Marchers to London. - Death at Southport of Mr. John Henry Peck, former Wigan solicitor, aged 83 years.
Oct. 22.
Death at Ilford of Mr. James Nathaniel Foot, former Wigan Postmaster, aged 83 years. - Inductien of Rev. John Campbell Gray Mercer, M.A., B.D., as vicar of St. James's, Lathom.
Oct. 25.
Innovation of showing films at Sunday services introduced at Station Road Methodist Church, Wigan.
Oct. 27.
Death of Mrs. Emma Agnes Woods, widow of Col. Wm. Woods, former Mayor of Wigan, at Warnford Park, Hampshire. - Death in London of Mr. Francis Nicholas Blundell, former Conservative M.P. for the Ormskirk Division, aged 56 years.
Oct. 28.
Mayor introduced broadcast by B.B.C. from Wigan as first of "Round The Towns" series. - Appointment of Mr. H. R. Bennett. B.Sc. (Assistant Director, Wigan), as Director of Education for Wigan in succession to Mr. L. R. Missen. - Liverpool and North of England Catholic Land Association's annual meeting at St. John's Hall, Wigan. - Tributes at Billinge Hospital Sub-Committee to Dr. R. O. Mather, Medical Officer of Billinge Hospital, on his retirement.
Oct. 29.
Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, F.R.S. given civic welcome and delivered his Presidential Address to Wigan Education Society.
Oct. 30.
Wigan Town Council Monthly Meeting: £20,000 reduction in bus fares foreshadowed for next April. - Death at South Harrogate of Mrs. Harriet Ellen Eckersley, widow of Mr. James Carlton Eckersley, J.P., aged 69 years.
Oct. 31.
Superintendent John Marshall, County Constabulary, Chorley Division, retired after 43 years' police service. - Announcemeat of appointment of Mr. Reginald Clare Essenhigh, former Conservative M.P. for Newton, as Judge of Sheffield County Court. - List of Wigan Grammar School Heads since 1579 published in "Wigan Observer."
Nov. 2.
Wigan Municipal Elections Polling in eight wards; two Labour gains.
Nov. 3.
Public Inquiry by Ministry of Health at Standish re Housing and Clearance Orders. - Mr. Tom Stone, M.A., J.P., High Sheriff of Lancashire, elected President, Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Association.
Nov. 4.
Appointment of Mr. Alfred Clough, accountant to Abram District Council as Clerk to that Council to succeed Mr. W. H. Roby on retirement in January, 1936.
Nov. 6.
Lord Crawford presented prizes at Wigan Mining and Technical College Annual Founders' Day.
Nov. 7.
Announcement of appointment of Rev. S. G. Stanton, Vicar of Haydock, as Vicar of Fleetwood, in succession to Rev. G. W. Clarkson, formerly of Wigan. - Mr. F. V. King again selected as prospective Parliamentary Labour candidate for Ormskirk Division.
Nov. 9.
Mayor-Choosing Day: Councillor Peter Winstanley (Labour) elected as Wigan's 690th Mayor; Councillor Robert Prestt, J.P. (Labour), appointed Deputy Mayor.
Nov. 10.
Mr. James Dove, Borough Engineer, spoke on "Wigan's Water Supply" before Wigan Round Table.
Nov. 11.
Mr. Gordon Macdonald, M.P. (Labour, Ince), submitted motion in House of Commons for reduction in working hours in industry. - Armistice Day Celebrations in Wigan and neighbouring townships.
Nov. 12.
Wigan Watch Committee approved revised plans for proposed super cinema in Station Road, Wigan. - Ministry of Health Public Inquiry re Corporation's application to borrow £34,158 for erection of new Cleansing Depot.
Nov. 13.
Wigan County Justices granted cinematograph, music and dancing licence for Majestic Cinema, Orrell.
Nov. 14.
Westhoughton Coal and Cannel Company's Stott Pit flooded by water inrush; 540 men affected. - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of award of Distinguished Service Order by the King to Capt. Roger Gidlow Jackson, for service in Palestine. - Mr. A. V. Alexander, M.P., First Lord of the Admiralty in late Labour Government, addressed Co-operative gathering at Queen's Hall, Wigan. - Rev. C. W. N. Hutton, Rector of Standish, presented with Jubilee Cake, on which fifty candles burned, in commemoration of his having completed fifty years as Rector of Standish.
Nov. 15.
Councillor P. Winstanley, Mayor, paid State Visit to Greenough Street Independent Methodist Church, Wigan.
Nov. 16.
Sir S. Brighouse, County Coroner, opened new Majestic Cinema at Orrell, near Wigan. - Death of' Mr. Percy Marsden, of Wrightington, organist at St. Mary's, Eccleston, aged 44 years.
Nov. 17.
Mr. J. A. Parkinson, M.P., made plea for Government help for Wigan mining area, during discussion in House of Commons on report of Mr. Malcolm Stewart, former Commissioner for special areas.
Nov. 18.
Lady Darlington opened new Parbold Women's Institute. - Wigan Teachers' Farewell Presentation to Mr. L. R. Missen, Borough Director of Education, following his appointment as Chief Education Officer for East Suffolk.
Nov. 20.
Potato Marketing Exchange for Wigan and District opened at Park Hotel, Wigan, by Mr. J. Hamilton, chairman of the Wigan and District Producers' Committee. - Sir Noel Curtis-Bennett, K.C.V.O., honorary treasurer of the National Playing Fields Association, delivered address and presented prizes at Wigan Grammar School Annual Speech Day.
Nov. 21.
Descriptive account published in "Wigan Observer" of sword presented to Brigadier-Major Nathaniel Eckersley in 1827. - Miss Doris M. Bower, Cotton Queen of Great Britain attended Upholland Parish Church Carnival Dance. - Death of Rev. G. Parry Brown, former pastor of Salem Congregational Church, Orrell, aged 67 years.
Nov. 22.
Dedication of new Reredos, Cross and Vases at St. Paul's Parish Church, Goose Green. - Annual Parade of Pemberton British Legion and Ex-Servicemen at Pemberton Parish Church.
Nov. 24.
Mr. W. T. Miller, secretary Lancashire and Cheshire Colliery Deputies' Association, addressed Wigan Round Table on "The Duties of a Colliery Deputy." - Wigan Borough P.A.C. sanction extra gifts for Coronation. - "Romany" of the B.B.C. (Rev. Bramwell Evans) addressed meeting at St. Paul's Congregational Church, Wigan. - Deputation from District Councils of Aspull, Blackrod, Hindley and Westhoughton, interviewed Mr. Ernest Brown, Minister of Labour, at House of Commons to press claims for inclusion in Special Areas Act. - First Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Chamber of Commerce.
Nov. 25.
Wigan and District S.S. Union Choral Society gave Mendelssohn's "Hymn of Praise" and miscellaneous concert at Hope Church, Wigan. - Death in hospital near Blackpool of Stanley Langshaw, former Wigan Highfield, Rochdale Hornets, and Rugby League International wing three-quarter, aged 35 years.
Nov. 26.
Wedding at Oldham of Mr. Tom C. Williamson (a partner in the Lawrence-Williamson Repertory Company, which played at Wigan Hippodrome from 18th May to 29th Aug. this year) and Miss Margaret ("Peggy") Carlisle, one of the company. - Death of Mrs. Chatlotte Ann Athron, widow of Mr. Louis Athron, former clerk to Aspull District Council, aged 89 years. - Celebration dinner re completion of 21 years' service by Mr. W. T. Fidler (chairman) and Mr. W. Parkinson (vice-chairman) of Wigan Insurance Committee. - Miss Jennie Street, National President of Women's Free Church Council, addressed two meetings in Wigan.
Nov. 27.
Resignation of Mr. David Shaw as General Secretary of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society after 53 years' service (30 years as general secretary); Mr. Wm. Rodan, chief clerk, appointed Acting General Secretary until annual meeting. - Cotton Queen of Great Britain's civic reception at Standish. - Archbishop Downey opened Catholic House of Hospitality in Darlington Street, Wigan. - Mr. Guy Rowson, M.P., moved Second Reading of Annual Holiday Bill in House of Commons.
Nov. 28.
Death of Major George Howson, founder of British Legion Poppy Factory at Richmond, aged 50 years. - Autumn meeting of Lancashire County Association of N.U. Teachers, held at Wigan College. - Announcement of appointment of Rev. Parker Johnson, vicar of Bickershaw, as vicar of St. Matthew's, Highfield. - Announcement of new Wigan Cattle Market to be built in Prescott Street by Messrs. John Trickett and Sons. - Death of Councillor Alfred Lomax, of Hindley, aged 57 years.
Dec. 1.
Mr. T. L. Lace, J.P., gave address on "Memories of Wigan" before Wigan Round Table.
Dec. 2.
Wigan Town Council: Details of forthcoming reduction in bus fares: Silver Jubilee congratulations for Town Clerk, 190 houses to be built on Worsley Hall Estate. - Death of Mr. James Stringfeilow, of Shevington, former Shevington Parish CouncilIor, aged 74 years. - Opposition to proposal to amalgamate Upholland Grammar School with Ashton-in-Makerfield Grammar School expressed at Upholland Grammar School Prize Distribution.
Dec. 4.
First Annual Wigan Motor Charity Ball for Infirmary. - Mr. W. H. Tyrer, O.B.E., LL.B., celebrated Silver Jubilee as Town Clerk of Wigan.
Dec. 5.
Wigan and District Cycling Association held First Annual Dinner and Prize Distribution. - Snowstorm causes abandonment of Rugby and Association football matches at Wigan.
Dec. 6.
Rev. James Jackson, formerly Captain of Liverpool A.F.C. spoke at Annual Wigan Sportsmen's Service.
Dec. 7.
Lecture in Wigan by Miss Vera Brittain, authoress of "Testament of Youth," on "Young England." - Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society commenced annual "season" of six nights, producing musical play "Betty." - Annual meeting of Wigan and District Free Church Council; Rev. H. Dunn Pitchford elected President.
Dec. 8.
Death at Hoole, Chester, of Sir Henry Hall, H.M.I.M., aged 90 years.
Dec. 11.
Abdication of King Edward VIII.: Accession of Duke of York to Throne. - Complimentary Dinner and Presentation to Mr. R. K. Crook on completing fifty years' service with Coop and Co. Ltd. - Mr. John Wood, aged 28, barrister, of Wigan, killed in car crash on East Lancashire Road. - Mr. A. J. Hawkes, Borough Librarian, read paper before Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society on "Some 13th Century Deeds in the Wigan Library relating to Parbold, Ince and Sutton."
Dec. 12.
Proclamation of Duke of York as King in London. - First Annual Show of Wigan and District Ornithological Society.
Dec. 14.
Death of Mr. Alfred Peacock, of Wigan, aged 61 years. - Proclamation in Wigan, by the Mayor, of King George VI.; also similar proclamations for first time in Urban Districts including Hindley, Abram, and Ince. - King George VI. celebrated his 41st birthday and messages of congratulation sent from Wigan and surrounding districts. - Flooding in Newtown caused by overflow from River Douglas.
Dec. 15.
Councillor Tom Smith (ex-Mayor) handed to Wigan Infirmary cheque for £1,404 12s. 10d. as result of his Mayor's Appeal. - Civic reception to Mr. F. S. Smythe, the Mount Everest climber, who visited Wigan and lectured at St. Paul's Church, Standishgate.
Dec. 16.
Mr. K. H. R. Edwards, M.Sc., M.Ed., appointed Assistant Director of Education for Wigan. - Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Dobb, of Birkdale, formerly of Hindley. - Peal of Stedman Caters (5,031 changes) rung on Wigan Parish Church bells by Lancashire Association of Change Ringers to commemorate Accession of George VI. - Death of Lady Anne Bowes-Lyon, aunt of Queen Elizabeth and of Earl of Crawford, aged 78 years.

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