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Local Chronology, 1924-25.


Dec. 20.
Report in "Observer" as to lapsing of Licence of Dicconson Arms Hotel, Wigan.
Dec. 30.
Death of Mrs. Sarah Dawber at Shevington, aged 82 years.


Jan. 1.
The Hon. R. C. Lindsay and Col. H. C. Darlington in New Year Honours List.
Jan. 3.
Decision of Board of Education on Pemberton School Question.
Jan. 5.
Dr. C. R. Shepherd, senior honorary consulting surgeon at Wigan Infirmary, died at Ross-on-Wye.
Jan. 7.
Mr. G. R. Newman, 44 years headmaster of St. Michael and All Angels' Schools, Wigan, died, aged 64 years. - Wigan Council Meeting: Discussion relating to Corporation Contractors and Trade Union employes.
Jan. 13.
League of Nations Celebration in Wigan. - Visit of the Right Hon. G. N. Barnes.
Jan. 17.
Announcement of £500 Legacy to Wigan Infirmary by the late Mrs. M. B. Leach.
Jan. 18.
Death of Mr. George H. Sowter, forge manager, aged 74 years.
Jan. 23.
Visit of Cape Town University Students to Abram Collieries and Wigan Engineering Works.
Jan. 26.
Annual Meeting in Wigan of Lancashire Council of Meat Traders. - Death of Mr. W. W. J. Anderson, Chief Committee Clerk to Wigan Corporation, aged 39 years.
Jan. 27.
Ministry of Health Inquiry in Wigan into the application of the Corporation for sanction to borrow £35,409 for purchase of land and erection of baths thereon at Pemberton.
Feb. 2.
Presentation to Mr. James Taberner in celebration of having completed 50 years' service at Wigan County Court.
Feb. 3.
Spinning Mill, Weaving Sheds, Machinery, etc., of Bradley Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Standish, sold by auction for £57,000.
Feb. 4.
Wigan Borough Annual Brewster Sessions.
Feb. 5.
Wigan County Annual Brewster Sessions.
Feb. 14.
Report of Board of Education on Pemberton Day School Inquiry.
Feb. 16.
The Wigan Amateur Grand Opera Society's performances of "Carmen" at the Royal Court Theatre.
Feb. 18.
Wigan Council Meeting: Superannuation Scheme for Corporation Employes described.
Feb. 22.
Blshop of Liverpool dedicated new Choir Stalls and Vestry at St. George's Church, Wigan.
Feb. 26.
Opening of New Operating Theatre at Wigan Infirmary. - Wigan War Memorial: Faculty approved by Consistory Court. - Death of Mr. Charles Appleton, solicitor, in his 81st year. - First of Mid-day Services for business men at Wigan Parish Church.
Mar. 3.
Conference of National British Women's Temperance Association in Wigan.
Mar. 6.
County Council Elections.
Mar. 7.
Death of Sir Thomas R. Ratcliffe-Ellis, in his 83rd year. - Death of Mr. Walter Wood, High Bailiff of Wigan County Court, in his 83rd year.
Mar. 11.
Annual Meeting in Wigan of the Lancashire Parish Register Society.
Mar. 14.
First day of Wigan United Shops' Display and Civic Week.
Mar. 17.
Budget Statement at Wigan Town Council Meeting.
Mar. 18.
Corporation visit to Manchester University.
Mar. 25.
Prize Distribution at Wigan Mining and Technical College: Welcome to the new principal.
Mar. 29.
Unveiling of Memorial Tablet to the late Mr. Jonathan Anders, in Primitive Methodist Church, Station Road.
April 10.
Death of Rev. C. J. Buckmaster, M.A., for 37 years vicar of Hindley, in his 76th year.
April 11.
Announcement of the appointment of Mr. W. Greaves-Lord, K.C., M.P., to be Recorder of Manchester. - Death of Alderman Edward Dickinson, J.P., aged 58 years.
April 15.
Marriage of Mr. Maxwell Fyfe and Miss Sylvia Margaret Harrison.
April 20.
Performance at Royal Court Theatre by Wigan and District Dramatic Society: "Are You a Mason ?" and "The Thirteenth Chair."
April 23.
Miss Helen Grace Whitton, B.A., appointed Chairman of Orrell District Council, being the first lady in the Wigan Union to occupy such a position.
April 29.
Exhibition of early Lancashire printed books opened at Wigan Central Public Library.
May 2.
Lancashire Authors' Association Meeting in Wigan. - Publication in "Observer" of Miss Sarah Dawber's Will.
May 3.
Concerts in Mesnes Park by Besses o'th' Barn Band.
May 6.
Wigan Town Council Discussion on Bottling Wood Housing Site.
May 7.
Official opening of new Railless Trolley System, Martland Mill Bridge Route. - Death of Lord Leverhulme, aged 73 years.
May 8.
Death at Birkdale of Dr. Joseph Kirk, formerly of Hindley, aged 81 years. - Wigan Market Tenants' Shopping Week opens.
May 9.
Dead body of Edith Horrocks Wilkinson (27), barmaid, found in a wood at Gathurst.
May 16.
Reports of Closing of local Collieries. - Re-interment in Parish Churchyard of remains of long buried dead disturbed in excavating foundation for Wigan War Memorial. - Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society's visit to Wigan.
May 19.
James Winstanley, collier, 588, Warrington Road, Goose Green, committed for trial at Chorley Police Court on charge of wilful murder of Edith Horrocks Wilkinson.
May 22.
St. Hilda's Colliery Band paid first visit to Wigan.
May 24.
Empire Day: Mayor attends Church in State.
May 27.
Visit to Wigan of Association of Assistant Librarians, North Western Division.
May 30.
Territorials leave for Camp at Ripon.
June 1.
Wigan Catholic Whitsuntide Procession.
June 2.
Posting Letter Boxes begin on Wigan Tramcars. - The 2nd Battalion East Lancashire Regiment recruiting march to Wigan.
June 4.
Death of Mr. Edward Knowles, Ince, aged 84 years.
June 5.
Death of Mr. Robert Taylor Ashton, Park Road, Wigan, aged 57 years.
June 14.
Mr. John Wheatley, M.P., ex-Minister of Health, addressed Labour Demonstration in Wigan.
June 15.
Military funeral of Lance Corporal Tom Shambley, Wigan Territorial, killed in Camp at Ripon, by a limber attached to a pair of horses which bolted.
June 17.
Tradesmen's General Holiday: Wigan Chamber of Trade Trip to Port Sunlight.
June 19.
James Winstanley (29), miner, Goose Green, sentenced to death at Lancaster Assizes for Wilful Murder at Shevington of Edith Horrocks Wilkinson (27), barmaid, employed at Shakespeare Hotel, Wigan.
June 21.
Unveiling Memorials to the late Mr. J. Boggis. - First Civic Sunday in Orrell. - Coming of age of Miss Joyce Bankes, only daughter of Mr. G. H. Bankes, J.P., and Mrs. Bankes, of Winstanley Hall.
June 24.
Annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge (West Lancashire Freemasons) at Queen's Hall, Wigan. - Seaforth Highlanders' Band in Mesnes Park. - Coming of age celebrations at Winstanley Hall.
July 1.
Announcement at Town Council Meeting that Mr. William Rimmer, of Southport, had presented his collection of old musical instruments to Wigan.
July 6.
Wigan Post Office Opens until 8 p.m., after closing at 7 p.m. since War time.
July 10.
Royal Marines Band in Mesnes Park.
July 15.
Unveiling and dedication of "Great War Cross" in Wigan Cemetery.
July 18.
Hindley and District Agricultural Society's Annual Show.
July 20.
Death of Mr. Arthur Bertram Brown, clothing manufacturer, aged 57 years. - Death of Mr. J. H. Pinder, veteran railway pioneer, in his 86th year. - Hearing of Appeal of James Winstanley against sentence of death at Lancaster Assizes.
July 22.
Gordon Highlanders' Band give two concerts in Mesnes Park.
July 24.
Moot Hall Buildings sold for £25,000.
July 25.
Mining Crisis: Mass Meeting on Wigan Market Square.
July 26.
United Service of Prayer on Market Square in connection with Mining Crisis.
July 30.
Wigan Corporation decision as to proposed road from Liverpool to Manchester. - Besses o'th' Barn Band in Mesnes Park.
Aug. 3.
American (Illinois A.C.) Athletes at Wigan County Police Sports.
Aug. 4.
Death of Mr. James Whatmough, late headmaster of St. Mark's Boys School, in his 60th year.
Aug. 5.
Execution of James Winstanley at Walton Gaol. - Wigan Town Council discuss question of new departmental offices.
Aug. 6.
Inquest on man and woman found dead in a tank at the Sewage Farm: Verdict, "Found drowned."
Aug. 8.
Haigh Foal Society's Successful Exhibition. - Death of Bishop J. P. Hodgkinson, Christ Church, Millgate, aged 47 years.
Aug. 14.
Death of Mr. John H. Prescott, former road contractor, aged 77 years.
Aug. 15.
J. P. Taylor, Wigan Swimming Club, won the Mersey Mile Championship in Crosby Channel for second year in succession. - Death of Mr. Wm. Mayall Milnes, Corporation Tramways Manager, aged 42 years.
Aug. 19.
Death of "Ajax" (John Robinson), one time Champion Weight Lifter of the World, aged 62 years.
Aug. 22.
American Visitors at Wigan Library.
Aug. 27.
Old Well discovered in Wallgate.
Aug. 28.
Death of Rev. Canon Roland G. Matthew, former Rector of Wigan, in his 74th year.
Sept. 2.
Wigan Council: Reference to Recreation facilities in the Borough.
Sept. 6.
Unveiling and Dedication of Aspull and Haigh War Memorial.
Sept. 13.
Foundation stone laying of St. Oswald's new Church, Ashton.
Sept. 16.
Sir Robert Blair at Mining College Annual Prize Distribution.
Sept. 23.
The members of the Coal Commission visited Wigan district.
Sept. 25.
Confectioners' Associations Conference in Wigan.
Sept. 28.
First visit to Wigan of Mr. A. J. Cook, general secretary of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain.
Sept. 30.
Death of Mr. Joseph Wright, former Wigan clothier, aged 85 years. - International Rugby Football match, England v. Wales, at Wigan.
Oct. 2.
Address at the Mining College by Mr. E. J. Foley, C.B., Parmanent Assistant Under-Secretary of the Government Mines Department.
Oct. 5.
Lord Crawford opened exhibition in connection with Health and Baby Week. - Mr. John Wheatley, M.P., ex-Minister of Health, addressed meetings at Ince and Ashton.
Oct. 7.
Mr. John Wheatley, M.P., addressed meetings at Wigan and Pemberton.
Oct. 10.
Bishop of Liverpool Consecrates additional ground at Hindley Cemetery.
Oct. 11.
Memorial to Alderman John McQuaid in Wigan Cemetery unveiled by T. P. O'Connor, M.P.
Oct. 15.
Mr. C. A. Hopkins appointed Tramways Manager in succession to the late Mr. W. M. Milnes.
Oct. 17.
Unveiling of Wigan War Memorial by General the Hon. Sir Herbert Alexander Lawrence.
Oct. 19.
Death of the Rev. John Goggin, Presbyterian Minister, aged 86 years.
Oct. 25.
Mayor's State visit to St. Michael's Church.
Oct. 27.
Meeting in Wigan of South West Lancashire Federation of Free Church Councils.
Oct. 28.
Meeting in Wigan of Lancashire and Cheshire Counties' Ironmongers' Federation.
Oct. 29.
Canon W. T. Elliott's address at first Ladies' Night celebration of Wigan Rotary Club.
Oct. 30.
Death of Mr. W. S. Kinch, J.P., in his 89th year. - Record meeting of Wigan Town Council: Business over in ten minutes.
Nov. 2.
Municipal Elections: Conservatives lose five seats.
Nov. 5.
Opening of Missionary Exhibition and Pageant in the Drill Hall, in aid of the funds of the London Missionary Society.
Nov. 6.
Alderman John Cheetham and Alderman Albert Edward Baucher admitted honorary freemen of the Borough in recognition of their long public services.
Nov. 7.
Floods in Wigan and District.
Nov. 8.
Annual demonstration of Catholic Young Men's Societies. - Armistice Sunday Services in Wigan and District.
Nov. 9.
Councillor John McCurdy elected Mayor of Wigan.
Nov. 11.
Solemn observance of Armistice Day in Wigan and district.
Nov. 12.
Bishop of Warrington consecrates new section of Church of England portion of Ince Cemetery.
Nov. 15.
Newly-appointed Mayor (Councillor John McCurdy) paid State Visit to St. Mary's Church, Standishgate.
Nov. 20.
News received in Wigan, with great regret, of the death of Queen Alexandra.
Nov. 25.
Wigan Church Schools' Bazaar in the Drill Hall.
Nov. 27.
Memorial Service at Wigan Parish Church at the same time as the funeral service of Queen Alexandra in London.
Dec. 2.
Wigan Council adopt proposal that Houses on Bottling Wood site be built by direct labour.
Dec. 4.
Wigan Free Church Council Annual Meeting.
Dec. 9.
Marriage of Lord Balniel, M.P., and Miss Mary Katherine Cavendish.
Dec. 14.
Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society's performances of "The Gondoliers" and "The Dancing Mistress."
Dec. 15.
Death of Dr. J. G. Nolan, Deputy Borough Police Surgeon, aged 31 years.
Dec. 19.
Unveiling of oak tablet and picture in memory of late Mr. D. T. S. Robertson, B.Sc., headmaster, in Beech Hill Council School.

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