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Local Chronology, 1923-24.


Dec. 21.
Presentation to Mr. James Hamilton, J.P., by the Wigan Farmers' Union.
Dec. 24.
Death of the Rev. John Whitton, Orrell, in his 90th year.
Dec. 28.
Wesley Hall Bible Class gave Banquet in honour of Councillor R. Alstead, M.P., and Mr. Wm. Gorman, M.P.
Dec. 29.
Haigh and Aspull Ex-Servicemen's Institute opened by Earl of Crawford.


Jan. 4.
Death of Mr. Peter Dickinson, veteran temperance pioneer.
Jan. 10.
Miners' Ballot on National Wage Agreement.
Jan. 12.
Sketch in "Observer" of the late Mr. Henry Sherrington, poultry, bird and dog dealer.
Jan. 17.
Wigan Curling team win I'Anson and Haigh Cups at Manchester Ice Palace.
Jan. 18.
Presentation to Mr. H. S. Bamblett, late manager of Wigan Boro' A.F.C.
Jan. 22.
New Labour Ministry. Appointments include: Secretary for War, Mr. S. Walsh; Under Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr. R. J. Davies; Comptroller of the King's Household, and a Whip, Mr. J. Allen Parkinson.
Jan. 28.
Lecture in Wigan by Mr. E. Harold Spender, journalist and author.
Feb. 2.
Two Memorial Windows unveiled in Haigh Parish Church.
Feb. 3.
New Bishop of Liverpool (Dr. A. A. David) paid first official visit to Wigan.
Feb. 6.
Wigan Town Council: Reduction in Gas prices; Result of Penny Tram fare experiment. - Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions: Objections to five Pemberton Licences. - Ironmongors' Conference in Wigan.
Feb. 7.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions: Ten Licences objected to.
Feb. 8.
Death of Mr. Edwin Poppleston, master plumber, Wigan, aged 75 years.
Feb. 11.
Second Annual Performances of Wigan Parish Church Amateur Grand Opera Society: "II Trovatore" and "Faust."
Feb. 13.
Wigan Town Council: Direct Rating to be continued.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. John Ashurst, a veteran Wigan volunteer.
Feb. 23.
Death in his 66th year of Mr. Peter Hitchen, Chairman of Orrell District Council.
Feb. 27.
Wigan and District Philharmonic Society's third Concert: Visit of Dr. Harriss, famous conductor and composer.
Feb. 28.
Mr. Stephen Graham, traveller and author, lectured in Wigan.
Feb. 29.
Death of Mr. Roger Leigh, J.P., formerly of Hindley Hall, at Bath, in his 84th year.
Mar. 8.
Death of Mr. George Harkness Brown, in his 62nd year.
Mar. 11.
Death of Lady Scott, widow of Sir John Scott, aged 81 years. - Death of Mr. T. J. Gilmour, schoolmaster, Golborne, aged 61 years.
Mar. 15.
Announcement of grant of £25,000 from Miners' Welfare fund to Wigan Mining College.
Mar. 19.
Annual Corporation Budget Statement: Reduction in the rates.
Mar. 22.
Two colliery chimneys on site of Douglas Bank Collieries, Wigan, felled.
Mar. 23.
Death of Mrs. Emma Meek, widow of late Dr. W. O. Meek, formerly of Wigan, aged 74 years.
Mar. 27.
Death of Sir Walter Parratt, Master of the King's Musick, and formerly organist and choirmaster of Wigan Parish Church, aged 83 years.
Mar. 29.
Mr. Stephen Walsh's first visit to Ince as Secretary for War: Celebration at Higher Ince Labour Club.
April 2.
Death at Bournemouth of Mrs. M. B. Leach, widow of late Rev. J. Leach, formerly Vicar of Pemberton, aged 82 years. - Wigan Council Meeting: Description of the New Sewage Scheme.
April 5.
Annual Meeting Wigan and Districts Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Death of Mr. Peter Gaskell, colliery proprietor, aged 78 years.
April 7.
Polling in Urban District Council elections.
April 12.
Wigan R.F.C. win Rugby League Challenge Cup.
April 19.
Death of Lady Gosselin, mother of Lady Gerard.
April 23.
First Public Art Exhibition in Wigan. - Broadcasting of the King's Speech at opening of Empire Exhibition at Wembley: Public listening-in on Market Square.
April 25.
Death of Mr. William McConnell, accountant, Wigan.
April 26.
Fifty-first Annual Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Death of Dr. Quirk, Bishop of Jarrow, in his 75th year.
April 27.
Death of Mr. Richard Lee, veteran temperance worker and preacher, aged 79 years.
April 28.
Wigan and District Dramatic Society's Performances at the Royal Court Theatre: "Nothing But the Truth" and "Leah Kleschna."
April 29.
Death of Dr. Charles Robert Graham, aged 67 years.
May 1.
Starting new plant at Corporation Electricity Works.
May 7.
Mr. Alfred Bradley Dawson, Lytham St. Annes, appointed Wigan Borough Treasurer.
May 12.
Death of Mr. Jonathan Anders, town missioner for nearly forty years, in his 79th year.
May 15.
Lady Baden-Powell addressed Girl Guides in Wigan.
May 21.
Lady Thurlow addressed Annual Meeting of Supporters of St. Margaret's Home. - Death of the Rev. T. H. Leeson, aged 74 years.
May 22.
Death of Sir Milton Sharp: Wigan gentleman succeeds to Baronetcy.
May 24.
Death of Mrs. A. E. Leigh, widow of Mr. Roger Leigh, formerly of Hindley Hall, at Bath, in her 88th year.
May 29.
Wigan Rotary Club's first Annual Dinner: Presentation of club charter by Canon W. T. Elliott, president-elect of Rotary International.
June 3.
Dr. William Fairbank, M.V.O., O.B.E., senior Surgeon-in-Ordinary to His Majesty's Household at Windsor Castle, and first House Surgeon of the Wigan Infirmary, made a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in King's Birthday honours list.
June 4.
Wigan Council: Railless 'Bus scheme for Martland Mill route.
June 7.
Announcement of appointment of Lord Crawford as Chairman of the Royal Fine Arts Commission.
June 8.
Wigan Territorials proceed to camp at Catterick.
June 9.
Wigan Whitsuntide Catholic Procession resumed.
June 18.
Mr. A. M. Lamb, D.L., J.P., as High Sheriff of Lancashire, hangs up his shield in the Shire Hall, Lancaster. - Wigan Tradesmen's Holiday.
June 23.
Death of Mr. Josiah Bentham, retired colliery manager, of Thornhill, in his 80th year.
June 29.
Sir William Fairbank unveiled Memorial Tablet in Wigan Parish Church to his brother-in-law, the late Mr. H. S. Woodcock, J.P., of "The Elms," Wigan.
July 2.
Announcement at Town Council Meeting of gift to Wigan Libraries Committee of Egyptian Antiquities collected by late Sir John Scott Judicial Advisor to Khedive of Egypt, and a native of Wigan.
July 5.
New Mesnes Road opened for traffic from to day.
July 7.
National Building Trade Dispute.
July 10.
Death of Mr. John Davenport, tobacconist, aged 83 years.
July 14.
The footpath, Rylands Lobby, finally closed to the public as and from to-day.
July 16.
Fourth Annual Show of Hindley and District Agricultural Society.
July 19.
Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral.
July 21.
Death in Germany of the Rev. John S. Almond, Rector of St. Cuthbert's, Pemberton, aged 52 years.
July 22.
Death of Mr. R. O. Atherton, Wigan, ex-councillor, aged 64 years.
July 23.
Visit of Hungarian Swimmers to Wigan. - Death of Mr. A. H. Scampton, accountant, aged 60 years.
July 25.
Enthronement of New Bishop of Liverpool (Dr. A. A. David).
July 26.
Presentation to the Mayor (Councillor J. Cavey) by the Order of Druids (Wigan District).
July 30.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: Criminal charges and appeals.
July 31.
Wigan Borough Sessions concluded.
Aug. 1.
Lord Crawford unveils Memorial Tablet in St. Paul's Cathedral to Sir Christopher Wren.
Aug. 4.
Wigan County Police Sports: A record "gate."
Aug. 6.
Announcement at Wigan Town Council Meeting of Wigan gentleman's library endowment for provision of medical works.
Aug. 7.
Death of Mr. Henry Holt, late headmaster of Ince Wesleyan School, aged 69 years.
Aug. 12.
Death of Mr. John Graham, solicitor, aged 63 years.
Aug. 13.
Wigan Cricket Club: Continental Fete at Bull Hey. - Death of Mr. Robert Wright, an ex-Mayor of Southport, and formerly headmaster of Orrell National School, in his 76th year.
Aug. 15.
Death of Mr. T. B. Cooksey, O.B.E., Gathurst, aged 55 years.
Aug. 19.
Representatives of Blackpool Corporation entertained at Wigan.
Aug. 20.
Death of Mr. William Bolton, former Borough Engineer, aged 73 years.
Aug. 22.
Settlement of the Building Trade Dispute.
Aug. 25.
Ten new Magistrates appointed for Wigan. - Mrs. Ida Alice Parkinson first lady J.P. for the Borough.
Aug. 30.
The Right Hon. Stephen Walsh, M.P., Secretary of State for War, unveiled Ince War Memorial.
Sept. 3.
Mr. Richardson, of Swansea, appointed Corporation Parks Superintendent.
Sept. 5.
Mr. H. Trevor Simpson, Deputy Rating Surveyor and Valuer for the Blackburn Union, appointed Rating Surveyor and Valuer for the Wigan Union.
Sept. 10.
Unveiling Memorials in Orrell Congregational Church to the late Rev. John Whitton (pastor), Mr. James Atherton (treasurer), and Mr. Wm. E. Tunstall (secretary).
Sept. 12.
Auction Sale of Corporation properties.
Sept. 15.
Official Opening of Education Week in Wigan.
Sept. 24.
End of Corporation Strike. - Death, at Ramsey, of Mr. Thurston Cocker, former Wigan schoolmaster, aged 66 years. - First visit to Wigan of Mr. William Graham, M.P., Financial Secretary to the Treasury.
Oct. 1.
Wigan Town Council: Discussion on recent Strike: Remarkable health figures.
Oct. 2.
Death of Sir Robert E. Fox, son of the late Rev. George Fox, aged 62 years.
Oct. 4.
Mr. Frank Hodges, M.P., delivered an address at Wigan Mining and Technical College, on "The New Problem of the Coal Industry."
Oct. 6.
Wigan Health and Baby Week.
Oct. 7.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions.
Oct. 11.
Report of Sale of the Royal Hotel.
Oct. 14.
Board of Education Inquiry at Pemberton. - Death of Mr. John Browne, Wigan, aged 81 years. - Death of Dr. R. N. Hartley, Pemberton, aged 43 years.
Oct. 24.
Death of Sir T. H. D. Berridge, K.B.E., son of the late Rev. W. Berridge, aged 67 years.
Oct. 29.
Parliamentary Election. Results: Wigan, J. A. Parkinson (Lab.) 20,350, D. P. Maxwell Fyfe (C.) 15,006; Ince, Stephen Walsh (Lab.) 18,272, Edmund V. Gabriel (C.) 7,820.
Oct. 30.
Closing of Walthew House Colliery.
Oct. 31.
Wigan Council Meeting: Old Age Pensions discussed.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Labour Party gain five seats.
Nov. 2.
Mayor's State Visit to St. Mary's Church. - Death, at Henley-on-Thames, of Mr. John Hodges, well-known Wigan land owner, aged 76 years.
Nov. 5.
Sir Harold Mackintosh, president of National Sunday School Union, visited the Wigan Branch of the Union.
Nov. 7.
The Right Hon. Stephen Walsh attended at Buckingham Palace and delivered up to the King the Seal of Office of Secretary of State for War on the first Labour Government going out of office. - Mr. J. Allen Parkinson, Comptroller of the King's Household, received by King at Buckingham Palace and delivered up to His Majesty his Wand of Office.
Nov. 9.
Annual Demonstration in connection with the Wigan and District Council of the Catholic Young Men's Societies of Great Britain.
Nov. 10.
Councillor Torn Holland, M.B.E., J.P., of Wigan and Southport, elected Mayor of Wigan.
Nov. 11.
Impressive Armistice observances in Wigan and district. - Death of Mr. David Goldsworth, a former Wigan bank manager, aged 61 years.
Nov. 15.
Public Tree Planting in Rayner Park, Hindley. - Death of Mr. J. T. Hilton, General Relieving Officer for the Wigan Union, aged 63 years.
Nov. 16.
New Mayor (Councillor Holland) pays State Visit to Wigan Parish Church.
Nov. 20.
Town Clerk of Wigan (Mr. W. H. Tyrer) gave evidence on behalf of the Corporation, before the Royal Commission on Mining Subsidence.
Nov. 26.
Death of Mr. Simon Stubbs Brown, O.B.E., J.P., aged 83 years.
Nov. 27.
Pit shaft accident at Ince: One man killed and another injured.
Nov. 29.
Mr. E. Shinwell, ex-Minister of Mines, principal speaker at conference in Wigan on the question of social ownership, distribution and use of coal. - Death of Mr. Ben Woodhall, well-known local Liberal, aged 77 years.
Dec. 3.
Wigan Town Council: Recreation scheme for Mesnes Park.
Dec. 10.
Military Ceremonial at the Re-opening of the Drill Hall.
Dec. 13.
Announcement of Sale of Dog and Partridge Hotel.
Dec. 15.
Annual Performances of Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society: "The Mikado" and "Our Miss Gibbs."
Dec. 17.
Mr. Frederick James Harlow, M.B.E., B.Sc., appointed Principal of Wigan Mining and Technical College.

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