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Local Chronology, 1922-23.


Dec. 21.
Amateur Operatic Society's concluding performance: Presentation to Mr. Tom Ellis.
Dec. 23.
Pit Tragedy at Orrell.
Dec. 27.
Perforrnance of the "Messiah" by Wigan Philharmonic Society.


Jan. 6.
"Wigan Observer" celebrates 70th year of publication. - Reception in honour of Mr. and Mrs. J. Boggis by members of Wesley Hall Bible Class.
Jan. 7.
Unemployment Demonstration in Wigan.
Jan. 14.
Death of Mr. Richard Jolley, Gathurst Hill, aged 71 years. - Wigan Parish Church War Memorial Unveiled.
Jan. 15.
Wigan Subscription Concert: "Samson and Delilah." - Death of Sir Charles Scarisbrick, D.L., in his 84th year. - Opening of the Prince's Cinema. - Death of Mr. Thomas Latham, colliery agent, aged 40 years.
Jan. 17.
5lst Annual Conservative Ball. - Conclusion of inquiry into Pit Tragedy at Porter's Wood, Orrell. - Death of Dean O'Donoghue, D.D., aged 58 years.
Jan. 18.
Ministry of Health Inquiry at the Town Hall as to Wigan borrowing £60,000 for sanitation.
Jan. 24.
St. John's Ball. - Death of Mr. J. Boggis in his 73rd year. - Wigan Council: Proposed reconstruction of Scholes Tram Route.
Jan. 26.
Death of Dr. B. W. MacArthur, Medical Officer of Golborne.
Jan. 31.
Public presentation to Mr. J. Anders. - Wigan and District Licensed Victuallers' Ball.
Feb. 1.
Wigan County Annual Brewster Sessions.
Feb. 2.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Feb. 3.
Sir Arthur K. Yapp at Orrell Y.M.C.A.
Feb. 5.
Performances of "Faust" at Royal Court Theatre by Wigan Parish Church Amateur Grand Opera Society. - Death of Mr. Henry James Bouchier, J.P., C.C., aged 70 years.
Feb. 6.
Address by Judge A. P. Thomas to Wigan Branch of the League of Nations.
Feb. 7.
Wigan Council Meeting: Gift of Pictures to the town. - Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions. - Rugby International match: England v. Wales at Central Park.
Feb. 12.
Empire Ball in Empress Hall.
Feb. 13.
Death of Mr. James Atherton, Chief Assistant in Wigan Town Clerk's Department, aged 47 years.
Feb. 14.
Wigan Council: Direct Rating to be continued.
Feb. 19.
Golborne Miner's Nystagmus Case before Court of Appeal.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. George Rigby, engineer, in his 45th year.
Feb. 23.
Prize distribution at Mining and Technical College by Lord Crawford.
Feb. 28.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Cricket Club.
Mar. 1.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Mar. 3.
Retirement of Mr. Joseph Parkinson, miners' agent.
Mar. 6.
Rugby Football Supporters' Club formed.
Mar. 7.
Wigan Council: Corporation Scheme for Sewage Disposal.
Mar. 10.
Announcement of Appointment of Mr. Guy Rowson, miners' agent for Wigan district.
Mar. 12.
18th Anniversary of Wigan Wesleyan Mission.
Mar. 20.
Chamber of Trade give complimentary Dinner to the Mayor (Councillor J. M. Ainscough), their new President.
Mar. 21.
Wigan Council: Budget Day.
Mar. 24.
Death of Mr. H. S. Woodcock, J.P., aged 76 years. - Death of Mr. John Taylor, J.P., aged 80 years.
Mar. 30.
Death of Mr. Robert Stone, J.P., aged 78 years.
April 1.
Death of Mrs. Dorothy Hennessy, one of the early lady Guardians.
April 4.
Wigan Council: Gift of Standish papers.
April 6.
Borough Quarter Sessions: The Closing of Rylands Lobby.
April 13.
Death of Dr. A. C. Latham, member of an old Wigan family, aged 56 years. - Death of Mr. Herbert Haworth, formerly of Harrock Hill, Parbold, in his 66th year.
April 17.
Death of Mr. J. H. Rigby, insurance broker, aged 37 years.
April 18.
Exhibition in Wigan of the Safety in Mines Research Board's cinematograph film, entitled "Coal Dust Explosions."
April 23.
Death of Mr. Ellis Woods, aged 66 years. - Exhibition of Shakespeare Literature at Wigan Library.
April 26.
Death of Mr. Ralph Thicknesse, aged 68 years.
April 28.
Fiftieth (Jubilee) Annual General Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
May 2.
Earl of Bradford opened Wigan Parish Church Bazaar.
May 3.
Dr. Brierley's Silver Jubilee as Registrar of Wigan County Court.
May 5.
May Day Labour Demonstration in Wigan.
May 8.
Mr. T. L. Lace, J.P., elected president of the Ironmongers' Federated Association.
May 12.
Death of Mr. J. H. Royle, aged 73 years.
May 15.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Parish Church Amateur Grand Opera Society.
May 16.
Bishop of Pretoria at Wigan Parish Church.
May 17.
Meeting in Wigan of Lancashire and Cheshire Tramway Managers' Association.
May 20.
Death of William Robert Grime, aged 59 years. - Territorials leave town for camp at Ramsey.
May 24.
Empire Day Celebration.
May 26.
Standish Parish Church struck by lightning.
May 27.
Jubilee Celebrations commence at St. Stephen's, Whelley.
May 28.
Death of Mr. Thomas Critchley, ex-licensee, aged 69 years.
May 29.
Death of Mrs. Stuart, wife of the late Robert Stuart, solicitor.
June 3.
Territorials Memorial Service at the Drill Hail.
June 4.
Jubilee of Wigan Infirmary: Commemoration Tablet Unveiled.
June 11.
Lord Crawford elected Chancellor of Manchester University. - H.M. Royal Marines Band performances in Mesnes Park. - Death of Rev. T. J. Bensted, formerly of Standish, aged 80 years.
June 13.
Wigan Tradesmen's Annual General Holiday.
June 16.
Death of Mr. W. Winnard, of Golborne.
June 17.
Death of Mr. Walter Seddon, Gathurst, Wireless Hero.
June 23.
Death of Mrs. Isabella Clark, widow of Christopher Fisher Clark, aged 89. - Death of Father John Benson, S.J., aged 70. - Visit of Lancashire Authors' Association to Wigan. - Foundation Stones Laying, British Legion Club, Newtown.
June 24.
Mayoral Visit to Trinity Presbyterian Church.
June 26.
Wigan infirmary Annual Meeting.
June 27.
Opening of Ladies' Pavilion at Bull Hey. - Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Wigan Football Club Ltd.
June 30.
Announcement of appointment of Mr. C. J. Collins as Postmaster of Wigan, in succession to Mr. J. P. Garrow, retired owing to ill-health.
July 2.
Resignation of Bishop of Liverpool announced.
July 4.
Annual General Meeting of Highfield Rugby Football Club.
July 9.
Heat wave in Wigan.
July 17.
The Woodcock Sale at "The Elms."
July 20.
Pilgrims from Wigan district to Lourdes.
July 23.
Lancashire Meat Traders' Meeting in Wigan. - Wigan Boro' A.F.C. Shareholders' Annual Meeting.
July 25.
Hindley and District Agricultural Society's third Annual Show.
Aug. 1.
Wigan Council: Reduced Charges for Gas Consumers.
Aug. 3.
Death of Mr. Robert Brown, late Postmaster of Wigan.
Aug. 6.
Gathurst and Shevington Show. - Wigan County Police Sports.
Aug. 15.
Presentation to the Rev. A. White at St. James's, Poolstock.
Aug. 18.
Billinge Agricultural Show.
Aug. 20.
Death of Mrs. Emily Hains, widow of the late Rev. Philip F. J. B. Hains.
Aug. 30.
Death of Mrs. Jane Ashton, widow of the late Mr. Thomas Ashton, J.P.
Aug. 31.
Death of Mr. Henry Coutory Souter, former locomotive Superintendent, L. and Y. Railway, Wigan district.
Sept. 5.
Wigan Corporation purchased "The Elms" and "Bank House" and three large plots of land adjoining part of the estate of the late Mr. H. S. Woodcock, J.P. - Death of Mr. Edwin Robert Walker, J.P., in his 75th year. - Wigan Town Council hear application by the Colliery Explosives Co., Ltd., Earlestown.
Sept. 8.
Consecration of new Burial Ground at Higlifield.
Sept. 10.
Pemberton Pit Shaft Tragedy Inquest.
Sept. 15.
Notice of death of Mr. Long Dawson, late of Wigan, aged 78 years.
Sept. 16.
Mayoral visit to St. Catherine's Church. - Mr. George Lansbury, M.P., addressed Labour Party Demonstration in the Pavilion, Wigan. - End of Summer Time.
Sept. 17.
British Association Geologists at Parbold.
Sept. 19.
Meeting in connection with the newly established Wigan Church Schools' Association.
Sept. 26.
Death of Mr. James Grundy, former Inspector of Mines, aged 71 years.
Sept. 28.
Opening of new offices of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Oct. 3.
Wigan Council Meeting: New Housing Scheme explained.
Oct. 4.
Death of Mr. James Howard, builder, aged 67 years.
Oct. 7.
Mayoral visit to United Methodist Church, King Street.
Oct. 8.
National Health and Baby Week: Lectures and Exhibitions in Wigan. - Death of Rev. A. Evans, formerly headmaster of Wigan Grammar School.
Oct. 9.
Meeting of Municipal Treasurers in the Town Hall.
Oct. 10.
Mr. Arthur Henderson, M.P., Chief Whip of the Labour Party, at Hindley.
Oct. 12.
Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Wigan.
Oct. 14.
Death of Mr. Richard Wood, mining engineer, aged 52 years.
Oct. 15.
Decisions of Public Meeting as to War Memorial for Wigan.
Oct. 17.
Foundation Stone Laying of new north wing, St. Joseph's College, Upholland. - Wigan and District Poultry Society's Annual Open Show.
Oct. 22.
Death, at Blackpool, of Mrs. Sylvia H. Wilson, formerly of Ashton.
Oct. 24.
Lancashire, Cheshire, and North Wales Ironmongers' Federation Meeting in Wigan.
Oct. 27.
Opening of Free Church Council Christian Crusade. - Report of formal investiture of the Bishop elect of Liverpool.
Oct. 29.
Opening of first section, Wigan to Aspull, broad gauge tram route. - Death of Dr. P. W. Latham, native of Wigan, aged 91 years.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Conservatives gain three seats.
Nov. 4.
Rev. Prebendary Thicknesse at Wigan Parish Church.
Nov. 6.
Murder charge against Wigan woman at Liverpool Assizes: Prisoner insane and unfit to plead and detained during His Majesty's pleasure.
Nov. 7.
Philharmonic Society's Concert.
Nov. 8.
Death of Mr. John Turner Wood, in his 76th year.
Nov. 9.
Councillor James Cavey, J.P., elected Mayor of Wigan.
Nov. 10.
Earl of Crawford and Balcarres installed as Chancellor of the University of Manchester. - Earl of Derby opened Memorial Hall and Club at Newtown.
Nov. 11.
Death of Mr. Thomas Christopher, headmaster, aged 41 years. - New Mayor's visit to St. Mary's Church. - Catholic Demonstration in Wigan: Mr. G. K. Chesterton one of the speakers. - Armistice Day Observances. - Archbishop of York in Wigan.
Nov. 29.
Corporation's New Housing Scheme explained at a meeting of the Wigan Town Council.
Dec. 6.
Wigan Parliamentary Election Result: J. A. Parkinson (Lab.), 19637; Lord Balniel (C.), 14,451. Ince: S. Walsh (Lab.), 17,365; Miss Rachel Parsons (C.), 6,262. - W. Gorman elected Liberal M.P. for Royton Division in three cornered contest, polling 14,836; Sir W. Sugden (C.), 12,320, and Rev. J. B. Turner (Lab.), 2,740. - Robert Alstead elected Liberal M.P. for Altrincliam, polling 19,046 against Sir G. Hamilton (C.), 16,081.
Dec. 7.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Dec. 10.
Death, at Blackpool, of Mr. Robert Taylor, former Wigan Station Master, aged 75 years.
Dec. 12.
Philharmonic Society's performance of the "Messiah."
Dec. 17.
Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society's performances: "Yeomen of the Guard" and "The Quaker Girl."

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