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Local Chronology, 1921-22.


Dec. 21.
Article in "Observer" on an 18th Century Wigan Art Lover. - Death of Mr. W. A. McClure, retired Bank Manager, aged 69 years.
Dec. 25.
Tragedy at Ashton-in-Makerfield.


Jan. 1.
New Year Tragedy in Hardybutts.
Jan. 5.
Rev. C. C. Thicknesse instituted Rector of Wigan.
Jan. 7.
Induction Service at Tunley Chapel, Mossy Lea.
Jan. 10.
Death of Mr. Richard Rigby, Appley Bridge, aged 60 years.
Jan. 11.
Twenty-second Annual Ploughing Match of Haigh, Aspull and Blackrod Ploughing Society.
Jan. 19.
Association Football rally in Queen's Hall: address by Mr. J. A. H. Catton ("Athletic News").
Jan. 25.
Death of Mr. James Scott, builder, aged 81 years. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Chamber of Trade.
Jan. 31.
Death of Councillor John I'Anson Cartwright, J.P., aged 59 years. - South West Lancashire Congregational Union Conference in Wigan. - Death of Mr. Thomas Witter (Appley Bridge), aged 73 years.
Feb. 1.
Death of Councillor M. Carmody, aged 53 years. - Wigan. Boro' Brewster Sessions. - Death of Mr. John Scarisbrick Walker, ironmaster, in his 80th year.
Feb. 2.
Meeting in connection with the proposed War Memorial for Wigan.
Feb. 4.
Mr. Robert Alstead adopted prospective Liberal candidate for Altrincham Division.
Feb. 11.
Wigan and District Poultry Society's Annual Shows.
Feb. 12.
The Mayor (Councillor F. J. Pagett) opened a Parochial Hall in connection with St. Joseph's Church, as a War Memorial.
Feb. 13.
Death of Mr. Henry Hill, formerly overseer at the "Observer" Office, aged 83 years.
Feb. 15.
Lord Burnham's address at Wigan Mining and Technical College.
Feb. 18.
Death of Sir John David McClure, aged 62 years.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. John Prestt (O. and G. Rushton, Ltd.), aged 59 years.
Feb. 22.
Second of season's Concerts of Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
Feb. 23.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Feb. 25.
Presentation to Mayor of Wigan (Councillor F. J. Pagett), in connection with the National Catholic Benefit and Thrift Society.
Feb. 26.
Footballers' Service at St. Paul's P.S.A.
Feb. 28.
Revival of Empire Ball, celebrating the marriage of Princess Mary. - Serious charges against Wigan youths at Borough Police Court.
Mar. 6.
Pit Shaft Accident at Ince; two men killed.
Mar. 8.
Death of Dr. James Dobb, Medical Officer of Health for Golborne, aged 65 years. - Death of Mr. Thomas Ainscough, late of Hindley, aged 75 years. - Death of Mr. A. H. Hubbert, late of Wigan and Parbold, aged 55 years.
Mar. 9.
Death of Mr. Thomas Ashton, J.P. (the last surviving Freeman of the Borough), aged 63 years.
Mar. 15.
Chimney at Corporation Pumping Station, Boar's Head, felled. - Jubilee celebration of grocery firm of William Latimer.
Mar. 20.
First prosecutions in Wigan in connection with progressive whist competitions.
Mar. 21.
Housing Conference in Wigan.
Mar. 23.
Mayor of Wigan opens a Russian Famine Fund.
Mar. 24.
Bishop of Manchester elected President of Wigan Education Society.
Mar. 26.
Summer time commenced.
Mar. 27.
Annual Meeting, Wigan Branch of League of Nations Union.
Mar. 28.
Serious fire at Mountain Mine, Pimbo Lane. - Annual Meeting of Wigan After Care Committee.
April 1.
Announcement of death of Mr. C. R. Leach, former Wigan Solicitor, aged 72 years. - Annual Meeting Wigan and Districts Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 3.
Polling for local Guardians and District Councillors. - Wigan Rate reduction of 6d. in the £.
April 6.
Mr. William Gorman adopted prospective Liberal candidate for Royton Division. - Wigan Town Rate came into operation.
April 7.
Presentation of War Medals to local V.A.D. Nurses. - British Legion Meeting in Queen's Hall.
April 8.
Report of retirement of Mr. Peter Gorton, from position of Manager of Bryn Hall Collieries.
April 10.
Annual Meeting Wigan District Council of Catholic Young Men's Societies.
April 11.
Death of Colonel James Douglas Murray, V.D., aged 78 years.
April 12.
Death of Dr. E. J. Neville, aged 58 years. - Mass Meeting in connection with the engineering stoppage.
April 15.
Report Lord Crawford invited to be a member of the Cabinet.
April 18.
Death of Mr. William Wall, of the "Wigan Observer" in his 69th year.
April 20.
Presentation to Canon Forrest, Pemberton, on retirement.
April 24.
Performances of Amateur Dramatic Society at Royal Court Theatre.
April 26.
Death of Mr. Sydney Hill, journalist, aged 51 years.
April 29.
49th Annual General Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 30.
Death of Mr. Paul Partington, aged 72 years.
May 2.
Death of Mr. William Ashton, antique dealer and bookseller, aged 73 years.
May 4.
Death of Mr. John Christopher, Whelley, aged 71 years. - Death of the Rev. W. H. Skene, aged 50 years. - Commemorative stone fixed on old site of Mab's Cross.
May 8.
Wigan Infirmary Bowling Handicap opens.
May 10.
Performance of Mendelssohn's "Hymn of Praise" in Wigan Parish Church.
May 11.
Archdeacon Spooner's visitation to Wigan Parish Church.
May 14.
Labour May Day Demonstration in Wigan.
May 15.
Farewell presentation to Rev. W. N. Carter, at Hindley. - Shopping Week Wigan Market tenants.
May 16.
Empire Ball Fund, cheque for £226 handed to the Infirmary. - Death of Mr. John Garton, famous plant breeder.
May 18.
American soldier buried at Ince.
May 19.
Serious financial position discussed at meeting of Wigan Board of Guardians.
May 20.
Earl of Crawford opened Southport Spring Art Exhibition.
May 23.
Death of Mr. W. T. Hunter, Parbold, in his 61st year. - Golden Jubilee of Wigan Rowing Club.
May 24.
Boxing match, Shea and Cox, at the Drill Hall.
May 27.
Meeting in Wigan of Lancashire Council of NationaI Union of Women Teachers.
May 28.
Death of Mr. Charles W. Davies, theatrical manager, aged 56 years. - Territorial Church Parade.
June 2.
Coming of age of Lord Balniel: Four days' celebrations at Haigh begin. - Presentations to Mr. W. E. Price on his appointment as clerk to the Hampstead County Justices.
June 3.
Wigan County Police Sports. - Wigan Territorials depart for camp at Tidworth Pennings, near Andover.
June 7.
Wigan Council: Discussion on the dairy portion of Hoscar farm: Report on new Borough Coat of Arms.
June 13.
Engineering Dispute settled.
June 14.
Wigan Tradesmen's Holiday.
June 15.
Presentation to Mr. Robert Green on retiring as secretary of the Wigan Permanent Benefit Building Society.
June 17.
Article descriptive of new Boro' Coat of Arms in "Observer." - Special General Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
June 21.
Death of Mrs. Barnish, widow of Dr. W. C. Barnish, aged 78 years.
June 22.
Further sale by auction of portions of Standish Estate.
June 26.
Final Infirmary Bowling Handicap.
June 27.
Annual Meeting Infirmary Governors. - Lawsuit Heaton v. Bell, at Liverpool Assizes.
June 28.
Annual Meeting Wigan Football Club, Ltd. - Lancashire and Cheshire Boot Traders' Conference in Wigan. - Garden Party at Wigan Infirmary.
July 1.
Mr. W. H. Tyrer (Town Clerk) receives LL.B. degree at Liverpool University.
July 3.
Death of Miss Isabella Chalmers Spence, aged 78.
July 5.
Opening of Municipal Bowling Greens and Tennis Courts at Great Acre, Whelley.
July 11.
Mayor's Treat to deserving school children of the town.
July 17.
Wigan Holiday Week.
July 20.
First Meeting of Wigan, Chorley and District War Pensions Committee.
July 22.
Article in "Observer" on impending departure of Mr. R. A. Moss, A.R.C.O., to America. - Strike of Printers on wage question.
July 26.
Opening of new Bowling Green, Walmsley Park, Ince.
July 28.
Borough Quarter Sessions fixed but not held - no business.
July 29.
"Observer" not published this week owing to printers' strike.
July 31.
First Annual Meeting Wigan Boro' A.F.C., Ltd.
Aug. 1.
Government Inquiry at Orrell respecting new Water Supply.
Aug. 2.
Local Government Inquiry in Wigan with regard to cost of adaptation of new Municipal Offices.
Aug. 4.
Death of Mr. W. H. Platt, plumber, Wigan, aged 70 years.
Aug. 5.
Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Foal Show.
Aug. 7.
Bank Holiday, Raining nearly all day.
Aug. 12.
"No more War" demonstration in Wigan.
Aug. 16.
Billinge and Winstanley Foal Show.
Aug. 17.
Terms of settlement announced in Printers' Strike.
Aug. 19.
"Wigan Observer" resumes publication. - League of Nations Garden Party in Rectory Grounds. - Second Annual Show of Hindley and District Agricultural Society.
Aug. 26.
Report of Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Dramatic Society.
Aug. 31.
Corporation General Purposes Committee discuss reconstruction of Aspull Tramways.
Sept. 1.
Floods in the Wigan district. House at Hindley wrecked by flooding of Borsdane Brook.
Sept. 3.
Death of Dr. Joseph Carroll, aged 62 years.
Sept. 4.
"Keep to the left" movement in operation in Wigan.
Sept. 5.
Mr. Robert Smillie and Mr. James C. Welsh address Labour Meeting in Wigan.
Sept. 6.
Lancashire County Cricketers at Platt Bridge.
Sept. 7.
Mr. J. T. Brownlie, president of the Amalgamated Engineering Union, addressed meeting in Wigan.
Sept. 8.
Celebrations at Balcarres House, of the coming of age of Lord Balniel.
Sept. 16.
Death of Dr. A. K. Brayton, a native of Hindley, aged 42 years. - Celebration of Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Oates Rushton.
Sept. 17.
Dedication of Memorial Chapel, St. James's, Orrell.
Sept. 19.
Wigan Council decision to abolish Direct Rating.
Sept. 23.
Musical Eisteddfod at Queen's Hall.
Sept. 30.
Portrait and Sketch in "Observer" of Miss Marie Ault, the Wigan-born actress. - Independent Methodist Convention in Wigan.
Oct. 2.
First of this season's series of Wigan Subscription Concerts. - Football Match - Newcastle United and Cardiff City, at Springfield Park, in aid of Whitehaven Pit disaster fund.
Oct. 4.
Wigan Council decision to discontinue Dairy at Hoscar Farm.
Oct. 6.
Water divining at Wrightington.
Oct. 7.
Opening of Pavilion at Great Acre Recreation Grounds.
Oct. 8.
End of Summer Time.
Oct. 10.
Sir Thomas R. Ratcliffe-Ellis elected president of Manchester Geological and Mining Society.
Oct. 13.
Visit of Sir Adam Nimmo, K.B.E., to Wigan Mining and Technical College.
Oct. 14.
Jubilee Celebrations Mount Zion Independent Methodist Church.
Oct. 17.
Presentation to the Mayor and Mayoress (Councillor F. J. and Mrs. Pagett) by Market Tenants' Association.
Oct. 18.
Unveiling of Memorial to George Formby in Warrington Cemetery.
Oct. 21.
Opening of Church Army Crusade in Wigan.
Oct. 23.
Bittern Shot at Pearson's Flash.
Oct. 25.
Death of Sir William P. Hartley, of Birkdale.
Oct. 30.
Death of Mr. Thomas Bullough, Hindley, in his 72nd year. - Death of Mr. Roger Crompton, aged 57 years. - Wigan Town Council and the Closing of Rylands' Lobby.
Oct. 31.
Meeting of Wigan War Memorial Committee.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Conservatives gain two seats.
Nov. 4.
Unveiling of Hindley War Memorial. - Bishop Temple's Presidential address to Wigan Education Society.
Nov. 9.
Councillor J. M. Ainscough elected Mayor of Wigan.
Nov. 11.
Impressive Armistice observance in Wigan.
Nov. 12.
Annual Conference of Wigan District Council of C.Y.M.S.
Nov. 13.
Death of Mr. John Breese, weavers' secretary, aged 64 years.
Nov. 15.
Wigan Parliamentary Election result: J. Allen Parkinson (Lab.), 20,079, A. E. Baucher (C.), 15,436. - Ince Division: Stephen Walsh (Lab.), 17,332, E. L. Flemming (C.), 8,257.
Nov. 16.
Councillor H. Farr appointed Chairman of Wigan Education Committee.
Nov. 20.
Diamond Jubilee of Messrs. J. Peterkin, Limited, grocers.
Nov. 22.
Death of Mr. A. G. E. Phillips, former Librarian at Haigh Hall.
Nov. 29.
Rugby Football Match - Wigan v. Leigh, at Leigh, in aid of Whitehaven disaster fund.
Dec. 1.
Death of Mr. George Wood, carriage proprietor, in his 70th year.
Dec. 2.
Announcement of retirement of Mr. J. Anders, Wigan Police Court Missioner.
Dec. 4.
Death of Mrs. Hannah Brooks, of Pemberton, aged 94 years.
Dec. 5.
Princess Helena Victoria opened Y.M.C.A. building in Wigan.
Dec. 6.
Wigan Cricket Club Fun-Fair and Sale.
Dec. 7.
Wigan Infirmary Hospital Sunday and Saturday Funds Annual Meeting.
Dec. 11.
Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society's performances: "The Rose of Persia" and "The Beauty Stone."
Dec. 13.
Sapellnikoff at third Wigan Subscription Concert. - Public Meeting as to diversion of Rylands' Lobby.
Dec. 14.
Visit to Wigan of Rev. S. Chadwick, President National Council of the Evangelical Free Church.
Dec. 16.
Announcement of death in Baluchistan of Mr. Richard Calland, colliery manager.
Dec. 18.
Death of Alderman James O'Donahue, aged 50 years.

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